Do not hesitate to buy the All New Yamaha NMax? These are 5 other motorbike options with similar prices

 The choice of 150cc scooters in Indonesia is very diverse. Most popular All New Yamaha NMax. Himself is offered in three variants, standard (non-ABS), NMax Connected and NMax Connected ABS. Each sold for Rp. 30.7 million, Rp. 31.950 million and Rp. 34.8 million OTR DKI Jakarta. Besides Yamana NMax, there are actually other options that are no less interesting. Can be customized in terms of dimensions, driving position, character to the budget. Here's another line of scooters worth considering.

Honda Vario 160

Honda Vario 160
Honda Vario 160

The All New Vario 160 is divided into two variants, CBS and ABS. For the CBS type, Active Black, Grande Matte Black, and Grande Matte Red paints are available. Of the three options offered, only Active Black has a sporty stripe. It appears on the front shield on each side and on the rear body panel.

Grande Matte Black is true to its name, a combination of doff red with black. Meanwhile, Grande Matte Red has all black color on her body. This type does not use a 3D appendage that reads Vario 160, but only a silver sticker. The price is IDR 25,989 million OTR DKI Jakarta.

For the ABS version, there are Active Black, Grande Matte Black, and Grande Matte White colors. Just like the CBS version, only Active Black is given a sporty graphic in silver and gold. The remaining two use the same theme, paint the doff model. Unlike the bottom type, it has a 3D emblem on the rear body panel and burnt titanium alloy wheels. So it has the impression of luxury as well as modern. The official price is IDR 28.714 million OTR DKI Jakarta.

Especially for the most expensive variant, the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) has been embedded. Rear braking is also equipped with discs. While the CBS type is still like the old model. Use discs in the front and drum models (drums) behind.

Both have embedded USB charger type A with a maximum power of 5V 2.1A. It is located on the left side of the front deck and is complete with a cover. The entire lighting system has LED technology, Side Stand Switch, Brake Lock System, Smart Key System integrated with Answer Back System and Anti Theft Alarm as well as a full digital instrument panel with a negative display model. The shape is still the same as the old version, it's just that for the most expensive variant there is an ABS indicator.

There is also no difference in mechanical heart problems in the two variants. Both carry a 160cc engine crammed with four valves, SOHC, liquid-cooled and enhanced Smart Power Plus (eSP+) technology. It is capable of producing maximum power of up to 15.3 hp at 8,500 rpm with a peak torque of 13.8 Nm at 7,000 rpm. The bore x stroke measures 60 x 55.5 mm and the compression ratio is 12:1.

He has used the eSAF (enhanced Smart Architecture Frame) framework. The claim makes this sporty premium scooter even more agile and easy to drive. The volume of fuel and luggage space under the seat are 5.5 liters and 18 liters, respectively.

The visual concept applied is still the same as before, carrying a sporty style scooter. Has firm design lines. But now he is no longer slim. Some body panels are made to bulge solid. Clearly visible on the front. Made like a multilevel model. The front lighting system still relies on the Dual Keen LED Headlight. Also equipped with a turn signal that no longer squints down. Given a barrier with the pull of the headlamp cover line. Looks aggressive and classy.

Adjusting to the front shield, the center panel looks a little bloated. While the tail applies a modern motif. The rear body is filled with a 3-dimensional (3D) emblem that reads Vario 160 (specifically for the ABS type). The impression of elegance becomes even stronger seen from the side.

The back is still supported by a luxurious appearance, because it applies a separate stop lamp and turn signal design. The stop lamp model has changed completely but remains tapered upwards. The special thing is that the muffler cover is coated with aluminum, just like the PCX 160. The sporty impression becomes even more pronounced.

All design changes received, the dimensions are only slightly different from the 150 model. Previously it was 1,919 x 679 x 1,062 mm, now it is 1,929 x 679 x 1,088 mm (LxWxH). The seat height was originally 769mm to 778mm. The wheelbase is now shorter at 1,277 mm, the old model is 1,280 mm. The lowest distance to the ground increased by 8 mm to 140 mm.

