Rubber, An Essential Component of Vehicles in the Rainy Season - Vehicle components that require maintenance and attention one of them is rubber. In vehicles rubber materials are almost used in all parts and have an important role so that the vehicle can work properly.

Unfortunately, rubber maintenance is rarely noticed by vehicle owners. In addition, there are many rubber components and not just tires. There are rubber doors, bushings, mounting, rubber wipers and of course tires.

Rubber, An Essential Component of Vehicles in the Rainy Season
Rubber, An Essential Component of Vehicles in the Rainy Season

During the rainy season like this, rubber components in the vehicle are mostly felt the benefits if in good condition. Rifta Sungkar, Mitsubishi brand ambassador revealed that the maintenance of rubber components in vehicles can be done easily.

"For the tyres it can be seen, but for other components it can be different. Rubber is important because it concerns the elements of safety and driving comfort," Rifat said in a virtual event with Mitsubishi, Tuesday (12/21/2021).

First of all, the tire components are easily visible. Vehicle owners must know the meaning of the numbers on the tire wall because there are those that show the age of the tire and the size of the tire. This is because the tire has a recommended service life of no more than five years. Rifat suggested, for new cars it's good to use production that is in accordance with the year of vehicle production.

To maintain the condition of the tire, do not forget to check the air pressure on the tire. The manufacturer usually has provided a recommended measure of air pressure on the plate on the driver's door. Obey to get maximum tire performance in all conditions.

"Don't forget to do spooring balancing periodically. Also, don't forget to check the spare tire. The pressure set is slightly higher than the standard just in case it is in an emergency. Can also do rotation to flatten the use of tires, "said Rifat.

About rubber wipers, this is an important equipment needed during the rainy season. Check the condition of the rubber periodically, pay attention to whether the rubber wiper shakes. Rifat revealed if entering the rainy season it's good to be a benchmark to replace rubber wipers with new ones. This is because wiper conditions during the summer or drought can affect when wipers work in the rainy season.

"It's a good thing for wipers to be checked regularly. Most fear if it is fitting to be used there is dirt that is swept away, this can make the view disturbed. So clean the wipers before traveling, "said Rifat.

The most important rubber component is in the door. This rubber condition affects the sound in the cabin. Periodically the rubber door can be checked the condition of the adhesive, whether it is still good or something is detached.

Rifat revealed, there are several conditions that can affect the rubber performance of the vehicle. The first is the heat that makes the rubber wear out easily. Then the dirt that sticks that makes the rubber more quickly shake. "The treatment is quite easy. Use a silicone cleaner on the rubber part of the vehicle. For tires, make regular rotations. And make sure the tire air pressure is always right and according to recommendations, "said Rifat.

Tips to Safely Clean Car Seats That Are Stained With Leftovers and Drinks

 When driving especially traveling long distances, we have a habit of bringing food and drinks. This provision in addition to blocking an empty stomach, can also fill the time. The food you bring can be dry or wet. Preparation of more supplies if in the car there are toddlers aka babies under 5 years old. Well, what often happens when consuming food or drinks is falling food or spilled drinks to stain the device in the cabin.

Leftovers and crumbs are certainly a problem. If not cleaned immediately, not only cause stains, but can also cause unpleasant odors in the cabin. Especially for certain foods, especially those that are wet or contain liquids can be a breeding ground for germs. Things we certainly don't want. A clean cabin keeps driving comfort up.

Tips to Safely Clean Car Seats That Are Stained With Leftovers and Drinks
Tips to Safely Clean Car Seats That Are Stained With Leftovers and Drinks

What if it happens? You don't have to panic. Especially if the spill marks are still new and have not dried up for a long time. Before the unpleasant odor arises, immediately do a cleanup of spill marks. There are several things that must be considered in cleaning if the stained part is the seat or seat in the vehicle. There are two types of upholstery materials that are commonly used, namely fabric (fabric) and leather. Both need different treatments and do not get the wrong type of cleaner that can damage the contours of the car seat.

Well, before starting to clean the seat, prepare a car vacuum cleaner, toothbrush, dry microfiber cloth, chamois plas, and special cleaning drugs according to the seat material. Whatever your seat material, start the cleaning process with a car vacuum cleaner to remove dust and dirt.

