New Yamaha TMAX 2022 Officially Introduced, Classier and Luxury Design

Yamaha launched an update model for its big matik heroes, namely TMAX 2022 and TMAX Tech. This motorcycle is only present for the European market and found major changes in the design, frame, construction of the legs, and the addition of advanced features.

New Yamaha TMAX 2022
New Yamaha TMAX 2022

Quoting Visordown, Yamaha TMAX was born since 2001 ago and continues to get a positive response from consumers in Europe, even being ranked as the best-selling sports scooter for two decades. The effort to revise TMAX by the manufacturer is the right step to continue to provide a premium experience for its lovers.

Let's talk about the design change, broadly speaking the sporty and aggressive DNA of TMAX is still present. As an update effort, now he uses a new lamp model that looks sharper and attractive. There are also two airways located under both headlights to reduce wind pressure when traveling at high speeds.

While for the chassis is also claimed to use a new construction made of aluminum. In addition to being lighter, the use of this type of frame has an effect on the handling of the motor that is getting better.

Explained if the new chassis also revises the driving position to be slightly more advanced. This makes the rider have an ideal position, ergonomic, and still relaxed even though the bike is driven at high speed or invited to corners.

Next there is a revision in the windscreen section whose layout is slightly more upright. As a result of performance to dispel the wind will be maximal whose purpose is also about the preoccupation of driving.

Yamaha TMax 2022
New Yamaha TMAX 2022

Then in the legs there was also a significant revision. Yamaha TMAX 2022 found new 10-inch Spin Forged alloy wheels that are lighter. Both alloy wheels have been wrapped by tires made by Bridgestone battlax SC2 model, this type of tire has become the standard TMAX old model.

For the front suspension still uses upside down measuring 41 mm. Explained if there are changes to the suspension settings that affect agility and improve radam style in various road terrains. The front suspension was combined with the monoshock horizontal type linkage rear suspension.

Speaking of features, both TMAX TMAX Tech Max 2022 is equipped with modern technology and features. For example, there is an instrument panel with a 7-inch TFT model that can be connected to a smartphone, as well as Garmin GPS connections via Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB. Everything is controlled with the joystick settings on the left handlebar.

The rest of the previous features such as electric adjustable windcree to D-Mode are still in the yamaha TMAX edition of the update.

Yamaha TMAX 2022 Pacemaker

Unfortunately for pacemakers, manufacturers prefer to use the same engine. TMAX 2022 is equipped with a 530 cc DOHC engine, 2-cylinder, 8 valves, liquid coolant, and injection mixer. On paper, it has a maximum power of 57 horsepower and peak torque of up to 55.7 Nm.

In this 2022 refresh edition, Yamaha TMAX comes with 3 color options, namely Yellow, Icon Blue, and Sword Grey. As for TMAX Tech is provided in 2 kelir options, namely Dark Petrol and Power Grey.

Until now there is no official benderol from the latest Yamaha TMAX. The information, the price of the motorcycle will be revealed in mid-2022 which is first sold for the European market. Nevertheless, this big matik dowry is estimated to be around 12 thousand Pounds or Rp 229 million.

Interesting to wait for the presence of the New Yamaha TMAX 2022 edition for the country's market. As is known, Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) made the TMAC DX530 as a portfolio of premium motorcycles with large engines to date. 

Introducing Honda Navi, Grom-Like Body But Engine Use Has a Beat

Honda America is introducing new products in the miniMOTO (mini motor) lineup for 2022. The Honda Navi is aimed at riders who are just learning to ride a motorcycle. It is small, accessible, fun and affordable. The body looks like a Ruckus fusion with Grom. He carries an engine similar to the Honda Beat in Indonesia, namely one 109.2cc cylinder air-cooled and automatic transmission.

Honda Navi
Honda Navi

For style inspiration, we agree that in the mini moto class there is nothing better than the Honda Grom. But Navi offers the look and feel of a small, sporty motorcycle. Small fuel tank. Medium-rise model handlebars, padded seats, and footrests are not step-through floorboards. The rear brake is driven by the foot lever on the right, as opposed to the left hand lever as on the scooter.

The instrumentation package with a simple yet functional display, includes an analog and easy-to-read speedometer as well as a fairly useful fuel gauge. The engine is located on the back like a scooter, frees up space in front for storage and can be locked. Suitable for storing textbooks, jackets, or water bottles.