The shock absorbers are equipped with a telescopic front suspension and a swing arm at the rear which is maximized by a single shockbreaker. The round leather is wide-profile, 100/80 (front) and 120/70 (rear). Both tires are tubeless. Interestingly, he is now wearing a new crossbar.

Honda ADV 150

Honda ADV150
Honda ADV150

Since its first appearance in 2019, the Honda ADV 150 has created a new segment in the Indonesian motorcycle market. It comes with an explorer scooter theme that can be invited to light off-road terrain. The superior performance and features embedded in it also have high durability in dealing with various road conditions.

In 2020, AHM released a new color to increase the competitiveness of the ADV 150. In total there are three new colors provided for the cruiser scooter. Most interestingly, the ABS variant is added with gold paint rims. For the ADV 150 ABS version, there are two new color choices. The concept is matte and the rims adopt a gold color. There are Tough Matte Black Gold and Tough White Gold options with white domination. Both do not have sporty striping attached to the body. Everything is left plain and there is only a 3D gold emblem that is increasingly visible.

Then for the CBS variant, there is an Advance White Black which is almost covered in white. Combined with the latest stripe design and the embedding of a 3D emblem in the middle body. For this version, the pattern is still the same, only the color is different. Previously it was gray and black, now it is red and black. The rest are all the same. This choice complements the three previous color variants, namely Matte Black, Tough Red, and Matte Brown.

Honda ADV 150 is equipped with a 1-cylinder 149.3 cc engine, liquid-cooled, eSP with an injection combustion system (PGM-FI). The power produced is 13.4 hp at 8,500 rpm and 13.8 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm. Although the base is the same as the PCX 150, it has a difference because the torsion moment is greater, which is 0.6 Nm. The difference is claimed by AHM comes from three sectors: ECM (engine control module), air filter and exhaust design.

Based on the results of internal tests using the ECE R40 EURO 3 method, the fuel consumption of this model shows a figure of 46.6 km / liter (ISS feature on) so that it can cover a distance of up to 373 km in one full refueling.

The kitchen sector is also supported by the ACG starter, the engine feels smooth when turned on. This feature goes hand in hand with Honda's ISS (Idling Stop System) which makes the engine turn off automatically when it stops, and turn it back on just by turning the gas lever.

The instrument panel has a design similar to that of its older brother, the Honda X-ADV 750. The shape is a box that is parallel and level and has a plastic cover at the top of the main screen. Makes it thick with the feel of adventure. It has also adopted full digital with a negative display screen, so it looks more frightening when it's on. Also given the Cell (Select) and Set (Reset) buttons on the bottom left and right of the screen. Enabled to set speedo, clock and change MID information.

In general, all speedometer information is placed separately with various indicators located at the bottom. The main screen consists of speed instructions, gasoline instructions, engine oil change indicators, clock, odometer, tripmeter, average fuel consumption and real time fuel consumption. Given that he is not equipped with a kick starter, he is equipped with a battery indicator or voltmeter.

The prices offered for the two types of Honda ADV150 are IDR 38,832 million (ABS-ISS) and CBS-ISS for IDR 35.693 million on the road in Jakarta.

Yamaha Aerox 155

Yamaha Aerox 155
Yamaha Aerox 155

Other options are the standard Aerox 155 Connected or ABS. Last month he had just been refreshed with a new color. It is marketed for Rp. 29.9 million for the Connected/ABS type and Rp. 26.4 million for the standard Connected version.

The most striking new touch on the body of the All New Aerox 155 Connected can be found in the graphic that says "Aerox". Can be seen on the left and right side of the body. When compared to the previous design, the size is now bigger. Also accompanied by additional variations in the form of colored gradient lines, able to give an energetic and stylish impression.

The stern is also embedded with a stripping graphic which is now longer. Stretching from the middle to the tail, to give a sporty and racy impression. Especially for the All New Aerox 155 Connected with Matte Black Cyan color, changes are presented on the wheels which now adopt the Cyan Solid color. A similar paint has also been applied to the MT 25. For the Dark Gray Yellow variant, the two wheels also have a color that matches the body. While Black and Red, the wheels are still black.

