Honda Activa 2023 Launches, Prices Start at IDR 13 Million

 Honda Activa 2023 officially launched in India (23/1/2023). Sold from Rp. 13 million, Honda's best-selling scooter in India now has many advanced features and is certainly more environmentally friendly.

"Activa has reinvigorated the scooter market and remains one of the best-selling two-wheelers in India. Today we launched the new OBD2 (On-board Diagnostics 2) compliant Activa with a number of segment first features that offer added value," said Managing Director Director, President & CEO, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India, Atsushi Ogata.

Honda Activa 2023
Honda Activa 2023

The Honda Activa 2023 has been equipped with a 110 cc eSP engine, which is capable of producing a maximum power of 5.77 kW at 8,000 rpm and a peak torque of 8.90 Nm at 5,500 rpm. For the fuel injection system, it uses PGM-Fi injection technology.

This scooter is also equipped with various modern features, such as the answer back system, combi-brake system, smart unlock, smart start, smart safe, and of course the ACG starter which makes the process of starting the engine smoother.

The 2023 Honda Activa will be available in three variants, standard, deluxe and smart. While there are 6 color choices, pearl siren blue new, decent blue metallic, rebel red metallic, black, pearl precious white & matte gray metallic axis.

Speaking of prices, the standard variant sells for Rs 74,536 (Rp. 13.6 million), the deluxe variant for Rs. 77,036 (Rp. 14.1 million), and the most expensive smart variant costs Rs. 80,537, equivalent to Rp. 14.7 million.

5 Automotive Business Ideas and Tips for Success

 Automotive is often used as a hobby by Adam's people. Therefore, business in the automotive sector can generate quite promising profits.

In addition, the number of users of automotive products is also increasing. This is in line with increasing public transactions for motorcycles and cars.

5 Automotive Business Ideas and Tips for Success
5 Automotive Business Ideas and Tips for Success

Automotive accessories are also in great demand, you know. So if carried out diligently, the automotive business can bring in a lot of money.

If you want to take advantage of this business opportunity, but are still new to it, let's find out about the automotive business in this article.

5 Automotive Business Ideas and Tips for Success

1. Buying and selling of vehicles

If you have an interest in the automotive sector, but are still confused about what business you want, you can try buying and selling vehicles.

For those of you who have large business capital, maybe you can sell the vehicle in new condition.

Meanwhile, if you only have minimal business capital, you can try buying and selling used vehicles.

Both of these ways of selling vehicles have sizable profit opportunities. As long as it's taken seriously.

In this case, you need to have good and persuasive communication skills. So, you can convince customers to buy vehicles in your shop. 

2. Accessories and Vehicle Modifications

Other business ideas in the automotive sector that you can try are selling accessories and providing vehicle modification services.

There are tons of additional accessories that can make the vehicle look even more attractive. Some accessories can also optimize vehicle functions.

Some of the accessories and modification services that are much sought after, namely fuel savers, dash cams, car organizers, and many more.

In this case, you need to have good product knowledge so you understand the use, method of installation, as well as maintenance of each vehicle accessory.

3. Workshop or Vehicle Maintenance

Another business in the automotive sector that you can try is a repair shop.

By opening a workshop, vehicle owners can better repair and maintain their cars or motorbikes.

Because, there are lots of vehicle maintenance processes that the owner cannot do alone.

For example, change the oil, check the radiator, check the exhaust and tune up, and so on.

To be able to run this one business, you need to have automotive knowledge.

Also hire skilled workshop employees so that customers are satisfied with your service.

4. Vehicle Rentals

Motor vehicle or car rental is also included in one of the automotive business ideas that you can try.

Rental is a vehicle rental business. So, you must have several units of vehicles that can be borrowed by customers.

In this case, of course you need sufficient business capital. However, the car that is rented does not always have to be new, you know.

You can also buy a used car or motorcycle for rent.

The most important thing you need to pay attention to in the rental business is to ensure the condition of the vehicle before use.

That way, tenants can get security and comfort when renting your vehicle.

Do not let the condition of the vehicle that is not prime make tenants disappointed or even injured.

5. Vehicle Washing Services

The next business idea in the automotive sector that you can try is car wash services. Whether it's a motorized vehicle or a car.