While the frame, wheels, suspension, engine, and exhaust are all black. Everything is offset by bold colored side panels, and its shape resembles the legendary Honda CRF family of trail bikes. Prominent headlights have a hexagonal shape.

The frame design is carefully designed to offer handling with good stability. Thanks to the relatively long wheelbase (1,285 mm), jgua driving comfort can be maintained. A 26.8 mm upside down fork with a single rear shock absorber mounted next to provides smooth ride.

Honda Navi
Honda Navi

The seat height is only 746 mm and the seat narrows towards the front, making it easier for the rider to set both feet on the ground when stopped. The rail grip on the back of the seat also provides neat estika.

The wheels use a combination size, 12 inches at the front and 10 inches at the back. While the task of stopping the rate is carried out by the front and rear brakes of the 130 mm tromol type, and the parking brake is driven by a lever to the left of the handlebars.

Make the machine, of course, the people of Indonesia know clearly. Yes, it uses a mechanical heart similar to the Honda Beat. 109.2cc, single cylinder, two valves, four air-cooled steps. And do not forget to embed eSP technology that is known to be efficient in fuel economy. Bore and stroke are 55.0 mm and 55.6 mm, respectively, and the compression ratio is 9.5:1. This obviously makes operating costs very affordable, especially when considering the durability and reliability that is already guaranteed.

Honda Navi
Honda Navi

Like Grom, Navi's design makes it a blank canvas for customization, owners can change according to personal needs. There are two options from Honda Signature Accessories. Like a special graphics kit that collaborates with edgy Icons. And another version of the Viper Urban Camo designed by hunting clothing manufacturer from South Carolina TrueTimber.

Everything is wrapped up in an interesting and fun miniMOTO package. The Honda Navi 2022 is scheduled for release in January 2022 (February in California) and will be available in Red, Grasshopper Green, Nut Brown and Ranger Green. Reportedly only sold for $ 1,807 or Rp 25 million.

10 Special Things about Motor Adventure Touring, Honda CB150X

 Astra Honda Motor has just launched its latest adventure bike, the Honda CB150X. This bike is intended for challenge-loving consumers and adventure enthusiasts venturing into new destinations.

Honda CB150X
Honda CB150X

Present as a touring adventure bike, the iron horse is equipped with a variety of advanced features and maximum performance. The latest model that adopts the design of the CB500X is sold from around Rp 32 million to Rp 35 million. Here we present 10 special things that will make you interested in having them.

10 Special Things about Motor Adventure Touring, Honda CB150X

1. Big Bike Adventure Design

The new CB150X has the aura of a big bike adventure. The design takes DNA from the CB500X, especially in the headlight area. Then the shape of the fuel tank area that blends with the shroud, making it look very dashing.

Honda CB150X
Honda CB150X

In line with the look of the adventure motor, the fuel tank cover is made large. The top there is a hole that can be used as a tank bag hook. The cover panampung for gasoline is fused with the shroud, making it look sturdy. Meanwhile, the back still displays the characteristics of a sporty bike that tapered to the back.

2. High Suspension

Front legs, using an upside down suspension scheme. To make it more luxurious, the suspension tube is 37 mm in diameter gilded with gold steel. In order to be good at bulldozing diverse terrain, this fork is given a long trip. In addition to looking dashing, the addition of the suspension playing distance makes it more comfortable when bulldozing various road contours. Automatic makes the CB150X ground clearance higher, which is 181 mm.

3. High Windscreen

Like a motorcycle of the type of tualang, the New CB150X has been equipped with various components supporting long trips. One of them is a high windscreen to withstand the wind from the front. In addition, it can provide protection from dust or gravel while driving. Of course, this will make riders safer, especially if they travel often and access out-of-town routes.

4. Tapered Handlebar

The handlebar position is designed higher and of wide character. So does the riser that leads to the rider. Make the rider's body more upright and relaxed when driving, and this style is certainly ideal for long trips.

5. Adventure Undercowl

Because it is intended to explore a variety of road surfaces, the manufacturer pins an undercowl or engine guard that covers a lot of front and bottom engine parts. This device will provide protection when passing through sandy roads, mud, to rocks. The design is also sporty with firm curves, a tough and macho impression is increasingly radiated from this model.

6. Full LED Lights

The headlights, back and sein are already LED. Produce maximum bright light. The headlight cover shape is also sporty.

