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It turns out that this is how much maintenance costs for the Honda HR-V and HR-V RS Turbo!

 The All New Honda HR-V is the latest product from Honda in Indonesia. PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) even announced that the waiting time for this new product could reach five months, which indicates a positive response from Honda fans in the country.

It turns out that this is how much maintenance costs for the Honda HR-V and HR-V RS Turbo!

Honda offers the All New HR-V in several variants. Interestingly, all of these variants have received a touch of Honda Sensing safety features. The lowest variant is the S CVT at a price of IDR 362.9 million, then there is the E CVT at a price of IDR 382.9 million and the SE CVT at a price of IDR 403.1 million. There is still a top variant with a turbo engine offer, namely the RS with a price reaching IDR 513.9 million.

So what is the cost of ownership of this latest HR-V? We received interesting information regarding the maintenance costs of this new Honda model, especially for the 1.5L engine model and the turbo engine in the RS variant.

First for the All New HR-V model with a conventional engine. For the owner, it is sufficient to provide funds of IDR 1,298 million consisting of the cost of spare parts and chemical liquids of IDR 658 thousand and service fees of IDR 640 thousand. This fund is issued every periodic maintenance at a distance of 10,000 km, 30,000 km, 50,000 km, 70,000 km and 90,000 kilometers.

Then on the 20,000 kilometer odometer note, the owner prepared a fund of IDR 1,289 million. This consists of part and chemical costs of Rp. 526 thousand and services of Rp. 763 thousand.

Proceed to the calculation of funds at a distance of 40,000 and 80,000 kilometers. Both have the same amount of maintenance funds, which is Rp. 2,047 million. This consists of the cost of spare parts and chemical liquids of Rp. 1,063 million and service fees of Rp. 984 thousand.

Continue to calculate the distance of 60,000. Currently the owner is required to prepare funds of around Rp. 1.701 million. This consists of the cost of spare parts and chemical fluids of Rp. 790 thousand and service fee of Rp. 911 thousand.

The last record of maintenance costs at a distance of 100,000 kilometers. Owners of the latest Honda HR-V are required to provide IDR 2.504 million. This consists of spare parts costs of Rp. 1,667 million and service costs of Rp. 837 million.

Continue for information on ownership funds for turbo engine variants. The record of this fund looks bigger in some areas. For example, for periodic maintenance at a distance of 10,000, 30,000, 50,000, 70,000 and 90,000, the owner of the Honda HR-V RS turbo is required to prepare funds of Rp. 1,805 million. This consists of spare parts costs of Rp.1,042 million and service costs of Rp.763 thousand.

In calculating the cost at a distance of 20,000 kilometers, the owner has prepared a total of Rp. 1,640 million. This consists of the cost of spare parts and chemical liquids of Rp.852 thousand and services of Rp.788 thousand.

Then at a distance of 40,000 and 80,000 kilometers, the owner is required to provide maintenance funds of Rp. 2,399 million. This consisted of the cost of spare parts and chemical liquids of Rp. 1,390 million and service fees of Rp. 1.009 million.

Note that for a distance of 60,000 kilometers, the owner provides funds of around Rp. 2,399 million. This consisted of spare parts cost of 1,390 million and service fee of Rp1,009 million.

At a distance of 100,000 kilometers, the owner of the HR-V RS Turbo spent a maintenance fee of IDR 3,732 million. This consists of the cost of spare parts and chemicals of Rp.2,846 million and services of Rp.886 thousand.

Regarding spare parts and any chemical fluids that are replaced during maintenance, they usually consist of engine oil, axle oil, transmission oil for automatic transmissions, as well as grease and several other fluids. Owners can view information on replacement parts in accordance with the user manual. Some of them are spark plugs, oil filters, AC filters, and other parts. The calculation above also does not include spare parts that may need to be replaced or additional due to use.

For owners who want ease of ownership, Honda also still includes 24-hour emergency service. In addition, there is also a periodic service package offered at the time of the initial purchase of a new vehicle, called Honda Extra Care. Utilizing this package can save up to 100,000 kilometers of usage. As a disclaimer, the prices listed in this article can change at any time


Using 'Hybrid' Technology, This is Yamaha Fazzio's Fuel Consumption

 After the Yamaha Fazzio was officially launched some time ago, finally coilOTO got the opportunity to try out the retro-style scooter firsthand.

Using Yamaha's new technology, Blue Core Hybrid, we are looking to find out the effect of this technology on fuel consumption.

Through a media test ride held by PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) together with other media partners in Bogor (3/2), the total route taken is about 20 km.

Before starting the trip, we first tried to 

connect our device with the Y-Connect feature in this Yamaha Fazzio and reset the trip meter to zero.

Considering the meter cluster, the Yamaha Fazzio is not equipped with instructions for real-time average fuel consumption information.

OK, after confirming that we are connected to the Y-Connect system, we started our journey from The Bucket List Kitchen to go around the streets of Bogor.

Oh yes, just for information, our driver is 174 cm tall and weighs 65 kg. For maximum results, we activate the Start Stop System feature.

Not yet one kilometer, we have been treated to a road with downhill conditions and then straight uphill. Of course, going through the incline requires a larger gas opening.

After that we started to enter the city streets, a perfect simulation to describe how this Fazzio is driven in the city.

Even though the majority of the roads we pass are paved, we can't say that they are always smooth and flat, besides that, we are often faced with congested road conditions and stop and go conditions. The Start Stop System feature is also active when we stop in a red light situation.

Our impression is that the power produced by the 125 cc engine is quite responsive for city use, there are no 'slow' symptoms when you need more power when you want to catch up with other groups.

We don't always drive in economy mode, occasionally if we encounter a rather long straight road, we don't hesitate to open the gas casing excessively. The highest speed we can achieve is around 60 kph.