There are many vehicle owners who prefer to clean their cars and motorcycles at a vehicle wash.

This is because vehicle washing services can truly guarantee the cleanliness of the owner's motorbike or car. So, more time-saving and very practical.

To be able to run this business, make sure you have a large washing area so that it can accommodate many vehicles at once.

Also try to have access to clean water and sufficient electricity. Don't forget to hire vehicle wash employees who are skilled in their fields.

Because, washing a vehicle also requires sufficient knowledge so as not to cause damage.

Also use a washing machine that is specifically made for vehicles, OK?

Tips for starting a car rental business with small capital

 The need for transportation, especially in Indonesia, is a staple for Indonesian people. This makes a business related to car rental or car travel services one of the business opportunities that will never die in Indonesia.

Starting from the need for recreation to business needs, the car is one of the vehicles most needed by Indonesians.

In addition, increasingly advanced technological developments generate new jobs, namely as a driver or online taxi driver.

Tips for starting a car rental business with small capital
car rental business

This is a new opportunity for car rental entrepreneurs. For those of you who just want to get into business, car rental seems to be an option to start a business.

Then, how to start? The following are tips for those of you who want to start a car rental business with small business capital.

Tips for starting a car rental business with small capital

Choose the Most Demanded Car for the Car Rental Business

Starting a business or car rental business means that you have to own the car that you are going to rent. Before buying a car, try to choose the type of car that is in great demand by customers in your area.

Usually car rental customers prefer MPV/minibus type cars that can carry many people and also have economical fuel.

The cars that are most in demand are usually like Avanza, Xenia, Innova, Gran Max, and so on.

This type of car is also very suitable for those of you who want to open a business or travel car business.

After choosing the car you want to buy, determine the car rental price based on the type of car and also your needs. 

Avoid Used Cars to Buy

Even though the price is much cheaper, avoid buying a used car to start a car rental business or a travel car business.

By choosing a new car, your business will become more value for customers and make customers safer and more comfortable.

Not only that, choosing a new car also reduces maintenance costs. Can you imagine, how much money do you have to spend to maintain a used car engine? Certainly more expensive than you buy a new car.

Buy a Car on Credit

If buying a new car is considered expensive and you don't have large enough capital, you can buy a car on credit.

For the installment fee, you can take a portion of the car rental income. That way, you won't be burdened with monthly installments.

However, if you have enough capital to buy a new car, there's nothing wrong with buying a car in cash.

Set Your Car Rental Business Regulations

Regulation in the car rental business is very important. risks arising from tenants often occur such as damage and also loss of cars. To avoid this, arrange rental regulations such as,

  • Implement a letter of agreement prior to leasing signed with a stamp duty;
  • Imposes detention of Identity Cards during the rental period;
  • Provide a form to the tenant containing the tenant's personal data information;
  • Attach a GPS tracking device to your car.

If your business has grown, you can also build rental application software to make it easier to carry out regulations for your car rental business.

Register the Car with the Insurance Company

Running any business, including car rental or leasing businesses, must have business risks, one of which is asset risk. The assets in the car rental business are your car as well as the driving force.

Insure your business assets in the event of a traffic accident, damage, loss and also risks that can disrupt the smooth running of your rental business.

If you have small capital, currently some insurers impose small premiums or a system of cooperation with business entities.

So you don't need to worry about large premiums for registering insurance on your car rental business assets

Set a Marketing Strategy to Develop a Car Rental Business

After you have invested your assets in a car, the next step is to set a marketing strategy for your rental business.

Business strategy can include who your rental targets are and also the people who will help your business (People), where you will rent (Place), the price you will give for each rental (Price), and also the promotion tools that will be used in your strategy.

This business strategy can also measure how effective your rental business is. Marketing strategies with small capital usually only use simple promotion tools, such as social media, blogs with free domains, and networking.

When your business starts to grow, you can expand your market coverage by working with other rental businesses or companies that need private transportation.

Currently you can also offer rentals to online taxi partners as a strategic step for your car rental business.

Manage Finances Well

The last thing you should pay attention to in starting a rental business is managing business finances well. Managing finances especially in your rental business is important.

