Honda Beat Modification

 Two years after the birth of the first Honda automatic scooter in Indonesia, the Vario. In 2008, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) released another new flagship in this segment. His nickname, Honda Beat. The target segment at that time was active youth. Represented from the selected brand ambassadors at that time were graduates from the talent search event in the music world, Indonesian Idol.

Dirly, Rini, Steve and Ghea were lined up to sing a single entitled 'Let's Get The Beat' by Maia Estianty. The jargon is no joke, 'Latest Scooter Idol'. Understandably at that time the most prominent in the automatic scooter market was the Yamaha Mio, which was several years earlier. No wonder if the name chosen is Beat, or Beat.

Honda Beat Modification

A glimpse of Beat history, this scooter is aimed at the lower segment of the Vario, so there are significant differences between the two. The difference between the two is in the design and the engine. Although both were released in 110 cc volumes, in fact the engine sector has almost completely changed.

There is no longer a radiator as a liquid cooling system like in the Vario. Instead there is a fan on the right side that was previously relied on by its predecessor automatic scooters such as the Yamaha Nouvo, Yamaha Mio or Kymco Jetmatic Trend 125.

Then, from the display sector, even though they both carry a sporty design with a sharp all-round impression on the corners of the body. However, the Vario has more gambot dimensions and a split headlamp model. On the other hand, Beat appears concise with a tiny headlamp that connects to the turn signal. In 2010 there was an update on the changes to the front fender which is now a duck model replacing the sport model in the previous version.

The first generation Beat engine capacity of 108 cc, SOHC 2-valve with a carburetor system and CVT belt drive. Its power is 8.22 PS per 8,000 rpm and 8.32 Nm of torque at 5,500 rpm. The tank capacity is only 3.5 liters.

Starting in 2012, there is an injection version dubbed Beat PGM-FI. The change is in the fuel atomizer sector which displaces the carburetor system with injection in the same engine spec, 108 cc air cooler.

Then there are other changes to the body that are getting more aggressive in dealing with the size of the trunk under the seat. In 2014, there was another Beat eSP that improved the previous injection engine with the addition of the ACG Starter which was developed from the PCX gambot scooter and downgraded to the Vario 125. This made the starter sound smoother.

In 2016, as a celebration of the Beat's 10 millionth sales, this automatic scooter was refreshed again. This time the changes are in the body display and instrument cluster that combines analog and digital, as well as the Eco Indicator. The volume of the tank was increased to 4 liters.

Finally, there is a Beat change in 2020 with significant changes. Starting from the body design, engine to the chassis completely changed. The base uses the Genio variant. Where now the engine volume reaches 109.5 cc with a maximum power of 9 PS at 7,500 rpm and torque of 9.3 Nm per 5,500 rpm. The tank is now 4.2 liters. The lights are LED and the chassis uses a lightweight enhanced Smart Architecture Frame (eSAF) construction.

Interestingly, even though it has been around for more than 10 years, the intended target market remains the same until the latest generation of Beat in this latest version. However, because it is economical and the price is affordable, starting from Rp. 16,665-17,465 million (On The Road Jakarta), Beat users themselves are fairly broad in scope. Starting from young people, online motorcycle taxis, workers to mothers use it.

To be different, you can personalize your favorite Beat with the following changes. Starting from the wheel sector, tires, braking system, suspension to CVT upgrades to optimize performance.

Popular Modifications Honda Beat

Because of its sporty default shape, it's not difficult to make your Beat look different. Components that are often changed on the Beat include the 14-inch alloy wheels. In the market, many wheel manufacturers present their aftermarket products for the Beat.

Upgrades in the wheel sector are usually followed by changing tires with wider treads. Not infrequently, tire manufacturers offer variants with soft compounds and pattern designs that are designed to be more comfortable to control.

For performance, we recommend making changes in the CVT sector. Such as belts, rollers and other devices. Don't forget to also upgrade the braking and suspension if you want more optimal results. Modification fans often call it the Komorod flow, or Victims of the Road Race Mode. Modifications that refer to the appearance of a racing motorbike that can still be used legally on the highway. 

Change Tires

Since its inception, Honda Beat has consistently used 14-inch tires. Precisely a combination of 80/90-14 up front and 90/90-14 behind. Since the fourth generation, Honda Beat has also been equipped with tubeless tires, which no longer need to use inner tubes. But in terms of modifications, of course the comfort and performance of the paved tread is being pursued. For that, you can choose tires with the same size as the standard, or combine 90/90-14 tires on both wheels to pursue comfort when cornering. Choose a sporty tire design with a pattern that in addition to treading perfectly when dry conditions, but also has a qualified drainage channel during the rainy season. For local brands, there are IRC Fasti Pro tires, Aspira Premio Sportivo, Aspira Premio Stretto, FDR Sport Zevo, Zeneos Victuro to Corsa R46. The selling price starts from IDR 200-300 thousand. Not a few tire manufacturers also offer products with soft compounds. Especially from world-class brands. Call it the Michelin Pilot Street Matic, Michelin Pilot MotoGP, Maxxis Victra, Maxxis Green Devil and Pirelli Diablo Scooter. The price is around IDR 270-400 thousand.

