World Superbike Ticket Price in Mandalika

 Indonesia will host international races. Mandalika Circuit in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, will hold World Superbike (SBK) on November 19-21, 2021. Ready to watch? The price of the ticket.

Mandalika circuit
Mandalika circuit

Dyandra Promosindo was appointed as one of the parties distributing WorldSBK tickets. Today, PT MGPA Nusantara Jaya (MGPA) which is a subsidiary of PT Pembangunan Pariwisata Indonesia (Persero) or ITDC cooperates with the Indonesian Motor Association (IMI) and Dyandra Promosindo in ticket sales for World Superbike (WSBK) 2021.

Chairman of the Indonesian Motor Association (IMI) Bambang Soesatyo said, WorldSBK tickets in Mandalika are sold starting from Rp 600 thousand.

World Superbike Mandalika 2021
World Superbike Mandalika 2021

"Ticket prices are Rp 600 thousand to Rp 19.5 million. This is the price of international standards," Bamsoet said at a press conference between MGPA, IMI and Dyandra Promosindo in WSBK 2021 ticket sales, Tuesday (10/19/2021).

Meanwhile, President Director of Dyandra Promosindo Hendra Noor Saleh said, it received an allotment selling 2,000 WorldSBK tickets out of a total of 25 thousand tickets available. According to Kohen - a familiar greeting Hendra Noor Saleh - as many as 1,000 tickets sold Dyandra is a VVIP class ticket referred to as sultan class.

Dyandra Promosindo provides WorldSBK 2021 tickets and automotive lifestyle packages to support the comfort of the audience in watching the WorldSBK event. This package is available in 3 categories namely Sultan, Juragan, and Bos. Each category offers a very special experience for spectators and automotive lovers alike.

Sultan packages have advantages including pit lounge, pit walk, paddock pass, exclusive merchandise, full day hospitality, lunch, premium shuttle car, to test ride electric motor Bike Smart. Meanwhile, Juragan and Bos packages include grandstand tickets, VIP tents, full day hospitality, lunch, premium shuttle buses, and exclusive merchandise.

"So we hope that these 2,000 tickets can be sold. Optimistic or not, with the support of IMI and all stakeholders, I appeal after this event immediately pre-booking. Because once it has been sold, it will be difficult to get facilities, especially in the Sultan class," kohen said.

Mandalika Circuit
Mandalika Circuit

According to him, Dyandra provides WorldSBK tickets in two categories. First, only in the form of tickets to watch WorldSBK, the second there is a tour package.

"Because watching Superbike is not only to watch racing, but also to enjoy the automotive lifestyle. Abroad packages sold quite expensive, I had several opportunities both in Europe, America and in Asia. Automotive viewing lifestyle package is not only watching, but improving the discipline, feeling the experience on the circuit. On that basis, Mr. Bambang Soeastyo as Chairman of IMI directed us that the number of tickets numbering 2,000 was divided into 2 categories. First ticket only, both packages are tour packages. Because there are customers who are more comfortable to take care of the hotel and others themselves, but there are also those who are together with us," kohen explained.

Quoted from the website, WorldSBK tickets sold by Dyandra are priced at up to Rp 19.5 million. It was a Sultan class ticket package that got complete facilities, including lodging.

"Official ticket sales on October 23, 2021. So that after signing this we are actually ready online," kohen concluded.

Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Economical Car

Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Economical Car - Today, consumers are increasingly spoiled with the many variants of private vehicles that can be tailored to their needs. For example, an MPV type car that is very suitable for families or sedan cars for personal use.

However, the problem is the price of the car itself. Yes, not all consumers can afford to buy a car from an expensive manufacturer because maintenance for this car is expensive. No wonder that most consumers turn to cheap and economical cars to save money.

Planning to buy a car in the near future? Here are tips on choosing cheap and economical cars that can be applied.