As for the highest variant, the change lies in the graphics which are now more minimalist. The gold striping that previously existed on the fairing, stern and front cover of the motorcycle has now been removed. Replaced with a minimalist two-box-shaped motif. According to the manufacturer, the new shades on Prestige Silver and Maxi Signature Black give it a more premium feel.

Although it has a new color, there is no change from other sectors. The mechanical heart of the All New Aerox 155 Connected still carries the Total New Engine Blue Core 155 cc, SOHC, liquid-cooled, equipped with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) technology. Makes torque evenly at every engine speed. Capable of producing a maximum power of 15.1 hp at 8,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 13.9 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Thanks to its performance, it has the title as a scooter that has the best Power to Weight Ratio (PWR) in its class.

In addition to a powerful engine, its features are also quite sophisticated. It is equipped with connectivity features. A CCU device is available to connect the owner to the motorbike via a smartphone with a Bluetooth connection. That way, these riders can take advantage of various information from an application called Y-Connect.

There are phone notifications and incoming messages on the dashboard, fuel consumption, the last parking location when connected to the application, maintenance recommendations that show the condition of the battery and oil, malfunction notifications up to the Revs Dashboard feature.

Most interestingly, in the Y-Connect application there is a Rank feature, to entertain consumers in enjoying their driving activities. They can compete with other CCU model users (Yamaha motorcycles with the Y-Connect feature) in terms of distance traveled and eco riding points.

Piaggio Medley S ABS

Piaggio Medley S
Piaggio Medley S ABS

One of Piaggio Indonesia's mainstay products deserves to be considered. Although the price is quite expensive, namely IDR 49.9 million OTR DKI Jakarta, he offers a myriad of advanced technologies.

The 2020 Piaggio Medley S 150 ABS is a refinement of the Medley from the previous model. Although the changes are not too many, he looks more fresh than the previous model. Not only design and performance, the features brought have also increased. The steps taken by the company in refreshing Medley 2020 are considered appropriate. As is known, the previous model was less popular in the market. With the refresh, it is hoped that this urban scooter can steal the attention of automotive lovers and boost sales.

The exterior sector of the latest generation Medley is refreshed according to market trends. The design emphasizes the sporty impression, the face is completely redesigned. Now the main lights have a new element, namely full LED technology. Then a pair of DRL attached to the turn signal. In addition, there is a honeycomb grille on the front shield that looks like a tie like the Vespa variant. Not to forget, the new seats have been rearranged and claimed to be more comfortable for the rider and pillion.

The shape of the handlebars has also been revised. Makes the rider more relaxed. In the cockpit, a digital instrument cluster LCD is now embedded, which is easy to read and makes it even more classy. The Piaggio Mia Connectivity System feature is also embedded, making driving more fun. This technology is similar to that of the Vespa GTS 300 Super Tech, only simpler. This motorbike can be connected to the driver's smartphone via Bluetooth. Users can manage phone call music and can perform voice commands via commands on the handlebars and the instrument panel.

In terms of practicality, the Medley has a 36 liter trunk that can store 2 full-face helmets at once. To open it is quite easy, just by pressing the button on the left handlebar. In addition, given a removable coating on the footrest, to make it easier to wash. Then under the handlebars there is a USB socket to charge the rider's gadget battery

Like the previous model, the 2020 Medley is still equipped with RISS (Regulator Inverter Start & Stop System). In the on position, the engine can turn off automatically when stopped or idle for 5 seconds. According to the manufacturer's data, the fuel consumption obtained when turning on the RISS reaches 41 km/liter.

The legs are still the same, only the shape of the rim is different. But the size remains 16 inches in front and 14 inches behind. The front suspension is telescopic and the rear uses dual shock absorbers with 5 hardness settings. Braking relies on discs on both wheels and has been given two-channel ABS.

The new Medley uses a 155 cc, 4-stroke, single cylinder, liquid-cooled engine and Start & Stop technology. Capable of generating power of 14.7 hp at 7,750 rpm and torque of 14.4 Nm at 6,500 rpm. This engine support places the Medley 150 S ABS as the most powerful scooter in the 155 cc class.