After almost an hour of driving, we finally returned to the starting point of the trip. Then we saw the trip meter which showed the number 19.9 km, which means our total trip almost touched 20 km.

Enough routes to describe everyday use. Well, then how about the results of fuel consumption?

We opened the Y-Connect app on our connected device, where it displayed the figure of 59.8 km per liter. However, strangely, the application recorded that the route we took was only 15 km.

Is the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Gasoline Consumption Really Efficient? These are the daily test results

 Is the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid gasoline consumption really economical? These are the results of our tests carried out under various conditions.

In terms of the engine, this Fazzio can indeed be said to have used Yamaha's latest generation 125 cc Blue Core kitchen

Because according to the manufacturer's technical team, only the cylinder head and block were taken from the Yamaha FreeGo and the crankcase to the rear was totally new.

From the CVT transmission section, its size is now more compact with a shorter v-belt combined with a heavier roller than the FreeGo.

The effect is that when the engine is gassed, the engine does not scream immediately but rises slowly, then the speed increases in rhythm with the increase in engine speed.

The combination of an engine that is not easy to "scream" plus hybrid technology at low speeds and a powerful heavy roller makes Fazzio efficient in fuel consumption.

Moreover, there is an SSS (Stop & Start System) feature that automatically turns off the engine if it stops for more than 5 seconds.

Using Pertamax fuel and used for daily use with various road conditions, the average gasoline consumption can penetrate 51.6 km / liter! It's very irritating!

TVS Ntorq 125 Race XP Play Smart Officially Released, Has Voice Assist Feature

 TVS Motor Company Indonesia released the Ntorq 125 Race XP Play Smart at the Jakarta Fair or Jakarta Fair 2022. This new unit carries advanced technology that combines three unique elements. Consists of power, connectivity, and style. The scooter that has this riding mode is sold for Rp. 19.9 million OTR Jakarta.

“We are pleased to introduce the TVS Ntorq 125 Race XP Play Smart to the Indonesian market. Comes armed with a variety of special features in the scooter segment class. Equipped with a driving style control system, it provides perfect and powerful performance, as well as responsive acceleration," said J Thangarajan, President Director, PT TVS Motor Company Indonesia.

TVS Ntorq 125 Race XP Play Smart Officially Released, Has Voice Assist Feature

Many things have been developed in Ntorq 125 Race XP. In addition to the latest technology called TVS SmartXonnect, there is also a drive system update on its CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) transmission, so that the driving style can be adjusted in several levels (ride mode) and is supported by a light weight.

There are two driving modes, Racing and Street. Each is distinguished in terms of performance and fuel consumption. The Racing option is aimed at riders who like speed. Medium Street for everyday driving, which allows the use of fuel more efficient and perfect. The driving mode can be changed using the switch function on the right side of the handlebar which is attached to the starter button.

Armed with a 124.6cc mechanical heart, single cylinder, 3 valve and air cooled, it is able to produce the best performance in its class. In Racing mode, the power reaches 10 hp at 7,000 rpm and a torque of 10.8 Nm at 5,500 rpm. The top speed is 98 km/hour. Meanwhile, Street mode conditions are the same as the regular version of the TVS Ntorq, which produces 9.3 HP of power at 7,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 10.5 Nm at 5,500 rpm. Top speed that can be achieved is 95 km / h.

Connectivity is provided by the TVS SmartXconnect application which can be downloaded via the Google play store or App store. In it allows the user to set the desired 60 features. Such as navigation assistance, driving statistics, latest and last lap times, personalized welcome messages, phone call notifications, incoming SMS, engine temperature indicators, cellphone signal indicators, cellphone battery power, last location when parked, reminders for service, trips. meters and various driving modes.

Another advanced feature is the voice command technology (voice assist). Allows consumers to interact with Ntorq via voice commands. All of that is available in the TVS SmartXonnect app via a connected device such as Bluetooth headphones, wired headphones or a Bluetooth-enabled and connected helmet. The scooter's response to consumers is seen on the speedometer and as audio feedback via headphones.

In driving mode operation can also be done using voice commands. But the condition is that the speed must be less than 5 km / h for safety reasons. In addition, the driving mode can also be changed using the features on the indicator panel or dashboard with the help of the application.

The design is no different from the standard version. The body is still inspired by the stealth aircraft model. There is a firm pull on each side of the panel. The turn signal is located on the handlebar cover, as if to form a pair of animal eyes. While the main light occupies the very bottom of the shield. Then at the stern, there is a grille that inhabits the bottom of the stop lamp. Equipped with a stocky exhaust design, flat and textured floorboard, and diamond cut racing wheels.

Under the seat there is a 20 liter trunk. To make it easier for users, the gas tank is behind the stop lamp. The capacity is quite large, 5 liters. So no need to open the seat when filling fuel, because the position of the lid is at the very back of the motorbike. It is this characteristic that distinguishes TVS products from other factory-made scooters.

The difference between the Ntorq 125 Race XP Play Smart and the regular variant is only in appearance. He comes with sporty graphics that reflect an aggressive style. Combined with a headlamp that has embedded Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) such as the letter 'T' and a stop lamp with LED technology. And red rims.

Talking about the price, the TVS Ntorq 125 Race XP Play Smart is sold at a price of Rp. 21 million. However, consumers can get attractive offers during the Jakarta Fair 2022 with a price tag of Rp. 19.9 million OTR Jakarta.

All New Honda Civic e:HEV Officially Launched in Thailand

 Honda is going faster in its target of bringing a variety of environmentally friendly technologies to its products. Recently, Honda Automobile Thailand Co., Ltd officially introduced the All New Honda Civic version e: HEV for the first time in a world premiere. Honda offers its legendary sedan in two variants, namely e:HEV RS and e:HEV EL.