7. Full Digital Meter Panel

The meter panel is full digital, without any analog elements. The design is futuristic and compact and has excellent visibility. The contents are complete, such as speedometer, tachometer, fuel indicator and gear position indicator

8. Machine

The power source of this motor is a liquid-cooled 1-cylinder 1-cylinder DOHC 4-valve PGM-FI unit. Superior performance on low to medium engine rotation, so the ability to climb it better, in accordance with the character of riders who like touring.

9. Color Variants

Honda New CB150X is sold in Volcano Matte Black, Glossy Red & Matte Green colors. Please choose according to your taste.

10. Attractive Price

All these advantages, packaged PT Astra Honda Motor with prices ranging from Rp 32 million. Of course this nominal becomes very attractive, because the price is very affordable with a dashing adventure design, embedding various features of comfort, safety.

With a variety of advantages, the New CB150X has excellent value for riders when traveling around the city and touring long distances. 

How to Save Cleaning Car Engines to Be Rust-Free

The car engine is the most important part of a car, because the car engine is the performance center that makes the car can drive. Therefore, as a car owner must be able to maintain and maintain the condition of the car to remain in good condition. Not only that, taking care of the car engine should also not be arbitrary which will later cause the car engine to rust which will eventually lead to engine damage.

When the car engine has been damaged, automatically the car will not be comfortable to use anymore, it can even cause a short circuit that causes sparks so that the car is flammable.

How to Save Cleaning Car Engines to Be Rust-Free
How to Save Cleaning Car Engines to Be Rust-Free

Caring for a car engine is not an easy thing, because not everyone understands the car engine. For those of you who do not want to bother, using the help of workshops or other mechanical services is the right solution. However, you also have to be willing to spend money whose rates can also reach hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

For those of you who want to save money in car engine maintenance, here are ways to clean your own car engine properly that can be done. 

1. Prepare Special Liquid Car Engine Cleaner

The first step that must be prepared by car owners is a special cleaning material of the car engine, the use to maintain the cleanliness and durability of the engine in the car. This cleaning fluid can be obtained in specialty stores of equipment and car equipment.

It is recommended not to use cleaning fluids, because it is feared that there will be short circuits or damage to the car engine. Instead, ask the shopkeeper or mechanic who really understands the question of car engine cleaners. Here are some car cleaning materials that can be used: 

Engine Conditioner

Engine conditioner is a cleaning fluid for the combustion chamber part of the engine. This liquid is textured like a smooth foam and made of solvent. How to use it simply by spraying fine foam through the spark plug hole that leads to the engine combustion chamber. However, before that don't forget to remove the spark plugs first.

Engine Degreaser

An engine degreaser is a liquid used to clean the outside of the engine. This liquid is made of the same material as the conditioner engine, it's just that the texture is harder, so this liquid can bind and dissolve the dirt on the outside of the car engine. How to use it is also quite easy, make sure if the car engine is still warm, then spray the liquid on the dirty part.

Engine Flush

Liquid engine flush has a function similar to detergent, which is to clean the engine part of the car that is in the oil place. You can use this liquid by putting it in an oil hole. When you have entered the liquid, turn on the car engine for up to 15 minutes and dispose of cleaning fluids such as when removing oil.

2. Clean the Easiest Part

Cleaning the easiest part can be using special soap or even dish soap. This method is generally used to clean the car independently without having to go to a wash or workshop. This part can be the hood under the car, and make sure it cleans in the right way.

3. Clean the Space On The Car Engine

Cleaning the space on the car engine can be used by spraying hose water towards the engine room. However, pay attention to the intensity and pressure on the water coming out of the hose. Make sure if you clean it properly and there is no dirt left on the engine room. This method can be done alone at home without using car wash services at a fairly expensive cost.

4. Use a Sponge or Toothbrush

Sponge or toothbrush is a cleaning tool that is often used to clean parts of the car that are difficult to reach. Well, you can use both of these media at the same time. Sponges are used for dirty machines and these toothbrushes can be used for stubborn dirty car engines. In addition, you can also use unused fabric.

5. Finishing Process

Make sure again if all parts have been cleaned, then spray the machine with clean water and dry it with kanebo cloth. You can also use a special spray to make the car shinier. 

Many Advantages of Cleaning Your Own Car

There are many advantages obtained by cleaning your own car, among which you can know more about the engine, can check the condition of the engine periodically, and most importantly again will save expenses rather than having to go to a workshop or car wash.