You can control every transaction, including profit and loss so you can make decisions regarding future business strategies.

If you don't really understand how to manage finances well, you can hire a consultant or rely on financial regulatory applications or financial software to make managing your rental business finances easier.

One of the financial software that you can rely on is Journal. Journal is an online accounting software that can be your business financial solution.

By using the Journal, you only need to record all business transactions into the system, and the Journal will automatically provide accurate and real-time data regarding the financial condition of your business.

Journal as an android bookkeeping application also provides financial reports that you can access anytime and anywhere. This certainly makes it easier for you to manage your business. You can see more about the Journal notes application and other features here.

How to Start a Workshop Business

 Are you looking for how to run a workshop business? ⏩ Check out the following tips. ✅ Tips for starting a motorcycle and car repair shop.

The number of motorized vehicles is always increasing. This was driven by increased public purchasing power and the ease of applying for credit.

Motorized vehicles are not always able to function properly. Sometimes, the machine has a problem so it doesn't work properly.

How to Start a Workshop Business
How to Start a Workshop Business

Vehicle engines such as motorcycles and cars also require regular maintenance. Spare parts must be replaced within a certain time.

From some of the conditions above, some people use it to open a workshop.

On this occasion, we will explain how to start a motorcycle and car repair business from scratch to success.

How to Start a Motorcycle Repair Business

Motorcycles and cars have different characteristics. Let's start with how to start a motorcycle repair shop. 

1. Determine the location of the Motorcycle Workshop

Location is one of the most important things in starting any business. Moreover, a motorcycle repair shop is a physical business, not virtual.

It's best if you choose a strategic location and are in the center of the crowd. For example on the edge of the highway, in the city center, near the market, and others.

Try to make it easy for the general public to see your business. That way, your motorcycle repair shop will be easily recognized.

However, if you really have minimal capital, then you can turn the workshop business into a home business.

You can use the garage or land at home as a location for your workshop business

2. Determine Initial Capital

The initial capital in making a motorcycle repair shop includes costs for building a shop, operational costs, purchasing spare parts, and purchasing tools.

You can rent a place or build a workshop from scratch. The costs required depend on the size of the building you want.

Also calculate the capital required for monthly operational costs, purchase of workshop equipment and spare parts.

3. Specify Equipment and Operational Costs

Operational costs include several things such as employee salaries, electricity costs, and reserve funds. At the beginning of the business, finances were not stable.

To be safer, you should prepare operational funds for at least the first 3 months. This is in anticipation if the business is not stable at the start.

Also calculate in more detail the equipment needed. For example keys, screwdrivers, compressors, and so forth.

To provide financial management references, you can check tips on managing finances.

You can also use a financial recording application. That way you will be more practical in recording all your business expenses and income.

4. Looking for a mechanic who can be relied on

The mechanic is the prime mover in the motorcycle repair shop. Look for workers who have good skills.

You can make a selection before starting a workshop business. Perform several tests such as analysis of motor damage, repairs, oil changes, and parts replacement.

Expertise is not enough, look for a mechanic who is honest and also friendly. This will greatly affect your business.

5. Provide spare parts

The spare parts you buy should be the ones most needed by consumers. If during the opening, consumers need other parts, you can buy them right away.

Examples of some of the most sought-after spare parts include brake linings, spark plugs, engine chains, clutch linings, and others. Don't forget to provide lubricants from various brands.

6. Management and Services

A successful business begins with good management. For example regular employee payroll, bookkeeping, and also management of items that must be purchased.

You should also not forget one important thing, namely service. Always serve customers in a friendly manner. Also provide facilities such as television or free wifi so customers don't get bored while waiting.

7. Set the Promotion Strategy

Promotion is very important in starting a business. The goal is to introduce your motorcycle repair shop to the wider community.

Use the right promotion strategy, both offline and online. In offline promotions, you can use billboards or banners.

As for online promotion, you can create a business account on social media and advertise there.

If you want promotions to be more intense and precise, there's nothing wrong if you recruit people who are in charge of handling promotions and sales

Mullen acquired Bollinger shares worth IDR 2.2 trillion

 Mullen Automotive is reported to have acquired a majority of Bollinger Motors' shares of 60 percent for US$148.2 million 

(equivalent to Rp. 2.2 trillion) to revive the pending B1 and B2.