CVT upgrade

Upgrading the CVT device can be done to improve the performance of the Honda Beat. Indeed, not to get abundant power as is done with a bore up engine. But reliable enough to increase motor acceleration. CVT devices that can be changed from rollers, belts, CVT springs, clutch linings to CVT Assy. Various brands also offer their products. Like the TDR brand, which offers CVT Assy for IDR 900 thousand. This component consists of the roller housing, clutch housing, clutch bowl to the gear. Then from BRT, a package consisting of a roller and a belt is available for Rp. 170 thousand. Want to buy a keteng? Stop by Daytona, there are components per CVT for IDR 98 thousand, double canvas for IDR 125 thousand and rollers for IDR 40 thousand per 3 pieces.

Brake Upgrade

If acceleration increases, there's nothing wrong if braking is the target for the next upgrade. The lightest of course replace the default brake lining with aftermarket. Like TDR brake pads which are sold for Rp. 120 thousand. And the Daytona Superstock brand which was released for Rp. 35 thousand or Bendix for Rp. 40 thousand. For the front-rear brake package from Bendix, Rp 90 thousand is released. All brake linings offered from these brands can be used directly without changing any of the braking components, aka plug and play. If you want to pursue the display as well, then the disc disc can also be replaced. The TDR brand was released for Rp. 162 thousand and KTC Rp. 225 thousand. In addition, the use of calipers and master can be chosen in addition to increasing the motor's braking ability, it can also add a sporty impression. Like the Nissin calipers which are sold for Rp. 850 thousand, then the KTC 4P for Rp. 550 thousand to the Brembo brand for Rp. 3.5 million. There are several versions of the brake master component. Namely, those sold in the complete version with the brake tube for the right side only, such as the RCB which is sold for Rp. 395 thousand. Or the KTC brand which is sold completely for front and rear brakes for Rp. 1 million. Then there is the Nissin brand which is released in packages, in the form of calipers and brake masters for Rp. 1.45 million. Also Brembo type RCS14 which is sold for Rp. 4.5 million without brake fluid tube.

Honda Beat Accessories

In the market, accessories that help improve the performance and appearance of the Honda Beat are abundant and easy to find. It should be remembered, in addition to the need for visual coherence, it is also mandatory to do. Because instead of making the appearance and performance of the motorbike improve, it could be the opposite.

For this reason, the issue of need is a major consideration, in addition to appearance. For example, in replacing the aftermarket rear suspension, is it necessary to use a tube model or is it quite standard. As well as the choice of color and rim design, it is also mandatory to ensure that later the overall appearance does not look tacky and strange.

Standard Suspension

In the market, accessories that help improve the performance and appearance of the Honda Beat are abundant and easy to find. It should be remembered, in addition to the need for visual coherence, it is also mandatory to do. Because instead of making the appearance and performance of the motorcycle improve, it could be the opposite. For this reason, the issue of need is a major consideration, in addition to appearance. For example, in replacing the aftermarket rear suspension, is it necessary to use a tube model or is it quite standard. As well as the choice of color and rim design, it is also mandatory to ensure that later the overall appearance does not look tacky and strange.

Tube Suspension Upgrade

In addition to the aftermarket suspension with the standard tubeless model, there is also a rear shock absorber with a tube which in addition to providing comfort and driving stability, also improves the appearance. Mainly those who pursue a sporty look on their favorite Beat. This tube serves as an air or oil reservoir. Usually the tube shock absorber is equipped with a hardness adjustment setting. So the selling price is more expensive than the standard version. In the market for tube-type shock absorbers, including the YYS Gold Series and KTC for IDR 1-1.25 million. And the highest is Ohlins tube type for IDR 4 million.


In the market, various aftermarket wheels can be chosen for Honda Beat users. The average size is wider than the standard. The designs also vary, there is a 5-spoke version similar to the initial generation standard alloy wheels offered by the SP522 type RCB. If you want a multispoke version, you can read RCB SP811. RCB wheels are sold for Rp. 1.5 million. Then Intijaya Motor which presents Power and Chemco brand wheels. The Power wheels are available in the Evo model which presents two colors for IDR 1.2 million. Then there are the Chemco Cross Y brands such as the Honda PCX 160 which is priced at Rp. 950 thousand, or the new type of two tone Penta Black-Chrome for Rp. 1.33 million.

Modification of Honda Civic Type R

 Present as a car that prioritizes performance, the Honda Civic Type R is an answer for Honda fans who are very enthusiastic about speed. The tenth generation Honda Civic with the birth code FK8R is the successor of the Honda line called the Type R which is destined to run fast from birth.

With a high-performance engine, the Honda Civic Type R is equipped with aerodynamic support attributes throughout its body. This has become a mandatory device embedded by Honda engineers to keep it stable and attached to the asphalt at high speeds.