All New Honda Civic e:HEV Officially Launched in Thailand

The All New Honda Civic e: HEV uses the e: HEV full hybrid system technology. This technology combines two electric motors, namely a motor generator and motor drive as well as a 2.0 liter DOHC Direct Injection Atkinson Cycle engine. Quite an interesting choice even though Honda has a turbo engine version which is also popular.

For driving sensation, the driver can choose the three modes offered, namely EV Drive Mode, Hybrid Drive Mode and Engine Drive Mode according to their wishes. Honda also still offers three distinctive driving modes on its products, namely ECON, Normal and Sport.

Noriyuki Takakura, President and CEO of Honda Automobile Thailand Co., Ltd. said that after being shown for the first time at the Motor Show in Thailand some time ago, the Civic e: HEV sedan has received an extraordinary response from the public within two and a half months. This has become a trigger for enthusiasm among consumers in the e:HEV line from Honda.

Civic e HEV

“E-line; This HEV from Honda uses a full-hybrid system that provides powerful driving performance while also producing excellent fuel consumption. In addition, this is also a response to Honda's 2050 target where we have the initiative to achieve carbon neutrality and also an accident-free society with the presence of Honda Sensing. We also believe that the All New Honda Civic e: HEV can further strengthen the Honda Civic line in order to maintain its position in the compact car market.” Takakura said in his statement, Friday (17/6/2022).

On paper, the 1,993 cc 16 valve DOHC engine produces 141 ps of power at 6,000 rpm and 182 Nm of torque at 4,500 rpm. The electric motor produces 184 ps of power at 5000-6000 rpm and up to 315 Nm of torque at 0 to 2000 rpm. Some of the additional technologies in this sedan include Honda Sensing, Honda Smart Key System with Honda Smart Key Card, Remote Engine Start, 10.2-inch TFT MID screen, 9-inch head unit screen connected to Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

Dimensionally there is no difference with conventional engine variants. The Honda Civic E:HEV offers a length of 4.6 meters, a width of 1.8 meters and a height of 1.4 meters with a wheelbase of 2.7 meters. It's the weight that has a difference. The conventional engine variant weighs 1.3 tons and the hybrid version weighs 1.4 tons.

The All New Honda Civic e: HEV variant is targeted to sell 8,300 units per year when it begins to be mass marketed in the future. In addition, Honda also provides a ten-year warranty for the lithium-ion hybrid battery and a five-year warranty for the hybrid mileage system.

So what are the chances of this product being present in Indonesia? The possibility is quite wide open because the Civic products offered in the country also come from Thailand. However, this sales decision depends on the assessment of PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) to see the hybrid sedan market which is currently dominated by Toyota products. Regarding the price, the e:HEV EL+ variant is offered at 1.129 million Baht or around Rp. 440 million. The top model, the e:HEV RS, is offered at a price of 1.259 million Baht or around Rp. 531 million. Currently in Indonesia, only one Civic variant is offered, namely the All New Civic RS at a price of Rp. 584.9 million. This means that there is still a price gap that Honda Indonesia can work on to bring sedans with environmentally friendly technology into the country.

Hyundai Shows Stargazer Photo Cuts on Social Media

 Hyundai Motor Indonesia (HMID) today surprised the public by presenting a sneak peek of the future low MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle), Stargazer. A total of three leaked images are shown related to its future products.

“Step into the future with a dream look is the dream of many people. Look forward to innovative designs to support your journey to various destinations. Hyundai Stargazer coming soon!” write a photo description on the upload on the hyundaimotorindonesia Instagram account, Friday (17/6/2022).

Hyundai Shows Stargazer Photo Cuts on Social Media

Talking about this latest image, Hyundai displays the front, back and a little side for its newest product. Actually, this view is not much different from some of the leaks that have been broadcast and obtained by

The front view is reminiscent of the shape of the Hyundai Staria. The LED lights that extend from left to right are the hallmark of Hyundai's future low MPV design. The similarity of this design is also present in the headlamp which is also slightly downwards, right on the front bumper.

In the leaked rear image, Hyundai shows a futuristic elongated stop lamp design. There is no combination thick line, only a firm line that also extends from right to left of the entire back door.

As for the side is still a mystery. Hyundai only shows the front side which shows the typical dynamic rim design that is also used on the Staria.

The presence of this leaked image makes a clear marker for the presence of the low MPV from Hyundai. Finally, the information obtained is the certainty of the name Stargazer on the product. This is known from the filing of a trade name in November 2020 with the number DID2020072199 and registered with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. Documents registered by Hyundai Motor Company.

The latest, through the DKI Jakarta Samsat page, it is known NJKB and the variants that will be embedded in the Stargazer. The nomenclature of the variants resembles the naming on the Hyundai Creta model.

Based on the DKI Jakarta Samsat list, there is a Stargazer code ACT15 4x2A with an NJKB of Rp. 164 million. If you look at the code, it is likely the Active variant with a 1.5L 4x2 drive engine and automatic transmission.

Continue to code Stargazer ACT 15 4x2M with an NJKB of Rp. 155 million. Next up is the Stargazer PRM 15 4x2A with an NJKB value of Rp. 202 million, the Stargazer STY15 4x2 A with an NJKB of Rp. 189 million. There are still Stargazer TRN 15 4x2A with an NJKB value of Rp. 176 million and Stargazer TRN15 4x2 M with an NJKB value of Rp. 167 million.

Possible PRM codes for Prime, STY for Style and TRN for Trend. Same as given to Creta.

Another interesting piece of information is that Stargazer's NJKB is still lower than Creta's. The Creta SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) has an NJKB with amounts ranging from Rp. 193 million to Rp. 254 million. It could be that the price offered to Stargazer will be in the range of Rp. 200 million to Rp. 250 million.