Reported by CarsCoops, on Thursday (8/9), Mullen CEO David Michery said that the move positions Bollinger to capture the electric sports utility and commercial vehicle market.

"This acquisition is one of the largest in the EV industry to date and provides Mullen with a unique opportunity to aggressively expand into the commercial EV space with high demand," said David Michery.

He also continued that combining Bollinger vehicles with the existing Class 1 and Class 2 EV cargo van programs provides the company with an opportunity to dominate the entire Class 1-6 light and medium commercial truck segment.

Additionally, Bollinger will be able to leverage Mullen's solid-state battery technology, making their current vehicles even more competitive once the technology is rolled out across Mullen and Bollinger's EV portfolio.

As Mullen explained, with the acquisition and injection of capital, the B1 and B2 programs will commence after the start of production for the Class 3-6 commercial truck program.

Bollinger Motors CEO Robert Bollinger stated, "Mullen shares a dream to build the very best EV cars and trucks. This partnership will bring us closer to realizing that vision, as it allows us to increase production on our end and take Mullen's EV program to more markets." fast," he said.

Kaleidoscope 2022: Family MPVs that Come Out All Year

 Kaleidoscope 2022: Family MPVs that Come Out All Year

Almost all car brands have MPV models. Because it is the best-selling species in Indonesia. Manufacturers are also competing to present the latest models to attract consumer interest. In 2022, a number of models will be introduced from low to high levels.

All New Toyota Voxy

all new voxy

The third generation of Toyota's boxy car was launched at the beginning of the year. MPV, which is commonly referred to as baby Alphard, looks more premium with significant changes to the body. He still uses a sliding door as passenger access, but it can be opened automatically using foot movements because there is a sensor. The electric tailgate can be adjusted by opening the angle via a button on the side of the body. Overall practicality, the new Voxy is able to help users in their daily activities.

Not only that, sophisticated features are also planted, even utilizing semi-autonomous technology, namely Toyota Safety Sense 3.0. He became the first Toyota model in Indonesia to use it. Completeness: There is a pre-collision system, lane tracing assist, dynamic radar cruise control, auto high beam, blind spot monitor and SRS Airbags throughout the cabin.

Performance has also been updated using the new M20A-FK5 pacemaker. The 2.0-liter cubic with a naturally aspirated four-cylinder configuration. The power created reaches 170 PS at 6,600 rpm and 202 Nm of torque at 4,900 rpm. All energy is channeled to the wheels via a comfortable and fuel-efficient CVT transmission system.

New Wuling Cortez

New Cortez

Brand from China, Wuling also enliven 2022 through New Cortez which is a refresher from Cortez CT. Apparently transformed with minor changes, but more attractive and luxurious. Some like the logo is now silver and the new two-tone 16-inch rims. The cabin is not spared. Semi-leather material covers the seat, combined with the dominance of dark colors. The second row is equipped with captain seat models so that it adds an exclusive impression.

The main attraction lies in the technology installed. New Cortez has Wuling's flagship voice command, namely WIND (Wuling Indonesia Command) which was previously embedded in Almaz. As the name implies, it can be ordered to use Indonesian to control many features, such as opening and closing windows, sunroof, adjusting air conditioning and multimedia.

It still has the addition of a massive 10.25-inch display, not only as an entertainment viewer but also a central control for vehicle features. Next is the Internet of Vehicle (IoV), a device connecting the car with the user's smartphone. Control can be carried out via the MyWuling+ application, one of which is turning on the engine and air conditioning, including tracking the vehicle's position.

To rotate the front wheels, the New Cortez is equipped with a 1.5 liter turbo engine. Same as before, it produces 141.9 PS at 5,200 rpm and a maximum torque of 250 Nm in the 1,600 to 3,600 rpm range. Transmission relies on CVT, but can be played manually to add to the excitement of driving.