Fabric Materials

To clean stains on the car seat made of cloth following the steps. It is best to use a gentle detergent, by first cleaning the remnants of dirt from food spills or drinks on the seat. The tool can be with a broom or a fine fibrous brush, then vacuum cleaner until there are no traces of stain crust.

Then mix the detergent with warm water. Then soak the cleaning foam (sponge) into the water and squeeze to remove the water before rubbing it on the seat. Clean slowly so that the seat is too wet, then soapy water deposits are wiped using a wet towel without soap until the dirt is gone.

For stubborn stains, it can be by using cleaning fluids with the help of a fine brush. After that immediately dry the seat with a vacuum cleaner so as not to cause mold and bad smell. 

Leather Materials

While leather seats are easier to clean. But also not be careless in taking care of it. So that the quality of the skin seat is maintained can clean with detergent water. "Next provide conditioner or a special liquid for leather seats. Leather seat care does need special handling," said Samsudin, Aftersales Astra Peugeot.

Yep, the selection of cleaning fluids is the main thing that must be considered in the care of skin seats. To clean the skin seat all we need is a paste-shaped cleanser. Because the use of water-based cleansers can cause the skin to become damaged faster and the risk of mold is also quite large.

In addition to the form of pasta, choose a cleanser that contains moisturizer so that the skin seat is protected from the risk of cracking. When applying cleaning fluids avoid the use of rough cloth because it canbrage the skin. For maximum results, new leather-coated seats should be given leather coating first as additional protection.

Clean regularly at least once every 2 months. Keep the seat moist with a special conditioner of real leather seats every three months. Do not park in direct sunlight or should use a sun visor. When exposed to stains should be cleaned immediately.

There is another material that is often used as a upholstery, namely Synthetic Leather. This synthetic skin is similar to skin. If you don't have a special cleaning agent, use a shampoo or glass cleaner. Do not use detergents or alcohol because it will damage synthetic seats. Park in the shade or use a sun visor and regularly clean at least twice a month.

It's not hard not to do the tips above, right? Good luck!

Easy and Cheap Tips to Blacken a Dull Motorcycle Rough Body - Motorcycle type skutik dominated by body panels with plastic material must actually get special care. 

Due to the age of use usually occurs in color or also called oxidation. This is because it is often exposed to sunlight and UV. This problem mostly arises in the part commonly called orange peel or rough textured body. Generally on the deck, dashboard, footrest and rear fender.

Easy and Cheap Tips to Blacken a Dull Motorcycle Rough Body
Easy and Cheap Tips to Blacken a Dull Motorcycle Rough Body

However, before we discuss how to blacken a rough body, there are some things you should do so that the part is not easily dull.

1. Avoid The Hot Direct Sunlight

Get used to parking in the shade or those that are not exposed to direct sun exposure. Because sunlight contains ultraviolet, in a certain period of time can damage the coat of motor paint.

2. Don't Let the Motor Get Dirty For A Long Time

If the motor is hit by rainwater and then left for a long time unwashed can cause rust. This is because rainwater has its salt content. The body becomes dull quickly.

3. Wash the Motor with Special Shampoo

Routinely rinse the motor with clean water, especially in the rainy season. Then dry it with a special absorbent cloth. Do not use detergent soap or other soaps, because it can fade the color of the motor body paint.

If it must be washed using soap, try to use a special shampoo to wash the motor. But it can also be risky. Avoid shampoos that contain Hcl (acid hydrochloride), NaOH (sodium hydroxide) and KOH (potassium hydroxide). Remember, these materials have a less good effect and can erode the layer of motor paint.

4. Use Full Body Skotlet

It can also be by installing a scotlet or transparent sticker. This step is considered effective enough to coat the motor body to avoid scratches and scorching sunlight that makes the body easily dull.

5. Diligently Provide compounds and Polish

If you do not want to out a lot of costs, can do your own treatment with compounds and polished liquids. Compounds whose shape resembles gel can be used to disappear fine scratches.

But remember, the process is not instant. The owner must rub the body of the motorcycle with a compound several times to be able to remove fine scratches.

