Ducati Cooperates with Alex de Angelis to Test Motorcycle Prototypes at the Vallelunga Circuit

 Ducati released a video showing their MotoE bike in action for the first time. This time the manufacturer Borgo Panigale took a new test racer, Alex de Angelis. The test is known to be at the Vallelunga circuit, Italy. This is quite a surprising phase regarding the development of electric motorcycles from Ducati. The V21L prototype development project continues to show continuous progress.

Ducati Cooperates with Alex de Angelis to Test Motorcycle Prototypes at the Vallelunga Circuit

As we know, this year is the last season in which Energica Ego Corsa becomes the exclusive supplier of the MotoE World Cup. From next season Ducati takes the place of his compatriot since the beginning of 2019. It has signed a contract with Dorna to supply the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup from 2023 to 2026.

In fact, the steps taken by Ducati at that time were a little unreasonable, because they had not yet built an electric motorcycle. But the project continues and develops. In this sense, the Borgo Panigale brand has been working on a prototype 'V21L', which aims in the long term to increase the competitiveness of the category, as well as the autonomy of racing motorcycles. Still, Ducati wants to point out that this is only the beginning of the electric era for the brand, and it will be interesting to see which direction they take electrification in the future.

And now Ducati has released a video showing the motorcycle being ridden on the track in Vallelunga, Italy. The bike, called the V21L, is known to have been tested by former MotoE racer and former MotoGP star Alex de Angelis. He is one of the test drivers for the project, having previously been Michele Pirro who was the first to debut at the Misano test last December.

De Angelis is certainly no stranger to the tools or components owned by the Ducati V21L. He has also participated in electric motorcycle racing in 2019. His input and data will also be important in technical development efforts. Unfortunately, there is no information about the lap times, or what improvements Ducati has made to prepare for MotoE 2023.

to be sure, the test in Vallelunga continued the inaugural test which was held at Misano late last year. Ducati continues to collect as much data as possible, so that the V21L can perform optimally when used starting next season.

The V21L prototype emerged from the close collaboration and constant knowledge exchange between Ducati Corse and Research and Development (R&D). High performance, and built with a light weight for electric motor power. There is no doubt that the MotoE project is an important step in the history of the Italian manufacturer, because it is also the beginning of the electric era that Ducati has entered.

Over the next few months, Ducati will also share more information about the technical evolution of its projected bike. Then the manufacturer, which is commanded by Claudio Domenicali, will describe the next steps regarding the MotoE project, and the latest developments in the V21L.

Director of eMobility Ducati, Roberto Canè, said, "Since bringing the MotoE Ducati prototype to the track for the first time, the development of the project has never stopped, not even for a moment. “The hard work of the whole team pays off for the efforts made through continuous progress, which gives us great satisfaction. In just four months, our prototype has overcome corners at several of Italy's main circuits, giving a positive response. There is still a lot of work to be done, but the direction is definitely in the right direction.”

Following involvement in the MotoGP and World Superbike projects, a new adventure in MotoE will prove the perfect laboratory for Ducati to bring technology and innovation from the track to the showroom.

The V21L electric motor for MotoE will be built specifically from Ducati's racing DNA. Focused on creating lightweight motorcycles that unite tradition, passion and innovation in the electric world championship.

Honda Called to Prepare ADV 160, Use PCX 160 engine

 Little by little it seems that Honda will replace all 150 cc scooter engines to 160 cc. The initial model that experienced it was the PCX 160, then it is expected to continue to the Vario 160, and the latest is believed to be the ADV 160.

Greatbiker, a Thai-language media that has repeatedly reported on the ADV 160 before it finally launched in January in Thailand, explained that there is a possibility that Honda will launch the ADV 160 next year.

Honda Called to Prepare ADV 160, Use PCX 160 engine

The ADV 150 is the 'adventure' version of the PCX 150 which is now almost two years old since its launch. Although still relatively new, this motorbike is said to be included in the plan to revise the engine to 160 cc like the PCX 160.