Civic Type R Limited Edition

The wide body structure with sharp lines in the design makes the Honda Civic Type R have a very sporty appearance. Honda does clearly distinguish the design character between the more 'fierce' Civic Type R and the more 'polite and sweet' Civic Hatchback Turbo on which it is based.

The source of the Honda K Series runway is indeed well-known as the supplier of the most optimal power in the range of Honda's four-cylinder engines. The engine coded K20C1 Turbo under the hood of the Honda Civic Type R is paired with a 6-speed manual transmission with a tight ratio and Limited Slip Differential at the front wheels. This configuration produces 306 hp and 400 Nm of torque.

The official price of Rp 1.068 billion for a four-door hatchback is indeed considered very large. But this is the next generation of the legendary Honda Civic Type R, a hatchback that stays with four passengers but can be relied on for Track Day.

PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), which officially sells the latest generation of the Honda Civic Type R, is quite busy with greater demand than its sales quota. Therefore, in the future, this Honda Civic Type R could be a collector's hunt for high-spec cars fans.

Although it comes packaged with a sporty display device and a high-performance engine, the Honda Civic Type R is not forbidden to modify. Various aspects of the default standard, its capabilities can still be improved.

But keep in mind, the modifications made should consider several aspects. Among other things, driving safety, driving comfort and most importantly aesthetics.

Modification activities should also be supported by the responsibility of the rider. Continue to obey the applicable driving rules and still respect other road users when driving.

Popular Modifications Honda Civic Type R

The Honda Civic Type R comes out of the factory with a line of performance support devices. However, some owners are still not satisfied with the specifications provided by the manufacturer. Therefore modification is the next step taken by the owner to get personalization.

In order to improve the standard performance, modifications in the engine sector are the most common things done. Several steps can be taken, starting from the easiest, namely remapping or reflashing the Engine Control Unit (ECU) to replacing aftermarket ECU devices that have more setting parameters.

In addition to the ECU, modifications in the engine sector usually extend to the combustion sector which is made more optimal. The trick is to increase the ignition and supply of clean air to the combustion chamber and improve the performance of the fuel distribution line.

Streamlining the flow of exhaust gases is also an important sector in terms of improving the performance of the Honda Civic Type R. Replacement of exhaust devices can be done completely or partially starting from the center pipe, resonator to the rear muffler. 

Modification of Honda Civic Type R

ECU Tuning

ECU reprogramming or Remapping or Reflashing is the easiest step in increasing engine performance. The parameter is to optimize combustion in every RPM range or engine speed including most commonly removing the speed limiter or speed limiter without dismantling the ECU hardware. This process costs around Rp. 6.5 million – Rp. 10 million for the EP Tune or Hondata Flash Pro application, including tuning on the dyno roller. A more serious version is the replacement of the standard ECU to a plug and play aftermarket ECU. The advantage of this aftermarket plug and play ECU is its ability to program more devices with a high degree of accuracy. For example, ignition timing, combustion, intake air flow in each RPM range as well as turbocharger blowing and engine cooling settings without changing engine wiring. The power output produced is much greater than simply changing the ECU chip. But don't be surprised, the costs also follow, around Rp. 125 million for the Motec M142 including installation and dyno tuning.

Ignition and Air Supply

Combustion in gasoline engines is very dependent on the amount of cold air that enters the combustion chamber and the amount of ignition during combustion. So replacing spark plugs with larger flames and a faster air supply system is the key to increased performance. Although the standard default for the Honda Civic Type R is a spark plug with the Laser Iridium type, in the aftermarket spark plug market with above-standard capabilities are also available with a price range of IDR 1.5 million for the HKS Super Fire alert. To increase the supply of clean air, replacement of Cold Air Intake (CAI) which includes air intake and open air filter to a larger intercooler is necessary. Replacement of the air intake and open air filter costs starting from Rp. 25 million for the Arma or HKS brand as well as replacing the intercooler made from billet alerts HKS or PRL ranging from Rp. 18 million – Rp. 23 million including pipes and installation.

Exhaust System

Exhaust gases from combustion in the engine as much as possible are blown out so that the engine can immediately reprocess combustion in the next step. Thus, replacing the exhaust system is necessary to speed up combustion. There are several brands on the market from locally made to well-known tuner manufactures. HKS, PRL, Remus to Spoon Sports have exhaust products that are intended for this Honda Civic FK8R. Replacement includes center pipe, resonator to rear muffer. This exhaust set can be redeemed starting from Rp. 20 million a set. HKS Legamax, PRL Exhaust & Remus Valvetronic

Accessories for Honda Civic Type R

Modifying the appearance is the easiest and cheaper thing to make over the Honda Civic Type R. The most instant is a change in appearance by replacing the rims with a massive choice of models on the market.

The standard 20-inch alloy wheels are already quite large. No need to replace it with a larger diameter, but you can replace it with another model that makes it look more 'fierce'. Some owners even downsize or replace the default rim with a smaller diameter, but wider for driving comfort and increasing control.
In addition to replacing rims, as an aesthetic complement, wheel nuts are usually replaced. In addition, aftermarket wheel nuts are lighter but have the same strength as standard wheel nuts. About the appearance, of course much different, especially if the wheel nut is a famous tuner alerts.

