Toyota bZ4X Electric Car Launching in Indonesia This Year?

 PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) talks about the opportunity to bring a pure electric car Toyota bZ4X. They admitted that they were conducting a study on the possibility of the product being launched in Indonesia.

This was conveyed by the Marketing Director of PT TAM, Anton Jimmi Suwandy at the Gaikindo Jakarta Auto Week 2022 automotive exhibition. According to him, TAM always strives to present products according to consumer needs, including sales of pure electric cars themselves.

Toyota bZ4X Electric Car Launching in Indonesia This Year?

"Certainly we will always continue to consider everything, including sales from BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle). Toyota has never closed or did not introduce electric products, the proof is at Lexus we have introduced it, at Toyota we will definitely consider it," said Anton when asked about the opportunity to enter the Toyota bZ4X, at the JCC, Senayan, Central Jakarta, recently.

There is even an issue that the Toyota bZ4X will be imported as evidence of support from Toyota for the success of the G20 Summit which will be held in Nusa Dua, Bali, next November. However, Anton did not want to provide further information, according to him, Toyota itself has committed to provide support to the government.

"Yes, later (regarding the Toyota bZ4X launch in Indonesia), when we talk about the G20 from the TAM side, we are still talking about preparations with the government, especially the State Secretariat and related departments. will support it," he said.

Make Sure There's an Electric Car Launching This Year

As for the map of electric car products in Indonesia, TAM ensures that this year they will launch 1 related product. However, Anton does not want to talk further, whether the electric car is in the hybrid segment, plug-in hybrid, or BEV. 

Toyota bZ4X Concept
Toyota bZ4X Concept

I'm not saying PHEV, but it can be from the PHEV, BEV, or hybrid line-up which we will definitely add this year," concluded Anton.

For information, the Toyota bZ4X is projected to launch in the Land of the White Elephant, Thailand in the second half of 2022. The SUV-style zero-emission car (Sport Utility Vehicle) has a 5-passenger seating configuration with a futuristic visual design.

Furthermore, this car is also said to use a special platform for Toyota's first electric car with e-TNGA. This construction is claimed to be able to achieve a capable driving performance with a low center of gravity and good strength.

"Yes, in Thailand, they have introduced clearer information (Toyota bZ4X). Yes, of course Indonesia is also studying, we will inform you later when it is clearer," he said.

AHM Aims for Opportunity to Export Honda Genio Facelift

 PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) officially launched the Honda Genio facelift for the domestic market on Monday (14/3) yesterday. The entry-level scooter has now been found to have minor changes to the appearance, revision of the set of legs, and the addition of supporting features.

AHM Aims for Opportunity to Export Honda Genio Facelift

AHM claims that the Honda Genio is one of the scooters favored by novice riders, especially the youth segment. Stylish appearance, modern features, easy to drive and a reliable engine are called its selling points.

President Director of PT AHM, Keiichi Yasuda revealed that for now the new Honda Genio 2022 is only being traded for the Indonesian market. It is hoped that with all the changes that have taken place in this scooter, the Genio will increasingly be absorbed by the market.

"Every launch for our new model, AHM focuses first on the domestic market, especially this model. We plan to sell higher than the previous model, so we focus on the domestic market," said Keiichi virtually.

However, if there is demand from other countries, this motorbike can be exported and become a global product. Keiichi ensured that his party would continue to study export opportunities from the entry-level scooter.

"But of course if later there is a need for another country, we will study to meet the demand of that country," he added.

Changes in Honda Genio Facelift

Visually, the latest Honda Genio still maintains the same design lines as the model that was launched for the first time in 2019. The design is built on the basis of the G-Concept that was exhibited at the 2018 IMos and IIMS 2019 exhibitions.

The first revision is on the cover and front fender. The difference with the previous version is in the grille under the lights. If previously it had a 2-hole design resembling the letter 'V', it has now become more dynamic with a more dynamic visual.

Then the second change is to use the new wheel design and size. If the previous model used a size of 14 inches, then this facelift model packs a 12-inch wheel size with a thicker tire profile, namely 100/90 at the front and 110/90 at the rear. 