Medley S 150 ABS is offered in 3 color options; white, silver and black. All color variants are combined with red motifs. Located on both wheels, precisely on the lips of the rim, on the front grille, bottom of the dashboard, to the rear dual shock.

Kymco Like 150i

Kymco Like 150i
Kymco Like 150i

Then there is the Kymco New Like 150i which has a pretty interesting design. That's because it follows the style that carried Vespa. At first glance, one would mistake him for the Vespa family. But when you look at it, it's clearly different. The price offered is IDR 29.9 million OTR DKI Jakarta. Although cheaper than the All New NMax, he has technology that is not inferior to other 150cc class scooters.

To fight with other scooters, New Like 150i has advantages that the opponent does not have. One of them features Kymco Noodoe. In the digital instrument panel, it can display GPS navigation, smartphone notifications, time and even weather conditions. You can also customize the speedometer as you wish. For example directions (compass), touring groups and image galleries. All can be accessed by connecting with a smartphone. Advanced!

On the other hand, the panel meter also displays an odo meter, volt meter, motorcycle battery, ABS braking indicator, over heat indicator, speedo meter and warnings when to service routinely. And everything is digital. Let the classic look, but the features provided are tempting. The lighting is all using LED technology. From the headlights, turn signals to taillights. Guaranteed to make you fall in love.

The dimensions are just right for the Asian posture. It is 1,935 mm long, 690 mm wide and 1,145 mm high. The wheelbase is 1,315 mm plus the distance to the ground (ground clearance) is 120 mm. Then the net weight of Like 150i reached 129 kg. So it should still be quite comfortable for winding or sharp maneuvers.

The front tires used are tubeless size 110/70 and tubeless rear tires are 130/70. Supported by 12-inch aluminum alloy rims. For speeding, use front brakes (ABS) with 220 mm discs. The rear brakes are also 200mm discs. While the front suspension uses a telescopic top and a double swing rear.

The motor carries a 149.8 cc gasoline engine, 4 stroke, 4 valve SOHC type and has a liquid-cooled single cylinder. The compression ratio is 10.9:1. 0.8 liter engine oil capacity, with 0.12 liter transmission oil capacity. Resultant from internal combustion, providing a maximum power of 13.5 PS at 8500 rpm. And supply a peak torque of 10.2 Nm at 6500 rpm. The ejected power is combined with a CVT transmission system.

It should be noted, this scooter must drink gasoline with a minimum octane of RON 92. So you can't just give low-octane gasoline. Ease, the capacity of the fuel tank reaches 6.8 liters. Enough for surfing on urban streets

Eid with the BMW 320i Dynamic in Jakarta

 Eid is synonymous with returning home to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. Especially after two years of being hit by a pandemic and people being banned from going home by the government. However, not a few people in the capital stay and celebrate without leaving the city. Spending time in the city alone can also be a moment to enjoy driving activities.

Eid with the BMW 320i Dynamic in Jakarta

Lebaran Drive program with the entire editorial crew of OTO Media Group this time, I chose to celebrate Eid with the BMW 320i Dynamic. I happened to be spending the Idul Fitri holiday in Jakarta. You could say this is an ideal choice of vehicle type to enjoy the quiet streets of Jakarta.

The BMW 320i Dynamic is a trim or entry variant of the current BMW 3 Series model line coded G20. This variant comes between the 320i Sport and 330i M Sport alternatives. BMW Indonesia officially launched this premium sedan in October 2021, as well as being one of the most affordable BMW models at the moment.

Although the four-wheeled automotive market is currently increasingly dominated by MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) and SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) models in the country, the presence of sedans is still worthy of consideration. Considering that sedans are among the oldest types of vehicles in the automotive industry, of course there is no need to doubt the quality of their driving. Especially considering the fact that first-class technology and comfort from premium manufacturers are still relied on through sedan models, such as the BMW 7 Series and Rolls-Royce.