PCX 160 uses the eSP+ KF47E 1-cylinder SOHC 157 cc engine with four valves, this is two more valves than the PCX 150 engine. This additional valve improves the combustion process so that it is more efficient.

In addition to the engine, the ADV 160 is also expected to get a key feature on the PCX 160, namely the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC). This feature is useful for preventing the rear tire from slipping when the gas pedal is twisted.

However, it is believed that the ADV 150 to ADV 160 will not be updated this year. The new model ADV 160 is expected to arrive in 2022 with a refreshed exterior design.

So far ADV 160 and also Vario 160 is still speculation. There has been no official statement from Honda regarding the design change stages for the two following the PCX 160.

Honda has launched the ADV 150 in July 2019, while the PCX 160 last February. The launch of the Vario 160 is believed to happen this year. if in order it is not impossible ADV 160 will slide after.

What are the chances of the 2022 Honda ADV 160 appearing this year? Here's the Prediction

 The premium class automatic motorbike with a 150 cc engine is currently one of the most competitive segments. This is because this segment targets upper-middle class consumers who are more sensitive to technology and make motorcycles a part of their lifestyle.

What are the chances of the 2022 Honda ADV 160 appearing this year? Here's the Prediction

From the Honda manufacturer, they have three gacoans, some of which have received major updates. The first is of course the 2022 Honda PCX 160, which looks elegant by carrying out a total change from the frame, engine to design and technology.

The second is the 2022 Honda Vario 160 which was present in early February, with significant changes. Starting from the design, technology and features, the 160 cc eSP+ engine to the application of the new model frame with eSAF technology.

Only one that has not received a significant update, the motorbike is the 2022 Honda ADV 150. Yup, only this adventurous-style automatic motorbike has not yet been filled with a new pacemaker, even though the price is getting higher, approaching Rp 40 million!

From the official website of PT Astra Honda Motor, the current price tag for the Honda ADV 150 starts from Rp. 35.186 million (CBS) and Rp. 38.251 million (ABS) on the road in Jakarta. The price is even more expensive than the 2022 Honda CB150X or even the 2022 Honda CB150R Streetfire which ranges from IDR 29 million to 33 million.

This means that Honda must immediately release the 2022 Honda ADV 160 immediately because the price is the most expensive for the automatic size of the 150-160 cc engine. So what will appear this year?

Production Age Not Three Years

Usually the cycle of updating or facelift of a motorcycle product spans three years. The Honda ADV 150 itself will only be three years old in July, because this motorbike itself was released at the 2019 GIIAS title.

With the product being relatively young and having embedded a lot of technology, of course, Honda still wants this bike to survive first. Moreover, this motorbike is still fresh in several countries that get units from Indonesia. 

The design that is different from the matic classmate as well as the embedded technology and features still makes this one product have a class of its own. From the Japanese brand, only the Honda ADV 150 is an adventure-style automatic motorcycle model

But usually AHM also releases new color changes for models that are not yet going for a facelift, and this Honda ADV 150 is one of the products that has not yet received a color update. The last color update was carried out in September 2020.

Honda ADV 160 2022 Launching This Year?

Reflecting on the explanation above, it seems difficult that the Honda ADV 160 with an eSP+ engine will be coming soon. But we've rounded up a number of reasons that could have made its arrival faster.

The first is production efficiency, by relying on the only 150 cc ESP engine, of course it will be more efficient if all 150 cc products are replaced with the latest 160 cc eSP+ engine, right? This also only leaves the Honda ADV 150.

Second, this motor has many complaints that its performance is too smooth, although many are satisfied with its fuel efficiency. However, with a dashing appearance like an adventure motorbike, this performance is considered less kicking.