1. Determine the vehicle manufacturer

Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Economical Car
Vehicle Manufacturer

Car manufacturers vary, ranging from the upper, middle, and lower classes. Hence it is important to determine which factory produces the car because this is quite influential on the price of the car itself.

Between Japanese and European manufacturers, for example, cars produced in Europe are obviously more expensive because the standardization is already different. No tax has been added to Indonesia.

Determining the vehicle manufacturer will make it easier for you to prepare the right budget. As a result, the car can immediately park in front of the house in the near future.

2. Pay attention to the needs

Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Economical Car
Pay Attention to the need

Next, look at the need. Who will use the car? If it is used for families, then MPV type cars are the right choice.

Another case if for personal use, MPV cars are certainly greatness. Unless in the near future you plan to get married, it's a good fit.

By paying attention to the needs, the purchase becomes more appropriate. Cars can provide effective benefits for those who use them. 

3. Pay attention to the specifications of the car

Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Economical Car
Pay attention to the specifications of the car

The name of the layman, certainly do not know about the specifications of the car. Especially looking at the many types and brands of cars now. It's good to find out the specifications of the car in detail and complete through the internet and social media.

Given the many and different sources of information, it is important to compare between one source and another. The goal is to avoid misinformation that can harm you.

If this is your first time buying a car, you should ask for the advice of friends who have already bought a car. So, the purchase is absolutely appropriate. 

4. Consider driving comfort

Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Economical Car
Consider Driving Comfort

The choice of cheap and economical cars is a lot, but the problem is whether the car is comfortable to drive? Because the comfort level of each driver is different from each other. You may prefer to drive a car with a soft seat, but other drivers can be comfortable with the usual type of seat.

It's a good idea to do a test drive to find out the level of driving comfort. Just 10-15 minutes taken around, you can tell if the car is right or not.

If it is not right, you can look for another type of car and return to test drive. With a note, the price of the car remains adjusted the same budget, yes.

5. Equipped with various features

Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Economical Car
Equipped with various features

The name buys something, especially one that is quite expensive, you must consider its features. Right, right? Just like a car, you also have to find out what features are embedded in the car before buying it.

Make sure the car is equipped with safety features, such as dual SRS airbags, auto locks, well-functioning seat belts, brakes, and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) features.

In addition, consider the entertainment features on the car. This feature is important for those of you who often travel long distances, so the trip still feels fun.

6. Save fuel

Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Economical Car
Save fuel

Fuel is one that must be considered when buying a car. It makes sense because a car that wastes fuel can add to monthly expenses. The budget that was Rp 500,000 for gasoline, instead changed to Rp 750,000.

Therefore, check what type of engine is pinned on the car. The more reliable the engine, usually the more wasteful the fuel.

But, there are also some reliable engined vehicles that are fuel efficient. This is what can be used as an option, so that fuel consumption remains economical even though the car is often used.

7. Avoid purchasing on credit

Tips for Choosing a Cheap and Economical Car
Avoid purchasing on credit

Buying a car on credit at first glance looks cheap because the money spent is less than buying cash. But, know that your expenses are actually getting bigger if you buy a car by way of credit. Because, this purchase will be charged interest in a certain percentage.

On the other hand, the car also experiences shrinkage every year which makes the price decrease over time.

Buy a car in cash to avoid interest expense, as well as bad credit. It's better to wait so you can buy cash than to rush, but debt.

Buy a Car Not because of Prestige

That's tips on choosing a cheap and economical car. Buy a car because you need it to support daily activities and mobilization, so it's not solely because of prestige. It takes careful consideration because the price of the car is not cheap.

Lexus LX600 2022: Flagship SUV That Can Go Anywhere

Lexus LX600 2022-  After Toyota launched the latest generation Land Cruiser earlier this year, you must be wondering when Lexus will update its LX series models. However, Lexus is finally launching the latest generation of the Lexus LX series after 14 years. Lexus is holding the world premiere of the new Lexus LX in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and its video reveal online. The new Lexus LX embodies Lexus' commitment to meeting the needs and lifestyles of diverse consumers. The Lexus LX is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in early 2022.

