The Electric-Powered Vespa 50 Special Appears at Milan Design Week 2022

 The Vespa 50 Special, a special edition like never before, was revealed at Milan Design Week 2022. The unit, called the Vespa 50 Special-e, was born from a concept designed by Garage Italia. So this is not a mass product, but an innovation. Interestingly, the conventional powertrain was removed and replaced with electric power.

With a contrasting ivory white color, this Vespa is the creation of Lapo Elkann and Sergio Esposito. Lapo's custom workshop has been around since 2015. He does a lot of restomod work, but so far he's only focused on cars. Lapo is a member of the Agnelli family, grandson of former Fiat chairman Gianni Agnelli. His brother John Elkann is the boss of Ferrari, Stellantis and CEO of Exor, the parent company of the two automakers.

The Electric-Powered Vespa 50 Special Appears at Milan Design Week 2022

The headquarters of Garage Italia is located in the Piazzale Accursio in Milan, where the debut took place. Meanwhile, the Vespa 50 Special-e represents Garage Italia's first entry into the world of two wheels. The unit took the stage alongside the Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto Hybrid which also debuted at Milan Design Week.

The reason they made this electric-powered Vespa was for one thing, namely the latest entry in the Italian ICON-E Garage series which turns the classic Italian design into an electric version. The point is of course, their work will become a Vespa design icon. Previous projects in the ICON-E series include the Fiat 500 Jolly and the Fiat Panda Integral-e.

“I am very happy to present Garage Italia Customs Special-e because for me the Vespa is not just an icon of style and design. In fact, I am very attached to Piaggio by a deep affection because my cousin Giovanni Alberto Agnelli was the President of the company in the 1990s. It is to him that I dedicate this latest creation of Garage Italia,” said Lapo Elkann.

According to the CEO of Garage Italia, Sergio Esposito this work is not a demonstration vehicle and is not a one-off version. He said that this unit will soon be available for pre-order through the official Garage Italia channel.

“Our Vespa 50 Special-e is dedicated straight to the hearts of Italian turtleneck lovers, through continuous design with great success. Vespa amplifies its storytelling even more, and presents itself in summer with our freshness, color and all-Italian touch. The Vespa 50 Special-e can be ordered directly through the official Garage Italia Customs channel," said Sergio Esposito.

The Vespa 50 Special-e from Garage Italia is painted in a contrasting ivory white color. Various details still survive with the original form. But of course with a new touch from the cold hands of Lapo and Sergio. Front and rear luggage racks are added, but in an optional package. The short-stemmed mirrors have rectangular dials reminiscent of the shape of headlights. Of the many changes, the single seat model is his trademark. Packed with innovative techniques. Use leather material with diamond texture.

Not much information is available about the electric powertrain involved. But the electrification kit replaces the gasoline combustion engine in the side compartment. With a power of 7kW and the range is said to be around 100 kilometers on a single charge. If the performance created is that big, it means that it is superior to the latest technology on the market today

Have a Yamaha Fazzio, this is a simple touch that makes it look so classy

 Yamaha Fazzio is one of the most popular scooters because of its unique design. It's just that because it is too popular, many people get used to its unique appearance.

But if you want a different look for your Yamaha Fazzio, this simple method can be followed. Like Fadel's Yamaha Fazzio who tried to modify the scooter with a color combination. The 26-year-old young man tried to fuse the sporty tricolor concept into his favorite Yamaha Fazzio NEO Red.

The trick is to repaint the scooter's color to candy red which can be seen to be a different color when viewed from a certain angle. Fadel said that basically the Yamaha Fazzio looks cool and classy. It made it easier for him to make it even cooler.

Have a Yamaha Fazzio, this is a simple touch that makes it look so classy

"For that I changed the basic color to be more unique, with a tricolor concept. My Fazzio will look different in color when viewed from a different side or angle. Coupled with a gold color accent, it will be more eye catching, "said Fadel. Similar to Fadel, Albert is a a private employee who uses the Yamaha Fazzio NEO Black for his daily work, he chose to modify his motorbike with a neo retro concept, which still prioritizes comfort when driving on the road.

Albert changed the appearance of his Fazzio Neo Black to a more luxurious Italian style. With basic chrome effect painting, plus a scratch effect on the body like from a famous brand helmet concept, then it is given an Italian flag graphic to give the impression of a European concept motorbike. For convenience for the rider and passenger, Albert changed the seat on the motorcycle. The seats are made in a double model with brown leather and don't forget to accent the Italian flag.