All New Kia Carens

Carens is not a foreign name in the Indonesian automotive world. Playing in the MPV segment, but the South Korean manufacturer gives an SUV touch to its form. Strong impression radiated tough. Today's style trends are pinned, while still maintaining the characteristics of Kia cars in the form of a tiger nose grille. The eyes are manipulated into a fierce shape thanks to the use of LEDs. A sense of luxury is also served by an electric sunroof.

A luxurious feel is given to the cabin. Captain seat and all seats wrapped in leather. The head unit is not as big as Cortez, only 8 inches. But it is enough to provide entertainment, especially when it can be connected to a smartphone using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. Cabin spaciousness makes for maximum comfort, plus accommodating cargo. When the third row seats are folded, 645 liters of luggage is immediately presented.

There are two variants offered. First 1.4T - Premier, the kitchen has a 1.4-liter capacity called Kappa and added a turbo. He is the highest option that produces 140 PS and 242 Nm of torque. Interestingly, the gearshift uses a 7-speed dual clutch (DCT). The cheapest is 1.5MPI - Premiere. The difference is not that the engine room has a bigger volume, but it doesn't use a turbo. As a result, the power is smaller, namely 115 PS with a torque of 144 Nm using the Intelligent VT transmission. While the diesel variant is not available, because Kia is still conducting studies related to emissions and standards in Indonesia.

Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid

Ertiga has been Suzuki's flagship MPV for a long time. It continues to be refined, recently added hybrid technology. In terms of design, it's not much different, it's still strong with Ertiga characteristics, even though it's claimed there are 11 changes on the exterior and interior. The differentiation starts from the grille, mirrors that can fold automatically, antenna type, hybrid emblem, multi-information display and seat color. A new color option is also available, namely Mellow Deep Red Color.

Features improved. Travel is more practical thanks to Cruise Control. Driving stability is maintained by the Electric Stability Program. Uphill trips are also safe because of Hill Hold Control. Including the Auto Light and Guide Me Light. The main focus of course lies on the pacemaker. The well-known K15B coded engine is powerful and economical combined with an Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) and a lithium battery. The cubic is 1.5 liters with a maximum power of 104.7 PS at 6,000 rpm and 138 Nm of torque at 4,400 rpm.

ISG functions as a catcher and storage of electrical energy to the battery. Electricity is used to keep the electrical components running, as well as activating the auto start feature when the car wants to move from a standstill. Of course the goal is to maximize fuel consumption efficiency. Even though it's not a complete hybrid car, at least it is able to provide comfort because the cruising range is getting further and fuel costs can be reduced.

Hyundai Stargazer

Hyundai is quite aggressive in penetrating the Indonesian automotive market. The newest Stargazer, an MPV with SUV nuances that launched at GIIAS 2022. It is a local assembly filled with a number of advanced technologies to strengthen competitiveness. The eccentric styling makes it stand out on the road which is assembled locally at Hyundai's production facility in Cikarang.

The engine is similar to the Hyundai Creta, a flagship SUV that also recently debuted. Smartstream 4 cylinder with 1.5 liter combustion chamber. Power is very competitive in its segment, of 115 PS and a maximum torque of 144 Nm. Putting it in second place after the Honda Mobilio. There are manual and automatic transmission options called IVT. The driving experience is supported by the Hyundai SmartSense protection device. The semi-autonomous technology package consists of Forward Collision-avoidance Assist (FCA), Rear Cross-traffic Collision-avoidance Assist (RCCA), Blind-Spot Collision Warning (BCW) and Collision-avoidance Assist (BCA - from parallel parking) and Lane Keeping Assist (LKA).

If the car experiences an incident, the user can take advantage of the SOS/Emergency Assistance feature which is accessed via a button near the front cabin lights. Automatically connects with the central operator for assistance. However, actually before users use this feature, the system automatically notifies the help center thanks to Auto Collision Notification (ACN).

All New Toyota Kijang Innova Zenix

The last MPV launched in 2022 is the Innova. This time the name is longer, Toyota Kijang Innova Zenix. The latest generation is not only offered a petrol drinker version, but also a hybrid. Significant changes also occur in the chassis which now uses TNGA: GA-C. It's no longer a ladder-frame but a monocoque. The more significant because the drive is no longer the rear wheels, but the front.