Lexus LX600 2022
Lexus LX600 2022

Exterior and Interior Details

Branded the "ultimate sport-utility flagship", the LX 2022 features an evolutionary design with a prominent spindle grille consisting of seven floating bars with a hollow center for engine cooling. Designers also give larger air intakes and slimmer headlights. Do not forget there are daytime running lights with a three-dimensional design. Behind the sculpted hood, the A-pillar has been pulled backwards to create a more backward cabin design. This model also features a sleek body design, which contrasts with the more prominent wheel arch and is supported by 18, 20, or 22-inch alloy wheels.

Lexus lx600
Lexus LX600

On the back, the traditional "L" logo has been replaced with the letter "Lexus" as in the 2022 NX. We can also see connected taillights and new bumpers. Lexus did not release detail dimensions, but said the model maintains a wheelbase of 2,850 mm. It will likely limit interior space, but according to Carscoops, Lexus notes this figure has remained consistent since the first-generation LX was introduced in 1995. While the exterior is evolutionary, the same can also be found in its interior as it adopts a more modern design.

We can see premium leather, wood trim and metallic accents in the interior. There is also a digital instrument cluster and a premium Mark Levinson 25-speaker audio system available. The biggest change is Lexus' all-new interface system, as in the 2022 NX. However, it is not immediately available because the SUV has two different screens measuring 7 and 12.3 inches. Larger screens are focused on displaying navigation, camera display and audio settings, while smaller screens relate to climate control systems and information displays. Lexus said, "Displaying camera images on the top screen can simultaneously display the status of real-time vehicles on the bottom screen, allowing drivers to monitor driving conditions off the highway more safely without switching views."

Diverse Types of Options

Although Lexus did not elaborate on many specifics, the company confirmed that the 2022 LX 600 will be offered in Standard, Premium, Luxury, Ultra Luxury, and F Sport variants. Starting with the F Sport, the model is distinguished by a mesh grille with black chrome surround as well as exclusive 22-inch forged alloy wheels. This type of F Sport also features sport seats and textured leather on the steering wheel for better grip. The changes aren't just accessories, as the F Sport features a uniquely tuned damper as well as a revised adaptive variable suspension and electric power steering system. They joined Torsen's exclusive slip differential to improve performance.

Lexus LX600 2022
Lexus LX600 2022

While the Ultra Luxury type is more towards luxury because it has two individual rear seats with curved headrests, seat backrests, and padding that "wraps" the head, hips, and lower body gently for maximum comfort and support. The seat also has a soft urethane to help suppress unwanted movements. The rear seats are separated by a wide console equipped with wireless charging, cup holder, and a large storage box with a DC power supply as well as a USB port and jackheadphone for the infotaiment system in the back seat. Lastly, the Ultra Luxury variant comes with overhead ceiling vents for better cabin cooling.

Under the hood, the 5.7-liter V8 engine has been replaced by a new twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces 409 hp and 649 Nm of torque. This means there is an increase of 26 hp and 103 Nm of torque. Lexus also notes the engine maintains its maximum torque to about 3,600 rpm, which improves off-road performance as drivers typically perform off road at low speeds. The engine is connected to a new ten-speed automatic transmission, which replaces the previous eight-speed gearbox and features a low first gear for a smooth start and strong low-speed off-road driving performance. However, that's because it has two extra gears and the tenth keeps engine revs low at high speeds, resulting in quiet driving and more efficient fuel consumption.

Finally, the Lexus LX 2022 is equipped with a Lexus Safety System+ 2.5 safety sense system. Its features are Pre-Collision System with Frontal Collision Warning, enhanced Automatic Emergency Braking. It also includes All-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, Lane Tracing Assist (Lane Centering) and Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist. Not to forget this latest Lexus LX is also equipped with Intelligent High Beams, Emergency Steering Assist, and Road Sign Assist. Considering the SUV market is also very popular in the country, it is not impossible that Indonesia will also be part of the latest model of the Lexus LX. Moreover, the previous generation was also quite popular, it seemed to be just a matter of time.