Preparations to present the Stargazer are still being carried out by Hyundai. The team also had time to find a vehicle that might be a Stargazer being tested amidst the density of the Cipali Toll Road at KM 207 some time ago. Although covered with camouflage stickers, the vehicle's figure shows several parts that characterize Hyundai products. Like the LED stop lamp with a vertical design, the wide rear windshield ensures a spacious cabin for the LMPV segment. The headlights feature four-point LEDs, with the side shape reminiscent of the Staria MPV.

Regarding the engine, looking at the NJKB information above, it's probably still using the same engine as the Creta. This engine produces 115 PS of power and 144 Nm of torque.

So when is the official presence of this new product? It is likely to be present at the auto show in August 2022.

Honda CBU Motorcycle Price Update, Cheapest Rp. 76 million

 Not only selling locally assembled products, Astra Honda Motor (AHM) also sells imported CBU (Completely Build Up) units. There are various models, ranging from classic types, scooters to adventure. Most of them are imported in whole form from Thailand and the price is quite expensive. Now the cheapest price tag is IDR 76 million. Here are the options.

Honda CRF 250 Rally

CRF250 Rally

Power and torque is greater than its predecessor. If previously it had 24.7 hp of power and 22.6 Nm of torque, now the maximum power produced reaches 25.6 hp at 8,500 rpm and 23.1 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm.

The semi-double cradle frame design and exhaust cover and singwarm use the latest model, the load is reduced by 3 kg. Now the dry weight is only 152 Kg. The fuel tank can now hold 12.8 liters.

Front suspension uses up side down measuring 43 mm, and swing arms made of aluminum, with Pro-Link Single Shock suspension at the rear. Both front and rear use Showa alerts.

This model comes with aluminum rims in Alumite black color. Measuring 21 inches in front and 18 inches behind. Wrapped with dual purpose tires (80/100 front and 120/80 rear. Braking is equipped with Floating Wave Disk type discs with a diameter of 256 mm and two piston calipers mounted on the front wheels. And the rear is 220 mm in diameter and has one piston caliper.

Forza 250

Astra Honda Motor (AHM) gave a refresh to Forza early last year. The gambot scooter gets an update in the runway and display sectors. The imported scooter or Completely Build-Up (CBU) from Thailand is now marketed at a price of Rp. 90.313 million On The Road (OTR) Jakarta. Comes with four exclusive color choices, namely Pearl Horizon White, Indy Gray Metallic, Mat Gunpowder Black Metallic and Candy Rosy Red.

The body shape of the 2021 Honda Forza 250 is getting sharper. Seen on several sides, the front and back. Although given a new touch, this premium scooter still presents a comfortable sitting position. The terraced model seats are able to spoil the user and the pillion.

Honda Forza

The latest winker design on the mirrors also strengthens the impression of exclusivity. If the previous model was in the form of a long box, now it has a sharp shape. Then the electrical adjustable windscreen as a windscreen height regulator was updated. The latest model has a higher adjustment distance of about 40mm. 

The muffler cover design uses a new version, has a sharper line pull. If you look at it in more detail, the radiator components are also slightly more advanced in line with the fuel tank.

All lighting systems have adopted LED technology, both in front and behind. Honda Forza has been equipped with the ESS (Emergency Stop Signal) feature. Then it is equipped with supporting features for passing lamps and hazard lights for emergencies. As well as having an extra large U-box size, it can store 2 helmets and other luggage.

This model has been equipped with a console box with a USB Charger on the front. The power-enhancing device is a USB model, just plug in the smartphone's default charger cable without the need for additional connectors. The position can be closed, so it is safer.

The latest Honda Forza 250 gets a new technology, namely, eSP+. (enhanced Smart Power+). Still carrying the 249.01 cc engine, SOHC, one cylinder, liquid cooled. This mechanical heart is equipped with fuel injection technology (PGM-FI). Performance on paper is capable of spraying a peak torque of 24 Nm at 6,250 rpm and a maximum power of 23.5 hp at 7,750 rpm. Equivalent CVT transmission system. Gasoline tank capacity of 11.5 liters.

Various other advanced features are maintained. Among them is the Honda Smart Key System which is integrated with an anti-theft alarm and Answer Back System. Then there is the combination digital panel meter. Has complete information such as the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) indicator as a motorcycle traction controller that functions to prevent tire slippage, maintenance indicators, trip meters, fuel consumption indicators, speed and RPM.

This model uses tubeless tires measuring 120/70 - 15 M/C for the front tires and 140/70 - 14 M/C for the rear. Meanwhile, in terms of braking, this large scooter is equipped with front and rear discs that use a 2 Channel ABS system.


The Honda Monkey has been marketed in Indonesia since mid-2019. At that time, Astra Honda Motor (AHM) priced this tiny motorbike at a price of Rp. 65 million. Now three years later, the price has reached IDR 82.533 million OTR DKI Jakarta. This iconic motorcycle, which is still fully imported (CBU) from Thailand, has three color choices. Consists of Banana Yellow, Pearl Nebula Red and Pearl Shining Black.

Honda Monkey

He last received an update in mid 2021. The refresh includes the appearance and improvement of the engine side. Even so, the form remains the same. Still compact dimensions and light weight.

In terms of appearance, the Honda Monkey appears with the latest stripe color. Coupled with color changes to the frame and rim. If the old model used the concept of a framework similar to the color of the tank paint, now it's all black. Likewise on both wheels.

Apart from the refresh, everything is still the same. The classic design is still his trademark. Seen from the chrome color in some parts of the motor. It's on the front and rear fenders, exhaust covers, lamp covers, speedometer covers, right engine covers, round mirrors to high-positioned handlebars.