If usually in 1 month it costs 200 thousand more to clean the car, then this time you can spend 200 thousand just to buy car cleaning materials that can be used many times to the next few months. Automatically in the next few months you will be much more frugal and can save the money for other purposes. Just make sure if you clean the machine properly, that's the most important thing.

Want to Keep Car Paint Durable, Here's How to Take Care of It!

 Buying a car is not as easy as turning the palm of your hand. It takes hard work and sacrifice to get a car for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Want to Keep Car Paint Durable, Here's How to Take Care of It!
Want to Keep Car Paint Durable, Here's How to Take Care of It!

But unfortunately, this hard work does not continue to the maintenance stage so that the car paint quickly looks dull, even the car paint has been scratched and peeled even though it has only been a few months of use. Even though the car is maintained as a whole, in addition to providing comfort while driving, the car also looks smooth and clean, so that the condition of the car remains durable.

For that, do regular car paint maintenance early on. Here are six tips that can be done:

Want to Keep Car Paint Durable, Here's How to Take Care of It!

1. Wash the Car Regularly

Before wetting the car, the first thing to do is to clean the car tires first. Use a brush to clean tires from dirt that sticks like moss or mud. Once clean, spray water all over the body of the car.

Avoid the habit of letting the car dry on its own. This can accelerate the exfoliation of car paint due to the mineral content contained in tap water. Immediately wipe the car part after washing using a cotton cloth so as not to cause fine scratches on the body of the car.

2. Protecting The Car from Extreme Weather

In addition to damaging the skin, UV rays can also oxidize car paint so that it easily fades and peels. As a result, the car looks duller. Preferably, choose a shady place when parking a car, such as a basement, garage or under shady trees.

Also try to bring a car wrapper at all times just in case the parking area is exposed to direct sun. In addition, you also need to be aware of high rainfall. If the car has already been exposed to rainwater, immediately flush the car using clean water.

3. Set the Water Volume of the Hose

Cleaning the car with high-volume water automatically speeds up the work. But consciously or not, this actually endangers car paint. It is best to adjust the volume of water according to the stain attached to the car. Lower the volume of water when the stain is not too much, and vice versa.

To be safer, use the technique of washing the car by pouring. This technique is indeed draining, but it is good to keep the car paint more durable.

4. Avoid Detergents or Soaps

Cleaning materials such as detergents or soaps can speed up the exfoliation of car paint. As a result the color of the paint is no longer evenly distributed, so the car looks dull and old.

So that the paint does not fade quickly or peel, use a special shampoo that you can buy in supermarkets, minimarkets or markets. The price is around Rp20 thousand to Rp200 thousand, depending on the brand of shampoo.

Make sure the shampoo chosen is effective in removing stubborn stains so that you do not have to rub the car repeatedly when cleaned.

5. Apply a Shiny Looking Car Kit

Just a clean car is not enough. There is still another stage that needs to be done, namely applying the kit on the entire body of the car. The kit is useful for lifting the remnants of fine stains that are still attached, so that the car looks shiny from close or long distance.

Apply the kit evenly throughout the body of the car with a twisting motion. Do it gradually from one part to another. In addition to making the car shiny, the kit is also good for preventing the process of mold growth in car paint. The result is that the car paint looks like new all the time.

6. Fix It Immediately when Scratched

Small scratches on the car can not be avoided even though the car has been properly and correctly maintained. These scratches could be caused by sharp objects or the ruins of tree branches and so on. If this happens to your car, immediately make repairs to the nearest repair shop. Rapid repairs can overcome scratches extending to the surrounding area.

Routine Care is the Key

As expensive as any paint used to coat the car, it doesn't last well forever. The paint will fade over time. Don't worry, this can be avoided by doing a series of treatments regularly. Make the car as one of the valuable assets so that you want to love and care for the car with all your heart.

Here are 5 Reasons why it's Important to Wash Your Car After Rain

All vehicle owners must agree if the lazy feeling of washing the car will appear during the rainy season. The reason tends to be the same, namely the car will get dirty quickly when it rains again.

Indeed, rain is one of the causes of the car getting dirty. However, leaving the car unwashed after being exposed to rainwater is a fatal mistake that is often done by most owners of four-wheeled vehicles.