After finishing the affairs of the wheel rims and nuts, generally the suspension sector is the aspect affected by the modifications that have been made. Changes in this sector were made to support the aesthetic appearance by lowering the height of the Honda Civic Type R slightly, increasing its handling performance at high speeds and giving the wheels more traction on the asphalt.


Born with Japanese blood, the Japanese alert rims (wheels) are the most appropriate choice. Competition models with a 5x120 PCD wheel hub specification adapted for the Honda Civic Type R are widely available in the market. Interestingly, on average, manufacturers release circular rims slightly smaller than the standard rims for the Honda Civic Type R, namely ring 19 and ring 18, but wider with a safe offset in the fender space and lighter of course. If the Enkei RPF01 and Volk Rays TE37 are too market, then the next choice is the Volk Rays G025, Volk Rayz ZE40 or Volk Rays CE28. The price ranges from Rp. 45 million.

Civic Type R . Suspension

It is important for the Honda Civic Type R pembesut about precise control when maneuvering. Therefore, if the factory default suspension feels less qualified, many car owners replace it. The choice is a lowering kit or spring replacement alone, or complete with shock absorbers with height adjustment or coilover features. For lowering kits, replacements are generally carried out using Spoon Sports alerts with a price of around Rp. 10 million, while for coilover sets generally using Tein alerts with a price of Rp. 22 million.

Lug Nut

Although small, the replacement of the standard default wheel nuts is enough to improve the appearance of the legs. The wheel nuts which are usually applied in this competition car have a light weight but are strong enough to withstand the load of wheel rotation. One of the most famous is the production of Spoon Sports which is specifically designed for the needs of the Honda Civic Type R wheel hub. The price for a complete set for all four wheels is around Rp. 3.8 million.

Check out the advantages of the All New Yamaha Aerox 155 Connected Compared to Other Scooters

 The Yamaha Maxi family is a flagship product designed to meet the needs of its customers. One of them is the All New Yamaha Aerox 155. It has a sporty look and a powerful engine that makes it popular with consumers. It comes in three variants, Connected/ABS which is sold for Rp. 30.3 million and Connected is priced at Rp. 26.7 million. Another Connected/ABS World GP 60th Anniversary Livery version which is sold for IDR 30.8 million OTR DKI Jakarta. When compared to other scooters in its class, it has many advantages. Whatever, here's the full details.

Check out the advantages of the All New Yamaha Aerox 155 Connected Compared to Other Scooters

LED headlamp & stop lamp

The manufacturer provides all variants of the All New Aerox 155 with LED lighting technology. Pinned on the headlamp and stop lamp. The beam of this type of lamp is known to be brighter than ordinary halogen. In addition, it is claimed to be durable and more durable. The design of the headlight housing is dynamic, and is given a DRL (Daytime Running Light), showing a premium and sporty impression. Likewise in the tail, strengthening the character of race.

 Digital Instrument Panel

It is equipped with a full digital instrument panel with Multi Information Display (MID). The appearance is quite informative to make it easier for motorists to understand the condition of the motorbike. The screen has a blue background and is equipped with Y-Connect (Yamaha Motorcycle Connect) Apps, messages, email and phone indicators.

In the sporty scooter segment, the Y-Connect feature is one of the advantages of the All New Aerox 155. The technology is able to connect the driver's smartphone with a motorcycle via Bluetooth. With this feature, riders can easily get information related to phone notifications and incoming messages on the motorcycle dashboard, fuel consumption information, information on the latest parking location, maintenance recommendations that show battery and oil conditions, malfunction notifications up to the Revs Dashboard.

In addition, the Y-Connect application also has an entertaining Rank feature for consumers to enjoy their driving activities. They can compete with other users of the Communication Control Unit / CCU system (Yamaha motorcycles with the Y-Connect feature) in terms of distance traveled and eco riding points.

While the equipment is the same. For indicator lights there are Coolant temperature warning light, Engine trouble warning light, VVA and High beam indicator light. While the most expensive version has an additional Smart Keys System, Stop & Start System, Anti-lock brake system (ABS) warning light. While the digital panel has a tachometer, speedometer, fuelmeter, odometer, tripmeter, V-Belt trip, clock, Average F-Eco, Instant F-Eco, Self-Diagnosis, and Battery Voltage.

Stop & Start System (SSS) and Smart Motor Generation (SMG)

This feature is made to save fuel. The system works, the machine turns off automatically when the position stops for more than three seconds. The engine starts again when the gas handle is turned. So the fuel is not wasted. To activate it, make sure the SSS button on the right of the handlebars is On. 

With regard to fuel efficiency, SSS technology is in synergy with Smart Motor Generation (SMG), the engine sound becomes smoother the first time it is turned on. After the engine starts, the generator functions to charge the battery or battery.

