Trinity Uranus RS, an electric scooter from Germany has a visual similar to the Keeway Shiny 150

 Trinity released the latest generation of Uranus with the identity 'RS' behind it. This brand-new electric scooter from the German electric mobility startup is rapidly gaining popularity. That's thanks to low running costs, almost no maintenance, and government incentives for zero-emissions vehicles. However, when it comes to visuals, the Uranus RS has a similar form to the Keeway Shiny 150 which has just been sold in Indonesia.

Trinity Uranus RS, an electric scooter from Germany has a visual similar to the Keeway Shiny 150

The Trinity brand may still be a fairly foreign motorcycle brand name in the global market. However, this German brand has developed high-quality two-wheeled products. The presence of Uranus RS is proof of their seriousness in welcoming future vehicles.

Actually this model is the result of the development of the previous generation of Uranus. It is a pure electric powered scooter. While significantly more expensive than traditional internal combustion scooters, the Uranus RS is proof that the technology around electric powertrains is constantly improving, and becoming more accessible to a wider audience.

The Uranus RS Trinity is powered by a brushless DC electric motor with a peak power output of 11 kW. He is capable of reaching a top speed of 110 km/h, or 68 miles per hour in Sport mode. Arguably much faster than any other electric scooter on the market.

Trinity Uranus RS

The electric scooter is equipped with two 72V/32Ah lithium batteries. Making it able to travel as far as 60 miles or the equivalent of 96 km on a fully charged battery. In addition, the ECU has been programmed to optimize battery performance depending on the driving style, to ensure maximum battery life. Despite its relatively high top speed, the Trinity Uranus RS is categorized as an A1 electric scooter, and can be ridden by anyone who holds a driver's license with the B196 extension.

To offer and even more comfortable driving experience, the Uranus RS comes with three driving modes. Each one is limited to the highest speed. For city trips, Eco mode limits the top speed to 55 km/h. When heading out of town with Standard mode, the speed is limited to 80 km/hour. And the highest Sport mode can reach 110 km / h.

Apart from offering performance, another interesting part is in terms of visuals. It has a vintage scooter design but is wrapped in a modern style. There is nothing strange about that part, only the body design is similar to the Keeway Shiny 150, which was recently launched at the IIMS Hybrid 2022 exhibition. Apart from that, unlike the Keeway, the Uranus RS relies on pure electric power.

You could say they both look identical. Prioritize modern retro design. Body panels in some parts slightly oval. The fascia is round in structure. The front shield is made a little futuristic with the embedding of angled DRL lights that blend with the turn signal. The middle is filled with a front tie, like Italian and French scooters. Chrome tones on a black background. Create the main lighting using LED technology with a round cover. At the bottom there is a wide fender, adjusting the overall style.

The middle body panel is no less interesting than the front. It looks like an egg and sits with Side LED Light (left and right), just like the Keeway Shiny 150. It has a flat deck and is quite spacious. Overall, they are very similar. However, until now there has been no information regarding copyright infringement from the two companies.

In Germany, the Uranus RS will be available from May 2022. As an introductory price of 5,888 Euros (Rp 91 million). Then the official price rose to 6,388 Euros, or Rp. 98 million after the introduction period. There is currently no word on whether the Uranus RS will be sold outside Germany or not.

DAS Indonesia wants to sell Junior Jeep and Wrangler 4xe electric cars, this is the price leak

 PT DAS Indonesia Motor as the official distributor of the Jeep car brand in the country announced a strategy regarding the business of selling its electric vehicles. This can not be separated from the various regulations set by the government to accelerate the era of electric vehicles.

DAS Indonesia wants to sell Junior Jeep and Wrangler 4xe electric cars, this is the price leak

Chief Operating Officer (COO), PT DAS Indonesia Motor, Dhani Yahya said, referring to the current market segmentation and opportunities, it is most likely that they will first launch a Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) product with the Wrangler 4xe model.

"We see from the Jeep market strategy for Asia. The Wrangler model has a lot of demand, while the Wrangler 4xe has a large engine capacity and can be fuel efficient with its Plug-in Hybrid technology, for traffic jams it is also capable," said Dhani in the Jakarta area. Center, not too long ago.

Until now, continued Dhani, the availability of the Jeep Wrangler 4xe is still left-handled in the global market. Once the right-hand drive option is available, the product will immediately be sold to Indonesia.

"For the Jeep Wrangler PHEV model known as the 4xe, the right wheel is still not available. But once it's available, I think we can bring it to Indonesia," he concluded.