Here are 5 Reasons why it's Important to Wash Your Car After Rain
Here are 5 Reasons why it's Important to Wash Your Car After Rain

Because, there are many bad risks that may occur in the condition of the car when leaving it unwashed after rain. One of them is the appearance of rust on the car, thus making the appearance of car paint ugly.

Although indeed by wiping alone is enough to clean the car from rainwater, this method is not recommended so that the car remains durable. For that, know some reasons how important it is to wash the car after the following rains that have been summarized from various automotive sources.

1. Salt Content in RainWater

The first reason that makes you have to immediately wash the car after the rain is the salt content contained in rainwater. It is commonly known that rainwater comes from a collection of evaporated water. Of the many sources of water vapor in the rain, most must come from seawater.

It is this steam from seawater that carries a saline solution mixed in the rain. If left attached to the car, the salt content will make the car paint quickly damaged and can cause rust.

Of course you do not want to see rust or paint that fades just because it is lazy to wash the car after heavy rain. For that, immediately wash the car with special car soap so that the salt content attached to the car paint can be lost.

2. RainWater Has Been Mixed With Pollution

Not only water vapor, rain also settles pollution. When it rains, the pollutants will certainly be carried back with rainwater and attached to the car.

Rainwater that has been mixed with pollution has a higher acidity level. Even more so for those of you who live in urban areas that have high pollution levels.

If left to linger attached to the car, it is not impossible that rust will arise and damage the physical car. For that, so that there is no pollution attached to the car, you must immediately take it to the nearest car wash.  

3. High Dissolved Oxygen Content

Iron that is often exposed to oxygen can react and give rise to rust. What's more, the oxygen contained in rainwater. Iron in the car will more easily absorb oxygen and rust can easily appear.

Although not visible to the eye, on the surface of the car must have microscopic-sized cracks that can be entered by oxygen dissolved in rainwater. This is the main cause of the appearance of rust in the car and you should anticipate by washing the car as soon as possible.

In contrast to how to clean other impurities contained in rainwater, to get around the risk of rust because of the oxygen content in rainwater, you only need to water the car with clean water. However, in order for the car to be perfectly clean, washing the car using special soaps you still have to do.

4. Remove Sand at the Bottom of the Car

Driving when it's raining will make the car carry a lot of dirt. The rainwater that pooled on the streets must have mixed with sand and would have stuck under the car.

If not cleaned immediately, the sand attached to the car will risk making the car engine become damaged quickly. As a result, the performance of the car becomes reduced, even becomes unfit for the road.

So that the problem does not happen to you, try to always wash the car after heavy rain. That way, the dirt at the bottom of the car can be lifted and make the engine more durable.

5. Cat Becomes Soft

If left too long, the water attached to the body of the car will make the paint soft faster. Paint that has softened will certainly be easier to look dull and make the look of the car less good. Even paint can peel easily.

However, removing rainwater attached to the car should also not be done carelessly. If you wipe it, it is not impossible that the salt content contained in rainwater will make the car scratched. Wash the car well and dry it using a microfiber washcloth or Plas Chamois.

Keep the car clean

Most people think it rains well because it can simultaneously clean a dirty car. In reality, it rains only to make the car dirtier. Wash your car immediately if you want your car to look in good condition. Don't let your car get dirty for a long time. This will only make the car damaged quickly.

First Drive MG HS Magnify i-Smart

First Drive MG HS Magnify i-Smart -  Cutting-edge technology games are very clearly utilized as the selling point of today's SUVs. More precisely in the realm of device connectivity and automatic control support. The contestants in the struggle of large SUVs to small crossovers even like believing that these two highlights are the most potent in recent times.

MG HS Magnify i-Smart
MG HS Magnify i-Smart

Can be seen in the refinement of various existing models or the arrival of cute and modern players. In general, without comparing classes, arguably the most interesting of all current players is Wuling Almaz RS. It adopts internet-based connectivity between cars and smartphones that is comprehensive enough to set up an Advanced Driving Assist System (ADAS) and is sold with attractive price tag. Even the suv lineup in the premium strata is not necessarily as complete as him.

But maybe Almaz RS is not the only model that looks super sophisticated on the market. Because immediately paving a new product from MG that is no less interesting, no less great, and also remains a relatively affordable alternative. The MG HS Magnify i-Smart, sets up internet-based connectivity, voice command for feature operation, and complete ADAS support. It is planned that it will be inaugurated on June 2, 2021. But before that, I had the opportunity to try this British branded SUV.