Once the fine scratches are gone, use a gel or polishing liquid to restore the gloss of the motor body. In order not to be mixed by dust or dirt that can cause scratches, when rubbing the body with polished liquid, preferably after the motorcycle is washed.

More Frequently Traveled, Remember Protection for Vehicles - Later on social media often shared video footage of vehicle accidents on the highway. Currently with the loosening of government regulations on restrictions on the mobility of citizens, making the streets again crowded with vehicles that result in the risk of accidents on the highway.

More Frequently Traveled, Remember Protection for Vehicles
More Frequently Traveled, Remember Protection for Vehicles

One of the protections provided in addition to the safety features of automotive products, insurance protection is also needed. Unfortunately, based on World Bank records, insurance penetration in Indonesia is still relatively low compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. This is also a concern by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) in 2019 showing insurance literacy in Indonesia at only 19.4 percent.

It's certainly alarming. Considering that insurance has many benefits that are newly felt during emergency situations and protect the risk of swollen cost expenditures. Included in vehicle protection.

"Driving safely is mandatory, but by providing additional protection to the vehicle through insurance, vehicle owners can enjoy each trip more calmly," said Head of Communication &Customer Service Management Of Astra Insurance, L. Iwan Pranoto.

For vehicle owners who want to protect their vehicles with insurance, there are some basic tips that can be followed to find the best vehicle insurance.

First, determine the type of coverage according to the needs. Make sure the type of policy coverage chosen adjusts to the needs, whether comprehensive coverage that guarantees partial losses / damages such as scratches and dents or total losses / damages caused by the risks guaranteed in the policy. There is also a Total Loss Only (TLO) that only guarantees a total loss / damage such as loss or coverage against damage where the estimated cost of repairs must be more than or equal to 75 percent of the price of the vehicle shortly before the loss occurs.

The second tip is to know the risks that are guaranteed. Check the policy carefully, in the policy there are any points that are guaranteed by the insurance and can actively ask the insurance if there are points that are not clear. It is also contained in the provisions of the Indonesian Motor Vehicle Insurance Standard Policy (PSAKBI) article 1. Although there are some risks that are an exception to this vehicle insurance product, but there is no need to worry, for vehicle owners who want to get more protection, can consult and apply for an expansion of the guarantee that can be adjusted to the needs.

The third stage, find out the services provided. Basically people choose insurance to ease the burden of risks that may be faced. It is also very important to know what services can be provided by the insurance in order to drive more calmly. The types of services that can usually be taken into consideration are the availability of contact center services as well as the ease of calling emergency services 24 hours, guarantees from workshops for the replacement of official parts, to the ease of claims process offered.

The next tip, must recognize and find out the reputation of the insurance company to be chosen. Insurance is one of the financial institutions under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority (OJK). Therefore it is important to see that the selected insurance company is already registered with OJK. In addition, vehicle owners can also see the track record of the company by knowing how long the insurance has been built, various reviews that can be seen on social media or related sites, to ask directly the opinions of acquaintances who have used it.

Do These 3 Ways to Keep the V-belt Motor Skutik Durable - Scooter type motorcycles become one of the choices of urban communities in supporting daily activities. Make the care business is not too difficult, the most important thing is always diligent to check regularly.

In addition, the scooter does not use a chain like a manual transmission motor. It uses a component called the V-belt. But similarly, it is needed as transferring power from the engine to the rear wheels. Although made of strong enough rubber material, this device also has similar problems with chains. Break up when taken driving.

Do These 3 Ways to Keep the V-belt Motor Skutik Durable
Do These 3 Ways to Keep the V-belt Motor Skutik Durable

Like other components, the skutik v-belt must also be treated by the owner of the motorcycle along with use. The use of rubber connecting transmission with trapezoidal cross-section actually has a age benchmark, but the use of each rider is different. So how do you keep this important tool going? Here are tips on caring for v-belts from the Technical Service Division of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM), Endro Sutarno;

1. Routine V-belt Check

For Honda scooters, the v-belt should be checked periodically at the use of 8,000 Km. In theory, the life of this component can touch 24,000 Km and after that it must be replaced. However, it depends on the driving style of each rider. The condition of the dirty CVT space can also shorten the life of the v-belt.