However, there is no definite schedule for the launch of the Wrangler 4xe for the domestic market. But at least, starting from Dhani's confirmation about the plan to sell the 4xe, they are serious enough to enter the era of electrification in Indonesia.

In addition to the PHEV Wrangler 4xe off-road car model, PT DAS has also included the name Junior Jeep pure electric car in its new product plan. He has the appearance of an urban SUV, has a compact body, and is claimed to be suitable for offering to Indonesian consumers.

PHEV Jeep Wrangler 4xe chassis

"Junior Jeep BEV, we will see if we can enter it, the volume depends on the development of taxes in Indonesia, currently with the applicable tax, of course this is still very high. But hopefully in 2025 we will introduce it to the public," he explained.

To welcome the arrival of the pure electric-powered Jeep, according to Dhani, the entire network of Jeep dealerships under DAS has prepared all the tools, mechanic training, and others.

"When this vehicle arrives, we must have special tools. Even the dealers that we have established have taken this into account, in the workshop there is already a charging station, in the parking lot, or a showroom. even though the product will be released either in 2025 or 2026," he added.

Specifications of the Jeep Wrangler 4Xe and BEV Junior

Referring to the official Jeep global website, the Wrangler 4xe is equipped with a 4-cylinder, 1995 cc FCA turbocharged engine with 2 electric motors and a 400 volt 17 kWH lithium ion battery pack. The engine design is capable of producing maximum power of up to 272 horsepower at 5,250 rpm and peak torque of 400 Nm at 3,000 rpm.

In addition to the internal engine, there is also an electric motor in the car's transmission that can deliver a maximum power of 100 kW or the equivalent of 136 horsepower and 245 Nm of torque. With the help of electricity, the Wrangler 4xe can run without an internal engine as far as 33 kilometers. In order to support the battery charging process in the car, Jeep has installed an Integrated Dual Charging Module (IDCM) and a 2.5 kW DC/DC Converter.

Regarding the selling price in the United States (US) market, the Jeep Wrangler 4xe is offered in 3 different variants. The first is the Sahara 4xe at a price of 53,795 US dollars or the equivalent of Rp.772 million, the second is the Rubicon 4xe, which costs 57.890 US dollars 

Junior Jeep BEV

As for the pure electric SUV, the Junior Jeep, according to Dhani, will be equipped with a 43 kWh battery which has a range of up to 320 kilometers when fully charged. Meanwhile, for maximum power it can produce up to 143 horsepower.

Based on the presentation, the Junior Jeep BEV has a length of 4,084 mm, a width of 1,776 mm, a height of 1,535 mm, and a wheelbase of 2,557 mm. He claims that from a stationary car position to 100 km per hour, it can be completed in just 9 seconds.

"I see that there is a supply crisis and so on, so that some manufacturers increase vehicle prices. But, in the long run, for example, Indonesia can have it or the development of battery prices can be cheap, like this Jeep Junior for example (sold) at Rp. 800 million," he concluded.

Examining the Attractiveness of the Honda NS125LA, Yamaha Fazzio's Candidate Rival in Indonesia

 Honda Motor in synergy with their joint venture company in China officially launched the classic Honda NS125LA scooter. The visuals are like an Italian scooter which is said to be suitable if it competes with the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid in Indonesia.

quoting Greatbiker, Honda NS125LA was created as an urban scooter that has a retro look. It can be seen from the shape of the rounded headlights, the use of round mirrors, and the use of small wheels. The design is similar to scooters in the mid 80's or 90's.

Examining the Attractiveness of the Honda NS125LA, Yamaha Fazzio's Candidate Rival in Indonesia

Despite having an old-school appearance, the Honda NS125LA is equipped with many modern features. Not surprisingly, in this era, many motorcycle manufacturers are creating classic vehicles, but in terms of functionality and comfort, they are prioritized.

For example, the lighting system has LED technology, both in the headlights, taillights, and turn signal lights. Especially for the rear view, it is interesting that he appears rounded with a stop lamp forming the letter 'U' and flanked by 2 vertical turn signals. At first glance similar to the Vespa Sprint.

Not enough there, the Honda NS125LA meter panel also looks attractive thanks to the LCD screen that displays various important information from the motorcycle. The interface is the favorite of the millennial generation, has a variety of color backgrounds with elegant numbers and letters.

Now, in order to support the practicality of the keyless key device, the owner simply has to pocket the remote, turn the knob, press the starter button, and the engine can start immediately. Interestingly, this motorbike is also equipped with a remote lock system similar to that of a car.