Switch Control Handlebar

In its class, even in other scooters, no one has similar features. Function makes it easier for the driver to choose the display of information and settings on the speedometer. The adjustment lever is located on the left handle. Operated only with the left index finger.

Smart Key System & Answer Back System

Other scooters have indeed adopted this technology. Riders no longer need to use a conventional key to start the motor, but it is based on a remote (keyless). This is an innovation in terms of practicality. But the difference is that the All New Aerox 155 has a more modern knob shape. The presence of this technology can also minimize theft. It has embedded Immobilizer and Answer Back System features, which make it easier to find the position of the motorbike in the parking location. Just press the button on the remote earlier, then the motor will respond. This technology is only available in the highest variant.

Electric Power Socket

Already given Electric Power Socket. It is located in the front storage compartment, complete with a cover. It is safer when the driver charges the cellphone battery, and aesthetically it is neater. The charger port and cable are not included in the sales package.

Tandem seat

The seats are made with a dual contoured sporty design, making the rider more comfortable. The shape is more dynamic with white stitching motifs.

Baggage Area

Supported by a luggage capacity of up to 25 liters. Thanks to this wide storage space, a full face helmet can also be placed in it. As well as several other small-dimensional items that are needed by motorists.


Braking control on the front wheels is maximized with the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). Makes driving safer and more comfortable. This feature is only available in the highest type.

Wide tubeless tires

For round leather, other scooters in its class are even the largest. Using wide-profile tubeless tires. Front uses 110/80-14, and rear 140/70-14. In addition to making it look dashing, it also provides a more stable and stable driving experience.

Twin Sub-tank Suspension

The All New Aerox 155 is again superior to other scooters. He already uses twin sub-tank suspension. The rear shock absorber is equipped with a small tube with gas in it. Serves to keep the oil pressure high and prevent the oil from turning into small bubbles. The goal is to make the motorcycle more stable and comfortable when driving. This device is only available for the most expensive variant.

Stand side switch

Stand Side Switch is intended to reduce the risk of drivers forgetting to raise the side standard. The motor engine can turn off automatically when the motor support is lowered. And it can't be turned on if it hasn't been raised.

Blue Core Technology and VVA (Variable Valve Actuation)

The most important advantage of the All New Aerox 155 is that it has carried Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) technology. Makes torque evenly at every engine speed. Moreover, it is supported by a 155 cc Blue Core engine, SOHC, liquid-cooled.

Talking about engine specifications, he is able to produce a maximum power of 15.1 hp at 8,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 13.9 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Making it have the best performance and Power to Weight Ratio (PWR) in its class.

That's a row of excellent features found on the All New Aerox 155 Connected. For the most expensive variant, there are two special color choices, namely Prestige Silver and Maxi Signature Black. While the lowest type is offered with 4 color options: Dark Gray Yellow, Matte Black Cyan, Red and Black.

MINI Talks About Electrification and Semiconductor Scarcity

 Electric vehicles are the path chosen by Indonesia to achieve its emission reduction target. Various parties have supported the road chosen by the government, one of which is Mini Indonesia. The latest, Mini brought pure electric products in the Mini Electric some time ago.

Head of Mini Asia, Kidd Yam revealed, the presence of Mini Electric in Indonesia is one of Mini's preparations to welcome the era of electrification. Mini, which is under the BMW Group, has targeted to sell its entire product line with electric technology by 2030. Not to forget, all preparations for the electrification era have begun, including in Indonesia.

MINI Talks About Electrification and Semiconductor Scarcity

"Starting 2030 all Mini products will be fully electric, no conventional engines. We also do not glance at the hybrid. All readiness has been confirmed, and we will see what kind of response, and what is needed. We also learn what customers need and we will continue to improve it,” said Kidd when met on the sidelines of the Mini Electric launch some time ago.

Kidd added, for model shifts, consumers in the premium car segment seem to be quicker to adapt. This is because of the courage and desire of Mini consumers to experience and try new technologies.

“In addition, many consumers in the premium segment tend to think that electric vehicles can be an interesting option to try. Because on the other hand, electric vehicles have several advantages, such as being free of odd-even. Consumers in this segment also have more than one vehicle," said Kidd.

Jodie O'Tania, Director of Communications for the BMW Group also said that Mini is currently preparing for its electric charging infrastructure and sales network. Preparations for human resources were also made to welcome consumers who have electric vehicles.

Especially for the new Mini Electric model, Mini Indonesia also provides support for ease of ownership. One of them is by installing Wallbox Charging for every Mini Electric purchase.

"So the purchase of Mini Electric includes Wallbox Charging Mini and installation. Later we will survey first, whether the electrical power at home is appropriate. We will adjust to each customer. In addition, gradually, we will also cooperate with dealers and several places, such as shopping malls, to provide electricity charging stations," said Jodie.

Semiconductor Chip Crisis

Mini and BMW in Indonesia are also inseparable from global conditions, namely the scarcity of semiconductor chips. A number of vehicles offered by the BMW Group in Indonesia are reportedly affected by the scarcity of these chip components.