What do you think? Post it in the comments section.

Car Wash Safe Tricks

 Actually, car wash is safe and fast but still makes its appearance clean shiny is quite easy to do. If you routinely do it, it could be that your favorite car will always look like new.

Every vehicle owner is burdened by the obligation to always maintain its cleanliness. In fact, not a few people who think that, the cleanliness of a car can be a picture of the personality of the owner.

You need to know, washing the car engine can not be done carelessly. Because, improper washing techniques can cause interference in the orange car engine damage.

To avoid such things, you should do some of the following proper and quick car wash tricks.

Car Wash Safe Tricks

1. Prepare equipment

peralatan mencuci mobil

The first step to do is to prepare various equipment for washing the car. Among them such as special car wash soap, chamois plas wipes, microfiber wipes, buckets, hoses, small brushes.

Don't forget to also prepare running water. Because, running water is the main key so that the vehicle washing process can be done faster.

2. Securing the car's electrical area

After preparing all the necessary equipment, the next step is to recognize the electrical area of the vehicle for safekeeping. Because, this one area is very vulnerable to cause short circuits when exposed to water.

Therefore, you should wrap it using plastic. Make sure, each part is tightly wrapped so that the water does not enter the wrapping gap. 

You can also glue the plastic wrapping with the electrical components of the car using insulation. In fact, you do not need to hesitate to wrap the peeling cables using special insulation. 

3. Wet the engine area of the car with low pressure water

membasahi mobil

Next wet the machine with running water with low pressure. This is done to remove the remnants of dust that are still attached to the corners of the machine. In addition, in order to make it easier to clean the sidelines of the machine that is quite difficult to reach.

When doing this stage, avoid using high-pressure water sprays. Because it can cause damage to the car engine that is cleaned due to the entry of water. For that, make sure that the water pressure is really low, yes.

4. Use with special machine cleaning fluids

The next stage is to clean the car engine area with special soap to wash the car engine (engine degreaser). This kind of cleaning fluid is specially formulated to remove dirt on the engine part of the car. Usually, this liquid is safe and will not damage the car engine.

Make sure as much as possible to use special cleaning products car engines instead of others. Because, instead of cleaning the wrong product can cause a lot of problems in the car engine.

The most effective way when cleaning a car engine is to spray it directly into a dirty engine. Next, use a fine brush to brush parts of the machine so that stubborn dirt quickly falls out.

After that, immediately rinse the engine part using running water to remove any remaining forms of dirt. This stage is also to rinse the rest of the soap around the machine area.

Well, if at home there is a wind compressor, there is no harm in using the tool to help clean the rest of the water in the narrow part that is not affordable. 

5. Wash the car body and other details

mencuci mobil

Automotive lovers must agree, that the buttress of the appearance of the car to keep it look epic is the condition of the body, tires and rims. The trick is easy, use special cleaning fluids and wash the entire outside of the car body until clean.

Next, clean the tire wall with the help of soap and brush. Once it is completely clean, proceed to the rim. Preferably, clean the rim using a rag so as not to scratch the surface.

Clean from the front and all between the rims to make it look shiny. Not a few car owners who deliberately spray parts of the vehicle tire wall with the aim to get the impression of wet look. In fact, actions like this actually have the potential to make the tire wall harder.  

In addition, other details of the vehicle that must also be considered when washing the car are mirrors, wipers, grill, antenna, door handle, and lights. 

6. Rinse and dry the body of the car

When the car has been felt clean, then the next is to rinse all parts of the body of the vehicle using clean running water. It is best to rinse from the top, glass, tires, and other details on the exterior.

After the rinsing process is complete, dry the body of the car using a special lap, such as plas chamois. Make sure, the lap is different from the one used to clean the body of the car in the next stage.