Jakarta's traffic has drastically changed to become very smooth, especially on the day before Lebaran. The perfect moment for a leisurely drive around the city. Although the 3-Series has a strong affiliation with a sporty character, this sedan, nicknamed The Ultimate Driving Machine, is also very supportive of being a comfortable car for daily use.

Many consider that the best driving sensation from a BMW can be felt in the 3-Series. This compact sedan with a dynamic driving character and advanced technology then I invited to wade through the toll roads in the city. Just like non-toll roads, the majority of toll roads in Jakarta are also very smooth. This makes it possible to invite the 320i Dynamic to go a little faster. Although not up to the maximum, the pace of the Series-3 in high speed is very steady. The speed is stable, the steering wheel feels very alive, the engine is responsive, really spoils the driver.

Not only enjoying the quiet streets, I also invite Series-3 to see new landmarks in the center of Jakarta. This opportunity is also to capture Series-3 into beautiful and aesthetic photos. Moreover, with the red color on its flashy exterior, it often steals the attention of other motorists, despite its status as an entry-level variant.

The Bavarian manufacturer equips the 320i Dynamic with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with a twin-scroll turbocharger, which keeps a pretty fierce output of 184 hp and 300 Nm. This premium sedan assembled by Sunter is also equipped with a number of advanced features such as infotainment BMW Operation System 7.0, Reversing Assistant, Park Assist, as well as Speed Limiter.

Next, we will discuss in more detail the uniqueness and features of this BMW 320i Dynamic. We will also tell you about the fun of traveling around Jakarta, such as culinary tours or visiting other interesting locations.

7 Tips for Cleaning Cars to Avoid Viruses

 Even though we don't have a virus or clean, the name virus can come from anywhere. It can be from shoes or sandals worn when traveling, jackets, or so on.

Therefore, cleaning the vehicle has become a mandatory agenda for the owner before the virus sticks to the dashboard.

So that the results are optimally clean and make the car safer and more comfortable to use when traveling alone or with family, here are some vehicle cleaning tips that you can practice at home.

1. Start from the dashboard

The dashboard is one of the parts that is most often dusty due to the large number of items placed there. Call it tissue boxes, cellphones, to cigarette packs that may have been dusty before being inserted into the dashboard.

So that the dust does not build up, you should clean it using a duster or a slightly damp cloth. Avoid mixing water with alcohol because this can make dust stick to the dashboard.

2. Continue to the car carpet

Next is the car carpet, the part that is most often dirty from being trampled on. Since the carpet is made of rubber, cleaning it is much easier.

Simply remove the carpet from the car, then stand it vertically so that the dust does not stick. Can also use a vacuum cleaner or mix soap and water, so all the dust is removed perfectly.

3. Clean the car seats

Still in the interior of the car, next is cleaning the car seats. It's not like cleaning car carpets because the seats are easier to clean. Dust and dirt that sticks are also clearly visible.

Take a vacuum cleaner or rag that has been dipped in a special liquid. Remember, it's not a liquid that has alcohol in it, okay? Because alcohol is believed to damage the surface of your favorite car seat.

4. The part touched by the hand

In addition to the three points above, in fact there are still many parts in the car that often come into contact with hands. There is a car steering wheel, windshield, to the transmission lever. These parts must be cleaned to be free from viruses.

Best of all, you don't need a vacuum cleaner to clean it. Enough with a duster and duster, then the area that often comes into contact with the hands becomes cleaner. Viruses can stay away from the car.

5. Rearview mirror

If the interior of the car is in order, now proceed to the exterior. There is a rearview mirror which is often a place for dust and dirt to stick due to pollution scattered in the air.

Although it is often dusty, cleaning the rearview mirror is not a difficult and time-consuming job. Mix water and soap, then dip a washcloth and clean the rearview mirror thoroughly. Guaranteed viruses and bacteria that had been attached will be lifted.

6. Clean the legs of the car

One part that is often overlooked by vehicle owners, namely the legs of the car. Even though this part can be said to be the dirtiest because it is directly contaminated with dust and dirt.

Although basically can not spread the virus into the interior of the car itself, but it would be nice to be cleaned regularly. Thus, the performance of the vehicle is maintained properly.