“Broadly speaking, there are no difficulties in modifying Fazzio. Made with any concept Yamaha Fazzio is sure to fit and stay cool. Because I use this motorbike every day, so apart from thinking about the concept of a display that can attract the attention of many people, I also think about comfort when I ride, “explained Albert.

How To Attract Yamaha To Sell Fazzio Hybrid To Consumers

 Yamaha Fazzio is a 125 cc automatic motorcycle with hybrid technology. To introduce and sell this bike to consumers, Yamaha has its own way. One of them is by holding the Yamaha Fazzio Exhibition in the atrium of Aeon Mall, Tanjung Barat, South Jakarta, 6-12 June 2022.

Various attractive programs and prizes are served to potential consumers. Exciting activities were also displayed including the Photography Competition, Breakdance Competition, Rap Competition, and Fazzio Runaway.

How To Attract Yamaha To Sell Fazzio Hybrid To Consumers

Interestingly, Photo Competition participants at the Yamaha booth had the opportunity to win 1 unit of Fazzio & Ovo Voucher worth Rp. 200,000.

The way to participate is very easy, namely by expressing yourself at one of the Fazzio booths that have been provided. Then, upload as creative a photo as possible on the Instagram Feed. Hashtag #ColorUpJakarta #ClassyYamaha #YamahaFazzio.

Then follow @yamahaindonesia and, and tag 3 friends. Participants must write the caption "Why I Love Fazzio".

Participants are also required to register via barcode at the Fazzio booth. Other prizes are available, namely Exclusive T Shirts and the chance to get a Costume Helmet from Trooper. Promo for purchasing Yamaha Fazzio during the exhibition, of course, with terms and conditions apply.


Rare Yamaha Fazzio, Secondhand Starts to Appear in e-Commerce

 In addition to the very long pivot of the new unit, the Yamaha Fazzio is rare in a number of used motorcycle dealers in Jabodetabek

Officially enlivening the country's automotive market, Yamaha Fazzio has succeeded in attracting consumers' attention since its inception. No wonder the hybrid motor pivot reached three months.

If the new unit of Yamaha Fazzio is rare, what about the used motorbike. Seeing this, TrenOto tried to visit a number of used motorcycle dealers in the Greater Jakarta area.

Rare Yamaha Fazzio, Secondhand Starts to Appear in e-Commerce

Rudy, the owner of the Rudy Motor showroom in the West Jakarta area, said that he had never sold a Yamaha Fazzio. This is inseparable from the vehicle model which is still relatively new.

"Not yet, if you want to sell it, someone will definitely buy it, only the goods are not available. Maybe because it's still new," he said.

When asked about the price range of the Japanese manufacturer's motorbike, Rudy admitted that he still had to see when the used units were available. He also doesn't know for sure whether the motorbike has high consumer loyalty.

"When it comes to price, you must first look at the condition of the motorbike. But if there are a lot of people who are interested, the price for the used units is still high," he said.

In line with Rudy, Simon, the owner of the Lu Minta Motor dealer, admits that he has never sold a used Yamaha Fazzio until now.

"There are no units, so I still can't talk much about the price and availability of the motorbike," he said

Although Yamaha Fazzio has not been found in some used motorcycle showrooms. However, we found one unit that was marketed on an online buying and selling site with a used status.

It becomes interesting because the price tag offered by the seller is cheaper. The new motorbike covers a distance of 1,000 kilometers.

As a scooter with a 125 cc engine, 1 cylinder, SOHC, air cooling, and injection foggy, the power that the vehicle can produce reaches 8.3 hp at 6,500 rpm and 10.6 Nm of torque at 4,500 rpm. This motorbike is also equipped with a Blue Core Hybrid system.

The way the Yamaha Fazzio hybrid works focuses on 2 sources of power because they are interrelated. The first is the power from a conventional engine so that the driving sensation continues to run optimally.

The next interesting thing is the Electric Power Assist Start (EPAS) technology. This technology serves to provide additional power in the first 3 seconds so that the initial acceleration is more maximal and smoother.

Targeting the energetic and dynamic youth market share, Yamaha Fazzio is equipped with various modern technologies such as LED headlights, full digital speedometer, Smart Key System, an advanced keyless key system with the Answer Back System feature to make it easier for owners to find motorbikes in their homes. parking area.


Here's How To Get A Yamaha Fazzio For Free

 Yamaha Indonesia provides an opportunity for the wider community who want to get a free Yamaha Fazzio through the Fazzio Festival event. This event itself takes place in five (5) cities, including Semarang, Bali, Kediri, Jakarta, and Bandung, from May to June 2022.