Jodie even revealed, due to this global problem, his party was forced to cut some of the features offered on the vehicle. Although it is not clear what features will be sacrificed. 

“So, there are features that have to be removed due to chip problems. But the feature is not essential, but like an additional feature," said Jodie.

The scarcity of these chips also has an impact on production and makes consumer waiting times lengthen. Reportedly, several models have completely build up (CBU) status, aka imports, the indent time becomes longer.

“Several models, especially the CBU, were affected and pivoted. For the Indonesian model (CKD) there are some but not significant. Some Mini models, the indent can be one year," said Jodie.

Mini Electric is offered in two variants, namely Mini Electric and Mini Electric Collection, which are available in limited quantities. Mini Indonesia offers Electric Collection at Rp.955 million and Mini Electric at Rp.945 million, all off the road. This price also includes Mini wallbox, cable for charging in public places, travel charger and installation fee

About the price of the battery and maintenance costs for the Ertiga Hybrid, this is what Suzuki says

 The All New Ertiga Hybrid is the latest Suzuki model offered in Indonesia. The update on the low multi-purpose vehicle product is quite interesting because it includes mild hybrid technology to help make fuel consumption more efficient.

Attention then focused on the two accompanying technologies. This latest Ertiga Hybrid relies on two main components, namely the integrated starter generator (ISG) and the battery. So what about the availability of spare parts for both, for example, there are consumers who have problems.

About the price of the battery and maintenance costs for the Ertiga Hybrid, this is what Suzuki says

This question was answered by Christiana Yuantie, Spareparts Dept. Head of PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS). Suzuki has guaranteed the availability of Ertiga Hybrid batteries and spare parts for better ownership comfort.

“This vehicle uses two types of batteries, acid and lithium. The price is Rp. 15 million for lithium and Rp. 3.6 million for acid," said Christina on the sidelines of the launch of the All New Ertiga Hybrid.

Suzuki itself is currently still bringing its newest product battery completely from abroad. The plan, Suzuki will localize the battery components so that the price can be reduced cheaper. Suzuki itself has claimed that the All New Ertiga Hybrid has a local content level of more than 80 percent.

"For now, we are in the process of producing domestically. The components supplied are also being worked out and efforts are made to be localized," said Donny Saputra, 4W Marketing Director of PT SIS at the same time.

Donny also explained that his party already has partners who intend to invest in the production of electric vehicle batteries in Indonesia. This investment is expected to be used to supply the main vehicle components. It is hoped that this production can be realized in 2024 or even sooner. Suzuki himself is still keeping his mouth shut about who will be his partner.

Interestingly, Suzuki has prepared steps to become the export base for the All New Ertiga Hybrid to several countries in the world. Donny explained that there will be 12 countries in various regions that are ready to receive products from the Suzuki factory in Cikarang.

"This year we will export to 12 countries in Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Pacific Islands and the Caribbean. We hope that this number will increase in line with the increasing demand,” said Donny.

So what about the maintenance of this latest Suzuki model? The All New Ertiga Hybrid is said to be an electrification product at an affordable price, of course it needs special attention to maintain this technology.

Joshi Prasetya, Strategic Planning Dept. Head of PT SIS on different occasions revealed that the maintenance of the All New Ertiga Hybrid remains the same as the conventional model. This is because the included technology does not jump too far compared to conventional models and can be understood and felt by consumers easily, including the matter of an affordable purchase price.

"We also include a warranty for the battery up to 5 years or 100,000 kilometers. So there are no additional costs, we also don't want to sell a product and then make the price higher or the maintenance costs big," said Joshi.

Joshi also explained about the battery, every periodic service there will be a separate check and become a parameter for the life cycle of battery components. If it is judged to have decreased and is affecting performance, or an error or abnormality is found, it is recommended to replace it because the hybrid function will be disrupted. However, consumers are expected not to worry, Suzuki with a guarantee of up to five years guarantees the availability of battery replacement.

The All New Ertiga Hybrid is actually not the first time using this technology. Several years ago, Suzuki also presented the Ertiga diesel hybrid which was later discontinued. Technologically, these two products are the same but the All New Ertiga Hybrid has a newer and more sophisticated generation.

The All New Ertiga Hybrid comes in two variants. The SS Hybrid AT variant is priced at IDR 292.3 million, the SS Hybrid MT at IDR 281.3 million. There is still a variant of the GX Hybrid AT which is priced at IDR 281.3 million and the GX Hybrid MT at a price of IDR 270.3 million. Suzuki still offers the non-hybrid Ertiga in the GL and GA variants. The GA MT variant as the cheapest comes with a price of IDR 225.1 million. The GL MT variant is priced at IDR 248.5 million and the GL AT at IDR 259.5 million.

Price of Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid, Review of Specifications and Advantages – Disadvantages

 The current price of the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid touches more than Rp. 22 million for the highest variant, but this figure is relatively cheap for a motorcycle with a fairly modern engine technology. Moreover, the specifications and features of the Yamaha Fazio are also complete.