The latest Honda Monkey power support is equipped with a horizontal 5-speed SOHC, 125cc engine and is still supported by PGM-FI technology. This air-cooled mechanical heart gets an update on its diameter and stride length. Previously it was 52.4 x 57.9, now it is 50 x 63.1. The character is overstroke, so it is able to issue a large amount of power and torque at low and medium RPM.

When referring to the specifications released in Europe, it is noted that he is capable of producing 9.2 hp of power at 6,750 rpm and a maximum torque of 11 Nm at 5,500 rpm. The compression ratio also increases, when the old model 9.3:1 is now 10:1.

Not completely classic nuances, this bike has embraced modern elements. It can be seen in the lighting system which has adopted LED technology. Above the main lighting, there is a round full LCD digital meter panel. Just like other Honda superior products, it also uses the answer back system technology. Then the key is given a wave pattern with the Old Wing logo motif.

The upside down front suspension matches the color of the body. The rear uses dual suspension, resulting in the appropriate balance and flexibility.

In terms of safety, the Honda Monkey has used single-channel ABS in its braking system with an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to prevent the rear tire from lifting during sudden braking. The 12-inch diameter tires with block patterns give a dashing impression. The pleasure of driving with it is supported by 120/80 front tires and 130/80 rear tires.

 Supercub C125

Honda Super Cub C125 is an imported product from Thailand. In other words, the status of this motor is an external assembly or CBU (Completely Build-Up). For the first time on the floor at GIIAS 2018, it was initially marketed at a price of Rp. 55 million. However, he is currently being sold for Rp. 76.689 million OTR DKI Jakarta. He was asked to be the most expensive duck in Indonesia.

Honda Supercub

In the middle of last year, he got a refresher. It gets a new touch in terms of features and engines. From the display sector, there are differences with the previous model. Now there are rear seats and have a new all-black color. The new color is called Matte Axis Gray Metallic and uses seats wrapped in red color. Similar to the Pearl Niltava Blue version. While Pearl Nebula Red remains with an ash shell.

The mechanical heart of the Honda Super Cub C125 is also embedded with new components. But the specifications remain the same, single cylinder 125 cc SOHC, 4 stroke, air cooled with two valves. Bore x stroke size changes. Previously it was 52.4 mm x 57.9 mm, now it is 50 x 63.1 mm. Compression ratio increased to 10:1 before 9.3:1. The fuel induction still carries the PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection) injection technology.

Apart from the addition of rear seats and passenger footrests, other appearances have not changed. Still carrying the premium retro design. The original is still maintained such as the round headlight design, the elongated exhaust model, with a separate design seat model, leg protectors, metal rear fenders, and is supported by reliable performance and various premium features behind its unique appearance.

The entire lighting system is LED technology. Panel Meter adopts a combination of analog and digital. Another premium and modern feature that is embedded is the Smart Key System. And already integrated with Answer Back System.

The Super Cub C125 is based on a tubular steel C110 'Backbone' frame. Equipped with a Toolbox on the right side, which allows riders to store their luggage in a minimalist form. Pinned telescopic front suspension and twin rear suspension (swing arm).

The wheels are made of aluminum with an elegant 17-inch diameter. Both wheels are wrapped with tubeless tires measuring 70/90 and 80/90, respectively. Braking is equipped with a disc brake system at the front and drum at the rear.


Astra Honda Motor officially launched the CT125 in August 2020. It is a type of moped. The price offered is quite fantastic for a duck class. It was first released at IDR 76.8 million, now IDR 77.565 million OTR Jakarta. It is imported as a whole, aka Completely Built Up (CBU) from Thailand. Comes with a choice of colors, namely Glowing Red.

Honda CT125

This moped is included in the Honda CT-series family that has existed since 1964. Historically it is known as a light offroad moped. You could say, CT aka Trail Cub is an offroad version of the Honda Super Cub.

His distinctive features are a compact body, dual purpose tires, and a scrambler motorcycle exhaust. The seats use a single seat model and there is an iron shelf with the Trail Hunter logo on the back.

The headlights carry the classic round model, just like its predecessor. The turn signal is box-shaped and sticks under the handlebar. Underneath are the front fenders made of iron, further strengthening the tough look of this model.

Although he looks classic, he has embedded modern elements. All lighting sectors have LED technology. The headlights are round with an aesthetic circular DRL. Then the full-digital panel meter with a round and compact design.

The driving position is quite comfortable thanks to the high and wide handlebars with naked models. In addition, the placement of the intake air duct is positioned high to reduce the entry of dust. The exhaust is also designed in a scrambler model. In order to reduce the heat on the feet, from the neck to the back wrapped with a cover. To protect the engine, mounted iron on both sides and the bottom skid plate.

Specifications Honda CT125 Hunter Cub is still identical to the Super Cub 125, because it uses the same base engine. Equipped with a 125 cc engine, 1-cylinder, SOHC, PGM-FI injection, 4 stroke and air cooled. This bike has a bore and stroke of 52.4 x 57.9 mm with a compression ratio of 9.3:1. It is noted that the kitchen spur is capable of blowing power of 8.7 hp at 7,000 rpm with a maximum torque of 11 Nm at 4,500 rpm.

Because it was created to traverse all areas of road conditions, that's why the manufacturer gave it a kick starter. He uses a rigid and lightweight frame. The fuel tank has a capacity of 5.3 liters. The gasoline reservoir is perfectly wrapped behind the driver's seat, so that it is kept away from water if it hits a flood.

Telescopic front suspension with top and bottom triangle models. the playing distance is 10 mm, which is higher than other mopeds. Equipped with a dustproof rubber cover in the style of a dirt bike. The rear adopts dual shocks.

Use rims with a radius of 17 inches in diameter with semi dual purpose tires. The front and rear round rubber are given the same size, namely 80/90. And the braking system for both wheels already uses discs.