Honda Genio
Honda Genio

So of course to compensate for the new rim diameter there is a change in the suspension settings so that it helps fuel consumption. Then the driving speed is also maintained with fuel economy remaining the same," said Tetsuya Komine, Marketing Director of PT AHM.

And the last is changing the position of the smartphone battery charging dock. Now placed to the right of the deck which looks more presentable and practical. The model has now changed to no longer using a power outlet but already using a USB port type. However, from the revision there is something to make up for, the item storage console on the right has become smaller.

The eSAF frame carries a 109.5 cc SOHC (enhanced Smart Power) engine. This engine promises a maximum power of 6.6 kW or 8.85 horsepower at 7,500 rpm, and a peak torque of 9.3 Nm at 5,500 rpm.

Regarding the selling price, the latest Honda Genio is released with a tag of Rp. 18,050,000 for the CBS variant and Rp. 18,650,000 for the CBS-ISS variant. The price is already OTR Jakarta status, which means that in other areas it may have a different price tag.

Creta is selling well, Dominant Hyundai Sales in February 2022

 The sales performance of the Creta model continues to be in the spotlight. PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia (HMID) reported that the sales of the latest model were quite satisfactory. Retail sales report February 2022, Creta managed to sell 1,265 units. This data is reported by the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo). This achievement dominates 75 percent of Hyundai's product sales in the same month.

Creta is selling well, Dominant Hyundai Sales in February 2022

Thanks to Creta's contribution, Hyundai managed to book a total of 1,709 units and occupy the sixth position in retail sales of passenger vehicles in the second month of 2022. This record is growing when compared to the position in 2020. At that time, Hyundai was ranked 15th and 10th in 2021 for the vehicle category. passenger.

SungJong Ha, President Director of PT HMID said the positive response shown by the market exceeded expectations, especially in a relatively short period of time.

"This achievement will certainly strengthen Hyundai's commitment to deliver innovative products, services and initiatives that are in line with customer needs, as well as support positive developments for the Indonesian automotive industry," said Ha in his statement, Tuesday (15/3/2022).

Hyundai Creta
Hyundai Creta

The Creta is also the main model offered at the 2022 Jakarta Auto Show. At the exhibition which runs until March 22, 2022 at the JCC Senayan, there are attractive promotions such as installments with special interest starting at 2.38 percent for the Creta and other Hyundai models. There is still an advance of 10 percent for the purchase of Creta and Smart deal financing, namely installments starting from Rp. 2.8 million for the purchase of Creta.

There are still lucky dips who get gadget prizes, BBM vouchers worth Rp. 500 thousand to Rp. 1 million. There is also a one-year all risk insurance worth Rp. 10 million for the purchase of Staria units.

Hyundai is present at Hall B JCC Senayan with a booth area of 1,239 square meters. There are 12 vehicles on display starting from Creta, Staria, Palisade, New Santa Fe, Kona EV and Kona Mobile Charging, a charging service anywhere for Hyundai electric vehicles.

Hyundai also provides seven test drive vehicles. It consists of Staria, Palisade, New Sante Fe and Kona EV. There are also three Cretan units for exhibit-goers to try out.

On the Hyundai exhibition floor there are also seven areas that visitors can explore. There are the E-GMP technology area and SPOT Robot, the Before Service area, visualization of Hyundai Motor's manufacturing plant in Indonesia, the myHyundai Indonesia area, the official Hyundai dealer network in Indonesia, the Bluelink and My Own Creta area as well as the interactive Hyundai x BTS photo booth.

Can I Change Tires of Different Brands for Vehicles? Pay attention to the following things

 Tires are the most important part of a vehicle. Its function is to provide grip on the asphalt surface so that the vehicle can be controlled and run. Given the importance of the function of tires, it is necessary to pay attention to starting from maintenance to replacement.

Maintaining tires rather always in the best condition is the responsibility of the vehicle owner. This is because the task of the tires together with the suspension system can make the vehicle go and stop and dampen the vibrations received by the vehicle. Even with a limited area, a trip to one place will not happen if the tire conditions are not good.

Can I Change Tires of Different Brands for Vehicles? Pay attention to the following things

Tire maintenance always rotates on the condition of the tread surface by looking at the Tread Wear Indicator (TWI) on the tire tread. If you have passed this sign, the vehicle owner must replace the tires with better conditions. Usually the average tire replacement time is between two to four years depending on usage.