The engine specifications are exactly the same as the previous Honda Vario 150, 4-stroke, SOHC 2 valve liquid cooling and ESP technology. The size of the piston and the piston stroke are identical, namely 57.3 mm and 57.9 mm.

Although in fact, this engine on the Honda ADV 150 has been upgraded so that it has a larger output, with 14.5 PS of power at 8,500 rpm and 13.8 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm, it's still too big. Understandably, the weight of the Honda ADV 150 is 20 kg heavier than the Honda Vario 150!

Then what would it be like if this motorbike carried the same eSP + engine as the Honda PCX 160? Based on the specifications, the Honda PCX 160 engine is capable of producing power reaching 16 PS at 8,500 rpm and torque of 14.7 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

There is an increase of up to 1.5 PS and 0.9 Nm from the current 150 cc engine, of course it's pretty good and it will feel more responsive if it is paired with the Honda ADV 160. Not only that, fuel consumption is also still economical, it can still penetrate 45 km / liters!

And even though it uses a 160 cc ESP + engine, Honda will usually reset the ECM and CVT parts so that they can provide even better output. This means that there will be a possibility that the engine that is carried is stronger than that of the 2022 Honda PCX 160, even though the basis is the same.

Regarding the completeness of the motorbike, it seems that the Honda ADV 150 is currently the most in its class. For example, adjustable windshield, full LED lights, CBS and ABS brakes, full digital panel meter, power outlet, long travel suspension, Smart Key System, Side Stand Switch and disc brakes on both wheels.

We believe that in the future the latest model will also be embedded with HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control) technology. Then there is the possibility of applying the eSAF frame to pursue a lighter motor weight.

So if not in the near future, it seems Honda ADV 160 2022 is likely to be present at the end of the year. Let's wait together.

Suzuki Ertiga India gets a refresh, check out the changes

Maruti Suzuki in India has just given a refresh on the Ertiga MPV. This time the addition is arguably not too significant but in terms of technology it becomes more complete.

Suzuki Ertiga India gets a refresh, check out the changes

 At first glance, there are no radical changes to the appearance of the latest Ertiga, which Maruti calls the Next Gen Ertiga. Only a few exterior details can be seen that the changes are on the front grille which now uses a wing design with a touch of chrome. LED projector lamps are convenient for lighting during travel. On the back, the shape of the stop lamp is known as 3D origami style with unchanged LEDs. A touch of black garnish is present on the back door. The legs have a duo tone rim and an automatic mirror folding feature.

The dimensions are also no different from the old model. It is still 4,395 mm long, 1,735 mm wide and 1,690 mm high with a wheelbase of 2,740 mm. Ertiga still offers agility with a turning radius of 5.2 meters. This seven-passenger MPV offers a luggage volume of 209 liters when the third row seats are used and 803 liters when the second and third row seats are folded for greater carrying capacity.

Entering the interior, the latest Ertiga gets a change in wooden ornaments on the dashboard. The design is still the same as the previous model with the use of two colors, namely beige and dark. A touch of wood is also found in the trim on the door.

next gen ertiga

The head unit is relatively new, at least in the features it offers. The size is 7 inches with SmartPlay Pro capabilities that can be connected with Android Auto and Apple Carplay. The top variant of the Ertiga also has four speakers and two tweeters with an audio steering switch for comfort while driving. The color TFT screen on the MID is also still present on the latest Ertiga.

Other features that are present include a start stop button, auto AC, double blower with three step settings for the second and third rows, cup holder with cooler, rear defogger and smart key. Power sockets are present in the first to third rows, tilt steering, paddle shift and electric rearview mirror settings.

The Ertiga also gets the new Suzuki Connect feature. This is an internet of vehicle feature that connects the vehicle with the mobile phone of Ertiga users. There are about 40 features in the application, some of which are interesting including stolen vehicle notification and tracking, geo-fence, time fence, AC idling, as well as requests for information about vehicles and trips.