Is this the form of the Hyundai Stargazer that is ready to fight the Avanza, Xenia, Xpander and Ertiga?

 Hyundai has officially shown a leak of the future Stargazer low MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) product. This was done through their social media, Friday (6/17/2022) which showed various sides, starting from the LED in front, the stop lamp at the back and a little on the front side of the latest model.

“Step into the future with a dream look is the dream of many people. Look forward to innovative designs to support your journey to various destinations. Hyundai Stargazer coming soon!” write a photo description on the upload on the hyundaimotorindonesia Instagram account.

Speaking of design, Hyundai emphasizes the image of being innovative, classy, attention-seeking, unique, expressive, dynamic, and stunning. This design language was actually also encountered when Staria's large MPV appeared some time ago. Of course, at first glance, this leak is no different from the information that has been encountered on several occasions, that this low MPV was inspired by the shape and design of the premium MPV.

Looking at some of the design directions shown, we try to guess what the full form of the Stargazer will look like. Through digital engineering, the Stargazer display looks uniquely challenging to a class that is already crowded with the All New Avanza and Xenia as well as the New Xpander and All New Ertiga Hybrid.

Is this the form of the Hyundai Stargazer that is ready to fight the Avanza, Xenia, Xpander and Ertiga?

In our view, the front display clearly takes the design language from Staria. Comes with an LED welcoming light that extends from one side to the other, the design language of the front Stargazer is like a mini version of the Stargazer. The placement of the headlamp which is expected to use the LED feature is also similar, which is slightly below right on the front bumper. Strict grille lines with the possibility of a touch of parametric jewel are also found in this low MPV.

The use of LEDs is also shown in today's leaked images. Firm lines without any combination frills, make the back of the Stargazer appear simple, of course with a modern touch. The legs have also been leaked by Hyundai with the use of fan blade-style rims and a two-tone display. Will it be used in the original version? We'll just have to wait for it to arrive.

We try to see that the side of this latest low MPV will not be different from the low MPV design which is also inspired by the toughness of an SUV. This is shown by the design of the side that seems muscular with firm lines that show a fairly high ground clearance. Do not forget there is a body cladding that adds to the impression of a vehicle that is able to pass through various conditions.

The windshield area is made quite large and slopes for a better aerodynamic impression. The side glass is quite wide which is also present up to the third row. Whatever the final form of the Stargazer will be, of course the people of the country will be waiting for it. This is because the preparations made by Hyundai have been long enough to present the typical product of the Indonesian market.

Several times, automotive enthusiasts have encountered this product on the streets while being tested. The question of when this low MPV Stargazer product will be available, PT Hyundai Motor Indonesia (HMID) has denied with the answer, "Wait a minute". At least the certainty of the product's presence will be answered in a moment with the presence of these leaked images.

Judging from the various information that was present, Stargazer has been able to smell its presence since the submission of a trade name in November 2020 with the number DID2020072199 and registered with the Directorate General of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. Documents registered by Hyundai Motor Company.

The latest, through the DKI Jakarta Samsat page, it is known NJKB and the variants that will be embedded in the Stargazer. The nomenclature of the variants resembles that of the Cretan model. Hyundai uses the codenaming Stargazer ACT15 4x2A with an NJKB of IDR 164 million. If you look at the code, it is likely the Active variant with a 1.5L 4x2 drive engine and automatic transmission.

The list also included the naming of Stargazer ACT 15 4x2M with an NJKB of Rp. 155 million. Next up is the Stargazer PRM 15 4x2A with an NJKB value of Rp. 202 million, the Stargazer STY15 4x2 A with an NJKB of Rp. 189 million. There are still Stargazer TRN 15 4x2A with an NJKB value of Rp. 176 million and Stargazer TRN15 4x2 M with an NJKB value of Rp. 167 million. Possible PRM codes for Prime, STY for Style and TRN for Trend.

Another interesting piece of information is that Stargazer's NJKB is still lower than Creta's. The Creta SUV has an NJKB with amounts ranging from Rp. 193 million to Rp. 254 million. It could be that the price offered to Stargazer will be in the range of Rp. 200 million to Rp. 250 million. Regarding the engine, looking at the NJKB information above, it's probably still using the same engine as the Creta. This engine produces 115 PS of power and 144 Nm of torque.

Can't wait for the presence of the Hyundai Stargazer? The public is expected to be patient, because this product is likely to be officially present at the automotive exhibition in August.

The Electric-Powered Vespa 50 Special Appears at Milan Design Week 2022

 The Vespa 50 Special, a special edition like never before, was revealed at Milan Design Week 2022. The unit, called the Vespa 50 Special-e, was born from a concept designed by Garage Italia. So this is not a mass product, but an innovation. Interestingly, the conventional powertrain was removed and replaced with electric power.

With a contrasting ivory white color, this Vespa is the creation of Lapo Elkann and Sergio Esposito. Lapo's custom workshop has been around since 2015. He does a lot of restomod work, but so far he's only focused on cars. Lapo is a member of the Agnelli family, grandson of former Fiat chairman Gianni Agnelli. His brother John Elkann is the boss of Ferrari, Stellantis and CEO of Exor, the parent company of the two automakers.

The Electric-Powered Vespa 50 Special Appears at Milan Design Week 2022

The headquarters of Garage Italia is located in the Piazzale Accursio in Milan, where the debut took place. Meanwhile, the Vespa 50 Special-e represents Garage Italia's first entry into the world of two wheels. The unit took the stage alongside the Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto Hybrid which also debuted at Milan Design Week.

The reason they made this electric-powered Vespa was for one thing, namely the latest entry in the Italian ICON-E Garage series which turns the classic Italian design into an electric version. The point is of course, their work will become a Vespa design icon. Previous projects in the ICON-E series include the Fiat 500 Jolly and the Fiat Panda Integral-e.