So the question is, is it permissible to replace tires with different brands? This is usually related to existing funds. And what effect does it have on the vehicle?

The reason for funding for choosing a tire brand is usually the strongest reason when updating tires. However, in order to maintain safety and comfort, it is better to avoid buying tires with different brands. This is because each tire brand has a different performance with different design and manufacturing processes.

This also includes the use of these tires, such as for wet and dry tires, SUV and sedan tires, or passenger tires and commercial tires. Not to mention seeing from the material side and the tire construction that is not the same even though the size is exactly the same because it is related to the need for the use of tires.

Size also does not only concern general dimensions such as tire width and height ratio. Sizes here also include rim size, max speed limit and load indexc. Also pay attention to the type of tire whether radial or bias, tubeless or with an inner tube.

In addition, differences in tire tread or tire pattern or development can also help the vehicle stability when used and will interfere if there is a difference. The difference in tire performance will be felt when the car's speed is high enough, such as on the highway. Especially when passing through a road with bad conditions, slippery when it rains and has a full load. The type of compound and grip of each tire brand is likely to be different. As a result, the grip of the tires used will be different. The car will be difficult to control because of the difference in the character of the left and right tires which are ultimately dangerous.

Tires with different brands will mostly not perform the same on the road because of different types and uses. For example, tire product A produces X and Y types of tires with the same size but different types due to their different designations. Of course, these two models have different performance and character. One of the indicators is that the tread pattern of the two tires is different according to their needs.

However, if forced to use a different brand, it is recommended that the vehicle owner replace the same tire in one wheel axle. This means replacing with two new wheels in one axle. For example, before using brand X type A, replace it with brand X type B which may be cheaper. So the brand remains the same but the model is different.

It can also be seen that the tires are the same size and in accordance with the recommendations from the manufacturer, this option is still allowed. So if you really want to change to a different brand, as long as the size and designation are appropriate and are on the same axle, i.e. front or rear, it's still allowed. But still ideally all axles use the same tires to get the best performance.

Tires are a very important vehicle component in maintaining the comfort and safety of driving on the road. Therefore, immediately replace tires whose treads are worn or there are indications of physical damage. Be sure to replace tires according to the manufacturer's recommendations to maintain tire performance on the road. Toyota's business is easier, consumers can buy tires through Auto2000 Digiroom comes with a profitable promo program," said Nur Imansyah Tara, Aftersales Business Division Head Auto2000, in a statement, Tuesday (15/2/2022)

Practical Tips for Caring for Motorcycle Tires, Can Be Done at Home

 Motorcycle tires do not just move, but have an important role. This component has various functions, such as supporting the load of the vehicle, supporting stability when driving, and helping grip the asphalt when braking.

Practical Tips for Caring for Motorcycle Tires, Can Be Done at Home

“Tires are an important component of motorcycles, maintenance is quite simple and easy to do independently, but is often overlooked by riders. Whereas routine maintenance of motorcycle tires can maintain the comfort and performance of the motorcycle itself. So, we will share some practical tire care tips for motorcycle riders in Indonesia," said Antonius Widiantoro, Public Relations Manager of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing.

Judging from the task which is quite vital, the driver must pay more attention to this one component. By treating it properly, at least it can reduce the risk that can be caused. Realizing the importance of understanding in caring for tires, Yamaha shares some practical tips.

1. Checking the Outer Appearance of the Tires

If there are cracks, tears, damage due to foreign objects, or bumps, immediately do a tire change to an authorized or trusted repair shop. For Yamaha motorcycle owners, you can visit the nearest authorized dealer or contact the SKY (Yamaha Visiting Service) facility through the My Yamaha App. Official Yamaha workshops have used tire changers to maintain tire durability and keep the color and condition of the wheels smooth. 

2. Checking Tire Life

In general, the age of the tires can reach 5 years, but the driver still has to pay attention to the condition of the tires, especially if the rider is active and regularly uses a motorbike, and often passes on uneven roads. In addition to ensuring that the outer appearance of the tire is free from cracks, the rider can see the age of the tire from the production code found on the side of the motorcycle tire. Consists of a 4-digit code, listed the year and week of manufacture. For example, the Yamaha Gear has the code 0422, meaning that the tire was made in week 4 or January 2022.