7. Luggage

The last part that should not be forgotten is the trunk of the car. Where you often put heavy items when traveling long distances. This section cannot be said to be virus-free because the items included in it are not necessarily clean.

Therefore, clean the trunk regularly. Sweep the carpet, pick up the trash that is scattered in the trunk, and wipe it if needed

6 Tips To Keep Car Selling Prices High

 The desire to replace a private vehicle must be in everyone's mind. There are quite a variety of reasons, such as different levels of need, boredom, and improved economic conditions.

It's okay if you want to change the vehicle. But before looking at a new vehicle, make sure the old vehicle has been sold. Not bad for adding capital to buy a new vehicle, right?

Here are some tips to keep the selling price of the car high. You can immediately practice the following tips.

1. Maintain the condition of the car

The first tip that is absolute is to ensure that the condition of the car is well maintained. Not only the exterior of the car, but also the interior and spare parts. As is known, car spare parts greatly affect the performance of the car itself when taken for a drive.

Replace spare parts if needed. Make sure the spare parts installed are guaranteed authentic because this has quite an effect on the selling price of the car.

To prove that the car is well maintained, you can attach a receipt when doing service or repair.

2. Clean the car regularly

Who wants to buy a car that is dirty? Yes, but finding a buyer is quite difficult, especially if the selling price of the car is quite high. Everyone prefers a clean car, so it can be directly used for everyday driving.

The parts of the car that are prone to getting dirty are the dashboard and the floor. We recommend that you clean regularly using a fiber cloth or vacuum cleaner, so you can clean even the hard-to-reach areas. Avoid using alcohol when cleaning the car. Because, alcohol is believed to damage the contaminated part.

3. Take it to an official workshop

In fact, making sure the car is clean is not enough. You also need to make sure that all this time the repairs have been carried out at an official workshop, not in a place that resembles a workshop.

This is important, especially for insured cars. This is because repairs carried out at authorized workshops or partners are entitled to compensation costs. While the rest are not.

To find out about partner workshops inside and outside the city, you can re-open the policy booklet. Simply, you can directly ask the insurance agent or customer service, so it saves time and energy.

4. The age of the car is not too old

As is known, the car is one of the assets that experience depreciation from year to year. The older the car, the cheaper the selling price. This is because repairs made to keep the car's performance in prime condition will be carried out more often when they are old.

If the car has been used for more than 5 years, don't expect to be able to sell it at a high price. In this case, you can find out the market price of the car you want to sell so you don't seem overpriced.

It's different if the car is still 2-3 years old, then the selling price can be maintained. This does not mean that the selling price will be high. Still decreasing, but the decrease is not too significant so you don't lose too much when you sell it.

5. Avoid modification

Modified cars will certainly look cooler than the original. The addition of wings at the rear of the car, for example, makes the car look more classy and expensive. However, know that not everyone likes a modified car.

There is also an assumption that modifications are made to correct deficiencies or natural damage to the car. No wonder that some cars that have been modified tend to be cheaper than the price of a car without modification.

Reconsider if you want to modify a car, especially if there is a desire to sell it within the next 1-2 years. Don't let because you want to appear "cool for a moment", you will lose large amounts of money later on.

6. Reasonable mileage

In addition to age, in fact the distance traveled by the car also affects the selling price. Cars that have long mileage are usually priced less than those that have less mileage.

Even though the car has been used for more than 5 years, if the mileage is still small, then the car can be sold at a higher price. Assuming that the car is rarely used to travel, so the condition of the engine is much better maintained.

Next, make sure the car looks well-maintained from the outside so that the resale price remains high. If the car looks poorly maintained, the attractiveness of buyers will decrease, so there will be fewer offers.

Make no mistake, these are 4 ways to take care of a motorcycle chain

 The chain is an important component of a motorcycle. It plays a role in transmitting the power from the engine performance results to the rear wheels so that it is able to produce the required acceleration. Because it has an effect on performance, comfort and safety, it is necessary to carry out routine maintenance.