7. Dry out in the open

mengeringkan mobil

The next safe car wash trick is to dry it out in the open so that the car's engine and body can dry faster. Let the car stand with the hood open for 2 to 3 hours to make it completely dry.

You need to know, the drying process after car wash is very important. When done in an inappropriate way, most likely the body of the car can experience waterspots or patches that interfere with the exterior appearance. 

Proper washing will help the machine stay healthy.

Thus, some tricks safely wash the car engine with clean guaranteed dust free. Keep in mind when starting the car engine, make sure the engine is completely dry, yes. So that there are no problems with the car's electrical system later. How, are you ready to practice it?

Be aware of driving near trucks

 Last weekend viral accident involving Hyundai Palisade SUV and truck that rolled on cipularang km 91 toll road. The incident that took place on Saturday (16/10/2021) caused the body of the car broken, as well as a long traffic jam that snagged on the toll road.

The accident also left one person dead, the driver of the Palisade. The driver is known as Yan Bastian, who is the Director of PT Indomarco Prismatama, the manager of indomaret minimarket network.

In the Hyundai Palisade vehicle there were also seven other passengers who were injured. The accident began with the truck driver who lost control when the road conditions declined and made the truck by then hit the SUV that was nearby.

Safety near the truck

Driving with a large vehicle needs to be aware of the potential dangers that are nearby. Accidents involving large vehicles with small vehicles have often occurred repeatedly.

In addition to the factor of accidents can occur from the ability of the driver who is lacking, the driver's viewing area with the surroundings of the vehicle is also very limited. This makes the driver around a large vehicle need to play an active role in maintaining safety in driving.

One of them knows the blind spot of the big vehicle, mostly trucks. The blind spots of the truck are on the front, rear, left and right sides. Avoid these dangerous points as soon as possible, if you can get away from the truck immediately. First if our vehicle is faster or keep a distance if between the truck and our vehicle has the same speed.

In addition to knowing whether we are inside the blind spot of the truck or not is to look at the reflection on the rearview mirror of the truck. If we can see the truck driver it means we're not in their blind spot.

truck blind spot
truck blind spot

You can also use the honking method to notify the truck driver. This is usually done if it is in traffic density so that truck drivers are aware of going around.

In addition, driving near large vehicles such as trucks also needs supervision and patience. Sometimes the truck is maneuvering to change lanes to maintain momentum during inclines or descents, should the driver not risk being too close. Give time for the truck to maneuver afterwards if it is considered safe to pass, immediately skip and stay away.

Finally, make sure the condition of the vehicle is good for trips that require power and safety. Before traveling do not forget to check the vehicle whether it is roadworthy or not.

Reflecting on the case that befell the Hyundai Palisade above, an alert attitude towards the surrounding environment while driving is also needed. Especially on the motorway that shares space with other vehicles that have different dimensions and motion capabilities.

Drivers are required to be careful. This is also not separated from the possibility of accidents because other drivers may not be in a fit condition or their driving ability is reduced due to fatigue. For this reason, high alert is still needed near large vehicles. 

Supermarine, a Custom Motorcycle Inspired by Mobula Stingrays

A custom motorcycle showroom based in Vietnam, Bandit9 revealed to the world one of the most ambitious projects to date. Named Supermarine whose inspiration comes from under the sea. It's like a vehicle coming out of another galaxy.


Over the past decade, Bandit9 has created a unique handmade motorcycle with a futuristic design. Even the results can not be juxtaposed with custom iron horses on the market. They spent a year working on this model. Yes, they did not receive an order in 2020 and only focused on working on this one big project.

Finally in October 2021 Bandit9 launched Supermarine. Many are fooled by that name. But it is not wrong also if many associate with submarines or submarines thanks to their rounded shape. The inspiration of the body actually looks like a water animal named Flying Mobula or stingray mobula. Sea creatures are known to love to penetrate the surface of the water while swimming, making it look like flying.