3. Checking Tire Groove Thickness

The tire has an indicator to show tire tread wear (TWI = Tread Wear Indicator) with a 'triangle' marker on the sidewall of the tire. If any of the wear indicators are visible on the surface, then the tire grooves can barely serve as drainage in rainy weather. In this case, be sure to replace the tires.

4. Make sure the tire pressure is up to standard

Checking tire pressure can be done in cold conditions by using a tire pressure gauge. Make sure the tire pressure matches the size and type of motorcycle listed in the owner's manual. An example is the Yamaha Gear 125 scooter, with a standard pressure size of 29 Psi front tires and 33 Psi rear tires. The ideal tire air pressure can maintain stability and comfort, especially at high speeds and turns, and reduce tire life.

5. Using Standard Tires

Always use tires that are in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations to avoid a decrease in motorcycle performance that can pose a risk of riding.

6. Make sure to carry the load according to the capacity of the tire.

Check the load capacity of motorcycle tires before riding. This can prevent overloading which poses a risk of danger when driving. Riders can see the load capacity of the motorcycle tires through the 3-digit number after the tire size data. For example on Yamaha Gear 80/80-14M/C 43P, where the last 3 digits 43P means:

43 = Maximum load 155kg

P = Maximum speed limit 150 km/h

To minimize the risk of motorcyclists while driving, Yamaha products have used tubeless tires. In addition to practical maintenance, the use of tubeless tires can support the quality of motorcycles and increase comfort while riding, especially for female riders.

Daihatsu Recall Rocky Regarding Problem with Front Shock Absorber Seat

 Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) announced the recall campaign for a number of its products. Most crowded for Rocky products.

Regarding the problem with the apron or the front shock absorber holder which is considered to be poorly welded. One of the customers has already been affected and made a complaint. For further prevention, and as a form of commitment, ADM conducted a recall for Rocky.

Daihatsu Recall Rocky Regarding Problem with Front Shock Absorber Seat

There were 9,378 Daihatsu Rocky units that had to be re-checked and additional welds were added for problem areas. The unit in question, release or production period 28 April - 7 October 2021.

Meanwhile, the cause, as mentioned, is the welding part which is considered inaccurate, so it has the potential to be weak against hard shocks and detached. As a result, starting from the sound, until the worst is difficult to control.

"There is a potential for detachment of the front shock absorber holder due to the inaccurate position of the welding point. The location of the shock absorber holder is at the rear of the engine room, on the left and right. There are two plates above and below, because the welding point is not correct, there is the potential for it to come off, "said Bambang Supriyadi, Executive Coordinator of the Technical Service Division of PT ADM in a virtual media meeting (11/3).

Bambang added that even though there was only one complaint report, ADM decided to do a recall. To then strengthen the weld by adding points. A total of 11 new welding points will be provided, so a total of 25 welding points in the area guarantees robustness.

Daihatsu Rocky 1.2L
Daihatsu Rocky 1.2L

According to PT ADM Marketing Director Amelia Tjandra, this is not a manufacturing defect or a design error. However, it is more about human error, because the apron part is manually welded by human labor. Not with robotic power like some other parts of the car.

"Welding of this part is done by humans. If other points are used by robots, this part cannot. So it must be done by humans. The design has given points for welding, there are 14 points. If it is correct, basically there will be no complaints. But because this is done by humans, there are some things that are not right. So there is the potential for sound when it hits a hole or the most dangerous thing is it comes off, "said Amelia.

"We have analyzed to ensure that the position of the apron is stronger, by adding 11 welding points, so 25 points. We have done simulations, with the addition of these points the problem will be solved and there is no potential danger. I emphasize again, this is not a product defect. , not at all," Amelia added.

Recall Other Daihatsu Products

Besides Rocky, Daihatsu also made calls for GranMax and Luxio products to official workshops. This recall is related to problems with the engine ECU, with unstable RPM phenomena, engine knocking and engine performance stuttering to death. A total of 11,734 GranMax and Luxio units were affected, namely the production period from September 9, 2021 to January 21, 2022.