Make no mistake, these are 4 ways to take care of a motorcycle chain

According to Rizky Reza Saputra, Sales Marketing for DID Indonesia under the NGK flag, there are several important things you need to know to take care of your favorite iron horse chain. According to him, this method is easy to do and can be done at home.

Clean Chain

Sometimes this method is considered trivial. If mishandled, you can be sure the age of the chain will not last long. There are still many who clean the chain using soap, gasoline or even diesel. According to Rizky, this is a mistake that must be avoided. “Leave it like that because it can damage the seal on the chain. Simply clean the chain with water with a gentle brushing. After cleaning, proceed with using a chain cleaner and then spray chain lube," he explained. 

Treat Periodically

Cleaning the chain should be done regularly, ie when usage has reached 500 kilometers and multiples thereof. This also applies to normal use when taking a normal road route. Meanwhile, if you go through a muddy road, after arriving at your destination, the chain should be cleaned immediately. This is necessary so that the chain does not wear out quickly considering that the chain contains important materials that can affect the performance of the motorcycle.

Check Chain and Gear Condition

Checking the condition of the chain is mandatory. One of them the users must always ensure the slack limit. For the free play distance of each motorbike, it is different but in general it is between 20-30 mm to 25-35 mm. It is recommended that the wheel chain check and adjustment be carried out periodically. If the slack exceeds the free play distance limit listed on the sticker, it is better to adjust the tightness or take it to the nearest authorized repair shop.

don't dry

To get optimal power, it is mandatory to provide lubricant. “This step is also still a lot wrong. Do not give the chain with used oil, grease (grease) because dust and gravel can stick. When that happens, it can erode the surface of the chain and the risk can be broken in the long term. So it's better to give a lubricant that is specifically for chains, namely chain lube, "explained Rizky.

Well, that's some ways to care for a motorcycle chain so that it lasts. Basically all objects and motor components have their own age and will certainly experience damage so replacement is needed. Then it takes care in the right way

Pay attention to these steps to install the roof box on the vehicle

 The ability to carry goods in a vehicle is greatly influenced by the design and capacity of the trunk. This is necessary when the car owner is traveling long distances that require a lot of luggage during the time of the trip.

One solution that is the choice of car owners is to install a roof box on the roof of the car. Although some time ago the presence of this roof box was questioned, but the roof box is one solution to increase storage space. Then how about tips on installing a roof box that is safe and comfortable for travel. Take note of the following:

Pay attention to these steps to install the roof box on the vehicle

First, make sure the car has roof rails. Roof box can not be placed on the roof of the car because it can damage and does not have a strong grip. For this reason, a roof rail is needed in the form of a longitudinal rail where you can install a roof rack as a place to put the roof box. Several Toyota products already have a roof rail as a default design that has received mature technical calculations so that roof rails and roof boxes can be installed easily and safely.

The second step is to install a roof rack as a roof box holder. Roof rack is a pedestal structure for the roff box stand. This roof rack can actually be placed with luggage but is not recommended because items can be released and can be dangerous during the trip. Choose a roof rack that is sturdy and has a strong stand and is easy to assemble and disassemble. This includes the ability to support the roof box above it and its size does not exceed the width of the car body because it looks aesthetically and safely.

The next step is to choose the size of the roof box that suits your needs. Its function as a place to store goods does not mean you have to always choose the largest size. Take into account the need with adequate capacity and the size is not too large because it will affect the aerodynamics and balance point of the car. Choose a roof box with quality materials but not too heavy to maintain the total weight of the car, especially if the car is full of passengers.

Learn how to install the roof box on the roof rack and the correct mechanism for locking the lid to keep it safe on the road. Learn also the position of placing it right on the roof of the car to maintain the balance of the vehicle and not cross the dimensions of the car to maintain safety and aesthetics. To be safe, choose a branded roof box that has a safety certificate and is sold by an authorized dealer.

The next step, calculate the maximum carrying capacity of the vehicle. This is to keep the car's performance optimal on the road. Roof racks and roof boxes must be categorized as carry-on baggage. Reduce the maximum carrying capacity with the weight of the roof rack and roof box to get a new maximum carrying capacity as a reference in carrying passengers and goods including goods that will be put in the roof box.