Safety features on the new Ertiga include the Heartect platform, dual front airbags, ABS EBD and BA. There are also ESP and Hill hold, rear parking sensors and ISOFIX as well as seatbelts with pre tensioner.

Regarding the engine, the Ertiga uses a 1,462 cc K15C Smart Hybrid kitchen runway. This is one of the main concerns of the changes in the latest Ertiga. This engine offers 101 hp at 6,000 rpm and 136.8 Nm of torque at 4,400 rpm. This engine drives the front wheels with a choice of a six-speed manual or automatic transmission. Thanks to this mild hybrid technology, the Ertiga offers idle start stop, brake energy regeneration and torque assist features as standard.

Especially for the Indian market, there is also a choice of CNG that can be selected for the fuel mode. Using the 1,462 cc K15C engine, this engine offers 87 hp and 121.5 Nm of torque in CNG mode and 100 hp with 136 Nm of torque in gasoline mode. Transmission options are only a five-speed manual.

Ertiga is offered in several variants, starting from LXi as the lowest, VXi, ZXi, and ZXi+ as the highest. The price tag starts at 835,000 Indian rupees or around IDR 157 million to 1.1 million Indian rupees or around IDR 212 million.

In Indonesia, it is likely that the Ertiga will also get the same Smart Hybrid technology. At the IIMS exhibition some time ago, PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) has shown and introduced this mild hybrid technology.

Suzuki Smart Hybrid consists of 3 main components that support the performance of conventional combustion engines, namely ISG (Integrated Starter Generator), Lithium-Ion Battery and Regenerative Breaking. ISG is Suzuki's first technological development in creating fuel efficient vehicles at affordable prices. With the use of ISG components and Lithium-Ion Battery, Suzuki cars have advantages such as the auto-stop feature, a smooth and silent restart after the auto-stop is active, power assistance for lighter acceleration during stop and go, as well as easy regeneration of battery power during vehicle speed reduction

Turning the AC on and off, don't be careless, these are the rules

 Air Conditioner aka AC aka air conditioning on the vehicle is in charge of helping comfort. Especially during the dry season, car air conditioning is one of the mainstays to make driving comfortable. The problem is, many are not aware of this air conditioning operation. Not all drivers turn on the car's air conditioner the right way. With the aim of cooling the car cabin, but because of the wrong way, it actually makes the temperature in the cabin even hotter.

Turning the AC on and off, don't be careless, these are the rules

The hot temperature in the car cabin is definitely uncomfortable and can slow down the driver's reaction while driving. If the cabin in the car heats up to 35 degrees Celsius, the driver's reaction will be reduced by 20 percent compared to driving in a cabin with a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.

AC operation should not be done haphazardly. If you do not follow the rules, it is possible that these components can be damaged quickly. For example, when turning off the engine, the AC should also be disabled. Because, in the long term there will be components that quickly break down prematurely.

Common mistakes

The mistake most drivers make when turning on the air conditioner is to set the air conditioner to the coldest temperature immediately after entering the car cabin. Even though this one will actually make hot air circulated in the car cabin. The right and effective way to make the car cabin cool quickly is to open the door and glass first for about 1 minute, to wait for all the car systems to connect. After 1 minute, close all doors and windows, then turn on the air conditioner to the coldest setting.

Turning the AC on and off, don't be careless, these are the rules

Then, the AC grille should not be directed at the driver in order to cool down quickly. This method can actually make the temperature inside the car cabin become hotter. We recommend that you point the AC grille to the roof so that cold air is more evenly distributed throughout the cabin. If the car is equipped with automatic AC settings, we can take advantage of this feature. By using the Auto system, the cabin will still feel cool and the air circulation from outside is still ongoing so that the glass will not appear fogged.  

There are other bad habits that are often done by vehicle owners. That is turning on and off the car air conditioner when the engine speed is still high. Even though when the engine speed is high, the compressor rotation automatically also goes high. If the car's air conditioner is suddenly turned off or on in these conditions, the car's compressor will bear a large enough burden. As a result, there will be considerable friction in the AC pulley components and the compressor center piece.