“I am very happy to present Garage Italia Customs Special-e because for me the Vespa is not just an icon of style and design. In fact, I am very attached to Piaggio by a deep affection because my cousin Giovanni Alberto Agnelli was the President of the company in the 1990s. It is to him that I dedicate this latest creation of Garage Italia,” said Lapo Elkann.

According to the CEO of Garage Italia, Sergio Esposito this work is not a demonstration vehicle and is not a one-off version. He said that this unit will soon be available for pre-order through the official Garage Italia channel.

“Our Vespa 50 Special-e is dedicated straight to the hearts of Italian turtleneck lovers, through continuous design with great success. Vespa amplifies its storytelling even more, and presents itself in summer with our freshness, color and all-Italian touch. The Vespa 50 Special-e can be ordered directly through the official Garage Italia Customs channel," said Sergio Esposito.

The Vespa 50 Special-e from Garage Italia is painted in a contrasting ivory white color. Various details still survive with the original form. But of course with a new touch from the cold hands of Lapo and Sergio. Front and rear luggage racks are added, but in an optional package. The short-stemmed mirrors have rectangular dials reminiscent of the shape of headlights. Of the many changes, the single seat model is his trademark. Packed with innovative techniques. Use leather material with diamond texture.

Not much information is available about the electric powertrain involved. But the electrification kit replaces the gasoline combustion engine in the side compartment. With a power of 7kW and the range is said to be around 100 kilometers on a single charge. If the performance created is that big, it means that it is superior to the latest technology on the market today

Have a Yamaha Fazzio, this is a simple touch that makes it look so classy

 Yamaha Fazzio is one of the most popular scooters because of its unique design. It's just that because it is too popular, many people get used to its unique appearance.

But if you want a different look for your Yamaha Fazzio, this simple method can be followed. Like Fadel's Yamaha Fazzio who tried to modify the scooter with a color combination. The 26-year-old young man tried to fuse the sporty tricolor concept into his favorite Yamaha Fazzio NEO Red.

The trick is to repaint the scooter's color to candy red which can be seen to be a different color when viewed from a certain angle. Fadel said that basically the Yamaha Fazzio looks cool and classy. It made it easier for him to make it even cooler.

Have a Yamaha Fazzio, this is a simple touch that makes it look so classy

"For that I changed the basic color to be more unique, with a tricolor concept. My Fazzio will look different in color when viewed from a different side or angle. Coupled with a gold color accent, it will be more eye catching, "said Fadel. Similar to Fadel, Albert is a a private employee who uses the Yamaha Fazzio NEO Black for his daily work, he chose to modify his motorbike with a neo retro concept, which still prioritizes comfort when driving on the road.

Albert changed the appearance of his Fazzio Neo Black to a more luxurious Italian style. With basic chrome effect painting, plus a scratch effect on the body like from a famous brand helmet concept, then it is given an Italian flag graphic to give the impression of a European concept motorbike. For convenience for the rider and passenger, Albert changed the seat on the motorcycle. The seats are made in a double model with brown leather and don't forget to accent the Italian flag.

“Broadly speaking, there are no difficulties in modifying Fazzio. Made with any concept Yamaha Fazzio is sure to fit and stay cool. Because I use this motorbike every day, so apart from thinking about the concept of a display that can attract the attention of many people, I also think about comfort when I ride, “explained Albert.

How To Attract Yamaha To Sell Fazzio Hybrid To Consumers

 Yamaha Fazzio is a 125 cc automatic motorcycle with hybrid technology. To introduce and sell this bike to consumers, Yamaha has its own way. One of them is by holding the Yamaha Fazzio Exhibition in the atrium of Aeon Mall, Tanjung Barat, South Jakarta, 6-12 June 2022.

Various attractive programs and prizes are served to potential consumers. Exciting activities were also displayed including the Photography Competition, Breakdance Competition, Rap Competition, and Fazzio Runaway.

How To Attract Yamaha To Sell Fazzio Hybrid To Consumers

Interestingly, Photo Competition participants at the Yamaha booth had the opportunity to win 1 unit of Fazzio & Ovo Voucher worth Rp. 200,000.

The way to participate is very easy, namely by expressing yourself at one of the Fazzio booths that have been provided. Then, upload as creative a photo as possible on the Instagram Feed. Hashtag #ColorUpJakarta #ClassyYamaha #YamahaFazzio.

Then follow @yamahaindonesia and, and tag 3 friends. Participants must write the caption "Why I Love Fazzio".

Participants are also required to register via barcode at the Fazzio booth. Other prizes are available, namely Exclusive T Shirts and the chance to get a Costume Helmet from Trooper. Promo for purchasing Yamaha Fazzio during the exhibition, of course, with terms and conditions apply.


Rare Yamaha Fazzio, Secondhand Starts to Appear in e-Commerce

 In addition to the very long pivot of the new unit, the Yamaha Fazzio is rare in a number of used motorcycle dealers in Jabodetabek

Officially enlivening the country's automotive market, Yamaha Fazzio has succeeded in attracting consumers' attention since its inception. No wonder the hybrid motor pivot reached three months.

If the new unit of Yamaha Fazzio is rare, what about the used motorbike. Seeing this, TrenOto tried to visit a number of used motorcycle dealers in the Greater Jakarta area.

Rare Yamaha Fazzio, Secondhand Starts to Appear in e-Commerce

Rudy, the owner of the Rudy Motor showroom in the West Jakarta area, said that he had never sold a Yamaha Fazzio. This is inseparable from the vehicle model which is still relatively new.

"Not yet, if you want to sell it, someone will definitely buy it, only the goods are not available. Maybe because it's still new," he said.