Next is the embedding of the CBS (Combi Brake System) brake system. Functionally the same as Honda motorcycles in Indonesia, this technology is there to make it easier for the rider. Yes, because when the rear brake lever is pressed, the front brake will automatically brake.

The rest is the USB charging feature, you will no longer bother carrying an adapter because you just need to plug the smartphone's default data cable into the charging dock. And for security features on the Honda NS125 LA, a side stand switch device has been installed.

Honda NS125LA

In terms of accommodation, this scooter has a main trunk of up to 20 liters which is capable of storing 1 open face helmet. In front there is 1 hook with a lock that can be used to carry goods, if not there is still a closed storage compartment on the left deck.

With a flat footrest configuration, the owner can also put other luggage there. So for practicality and transportation of goods, this motorbike has a pretty good selling value.

Talking about the pacemaker, he is equipped with an exact 124.9 cc engine, air conditioning, and has injection foggy. With this engine layout, this motor is capable of producing maximum power of up to 8.97 horsepower and peak torque of 9.87 Nm. Indeed, when compared with Fazzio, the output produced is slightly different, where the master of the tuning fork has a maximum power of 8.3 horsepower and 10.6 Nm of torque.

But Fazzio is superior in terms of engine technology, this scooter is equipped with power assist or what the manufacturer calls a hybrid. Its function is to provide additional power at the initial acceleration moment.

Regarding the selling price of the Honda NS125LA, according to a Greatbiker report, this motorbike is sold at a price of 62 thousand Baht or which, when converted to rupiah, has a selling price of Rp. 26.4 million. Looking at the appearance, features, and specifications that are carried, it feels like this motorbike is suitable if it is marketed in Indonesia.

Considering the trend of classic-looking scooters on the rise lately. Its presence can be a solution or an alternative to the high price tag of the Vespa. For your information, the cheapest type of Vespa LX in Indonesia is offered at IDR 40 million OTR.

Honda Will Add RS Line, For City Sedan?

 Honda gave a surprise again this month. After recently launching the latest HR-V, Honda stepped on the gas by bringing back a new product.

Previously, Honda already had several models that had an RS variant. Usually, the RS nomenclature is pinned on models with a sporty aura and become the top variant. Some of the models that received the RS code include the Civic RS sedan, City Hatchback RS, Brio RS, and HR-V Turbo RS. The Mobilio had received the RS variant but is currently only available in the S variant with a manual transmission.

Honda Will Add RS Line, For City Sedan?

If you look at the leaks that were present, it could be that the one that gets the latest RS touch is the City sedan. This can be seen from the form of images that appear on Honda's social media which shows the shape of the front of a vehicle that is similar to the sedan.

Currently the City is offered in one variant with several features such as the use of a 1.5L DOHC i-VTEC engine with 121 ps power. There is still the use of 16-inch rims, headlamps with LED and LED DRLs, LED fog lamps, modern meter clusters. Inside, there is an 8-inch head unit, 8 speakers, six airbags, paddle shifters, remote engine start and a large cargo area.

Looking at some of the features in Thailand, the City may get additional RS accessories as in other RS models, namely a black grille, body-colored door handles, side mirrors with black ornaments. There is no change in the size of the rim which is still 16 inches. The interior comes in black and uses red stitching to add a sporty impression. There is no change in the size of the head unit.

Another possibility is the presence of Honda Sensing on the City sedan. These safety features consist of Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS), Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), Road Departure Mitigation System (RDM), Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low Speed Follow, Auto-High Beam, and Lead Car Departure Notification System. (LCDN). However, if you see that this feature is not present in City Hatcback in Indonesia, this feature may not be offered.

Honda City 1.5 RS CVT PH-by Ricky Ladia

Currently City is only offered in one variant with a price tag of IDR 365.4 million. The presence of this RS variant is likely to increase the small sedan market which is now no longer subject to different taxes thanks to emission tax regulations.

We'll see what Honda will offer in the next few hours. At least this is a breath of fresh air for Honda consumers who have continuously received new product offers in the last few months.

Honda also still has one product that will be presented this year on the basis of the RS CONCEPT SUV. Had circulated the possibility of this model is the figure of the ZR-V which was developed for the South Asian market. But seeing this possibility, it seems that consumers will have to endure the wait to be able to see the production version of the RS Concept SUV.

Ducati Cooperates with Alex de Angelis to Test Motorcycle Prototypes at the Vallelunga Circuit

 Ducati released a video showing their MotoE bike in action for the first time. This time the manufacturer Borgo Panigale took a new test racer, Alex de Angelis. The test is known to be at the Vallelunga circuit, Italy. This is quite a surprising phase regarding the development of electric motorcycles from Ducati. The V21L prototype development project continues to show continuous progress.