What's New Is Just an Infotainment System

Basically, mg HS this one is not a new model. The name "Magnify" is used to assign a new variant level. Airs in the top layer of the MG HS atmosphere. It has not been said how much it will cost. Even so, it is expected not to reach Rp 500 million when referring to the current highest price at Rp 435.8 million with Jakarta OTR status.

MG HS Magnify i-Smart
MG HS Magnify i-Smart

For the price of the Honda CR-V the middle variant but prepare a proposal for more attractive features from the most expensive type of the main player. How great is it? Later explained. But when viewed, at first glance there is no obvious difference from the existing version of the highest trim, Ignite. Still in the initial design phase of HS with the sensation of mazda-an, including the business of choosing fashion and trinkets completeness.

From the eyes to the feet it looks very familiar. Indicates an SUV carrying non-inferior supplies. Examples on the main lighting LED projector plus sein sequential integrated DRL. Also the rear combination light of the diode glow. The most noticeable is the black layer on the roof in the form of panoramic sunroof boosting style and prestige following the use of 18-inch rims of ash dwiwarna and alloy polish.

Without involving the role of the device first, the operation of access is very identical ignite trim. Offer all the facilities of the present. Call it a smart entry in the form of a button on the door. Can unlock without needing to be busy with a pants pocket. Arm muscles are greatly lightened when it comes to opening the trunk because with one touch the door can open or close electrically.

Enter the cabin, soft material play and red dominance over black instantly greet. Frenetic components of sporty sensations are not stripped away anyway. Including an electric bench style bucket seat intact to shortcut sport driving mode on the steering wheel.

MG HS Magnify i-Smart
MG HS Magnify i-Smart

Modern sensations are then emitted with electrical and digital smells. Includes a complete electric parking brake auto hold function, a combination of screen instrumentation and needles, up to the touchscreen infotainment system as the center of control of various features. All of that then aired classy ambient lighting in the style of premium cars.

However, when I first glanced at the style of the entertainment interface, HS Magnify's unit was enough to amaze me. Play an elegant monochrome color selection that hints at more ability. Arguably, this is the main and only difference visually from ignite trim. Smartphone integration to dual zone climate control is available. The main difference is the existence of smart navigation maps in it. But not limited to style and navigational ability, it actually plays an important role in magnify differentiation.

Today's Supplements Are Successful in Making It Smarter

If departing from the eye is indeed fleeting like the usual MG HS Ignite with a new infotainment system. Even so, the "i-Smart" emblem attached to the trunk indicates that it is more than that. Serve internet-based connectivity until the driving assistant is active. Well, embedding the technology behind the body is guaranteed to provide a different driving experience.

The package itself is divided into four pillars, namely Smart Check, Smart Command, Smart Connect, and Smart Drive. The main highlight is the device connection through the MG i-Smart application. It gives smartphones the ability to access vehicle information and features without being hindered by distance – as long as each side of the car and smartphone has a stable internet connection.

How functional and what is it really necessary? Please value yourself. Smart Check offers capabilities such as Remote Vehicle Control. Smartphones can be used to power the engine and air conditioner before traveling, activating lights or horns to find parking positions, following operating the door lock. Its security is then maintained by a special password when operating the feature.

MG HS Magnify i-Smart
MG HS Magnify i-Smart

From the smartphone can also check the condition of the vehicle through Remote Vehicle Diagnosis. Quite comprehensive from the status of the door, cabin temperature, to the tire wind pressure. Furthermore, there is a Geo Fence to limit the vehicle's area of motion. Will give a notification when penetrating the digital fence. Yep, at least it can bring calm when being left behind or used by other users.

To note, the reality of the relationship between smartphones and cars is not only smooth. Yep, because it depends on how well the internet signal catches each side. There are times when the operation cannot be executed due to a bad signal.

A pretty good feature is located in the Travel Plan. You can prepare a time plan and travel destination before leaving. One more ability in the form of MG Touch Point to find out where the nearest MG service is located.

Further to Smart Command, this plot will facilitate travel while increasing the potential for driving safety. Not foreign, indeed. The vehicle can respond to the command of English-language sounds from the driver in the operation of the feature. Just call the assistant by saying "hello MG".

It can't recognize Indonesian but that doesn't mean it's a little ability. Sixty standard samples are provided to set up infotainment systems, vehicle features (windows, sunroofs, air conditioners, etc.), telephone, radio, music, and navigation. But besides that, the system is also intuitive. You can also recognize everyday languages such as "I'm cold", "I'm hungry", and others.