2. Be Careful In Using Racing Accessories

Although racing accessories can make the look of the scooter more stylish, but non-standard components can risk damaging other parts. For safety and comfort in driving, you should be more careful in choosing accessories for your motorcycle. So that the quality is maintained.

3. Normal Use of Skutik

When the skutik position is langsam or idle, the rider should not play the gas lever. Remember, the motorcycle you use transmits matik, so when playing the gas lever then the v-belt will tighten and move the rear wheels. Therefore, the use of idling stop system (ISS) feature is highly recommended in this condition, because in addition to being environmentally friendly can also extend the life of the skutik v-belt.

AHM Technical Service Division, Endro Sutarno said v-belt is a very important component for the scooter as a wheel drive. Optimal engine performance will not be felt for the rider if the v-belt is in poor condition.

"The V-belt is a component that cannot be seen directly by the rider because it is in the CVT, but its role is very important in supporting the performance of honda consumers' favorite scooters. Regular checking at AHASS in accordance with the service manual is highly recommended, so that the v-belt condition remains excellent and handled by the right technicians, "said Endro.

Source: Astra Honda Motor

Ladies, It's An Easy Way to Take Care of Your Favorite Car at Home - The development of mobility in society, making women are also often seen driving their own cars on the highway. Car ownership by the resilient women who sustain the family economy has also increased recently in line with needs.

Like car owners in general, women are also obliged to master the care of their favorite cars. Maintenance is needed to ensure the car's components are always in top condition and ready to use during the trip. This is also to avoid potential problems during travel such as strikes or accidents.

Ladies, It's An Easy Way to Take Care of Your Favorite Car at Home
Ladies, It's An Easy Way to Take Care of Your Favorite Car at Home

Many easy car maintenance tips that can be done by women car owners to do alone while at home. First the maintenance is done by diligently heating the machine. This applies if the car is rarely used, especially during a pandemic that makes many vehicles stay in the garage of the house. Heating the machine can be done as much as three times a week or at least once a week. This is to keep the quality of engine oil from decreasing.

The old engine is not turned on will make the engine oil settle for too long, so that when turned on there will be engine components that should be lubricated but not exposed to lubrication. This can cause wear and tear and speed up the engine damage process. In addition, there can be oxidation processes that can damage the chemical formula of engine oil.

The second step is diligent to check the condition of the car tires. Before driving in the morning, make sure the tire wind pressure is in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. This is for the comfort, control and durability of tire use. Take time to check the condition of the tire, whether it looks sharp objects or gravel sticking in the groove of the tire palm that can damage the sole of the tire and make the tire leak smoothly. Make sure the thickness of the tire sole is still above the Tread Wear Indicator (TWI) to maintain the grip of the tire. Also check the condition of the tire wall from potential tearing or bumping that is dangerous if forced to use.

The third step is to check the car fluid. Usually on the hood, check if the liquid in the containers contained in the engine area in accordance with the specified limits. For example, water wipers that help clean dirt in the windshield, then ir radiator to keep the car temperature within optimal limits. Make sure the water level in the tank reservoir matches the recommended level as a backup, including checking the availability of brake fluid to make sure there are no leaks.

The fourth step is to make sure all the car lights are functioning normally aka no one dies. Head and rear lights to aid visibility at night and make the car visible to other road users. Make sure the brake lights are on to avoid the car getting hit from behind when reducing the speed. How to check the car lights is also easy, turn on the engine and see the shadow of the light beam on the wall of the house. Immediately make a replacement if the car lights are off.

The fifth step is always to clean the carpet, car seat and dashboard from dirt, especially dust using a vacuum cleaner. Then wipe with a cloth until clean. This is to maintain comfort and maintain the health of passengers from dust that carries bacteria. Dirt left in the car can leave an unpleasant smell and invite annoying animals.

The sixth step is to perform an engine oil check through the dipstick available on the engine side. Add if less and make sure to always change the engine oil every 10,000 km or six months depending on which one is achieved first. Perform engine oil changes while performing periodic servicing.