Zenix relies on an in-line 4-cylinder engine coded M20A-FXS with VVT-I technology for both variants. The conventional option's output reaches 174 PS at 6,000 and 204 Nm of torque. The Hybrid is more powerful, where the electric motor which is the 5th generation Toyota Hybrid system produces 113 PS, while the mechanical device produces 152 PS. When combined the system sets it to 186 PS. Torque 205 Nm and 187 Nm respectively. All thrust is channeled via a 10-speed Direct Shift CVT.

The premium taste is still presented through the cabin. Various luxury features are embedded, such as Panoramic Retractable Roof, Captain Seat with Ottoman, 10-inch head unit connected to a Smartphone and a 10-inch dual screen behind. Just like Voxy, Zenix now carries Toyota Safety Sense 3.0.


Consider This First Before Buying a Mitsubishi New Colt L300

Consider This First Before Buying a Mitsubishi New Colt L300

 The light commercial vehicle (LCV) segment in the country is a marker of economic activity and positive growth of its users. Its sales have always been the backbone of manufacturers and not a few rely on such products for various economic activities.

Most recently, Mitsubishi Motors introduced the Colt L300 update in the middle of last year. This legendary product that has been present for 40 years is now equipped with an engine with Euro4 emission standards.

The sales performance of the L300 is always convincing. Last September, the L300 maintained its position in the 4x2 small pick up segment with a market share of 54.5 percent. This light commercial vehicle sold up to 1,571 units. This figure stayed with the previous August record of 1,546 units.

So what are the advantages of the Colt L300 in the midst of competition in the light commercial vehicle market? Tetsuro Tsuchida, Director of Sales Marketing Division of PT MMKSI, revealed that one of the concerns of L300 consumers is about maintenance costs. Although it comes with a new Euro4 engine, Mitsubishi assures that the cost of this maintenance will not be a concern from consumers.

"We have thought, in the development of this machine, it should not make consumers worry about maintenance. Half the parts of this new model, the parts are the same as the previous model. It is not much different from the old model. So the maintenance between the Euro2 (old model) engine and the Euro4 is no different," said Tsuchida in a statement.

Tsuchida emphasizes on the periodic maintenance that fleet owners need to do. If it is time to perform periodic service, then machine maintenance will be carried out through checking by experienced mechanics and preventing fatal damage. Moreover, commercial vehicles are vehicles that must be ready to work hard.

On paper, this turbo-powered 4N14 2,268 cc engine produces 99.25 ps of power at 3,500 rpm and 200 Nm of torque at 1,000 to 3,500 rpm. The engine is paired with a five-speed manual transmission with a fuel tank of 47 liters for browsing needs even in remote areas.

Based on the records, the old model had a slightly larger engine cubication. But with this new engine it offers the same power and torque. This means that there is an efficiency that the latest L300 users feel.

One of the advantages that L300 consumers love and continue to maintain is the offer of a wide tub size. The length of the trough reaches 2, 630 mm, the width is 1, 600 mm and the height of the trough is 310 mm. Some examples say, the size of this latest tub is able to carry about 4 to 5 units of motors, more than the old model which is only 3 to 4 units of motors. There are also cabin chassis models that can be adapted to the needs of entrepreneurs. The model boasts dimensions of a vehicle length of 4,165 mm, a width of 1,695 mm, and a height of 1,915 mm.

In addition, the popular advantage of the L300 by entrepreneurs is its favorable resale price. From the database, production units from 2018 to 2020 are still offered at IDR 150 million to IDR 190 million. If you are aiming for an older year, around 2015 and below, the price offer that was opened was at IDR 120 million. Of course, all prices depend on the conditions.

Mitsubishi Colt L300 is now offered in two variants, namely Pick up flat deck and cab chassis. The first model is priced at IDR 218.65 million and the second model is priced at IDR 213.65 million.

This October, Mitsubishi also offered the Colt L300 with additional attractive programs for potential customers. There are cashback programs or ease of financing such as a smart cash package with 0 percent interest as well as free insurance and admin fees. In addition, there is an offer of 0 percent interest up to a tenor of 1 year or a low down payment of 10 percent. Specifically for this light commercial vehicle, Mitsubishi prepares a direct gift of LED TVs for certain area