Things not to do

There are some things not to do. Do not drive with the windows open when the air conditioner is on. Make sure you close the windows on the car, this is intended so that no dust and dirt from the outside enters the car and is sucked in by the car air conditioner and sticks to the cabin. That way the air conditioner will stay awake and not emit a bad smell.

The thing that is often seen is smoking in the car. Never smoke when the AC is on. Cigarette smoke can cause excess dirt in the cabin, so the car air conditioner will be damaged quickly and not cold. Avoid smoking in the car if you want the car air conditioner to stay cool and well maintained.

Well, when you are driving and will arrive at your destination, make sure to turn off the AC first before turning off the car engine, as well as when you will turn on the car engine after turning on the AC optimally. Incorrect use causes the voltage of the electrical system in the car to be high and unstable, it can have a slow impact on the damage to the electrical system components in the car.

Do routine maintenance

Finally, don't forget to check regularly the condition of the car's air conditioner so that it can work optimally. Routine maintenance to avoid long-term effects. The reason is that there are many important components in the air conditioner, such as compressors, condensers, to evaporators. If there is a problem with the component, then the performance of the AC will not be optimal.

There are a few things to note:

- Every 6 months / 10 thousand km replace the cabin filter.

- Every 1 year light periodic service such as blower and condenser service.

- Every 2 years a major service includes the evaporator, blower, condenser, changing the dryer and cabin filter and recharging the freon.

Yamaha Fazzio vs Honda Genio, Who is the Best?

 PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) has just released the new Honda Genio with a different approach. Now the entry-level scooter has been transformed to look like its older brother, the Honda Scoopy. Similar changes are revising the wheel circumference from the initial size of 14 inches to 12 inches with a gambot tire profile.

Yamaha Fazzio vs Honda Genio, Who is the Best?

Its presence is predicted as a strategy from AHM to boost sales, which are arguably not as popular as Scoopy or BEAT. On the other hand, the arrival of the latest Genio is also a weapon 'against' Yamaha with its new product, Fazzio, which has recently received a positive response from the public.

In terms of price, when compared to the highest type between the two, they have a price difference of IDR 3,350,000, or the new Genio is cheaper. Examining the price gap and machine cubication are not the same, but at least if converted into a credit scheme, the difference is not that big every month. So, which one is the best for a loan?

Genio vs Fazzio Design

As a new weapon, the Honda Genio now looks fresher with a few changes to the front body cover. The stern design looks bigger, followed by changes to the fender components to calibrate revisions to the legs.

Yahama Fazzio

The previous 14-inch wheel was abandoned, now adopting a 12-inch wheel with a larger profile. The visual design of the wheels uses the old Scoopy model, the design is still attractive in tune with the current Genio body. 

But unfortunately on the side of the body to the back, the design is still really the same. Not surprisingly, this motor glide is not an all new status but a facelift, although the changes should be appreciated.

Meanwhile, the Yamaha Fazzio is lined up as a trendy scooter that both targets the millennial market. He looks more classic with a rounded body at the front combined with a boxy design on the side to the rear body.

Now, to make it more classic under the round lights, it is given a front tie component with 3-dimensional accents. Then the front tebeng on the left and right are given turn signals which are also oval in shape.

Because it is targeting young consumers, it is certain that their favorite name is applied. Most visible is the use of 12-inch wheels which are indeed a trend in scooters with retro DNA. Gambot-profile tires have also become standard on the new tuning fork scooter.

Construction Build Genio vs Fazzio

Genio is built from a type of chassis called eSAF (enhanced Smart Architecture Frame). Using thin plates joined by laser welding, like the chassis in a car.

Honda Genio

Mounted in the middle to the rear frame. Meanwhile, the main chassis that is connected to the komstir still uses box iron pipes. This technology certainly has a positive effect on the sense of driving.