This periodic service is also the last step to carry out treatment. In addition to checks that can be done alone at home, periodic service becomes an important way to maintain the condition of the vehicle. Do not because of busyness, the owner forgets the periodic service recommended by the manufacturer. Especially Auto2000, there is a Toyota Home Service (THS) service that can be called to the house to perform service according to the desired time of the vehicle owner.

"In addition to the skills of driving a car on the road, another ability that should be owned by female drivers is to do light maintenance of vehicles that can be done alone at home so that the condition of the car is maintained properly," said Nur Imansyah Tara, Aftersales Business Division Head Auto2000 in his statement, Monday (12/20/2021).

5 Tips to Safely Carry a Baby When Traveling Long distances by Car - There are times when you travel far with your family. It's certainly a fun moment. But for those of you who have momongan, inviting in a small drive of course requires special attention and preparation. Because, children's passengers are clearly different from adult passengers, both in terms of character to needs.

First of all, you should bring a baby that is more than six months old. This is important because the bone structure and muscles are already stronger to support the head. In the event of a shock, the baby remains safe and comfortable in the car.

5 Tips to Safely Carry a Baby When Traveling Long distances by Car
5 Tips to Safely Carry a Baby When Traveling Long distances by Car

Well, so that your trip and your little one remain safe and comfortable, here are tips on taking your baby on a long trip by car.

1. Determine the itinerary

Before you start a long trip, you should determine the itinerary first. Prepare the departure time, rest until the selected route. The most ideal time is a two-hour drive, then a break. Make sure your trip is not a time-chasing trip. The reason is, long journeys with a baby usually take longer. The most ideal time is a two-hour drive, then a break.

It sounds boring if you stop too much, but this is for the comfort and safety of your child. Sitting in the car seat is not good either. You certainly need a break to change your little one's diaper. There can also be other possibilities such as fussy babies or motion sickness. Use the time off to take the baby out of the car and do things. It can also reduce the level of boredom along the way. 

2. Prepare baby supplies

Furthermore, tips on taking a baby on a long trip by car is to carefully prepare baby supplies. Bring a special bag or container that contains baby needs such as changing clothes, diapers, milk and milk bottles, wet wipes, baby food, baby toiletries, to baby cutlery.

Do not forget to also bring emergency equipment containing baby medicines, thermometers, fever reliever plaster, wound medicine, to special baby skin moisturizers. Doing careful preparation will make your trip with your baby more comfortable because it is free from worry.

3. Always use child car seat

Tips on taking a baby on a long trip by car can not be separated from the baby seat. Child seat is a special seat designed for infants and children. This special seat is able to withstand the baby's movements while dampening shocks.

Child car seats minimize the risk of accidents in infants. Always place this auxiliary seat on the back of the driver. Especially babies weighing under 13 Kg or under two years, the position is facing backwards. The goal is that the baby's head is maintained by the back of the car seat, so that it will not be crushed when the car stops suddenly. While for babies over three years, can use a convertible car seat that can be positioned facing the front. In addition to safety concerns, child car seats are also useful to make babies sit independently. It doesn't bother the other passengers in the car.

Some vehicles already have Isofix technology which is a passive safety feature for passengers. With this Isofix, you can install your own child seat but still guaranteed safety.

4. Create a comfortable atmosphere for the baby

In addition to being tired, usually the baby will cry because they feel bored. This often happens when babies are invited to travel far by car. They feel saturated because they have to be in the cabin of a car that makes limited wiggle room. To overcome this, you can create a comfortable atmosphere for the baby in the car cabin.

Bring some of your child's favorite toys to make him feel familiar with the atmosphere in the car. You can also line the car seat with a thick blanket to make the baby feel comfortable. Or, you can also play her favorite music and sing along. Then interact so that your child does not get bored.

5. Always calm

Everything was done, but the baby was still crying. Then you have to stay calm and think positively. Edge the car, take the baby out of the cabin to get a new atmosphere. Sometimes, what causes long trips with the baby becomes exhausting precisely not because of the little one. It could be due to the excessive worry you feel as a parent. As a result, you are not calm during the trip and when you arrive at your destination, your body becomes tired.

That's why being calm is also one of the tips to take a baby on a long trip by car. Keep in mind that everything will be fine. If you are afraid of something being missed, try to create a checklist that lists equipment for travel.