Designed to be a fast engine, it allows the Supermarine to cut through air easily. The frame is inspired by coral reefs, increasing airflow on straights and downforce around corners. There are 400 components that are cut with precision with the latest technology.


The shape of the body or body panels that stick is very flowing, from front to back. Offered in two material options, ABS plastic is racing-specific or uses a carbon fiber body for Supermarine. The overall frame is made of military-grade 7075 aluminum, commonly used for the manufacture of aircraft structures.

Bandit9 also offers two options for its engines. Use a parallel two-cylinder mechanical heart from Triumph that has a capacity of 900cc and 1,200cc. Thus, the motor that comes with a 900cc engine is capable of producing 74 hp, 59 Nm of torque, and a top speed of 120 mph (193 kph). Or a 1,200cc engine that is more powerful and can produce 103 hp and 83 Nm of torque, making the Supermarine capable of reaching a top speed of 130 mph (209 kph). This motorcycle has a standard five-speed transmission. However, riders can choose to upgrade to a six-speed gearbox.


Other features include electronic fuel injection, a stainless steel exhaust system that can be upgraded to titanium and Nitron or Ohlins suspension. The stopping power required at that speed, comes from the 4-piston Brembo brake or the more powerful Behringer 6-piston brake. A special LED display is tucked in the cockpit.

Bandit9 has now opened bookings for Supermarine. But potential customers should contact the company to determine the price. But based on the previous build, the expected starting price is more than $30,000. And deliveries begin in December 2021.


Rainy Season Arrives, Beware of 4 Components of Motorcycles That Are Vulnerable to Damage - Rain began to pour on DKI Jakarta and some areas around it. For you motorcyclists should be more careful when driving their vehicles on the highway. Well, in addition, the owner must also be painstaking in terms of motorcycle maintenance in the rainy season.

Surely the intensity of washing the motor will more avoid potential damage to components. The reason is that rainwater contains acidic substances that make some components stricken with rust, if this is the case you have to spend more funds for repairs.

Musim Hujan Tiba, Waspada 4 Komponen Sepeda Motor yang Rentan Rusak

"Rainwater mixed with dirt and settles in components or sidelines can cause damage. It can also be a crust that is difficult to remove." 

The impact is not immediately visible. However, motorcycles that are often used when the owner rains conditions are advised to immediately wash or rinse it with clean water. What are the components to consider during the rainy season? Check out the 4 summaries below.

1. Crust in The Machine Is Difficult to Release Heat

On highways with wet conditions will bring many foreign objects attached to the motor. Most often around the machine, the mud or sand that is silenced will become crusty and difficult to remove. If the condition is severe it will interfere with the circulation of heat from the machine.

"The crust or dirt that settles will make it difficult for the machine to release heat normally. The effect can reduce the performance of the bike."

2. Radiator So Not Maximal

If your motor adopts a radiator cooling system, it should be cleaned immediately after riding in the rainy season. Slamet explained, dirt that accumulates in the radiator grille will inhibit heat removal from the engine.

"If the motor has been used radiator and allowed to always settle dirt will the fatal effect could be overheating because the grille is covered in dirt,"

How to clean it do not origin, avoid spraying with high pressure water with a short distance because it will damage the grille. It is best to use running water and set the ideal distance.

3. Easy Rust Chain

The chain becomes a vital component on the manual transmission motor, he is tasked with channeling power from the engine to the rear wheels. During the rainy season, the chain needs consistent care. Therefore, rainwater has a high pH level, the potential for rust must occur.

"The most correct is to immediately rinse it with running water and then dry and lubricate it with special chain oil. Avoid using diesel or gasoline because it will damage the silt between the chains."

4. Sil Suspension Easily Leaks

Rainwater mixed with dirt or mud and sticking around the shock absorber has the potential to create a suspension leak. Another effect is to remove lubricants and cause a squeaking sound.

tips merawat motor

"The problem of leaks in the suspension, dirt that dwells in the rubber-silt and when the suspension plays he will swipe (dirt) with the suspension ax.