The guarantee is 8 percent lighter weight than the usual frame. The result, agile handling and easy towing. The characters are also stiffer and stronger. Due to its flatter shape, it provides more efficient use of space

All changes in the latest Genio must be redeemed with an increase in weight of up to 3 kg. The Genio CBS type weighs 92 kg and the Genio Varian CBS-ISS weighs 93 kg. Nevertheless, the fuel consumption is still claimed to be similar, namely 59.1 km / liter (ISS feature on). The test was carried out using the ECE R40 method. If the fuel is fully charged, then this scooter can explore up to 248 km.

In terms of dimensions, the latest Genio measures 1,862 mm in length, 694 mm in width and 1,061 mm in height. The wheelbase is 1,251 mm, the ground clearance is 150 mm, and the seat height is 744 mm. Well, for the capacity of the fuel tank, it can store up to 4.2 liters of gasoline and has a luggage capacity of 14 liters.

Yamaha Fazzio prefers an underbone type frame (backbone). This chassis utilizes an iron frame with a pipe-like model. It claims to have a very sturdy and simple construction. It will feel stiffer, but provides a more established stable effect.

Hoda Genio

In terms of dimensions, Fazzio has a length of 1,820 mm, a width of 685 mm and a height of 1,125 mm. The seat height is 750 mm, the ground clearance is 135 mm, and the wheelbase is 1,280 mm. Its weight is not as light as the 2 Genio variants, it has a total weight of 95 kg.

Regarding the capacity to carry goods, Fazzio is equipped with a main trunk with a volume of 17.8 liters which can store 1 factory-built helmet and several medium-sized items. Don't forget the double hook function on the front deck which can maximize the owner's belongings.

With its design, the fuel tank capacity of Fazzio is able to store up to 5.1 liters of gasoline. From the test, Fazzio has a fuel consumption of 56.1 km per liter, better than the Genio, which from our tests got the figure of 51 km per liter. But remember! Your fuel consumption depends on driving conditions.

Genio vs Fazzio Complete Features

Both Honda Genio and Yamaha Fazzio are both equipped with reliable features for daily activities. The Yamaha champion is equipped with a full digital panel meter that provides various information.

Yamaha Fazzio

Modern design with negative display technology. Inside there is a speed indicator, odometer, fuel. Mainly there are indicators that are connected to the Y-Connect application, such as smartphone battery, message and phone notifications, and a digital clock. The screen is in the form of a rectangular box and is wrapped in an oval cover.

The power outlet is located in the front left compartment, and is complete with a cover. There are two covers that protect it. The first is the console with the drawer, and the second is the power outlet cover itself. Unfortunately the lighter to connect to the power outlet is sold separately.

All types already use a smart key with an answer back system. The shape of the knob is similar to the Yamaha Maxi variant. The rest of this motorbike is equipped with LED headlights, brake locks, side stand switches, eco riding, and a start stop system feature whose function is to maximize fuel consumption.

Meanwhile, Genio is now more practical about charging the device's battery. The power outlet component was moved to the right front deck complete with the closing compartment. For information, the previous model was quite complaining because the position of the smartphone charging dock was placed in the trunk.

The rest, this motorbike is also equipped with a secure key shutter feature to the presence of a practical seat opening button. Brake lock, combi brake braking system, and side stand switch as standard features of the Honda Genio.

Next is the application of LED lights, the Idling Stop System for the CBS-ISS variant, the panel meter is digital with the availability of speed information, odometer, fuel, and ECO indicators as an efficient driving guide.

Genio vs Fazzio Engine Specifications

In this matter we must refer to the specification sheet of each manufacturer. Starting from the Genio, the pacemaker packs an engine with eSP (enhanced Smart Power) technology, 109.5 SOHC.