Bambang said that the reason is related to the shortage of semiconductor chips. Forcing the ADM to do a multi source chip or IC in the engine computer. Then it has an impact on the program at ECU. 

For consumers who have a unit included in the recall list, it is recommended to bring their car to an official Daihatsu repair shop. As with most recalls, inspection and handling doesn't cost you a penny. Meanwhile, it is estimated that it takes 10 working hours to add welding points to the Daihatsu Rocky front shock absorber mount. While the GranMax and Luxio ECU reprogramming only takes 15 minutes.

To be sure, you can check on the official website and enter the vehicle frame number. You can also contact Daihatsu Access at 1500898. A total of 162 official Daihatsu workshops throughout Indonesia are ready to handle problems with Rocky, GranMax and Luxio.

"Even though there was only one complaint (Rocky), we as a manufacturer that also exports brands globally are responsible for quality. We continue to do our commitment to quality. We consider the recall part of our image that prioritizes quality. We believe in good intentions to recall will get a positive appreciation. Because recall is a normal thing. All brands in this world have carried out recalls, to show commitment to quality," Amelia concluded.


Italjet Dragster Limited Edition Officially Sent to Indonesian Consumers

 Italjet's brand holder agent (APM) in Indonesia, Utomo International (Utomocorp) officially handed over the Dragster Limited Edition to consumers. Previously, the product appeared at the IIMS 2021 event and could be ordered. Today, Thursday (10/3) distribution to official buyers is carried out

According to Denny Utomo, CEO of Utomocorp, since taking the floor at EICMA in 2018, Italjet Dragster has received a lot of acclaim from fans around the world. “Italjet Dragster is a combination of innovation, ambition and passion that reflects the philosophy of Italjet by presenting a heritage design typical of Italian flavors. Last year we flew the pre-production unit directly and the enthusiasm was high. Until finally, today we officially released the Italjet Dragster Limited Edition, which numbered 499 units in the world," he said.

Italjet Dragster Limited Edition
Italjet Dragster Limited Edition

Of the total 499 units made for the whole world, Indonesia gets 60 units. In fact, when found at IIMS, his party said that they only brought 40 units. However, this is the second country that has received the most units of the Italjet Dragster Limited Edition after Italy.

“Currently, there are 50 SPK, so there is a little more left. We managed to convince the principal in Italy that the Indonesian market has great potential for marketing this model, so our quota is higher than in other countries,” explained Denny.

Denny added, the historical value of the existence of Italjet Dragster products in Indonesia was previously one of the considerations for his party to become an official agent in Indonesia. "That's why, we will prepare an assembly plant for the Italjet Dragster in the Tangerang area in the near future. This is part of Utomocorp's commitment to contribute to the Indonesian automotive market. Later, for unit distribution in Southeast Asia, the center will be from our factory," said Denny.

In this regard, Utomocorp will also build a user community as an effort to get closer to consumers. In addition to being the holder of the Italjet brand, Utomocorp, which has been in retail and distribution for a long time since 1978, also oversees several Lifestyle Automotive brands such as Royal Alloy and Energica and Niu electrified vehicles.

For information, this scooter, known as the Urban Superbike, has an aggressive and out of the box design, it also comes with a combination of black and magnesium gold in some parts of the body and frame. The construction is different through an integrated steel-tube trellis frame with molded aluminum plates and Independent Steering System (I.S.S.) suspension technology with a single aluminum swingarm.

Its power performance is fueled by a liquid-cooled 200cc DOHC 4 valve injection engine with engine management from Magneti Marelli. The engine configuration is capable of producing 17.9 hp at 8,000 rpm and 15.5 Nm of torque at 7,750 rpm.

Italjet Dragster 200 uses a hydraulic disc brake system measuring 200 mm at the front and 190 mm at the rear with the use of calipers from Brembo. The speed stop has also been mated to the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) technology.

The legs rely on 12-inch ring wheels up front with 120/70 tires and 13-inch rear wrapped in 140/60 round leather. Meanwhile, the fuel tank capacity reaches 9 liters.

The Italjet Dragster Limited Edition is currently marketed at a price of Rp. 155 million on the road in Jakarta. The price tag has increased quite significantly. Previously or the first batch that had pre-ordered was offered for Rp. 145 million OTR Jakarta.