Ducati Cooperates with Alex de Angelis to Test Motorcycle Prototypes at the Vallelunga Circuit

As we know, this year is the last season in which Energica Ego Corsa becomes the exclusive supplier of the MotoE World Cup. From next season Ducati takes the place of his compatriot since the beginning of 2019. It has signed a contract with Dorna to supply the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup from 2023 to 2026.

In fact, the steps taken by Ducati at that time were a little unreasonable, because they had not yet built an electric motorcycle. But the project continues and develops. In this sense, the Borgo Panigale brand has been working on a prototype 'V21L', which aims in the long term to increase the competitiveness of the category, as well as the autonomy of racing motorcycles. Still, Ducati wants to point out that this is only the beginning of the electric era for the brand, and it will be interesting to see which direction they take electrification in the future.

And now Ducati has released a video showing the motorcycle being ridden on the track in Vallelunga, Italy. The bike, called the V21L, is known to have been tested by former MotoE racer and former MotoGP star Alex de Angelis. He is one of the test drivers for the project, having previously been Michele Pirro who was the first to debut at the Misano test last December.

De Angelis is certainly no stranger to the tools or components owned by the Ducati V21L. He has also participated in electric motorcycle racing in 2019. His input and data will also be important in technical development efforts. Unfortunately, there is no information about the lap times, or what improvements Ducati has made to prepare for MotoE 2023.

to be sure, the test in Vallelunga continued the inaugural test which was held at Misano late last year. Ducati continues to collect as much data as possible, so that the V21L can perform optimally when used starting next season.

The V21L prototype emerged from the close collaboration and constant knowledge exchange between Ducati Corse and Research and Development (R&D). High performance, and built with a light weight for electric motor power. There is no doubt that the MotoE project is an important step in the history of the Italian manufacturer, because it is also the beginning of the electric era that Ducati has entered.

Over the next few months, Ducati will also share more information about the technical evolution of its projected bike. Then the manufacturer, which is commanded by Claudio Domenicali, will describe the next steps regarding the MotoE project, and the latest developments in the V21L.

Director of eMobility Ducati, Roberto Canè, said, "Since bringing the MotoE Ducati prototype to the track for the first time, the development of the project has never stopped, not even for a moment. “The hard work of the whole team pays off for the efforts made through continuous progress, which gives us great satisfaction. In just four months, our prototype has overcome corners at several of Italy's main circuits, giving a positive response. There is still a lot of work to be done, but the direction is definitely in the right direction.”

Following involvement in the MotoGP and World Superbike projects, a new adventure in MotoE will prove the perfect laboratory for Ducati to bring technology and innovation from the track to the showroom.

The V21L electric motor for MotoE will be built specifically from Ducati's racing DNA. Focused on creating lightweight motorcycles that unite tradition, passion and innovation in the electric world championship.

Honda Called to Prepare ADV 160, Use PCX 160 engine

 Little by little it seems that Honda will replace all 150 cc scooter engines to 160 cc. The initial model that experienced it was the PCX 160, then it is expected to continue to the Vario 160, and the latest is believed to be the ADV 160.

Greatbiker, a Thai-language media that has repeatedly reported on the ADV 160 before it finally launched in January in Thailand, explained that there is a possibility that Honda will launch the ADV 160 next year.

Honda Called to Prepare ADV 160, Use PCX 160 engine

The ADV 150 is the 'adventure' version of the PCX 150 which is now almost two years old since its launch. Although still relatively new, this motorbike is said to be included in the plan to revise the engine to 160 cc like the PCX 160.

PCX 160 uses the eSP+ KF47E 1-cylinder SOHC 157 cc engine with four valves, this is two more valves than the PCX 150 engine. This additional valve improves the combustion process so that it is more efficient.

In addition to the engine, the ADV 160 is also expected to get a key feature on the PCX 160, namely the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). This feature is useful for preventing the rear tire from slipping when the gas pedal is twisted.

However, it is believed that the ADV 150 to ADV 160 will not be updated this year. The new model ADV 160 is expected to arrive in 2022 with a refreshed exterior design.

So far ADV 160 and also Vario 160 is still speculation. There has been no official statement from Honda regarding the design change stages for the two following the PCX 160.

Honda has launched the ADV 150 in July 2019, while the PCX 160 last February. The launch of the Vario 160 is believed to happen this year. if in order it is not impossible ADV 160 will slide after.