Here's How To Get A Yamaha Fazzio For Free

"We provide a variety of attractive prizes such as 5 units of Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected (for 5 areas where the Fazzio Festival is held) and prizes with a total of tens of millions of rupiah for all Indonesian people who visit the Fazzio Festival," said Antonius Widiantoro, Public Relations Manager of PT Yamaha. Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) in its official statement.

Semarang is the opening city for the Fazzio Festival. The event will run from 12 to 18 May 2022 at Ciputra Mall Semarang.

According to Zaldiansyah Perdana, Promotion Coordinator of PT YIMM DDS 3 Central Java-DIY, the way to get a free Yamaha Fazzio is very easy. Just take a photo and upload it on social media.

"So taking and uploading photos applies to all levels of society. Just come and take photos at the Yamaha Fazio booth at our event, the Yamaha Fazio Festival at Mall Ciputra Semarang, May 12-18, 2022," explained the man who is familiarly called Zaldy.

To participate in this activity there is a mechanism that must be followed. First, visitors must visit the FAZZIO booth during the Fazzio Festival exhibition.

Then, visitors create the most interesting and creative photo content according to their respective styles.

After that, upload a photo on Instagram Feed by including the hashtag ColorUp City (eg #ColorUpSemarang) #ClassyYamaha #YamahaFAZZIO, Follow and tag Instagram @yamahaindonesia, and Tag 3 friends in the photo.

In addition, make an interesting caption maybe as an answer "Why I love FAZZIO" / "Why I love Fazzio".

According to Zaldy, the next procedure is, after uploading, participants scan the QR Code to complete the competition registration or via the BIT.LY/LOMBAFAZZIOFESTIVAL link.

Indent Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid up to 3 Months

 Consumers have to be patient to ask for a new motorbike from Yamaha, namely Fazzio. Because Fazzio's scooter pivot is up to three months.

A number of employees of Yamaha dealerships in South Jakarta and Depok, West Java who were met by CNNIndonesia admitted that this condition had occurred since the motorcycle was first launched in January 2022.

Pemintaan Yamaha Fazzio membeludak membuat masa inden hingga 3 bulan.

"For now, the goods are not ready, so there is an estimated three-month pivot," said a Yamaha dealer salesperson in South Jakarta, Thursday (21/4).

A salesperson at a different dealer who asked not to be named also mentioned a similar problem. He said that Fazzio's fans were quite high, so the pivot was snaking. Prospective consumers also have to place an order in advance to avoid a longer indent.

"For example, if it's from color. For example, the buyer wants red, but later if the item is not ready in the middle of the pivot period, we will let you know the item is not available. If you still want red, the wait will be longer. If you want it, then continue," he said.

He suspects Fazzio's high demand is not accompanied by an increase in Yamaha Fazzio's production.

Social media groups have pretty much discussed Fazzio's pivot period. A number of netizens complained that their orders did not come and were asked to be patient by Yamaha salespeople.

A number of Yamaha Indonesia officials who were contacted for information on the scarcity of Fazzio at the dealer have so far not provided information.

Production disrupted due to semiconductor chips

Yamaha had complained about the lack of supply of semiconductor chips which disrupted the production of Yamaha motorcycles in Indonesia.

"That (chip crisis) has an effect, especially for motorbikes that use semiconductors. Last year it felt really bad, we had some products with shortages, we couldn't meet consumer needs," said Public Relations Manager, YRA & Community PT Yamaha Indonesia. Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) Antonius Widiantoro quotes detik.

At that time, Anton did not explain Fazzio's status as he was affected by a shortage of component supplies. However, this Fazzio Hybrid is one of the products that uses semiconductors.

On the other hand, Fazzio said that YIMM Technical & Education Aji Handoko could be a signal for the recovery of semiconductor supply. Because the product was launched when the crisis problem began to be resolved even though it was not normal. 

On the other hand, Fazzio said that YIMM Technical & Education Aji Handoko could be a signal for the recovery of semiconductor supply. Because the product was launched when the crisis problem began to be resolved even though it was not normal.

"There are several parts (using chips) in Yamaha Fazzio. Hopefully this product will be launched when the supply has recovered, hopefully these problems will not happen again," said Aji.

Honda PCX160 Modification

 Honda PCX is one of the early players in the premium style scooter class in Indonesia. Starting his work with an imported version with a 125 cc engine, he was the one who opened the way in this class. Its import status is intact and nominal in the country of origin, Thailand and even Vietnam, which is still high, making the selling price in the country quite expensive in its era. His psychological price was at IDR 40 million when he reached his highest point. However, its popularity turned out to be quite good.