Yamaha Fazzio

This engine promises maximum power of up to 6.6 kW or 8.85 horsepower at 7,500 rpm, and peak torque of 9.3 Nm at 5,500 rpm. This means that the new Genio still uses the same engine base as in 2019.

The compression mix still stands at 10.0:1 and its diameter and bore x stroke play out at 47.0 x 63.1 mm. The capacity for periodic oil changes is still only 0.65 liters. Yes, he sticks with the same engine as the model that launched in 2019.

While the Yamaha Fazzio is equipped with a 125 cc, 1-cylinder, SOHC, air-cooled, and injection-fueled engine. Maximum power is at 8.3 horsepower at 6,500 rpm and peak torque of 10.6 Nm at 4,500 rpm.

The advantage of this machine is that it has power assist or what Yamaha claims is hybrid technology. The focus is on offering fuel efficiency and faster initial acceleration.

In short, this engine mechanism focuses on 2 interrelated power sources, namely the power produced from conventional engines and the power supplied from the Electric Power Assist Start (EPAS). To support the 2 sectors, there are a number of components that support each other, including the Smart Motor Generator (SMG), the battery (battery), and the Starter Generator Control Unit (SGCU).

Honda Genio

The power assist in Fazzio will only be active in the first 3 seconds when the gas lever is turned. That power is the result of the conventional engine and its EPAS, so the initial acceleration will be more powerful and smoother when on uphill terrain or carried in a car.

Genio vs Fazzio Color Option

The New Honda Genio is still presented in 2 different variants, namely CBS and CBS-ISS and 6 color options are presented. For the CBS, which sells for Rp. 18,050,000, it has 3 colors, Radiant Red Black, Radiant Brown Black, and Radiant Black.

While the Genio CBS-ISS type is sold for Rp. 18,650,000, it also gets 3 color choices, namely Fabulous Matte Black, Fabulous Matte Brown, and Fabulous Matte Blue. For information, the prices mentioned earlier have OTR status for the Jakarta area.

The Yamaha Fazzio was released to the market with 2 different variants as well, the first is the Connected Neo with a glossy color display suitable for young people, the choices are Cyan, Red, Beige, and Black for IDR 21.700.000 OTR. Meanwhile, for the second type, Fazzio Connected Lux comes with more elegant color options, namely Prestige Silver and Matte Black for IDR 22,000,000 OTR Jakarta

Who excels?

Actually, the choice is yours, but we will try to help summarize. Both are equally suitable for daily mobility use. The design and dimensions of both are still ideal for use by all groups, including novice riders.

However, Fazzio comes with more advanced technology and features than Genio, he is already equipped with Y-Connect which makes it easy for owners to get information about vehicles from one hand of the device. Then there is also a hybrid technology that offers fuel efficiency and acceleration when opening the gas lever.

From the engine sector, he is also superior because he is equipped with a larger capacity engine. Then the output generated from the engine is also better than the Genio. However, to propose to Fazzio, you must be prepared to spend more than IDR 3 million.

New Genio is also the right choice for you, especially if the focus is only on commuter vehicles. The price is more affordable, then the wheel changes make it more like a Scoopy, and is now more comfortable because there is a change in the position of the power outlet. Don't forget the fuel consumption claims from AHM and the results from our tests, they can be your current cheap scooter alternative.

Keeway Shiny 150 capital for Fazzio, Scoopy, to Vespa, How Worth to Buy?

 PT Benelli Motor Indonesia (BMI) has officially launched the latest scooter product from the Keeway brand, namely the Keeway Shiny 150 at the IIMS Hybrid 2022 exhibition. This scooter, which is thick with a classic look, is touted as an attractive option besides Yamaha Fazzio, Honda Scoopy, or even Vespa.

Keeway Shiny 150 capital for Jegal Fazzio, Scoopy, to Vespa, How Worth to Buy?