What are the chances of the 2022 Honda ADV 160 appearing this year? Here's the Prediction

 The premium class automatic motorbike with a 150 cc engine is currently one of the most competitive segments. This is because this segment targets upper-middle class consumers who are more sensitive to technology and make motorcycles a part of their lifestyle.

What are the chances of the 2022 Honda ADV 160 appearing this year? Here's the Prediction

From the Honda manufacturer, they have three gacoans, some of which have received major updates. The first is of course the 2022 Honda PCX 160, which looks elegant by carrying out a total change from the frame, engine to design and technology.

The second is the 2022 Honda Vario 160 which was present in early February, with significant changes. Starting from the design, technology and features, the 160 cc eSP+ engine to the application of the new model frame with eSAF technology.

Only one that has not received a significant update, the motorbike is the 2022 Honda ADV 150. Yup, only this adventurous-style automatic motorbike has not yet been filled with a new pacemaker, even though the price is getting higher, approaching Rp 40 million!

From the official website of PT Astra Honda Motor, the current price tag for the Honda ADV 150 starts from Rp. 35.186 million (CBS) and Rp. 38.251 million (ABS) on the road in Jakarta. The price is even more expensive than the 2022 Honda CB150X or even the 2022 Honda CB150R Streetfire which ranges from IDR 29 million to 33 million.

This means that Honda must immediately release the 2022 Honda ADV 160 immediately because the price is the most expensive for the automatic size of the 150-160 cc engine. So what will appear this year?

Production Age Not Three Years

Usually the cycle of updating or facelift of a motorcycle product spans three years. The Honda ADV 150 itself will only be three years old in July, because this motorbike itself was released at the 2019 GIIAS title.

With the product being relatively young and having embedded a lot of technology, of course, Honda still wants this bike to survive first. Moreover, this motorbike is still fresh in several countries that get units from Indonesia. 

The design that is different from the matic classmate as well as the embedded technology and features still makes this one product have a class of its own. From the Japanese brand, only the Honda ADV 150 is an adventure-style automatic motorcycle model

But usually AHM also releases new color changes for models that are not yet going for a facelift, and this Honda ADV 150 is one of the products that has not yet received a color update. The last color update was carried out in September 2020.

Honda ADV 160 2022 Launching This Year?

Reflecting on the explanation above, it seems difficult that the Honda ADV 160 with an eSP+ engine will be coming soon. But we've rounded up a number of reasons that could have made its arrival faster.

The first is production efficiency, by relying on the only 150 cc ESP engine, of course it will be more efficient if all 150 cc products are replaced with the latest 160 cc eSP+ engine, right? This also only leaves the Honda ADV 150.

Second, this motor has many complaints that its performance is too smooth, although many are satisfied with its fuel efficiency. However, with a dashing appearance like an adventure motorbike, this performance is considered less kicking.

The engine specifications are exactly the same as the previous Honda Vario 150, 4-stroke, SOHC 2 valve liquid cooling and ESP technology. The size of the piston and the piston stroke are identical, namely 57.3 mm and 57.9 mm.

Although in fact, this engine on the Honda ADV 150 has been upgraded so that it has a larger output, with 14.5 PS of power at 8,500 rpm and 13.8 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm, it's still too big. Understandably, the weight of the Honda ADV 150 is 20 kg heavier than the Honda Vario 150!

Then what would it be like if this motorbike carried the same eSP + engine as the Honda PCX 160? Based on the specifications, the Honda PCX 160 engine is capable of producing power reaching 16 PS at 8,500 rpm and torque of 14.7 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

There is an increase of up to 1.5 PS and 0.9 Nm from the current 150 cc engine, of course it's pretty good and it will feel more responsive if it is paired with the Honda ADV 160. Not only that, fuel consumption is also still economical, it can still penetrate 45 km / liters!

And even though it uses a 160 cc ESP + engine, Honda will usually reset the ECM and CVT parts so that they can provide even better output. This means that there will be a possibility that the engine that is carried is stronger than that of the 2022 Honda PCX 160, even though the basis is the same.

Regarding the completeness of the motorbike, it seems that the Honda ADV 150 is currently the most in its class. For example, adjustable windshield, full LED lights, CBS and ABS brakes, full digital panel meter, power outlet, long travel suspension, Smart Key System, Side Stand Switch and disc brakes on both wheels.

We believe that in the future the latest model will also be embedded with HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control) technology. Then there is the possibility of applying the eSAF frame to pursue a lighter motor weight.

So if not in the near future, it seems Honda ADV 160 2022 is likely to be present at the end of the year. Let's wait together.