An updated version of the 150 cc engine was also circulating before being replaced by a local production variant at a much more affordable price. Well, since this is the prestige of the Honda PCX began to triumph. How not, it was released at a competitive price with its rivals but carries a variety of more charming features.

Honda PCX160 Modification

Appearing more luxurious than before, the local Honda PCX 150 uses a new front and rear lamp design that is already full of LEDs. The body is also fatter with four exclusive color choices: white, red, black and gold. A modern impression sticks out through the use of a digital instrument panel, with a blue background and white information numbers.

Honda gives a variety of new features for this scooter. One of the interesting, smart key system. The features on the right dashboard of the Honda PCX are integrated with three technologies: keyless (using a remote instead of a key), answer back system and alarm. The naming of the smart key system is also without reason, you can open the trunk and gas tank directly from there.

Another refresh for the Honda PCX, the manufacturer bearing the wing gave the tubeless tires wider to increase driving comfort. The rear wheels, which previously used drum brakes, have now been replaced by discs. The idling stop system (ISS) feature as a fuel saver is maintained. How the ISS works, deactivates the engine automatically when the scooter stops for more than three seconds.

The engine sector was popular when it relied on the adaptation of the Honda Vario 150. The mechanical heart had a liquid-cooled 149.3 cc SOHC capacity. And this year, Honda gave many revisions to the mechanical heart. We also really appreciate this.

The All New Honda PCX 160 carries the latest generation engine with a technology called Enhanced Smart Power plus (eSP+). The capacity has increased, from the previous 149 cc to 157 cc. On paper, he can catapult a power of 16 hp at 8,500 rpm and a torque of 14.7 Nm at 6,500 rpm. That figure is of course able to leave its toughest competitor, the All New NMax 155. Which has a power of 15.1 hp / 8,000 rpm with a torque of 13.9 Nm / 6,500 rpm.

Then it is now crammed with four valves, making for a better air-fuel mixture. And escorted by the SOHC system and technology, you are the Honda PGM-FI. There are also differences in the diameter of the piston and the steps, from the previous 57.3 x 57.9 mm, to 60 x 55.5 mm. The character is overbore, more optimal at the top speed (high RPM). The compression ratio, which was previously 10.6:1, has also been increased, now to 12:1.

Honda also embeds Piston Oil Jet on the PCX 160 engine. This technology has actually been widely used by motorcycles in the 80s era. Its main function, of course, is to help the engine cooling system. The way it works, the bottom of the piston is sprayed with oil constantly. As a result, it can reduce the heat generated from the friction of the piston. Coupled with a molybdenum piston and new piston rings. Claimed to be able to sweep the lubricant better.

Then, the application of Hydraulic Cam Chain (HCC) which is able to reduce friction and sound, as well as engine vibration at the same time. The effect is that the tensioner lifter is able to control the tension of the chain link. Friction can be reduced, noise and vibration at high levels can be suppressed. The result is mechanically quieter and will not change over a long period of time.

In the CVT, the drive pulley is made bigger and the transmission shaft is improved. Then the intake line from the air filter to the inlet pipe is expanded. The diameter of the throttle body was also enlarged to increase intake efficiency. In addition, the exhaust also underwent changes to the structure on the inside. Thus, not only performance increases, but also is more environmentally friendly.

The engine technology carried by the PCX 160 is claimed to have minimal friction and improve performance. The effect makes this premium scooter capable of providing peak perfection when driven daily or touring.

To attract the attention of premium scooter lovers in the country, the manufacturer has given a refresh on the face. The transformation is so tempting. Now applying a new design that carries the concept of 'Personal Comfort Saloon'. Its appearance is a combination of luxury with personalization. Identity as a premium scooter is clear when you first see it.

The most striking is seen in the facade. Now more modern and elegant. No longer use a curved line as a lamp separator. Everything is made together, from the end of the turn signal to the headlight. Its position is horizontal and wide, in harmony with the overall design. The headlights are now made narrower.

The rear body panel is given a new touch, although not too significant. To add to the premium impression, the logo attached is colored in copper (CBS version) and gold (ABS type). Able to give high-class expression and further support the riding style.

The stop lamp has a new look. The shape is more futuristic than its predecessor, with a sharper model. The light effect of the three-dimensional effect is more prominent. And of course, all lighting systems have adopted LED lighting technology. It supports the luxury and sophistication of the All New Honda PCX 160.

Honda PCX is marketed in two variants: CBS (combi brake system) and ABS (anti-lock braking system).

Even though it looks luxurious and elegant, of course many Honda PCX owners don't let their motorbikes look standard. Various modifications were made to increase the impression of prestige and boost its performance. The touring style, elegance, to sportiness are even some of the approaches that are often used.