After the success of the Maxi category, currently Yamaha is trying to present a new product category called Classy. The move was initiated by introducing the Yamaha Fazzio automatic scooter on January 17, 2022.

Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected
Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected

There are several things that are the highlight of this product. Most visible is the design which is quite unique for the Indonesian market. By adopting a boxy body, the details of this motorbike are also decorated with oval shapes in many parts.

At first glance, its appearance looks similar to the Yamaha QBIX sold abroad. Meanwhile, in Indonesia itself, this motorbike is often touted as a competitor to the Honda Scoopy.

Since its initial launch in Indonesia, the Yamaha Fazzio is available in two variants, namely Neo and Lux. The difference is in the color and graphics of the body.

Yamaha Fazzio Neo comes with a choice of more diverse and brighter colors, for example cyan, red, beige, and black. Meanwhile, the Yamaha Fazzio Lux puts forward an elegant feel with neutral colors, such as silver and black.

Latest Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Price

As mentioned earlier, the current Yamaha Fazzio price is Rp. 22 million. More details about this can be seen in the information below which is compiled from the official website of the manufacturer. 

Yamaha Fazzio Neo CyanRp21.890.000
Yamaha Fazzio Neo RedRp21.890.000
Yamaha Fazzio Neo BeigeRp21.890.000
Yamaha Fazzio Neo BlackRp21.890.000
Yamaha Fazzio Lux Prestige SilverRp22.190.000
Yamaha Fazzio Lux Matte BlackRp22.190.000

The price of the Yamaha Fazzio is arguably the slightest difference with the Honda Scoopy which is its closest competitor. However, this Yamaha product has its own advantages.

One of them is the use of a hybrid system to support performance. Although the way it works is quite simple, functionally the existence of the system deserves appreciation.

Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Specifications

Machine TypeSOHC
CylinderSingle Cylinder
Diameter x Step52,4 mm x 57,9 mm
Cylinder Volume124,86 cc
Compression Comparison11.0:1
Maximum Power83,1 hp @ 6.500 rpm
Maximum Torque10,6 Nm @ 4.500 rpm
Starter SystemElectric
Lubrication SystemWet Sump
Engine Oil Capacity0,84 liter
Clutch TypeCentrifugal Clutch
Transmission TypeOtomatis
Frame TypeUnderbone
Front SuspensionTeleskopik
Rear SuspensionUnit Swing
Front Tire110/70-12 47L
Rear Tire110/70-12 47L
Tire TypeTubeless
Front BrakeDisc Brake
Rear BrakeDrum Brake
P x L x T1.820 mm x 685 mm x 1.125 mm
Wheelbase1.280 mm
Lowest Distance to Ground135 mm
Seat Height750 mm
Fill Weight95 kg
Gasoline Tank Capacity5,1 L
Spark Plug TypeCR6HSA
Ignition SystemTCI

 The important thing to note from the specifications of the Yamaha Fazzio is that it has a hybrid system. The way it works is simple because there is no addition of new components compared to other Yamaha motorcycles that are already Bluecore.

The Yamaha Fazzio hybrid system maximizes the Smart Generator Motor (SMG) component. If in general this component only functions to support the work of the electric starter, now it also serves as a power assist.

The power assist will provide additional power when the motor is about to accelerate. Activates after the engine speed is above 1,300 rpm and will automatically stop after 3 seconds or when the engine speed reaches 5,500 rpm.

Price of Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid, Review of Specifications and Advantages – Disadvantages

Although quite simple, consumers will get extra benefits in terms of performance. Then because there are no additional components, the selling price of this motorbike can still be competitive.

It's a different story if you look at other hybrid motorcycles whose components are more complex, such as the Honda PCX e: HEV. This product has an additional lithium-ion type battery in addition to the battery. This makes the selling price quite high with a tag of more than Rp. 40 million.

Competitor Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid

In terms of specifications, there are not many two-wheeled vehicle products in Indonesia that use a hybrid system such as the Yamaha Fazzio. However, when viewed from the price, this automatic scooter can be reasonable when juxtaposed with the Honda Scoopy.

What's more from the design both lead to the same style. Prioritizing a modern retro aura with rounded body shapes.

A number of Indonesian automotive media reviews recommend the Yamaha Fazzio for consumers who want more agile performance. This is based on a larger engine capacity and additional power from the power assist which makes it easy to accelerate.

Although on the other hand the Yamaha Fazzio is said to have a setting that tends to be hard. This can indeed support its performance when it comes to maneuvering. However, the consequence is that comfort is reduced.

What about the Honda Scoopy? This product is considered more suitable for consumers who want an economical and comfortable automatic scooter. With a smaller engine capacity, it is natural that the Honda Scoopy's fuel consumption is economical.

So, when it comes to features, Yamaha Fazzio has the advantage of connecting with the Y-Connect mobile application. That way the owner can monitor various information about the vehicle through his smart phone.

Yamaha Fazzio What Fuel?

With a fairly high engine compression, Yamaha Fazzio is suitable for using gasoline with 92 octane such as Pertamax or Shell Super.