President Director of PT BMI, Steven Kentjana Putra, said that with the attractive appearance of the Shiny 150, it is hoped that it can meet consumer needs regarding retro scooters at affordable prices but have qualified specifications and features.

"We hope that the new model launched at IIMS 2022 can be immediately recognized by everyone. With a relatively unique design, anyone who sees it will be immediately attracted," concluded Steven at the launch of Shiny 150, recently.

Regarding the price, Keeway Shiny was released to the public with a tag of Rp. 24.3 million OTR Jakarta. This means that you have a difference of IDR 2 million with Fazzio or Scoopy, and you can save IDR 23 million when compared to the Vespa Primavera 150.

Keewy Shiny 150

Keeway Shiny 150 Design

In terms of design, this actually depends on each eye that looks at it. However, if you can translate, the Shiny 150 has a pretty interesting design language, the visuals are very thick with European motorbikes and tend to have similarities with Vespa.

For example, on the front, the body consistently uses a rounded DNA. Both on the front body cover, to the use of the lamp shell which is also round. While from the side, the body is a little fat, and has a fairly firm line pull.  

As for the back, the stop lamp model reminds us of the look of the first generation PCX. He has dimensions that are large enough, not squinting to fit the old-school design he carries. Overall, this motorbike puts forward a modern retro design but has a more characterful physical form.

Moreover, coupled with the personalization of pastel color choices. There's Blue and Cream. Each is combined with retro patterned striping on the front and rear body.

Keeway 150 Specifications

Regarding the engine, he is equipped with a SOHC engine and injection atomizer which can produce a maximum power of 8.4 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and a peak torque of 8.5 Nm at 6,000 rpm.

Keeway Shiny 150

The pacemaker installed is a square engine type and is claimed to have almost evenly distributed power at all rpm levels, both at low and high rpm. Furthermore, for its bore x stroke size, it plays at 57.4 x 57.8 mm and the fuel tank capacity reaches 5.8 liters, so that it can accompany the daily activities of the rider.

Keeway Shiny 150 features completeness

With a price of less than Rp. 25 million, the completeness of the features possessed by the Keeway Shiny 150 is practically complete. For example, all lighting has carried LED types, both in the front, rear, evening lights, to turn signal lights.

Keeway Shiny 150

Interestingly, the Shiny 150 is equipped with additional LED Side LED Lights on the left and right bodies. Riders can also choose the color of the LED backlight on the full digital speedometer where there are 7 color options to choose from to customize the Keeway Shiny 150 more personally.

Furthermore, there is a device battery charging dock in the form of a USB port behind the middle deck, rear box mount bracket, hazard lights, and the braking system already has disc brakes on the front wheels.

Keeway Shiny 150 legs

In this case, the Keeway Shiny 150 is equipped with a conventional telescopic type front suspension with 12-inch wheels wrapped in tires that are quite large at 120/70. As for the section using a single suspension with 12 wheel design, the tire profile is 130/70. The effect of using large tires maximizes handling and traction on asphalt.

Keeway Shiny 150

Keeway Shiny 150 Accommodation

As a scooter whose segment is for urban mobility needs, this motorbike has a fairly large main trunk space under the seat. He can accommodate 1 helmet type half face or open face. When not used to carry a helmet, you can use it to store jackets, raincoats, gloves, or other medium-sized items.

Now to support other luggage, the Keeway Shiny 150 also has another storage compartment on the middle deck. Not too big indeed, but it feels enough to store small items and there is a separate slot on the right.

Worth Buying?

So the question is, is it worth buying? With the set price offered, of course, this is an interesting choice besides Fazzio and Scoopy whose engine capacity is under Shiny 150. Meanwhile, if you compare with the Vespa model with a 150 cc engine, you can save almost half the price.

Keewy Shiny 150

Another consideration is the design which is quite attractive and according to the preferences of the younger generation of Indonesia. The feature sector is also reliable, although not the most complete in its class, at least it is still able to meet your daily needs.