After bringing the roof box, pay attention to the driving style on the road. The existence of a roof box will change the aerodynamics and center of gravity and also increase the overall weight of the car. It is possible that the car will be heavier, unsteady and difficult to control due to changes in several aspects of the vehicle. Make adaptations when starting to walk, make sure to always drive smoothly and calmly and not aggressively. Pay attention to the longer braking distance and remember that on the roof there is an additional roof box that requires the driver to change driving style.

This concern includes the height of the vehicle. Measure the maximum height of the car after installing the roof box to safely pass through the portal at the automatic toll gate specifically for passenger cars. If it's too high, remember to choose the portalless payment line that truck and bus drivers are used to. Install a sticker as a reminder that you are using the roof box which is placed on the driver's side.

“The use of a roof box provides many advantages because it can be used as an additional place to put luggage. Even so, there are rules that must be understood by drivers so that they can benefit from the roof box and not violate traffic rules and cause harm due to accidents. Please consult with the Auto2000 service advisor to choose and install the right roof box and according to the needs of Toyota cars, "explained Nur Imansyah Tara, Aftersales Business Division Head Auto2000, in his statement.

3 Things That Should Be In The Latest Honda Genio

Honda Genio is one of the automatic products refreshed by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) in early 2022. With a facelift status, the new Genio has received several changes, the most significant of which is the revision of the wheel size from 14 inches to 12 inches.

The wheels used are similar to those of the previous Honda Scoopy. Then with the application of the new wheel, the upper triangle component adjusts, followed by a change in the rear suspension which is now longer, using Scoopy's.

To display an element of novelty, the front body cover also has to be changed, which when viewed is now bigger. The last thing is to move the location of the power outlet which was previously under the trunk, now it is more practical because the charging dock is on the right deck.

With all these changes, AHM only has a price tag of the latest Genio starting at IDR 55 thousand for the CBS variant and IDR 185 thousand for the highest type, namely the CBS-ISS. As of May 2022, the entry-level scooter is sold at a price of Rp. 18,530 million and Rp. 19.125 million, respectively, OTR Jakarta.

Indeed, the changes given to Genio deserve appreciation, where usually AHM only refreshes with new color options when the product is not even 4 years old. Even so, there should be some changes that should be present in the latest Genio. We try to analyze according to trends and consumer needs in this cheap automatic segment.

1. Luggage should be able to accommodate a helmet

The first, the New Genio 2022 still uses the same luggage volume at 14 liters. Unfortunately, the space layout is not yet able to store helmets, even though its rival Yamaha Fazzio is able to accommodate the dealer's default helmet.

The luggage belonging to Honda Genio can only store luggage with small dimensions. For example gloves, jackets, or mineral bottles. Quite unfortunate.

2. It is more practical if the charging dock is a USB port type

As explained earlier, AHM has now changed the location of the charging dock to a more practical position on the right deck. It looks quite neat, where there is a closed console that can protect this feature from splashing water.

But unfortunately the manufacturer still uses the 12 volt power outlet type, in which Genio owners must use an additional adapter in order to take advantage of the device. It would be more practical if Genio applied a USB port type device dock like the Honda Scoopy or Honda PCX 160.

3. There is no information on fuel consumption and trip meters in the meter panel

The next feature that might be considered by AHM in the new generation of Genio is to apply information on fuel consumption and tripmeter.

Because the information listed on the Genio meter panel is very simple. It only contains speed information, fuel indicator, odometer, light indicator, check engine, turn signal, ECO riding, and Idling Stop System (ISS).

Now, if the information on fuel consumption to tripmeter can be present, we think the functionality of this scooter will be higher. However, the panel meter from Genio is fully digital, but its dimensions are quite small.

With all the features, the use of economical machines, to the accommodations owned by Genio, it seems quite natural that AHM is targeting novice consumers. Actually, it is not difficult for manufacturers to inject the features described above, we think AHM only adjusts to the target market so that the price tag is not set too high. But maybe with the addition of these features it can boost sales from Genio, which has lost its prestige to the Beat series or Scoopy. How do you agree?