For those who are laymen, do not misinterpret the hybrid system attached to this product.

Although in principle there is the help of electrification technology, the Yamaha Fazzio still relies on the internal combustion engine as its main power source.

Another question that is also circulating on the internet is about the meaning of the name Fazzio.

What is Fazzio?

Fazzio's name is taken from the combination of the words "fashion" and "liscio". As is known, "fashion" means a style that is closely related to dress. Meanwhile "liscio" is taken from Italian which can be interpreted simply.

Thus a review of the price of the Yamaha Fazzio as well as specifications, features, and advantages and disadvantages. It can be concluded that this product is a new choice in the automatic scooter segment with modern engine technology.

Advantages of Yamaha Fazzio

Yamaha Fazzio is a hybrid motorcycle that is equipped with advanced features. Here are some very interesting advantages to note:

1. Blue Core Hybrid Technology

Yamaha Fazzio is equipped with Blue Core Hybrid technology which makes this motorbike more economical. This technology makes it more powerful and environmentally friendly.

The hybrid system of this motorbike has two power sources, namely the engine and Electric Power Assist Start, and both are in synergy with each other. In addition, the Smart Motor Generator (SMG), the Starter Generator Control Unit, and the battery also synergize with each other.

2. Efficient First 3 Seconds Pull

Based on studies, pulling the motor in the first three seconds requires a lot of power. However, this does not apply to the Yamaha Fazzio as a hybrid motorcycle.

When you run the motor, the hybrid feature will work for the first three seconds and after that it turns off automatically. This can help the motor to be more efficient in using fuel.

3. Communication Control Unit Technology

Usually when driving a car, you will connect your smartphone to the car. With Yamaha Fazzio, you can also connect your cellphone to a motorcycle.

Yamaha Fazzio is equipped with Communication Control Unit technology that allows you to connect your smartphone to a motorcycle via Y-connect.

4. Smart Key System

The Yamaha Fazzio lock system is also sophisticated. Therefore, you can start this motor without a key or keyless. Fazzio also has an answer back feature that will make it easier for Toppers to find it in the parking lot.

5. Large Luggage Capacity

If you often travel with a lot of luggage, this motorbike is for you. Its 17.8 L luggage capacity can fit a lot of stuff. On the side there is a Double Hook Carabiner for hanging additional items.

6. Unique Classic Design

With the shape of a large round headlamp and a squared front, it seems that the design of the Yamaha Fazzio looks to carry European influences.

The appearance looks quite simple, but still stylish and classy. The headlights also have LED lights which make it brighter.

7. Many Color Choices Yamaha fazzio specifications

Yamaha Fazzio is available in two variants, namely Fazzio Neo and Lux. The two variants have slight differences, namely in the design.

The Neo variant is available in Red, Cyan, Beige, and Black glossy type, with black seats. While the Lux variant is available in colors that look more luxurious, namely Matte Black and Prestige Silver with brown leather seats.

Disadvantages of Yamaha Fazzio

Although included in the category of advanced hybrid motorcycles, Yamaha Fazzio certainly still has some drawbacks that need to be considered:

1. Turn Signal Bulb

Although the main lights have used LED lights, the lights from the pens still use light bulbs. However, this is not very visible because the glass is covered by frosty frosty glass.

2. Less Maximum Power

Although a hybrid, Yamaha Fazzio has a power that is not too big. The Fazzio can generate power of 6.2 kW at 6,500 rpm and 10.6 Nm at 4,500 rpm. However, these specifications are sufficient for motorcycle users in general.

3. Prices tend to be expensive

As a hybrid motorcycle, of course the Yamaha Fazzio is priced at a higher price than other automatic motorcycles. However, when compared to other brand hybrid motorcycles, this motorbike is cheaper.

Different from Ordinary Hybrids, Here's How Hybrid Works at Yamaha Fazzio

 It turns out that the way the hybrid system embedded in the Yamaha Fazzio works is different from the usual hybrid system.

So, the hybrid system in Yamaha Fazzio actually maximizes the technology that already exists in previous Yamaha motorcycle engines.

Different from Ordinary Hybrids, Here's How Hybrid Works at Yamaha Fazzio

There is no additional special part to help the hybrid system in Yamaha Fazzio work.

"So actually the hybrid technology in Yamaha Fazzio is Hybrid Power Assist," said Antonius Widiantoro as Public Relations Manager, YRA and Community of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM).

The Hybrid Power Assist in the Yamaha Fazzio works by maximizing the Smart Motor Generator (SMG) function that already exists in the previous Yamaha Bluecore motorcycle engine.

"In the past, SMG only functioned as an electric starter on the motorbike, now it is maximized as Hybrid Power Assist," added Ferry Nurul Fajar, Technical & Education PT YIMM.

So in the Hybrid Power Assist system in this Fazzio engine, SMG will provide additional power to the engine when the motor accelerates.

This is because the Hybrid Power Assist system cannot work alone, it only helps provide additional power for 3 seconds when the motor accelerates from rest.