MG HS Magnify i-Smart
MG HS Magnify i-Smart

Yes, hungry vents to MG voice assistants will be responded to with a selection of restaurants nearby. It is included in the third pillar, MG Connect. The system can display travel guides and smart navigation through Point of Interest (POI) determination. All based on the internet. Meanwhile, smartphone integration can be done via Apple CarPlay or EasyCon for the Android operating system. All of this can be enjoyed in the new infotainment system at HS.

Try an Active Driving Assistant

ADAS technology seems to be mushrooming to lower castes. Transmitted to one by one models on the market without the need for exorbitant ransom. MG HS Magnify did not escape the spread. Wrapped in MG Pilot technology that falls under the fourth pillar of i-Smart, smart drive. Without lingering, I invited HS Magnify from the preview location at The Springs Club Gading Serpong, Tangerang.

One other new function can be enjoyed directly on the infotainment system when exiting the parking lot. MG HS Magnify is much more capable of blind spot detection. Because it is not limited to blind spot area indicators and Rear Cross Traffic Alert as in the Ignite variant. It adopts exterior cameras on various sides to display 360-degree images. Moreover, the left and right side blind spots of the front wheel are opened respectively with the addition of fender animation. Open the inner eye to areas that are difficult to monitor in order to maintain the exterior health of the car from the recklessness of the driver. Impressive, it makes it feel quite premium.

Brought forward, the i-Smart offers ride-load lightening inside and outside the city. Yep, the sensor and camera suite allowed HS to adopt the Adaptive Cruise Control feature. Just press the button at the end of stalk cruise control, the constant rate following the adjustment of speed with the vehicle in front of it is able to provide. But in addition, its function can also be used when traveling or at low speeds through Traffic Jam Assist.

The movement of the car in front can be followed well automatically up to a predetermined speed. Even so, the execution is not as smooth as the disopiri chauffeur Rolls Royce most experienced in the world. Especially when braking, there is little doubt as to how strong the caliper bite should be given to the system. Just a little bit is without feeling a disturbing pound. Towards a sense of natural control just hasn't arrived yet.

Not limited to lightening the burden of the driver, the system can also improve safety. Help avoid the risk of wretched front crashes with the presence of Forward Collision Warning (FCW). Not trying to be direct but quite calming when he found out he had pre-harm help. Meanwhile, other support in the form of Intelligent High-beam Control that can set the lights away so as not to dazzle other drivers.

The guard post driving position in one lane does not miss enlivening this new variant HS technology package. These include Lane Departure Warning, Lane Departure Prevention, and Lane Keep Assist. It said it needed to cross the speed limit of 60 kph in order to activate the system. Because it rotates in a dense area, it is rather difficult to go constant in that number.

At least I can get an idea of his ability. Of course, to be able to drive in one lane needs a road sign that is read because the logic of the car based on the patron mark. When switching lanes without activating the indicator, immediately the system provides audiovisual warnings along with steering wheel vibrations so that the driver can immediately be aware of the direction.

It's still a fun SUV

Despite all the technology, MG HS Magnify is still a comfortable SUV and happy to be invited to drive. From the composition of the supporting handling favors unchanged. The front MacPherson Strut suspension arrangement and rear Multi-Link are on a rigid but not hard spectrum. It will not feel floating, believed to be passionate when taken to a winding mountain area.

MG HS Magnify i-Smart
MG HS Magnify i-Smart

Same with the drive. Although not being the most powerful unit in a medium-extraction monococcal SUV is quite enough. Relying on a 1,500 cc turbo four-cylinder unit can produce 162 PS of power at 5,600 rpm and peak torque of 250 Nm at 1,700-4,400 rpm. Making it even more interesting is the utilization of a 7-speed DCT power distributor. Make the gear shift feel deft and on target. Not to mention embedded car response regulator with three driving modes.

Extra connectivity support and ADAS clearly complement the MG HS's main weapon for alluring. Basically, it can be concluded as an alternative that should not be escaped from the main players sedimentation. It's about the price and the reward. If it is really priced at less than Rp 500 million, less interesting what? It offers additional technology in addition to features that are actually quite complete and classy. If in doubt, there's nothing wrong with trying first. We just wait for certainty how interesting MG HS Magnify i-Smart at the launch moment later.