Popular Modifications Honda PCX160

As already mentioned, modification is one way for Honda PCX owners to personalize their motorbikes. There are many goals to achieve, achieve an exclusive impression, get a performance boost, or simply increase its functionality.

Elegant style is one of the principles adhered to by PCX owners. Understandably, the iron horse was born with thick luxury genes. Adherents of this flow, usually focus more on modifications to the addition of parts that do not change the shape of the body. The addition of more sophisticated features is also often done by owners who use this stream, for example adding GPS.

The touring style is another alternative that is also the choice of many PCX owners. The motorbike, which was designed with a very relaxed riding position, does seem to ask to be taken for a long trip. The impression of a large scooter usually becomes more prominent when the owner chooses this style, because various additional ornaments on the body make it look more youthful.

Improving performance is also one of the modifications targeted by Honda PCX motorcycle owners. There are owners who want to change the PCX's typical frugality principle to be more fierce and reliable in accelerating. In this flow, the increase is usually focused on the transmission sector such as CVT or engines. Not a few also choose to improve PCX handling by upgrading the suspension. 

Touring Equipment Upgrade

This type of modification does specialize in adding ornaments to increase the functionality of transporting goods so that the PCX is more accommodating for long distances. For example, by installing a box either on the back or on the side. On the side box, not a few owners choose a box shape that matches the body, so the PCX design looks more integrated with the storage device. Most adherents of this modification choose to add a box on the back. This box model does have more space than the side, but without increasing the width of the motorbike, so its agility is not so disturbed. Moreover, box models like this can usually use a removable scheme with special brackets. So when the box is not in use, it can be removed. The cost of this type of modification starts from IDR 800 thousand to IDR 3-4 million depending on the number of box components and the brand used.

Body Upgrade

Appearance is an aspect that is more emphasized in this flow. Honda PCX style can be manipulated through body modifications. Starting from changing the windshield, installing body ornaments, or changing the seat motif. The cost of this type of modification refers to the parts that are installed, the cheapest usually starts from IDR 400 thousand for garnishes that are attached to the body. The most expensive can touch the nominal of millions of rupiah in the method of installing a body kit which makes the PCX look very large.

CVT upgrade

CVT as a component of transmitting power to the wheels is one of the initial keys to boost the performance of the Honda PCX. There are many settings that you can find when choosing to play in this genre, pursuing acceleration, increasing topspeed, to simply making PCX more accommodating as needed, which can be targeted. Generally, the modified parts focus on the pulley and roller on the scooter. Replacing the pulley housing with roller innards that have a different weight than the standard, can change PCX's performance. It is even more qualified if you maximize the replacement of double canvases on the Honda PCX clutch component. Usually, modifications in this sector will greatly boost PCX's performance at the expense of its characteristic efficiency. Prepare a budget starting from IDR 350 thousand to IDR 1 million to upgrade the Honda PCX CVT components. Of course, the price can be different depending on the modif workshop.

Accessories Honda PCX160

The popularity of the Honda PCX has skyrocketed since the start of production localization in 2018, making aftermarket industry players take part in providing supporting components. Not a few also provide modification components that are plug n play which can be done by the owners themselves at home, without having to go to the workshop.

The cheapest accessories you can buy for PCX start from Rp. 100 thousand to millions of rupiah, depending on the brand and the number of parts installed. The important thing is to make sure the components you choose can indeed be used for PCX, otherwise you will sacrifice the originality of the motor during installation.

CVT Parts

These components are widely sold in the market at very affordable prices. The cheapest is usually for a roller or just per CVT. The price is in the tens of thousands. But if you choose to replace or modify the double canvas, it could touch hundreds of thousands. 'Gredek' or vibrating disease on PCX can also be solved by modifying this component. Kedai Riders, which is located in Tangerang, provides parts and modifications for PCX that can be tailored to your budget and needs.

Shock Ohlins

Ohlins is one of the biggest names in suspension manufacturing. This brand is even trusted by many MotoGP teams to maintain the quality of handling in the most prestigious motorcycle races in the world. They already have a suspension for PCX both the old version, and the latest. The price of a pair of Ohlins shock absorbers with very many settings, ranging from Rp. 8 million.


Whatever year the Honda PCX was born, it usually has a wide selection of aftermarket windshields. The parts that are on the facade of this motorbike are indeed the target of modifications by the owners. The reason is that it is enough to just replace the windshield, the appearance of the motor can change. Many aftermarket brands already provide parts for PCX. The price of course varies, the cheapest is Rp. 200 thousand. The brands range from Geba, Sectbill, MM Customs, AF Motorsports, to OEM.