When asked about the price range of the Japanese manufacturer's motorbike, Rudy admitted that he still had to see when the used units were available. He also doesn't know for sure whether the motorbike has high consumer loyalty.

"When it comes to price, you must first look at the condition of the motorbike. But if there are a lot of people who are interested, the price for the used units is still high," he said.

In line with Rudy, Simon, the owner of the Lu Minta Motor dealer, admits that he has never sold a used Yamaha Fazzio until now.

"There are no units, so I still can't talk much about the price and availability of the motorbike," he said

Although Yamaha Fazzio has not been found in some used motorcycle showrooms. However, we found one unit that was marketed on an online buying and selling site with a used status.

It becomes interesting because the price tag offered by the seller is cheaper. The new motorbike covers a distance of 1,000 kilometers.

As a scooter with a 125 cc engine, 1 cylinder, SOHC, air cooling, and injection foggy, the power that the vehicle can produce reaches 8.3 hp at 6,500 rpm and 10.6 Nm of torque at 4,500 rpm. This motorbike is also equipped with a Blue Core Hybrid system.

The way the Yamaha Fazzio hybrid works focuses on 2 sources of power because they are interrelated. The first is the power from a conventional engine so that the driving sensation continues to run optimally.

The next interesting thing is the Electric Power Assist Start (EPAS) technology. This technology serves to provide additional power in the first 3 seconds so that the initial acceleration is more maximal and smoother.

Targeting the energetic and dynamic youth market share, Yamaha Fazzio is equipped with various modern technologies such as LED headlights, full digital speedometer, Smart Key System, an advanced keyless key system with the Answer Back System feature to make it easier for owners to find motorbikes in their homes. parking area.


Here's How To Get A Yamaha Fazzio For Free

 Yamaha Indonesia provides an opportunity for the wider community who want to get a free Yamaha Fazzio through the Fazzio Festival event. This event itself takes place in five (5) cities, including Semarang, Bali, Kediri, Jakarta, and Bandung, from May to June 2022.

Here's How To Get A Yamaha Fazzio For Free

"We provide a variety of attractive prizes such as 5 units of Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid-Connected (for 5 areas where the Fazzio Festival is held) and prizes with a total of tens of millions of rupiah for all Indonesian people who visit the Fazzio Festival," said Antonius Widiantoro, Public Relations Manager of PT Yamaha. Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) in its official statement.

Semarang is the opening city for the Fazzio Festival. The event will run from 12 to 18 May 2022 at Ciputra Mall Semarang.

According to Zaldiansyah Perdana, Promotion Coordinator of PT YIMM DDS 3 Central Java-DIY, the way to get a free Yamaha Fazzio is very easy. Just take a photo and upload it on social media.

"So taking and uploading photos applies to all levels of society. Just come and take photos at the Yamaha Fazio booth at our event, the Yamaha Fazio Festival at Mall Ciputra Semarang, May 12-18, 2022," explained the man who is familiarly called Zaldy.

To participate in this activity there is a mechanism that must be followed. First, visitors must visit the FAZZIO booth during the Fazzio Festival exhibition.

Then, visitors create the most interesting and creative photo content according to their respective styles.

After that, upload a photo on Instagram Feed by including the hashtag ColorUp City (eg #ColorUpSemarang) #ClassyYamaha #YamahaFAZZIO, Follow and tag Instagram @yamahaindonesia, and Tag 3 friends in the photo.

In addition, make an interesting caption maybe as an answer "Why I love FAZZIO" / "Why I love Fazzio".

According to Zaldy, the next procedure is, after uploading, participants scan the QR Code to complete the competition registration or via the BIT.LY/LOMBAFAZZIOFESTIVAL link.

Indent Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid up to 3 Months

 Consumers have to be patient to ask for a new motorbike from Yamaha, namely Fazzio. Because Fazzio's scooter pivot is up to three months.

A number of employees of Yamaha dealerships in South Jakarta and Depok, West Java who were met by CNNIndonesia admitted that this condition had occurred since the motorcycle was first launched in January 2022.

Pemintaan Yamaha Fazzio membeludak membuat masa inden hingga 3 bulan.

"For now, the goods are not ready, so there is an estimated three-month pivot," said a Yamaha dealer salesperson in South Jakarta, Thursday (21/4).

A salesperson at a different dealer who asked not to be named also mentioned a similar problem. He said that Fazzio's fans were quite high, so the pivot was snaking. Prospective consumers also have to place an order in advance to avoid a longer indent.

"For example, if it's from color. For example, the buyer wants red, but later if the item is not ready in the middle of the pivot period, we will let you know the item is not available. If you still want red, the wait will be longer. If you want it, then continue," he said.

He suspects Fazzio's high demand is not accompanied by an increase in Yamaha Fazzio's production.

Social media groups have pretty much discussed Fazzio's pivot period. A number of netizens complained that their orders did not come and were asked to be patient by Yamaha salespeople.

A number of Yamaha Indonesia officials who were contacted for information on the scarcity of Fazzio at the dealer have so far not provided information.

Production disrupted due to semiconductor chips

Yamaha had complained about the lack of supply of semiconductor chips which disrupted the production of Yamaha motorcycles in Indonesia.

"That (chip crisis) has an effect, especially for motorbikes that use semiconductors. Last year it felt really bad, we had some products with shortages, we couldn't meet consumer needs," said Public Relations Manager, YRA & Community PT Yamaha Indonesia. Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) Antonius Widiantoro quotes detik.

At that time, Anton did not explain Fazzio's status as he was affected by a shortage of component supplies. However, this Fazzio Hybrid is one of the products that uses semiconductors.

On the other hand, Fazzio said that YIMM Technical & Education Aji Handoko could be a signal for the recovery of semiconductor supply. Because the product was launched when the crisis problem began to be resolved even though it was not normal. 

On the other hand, Fazzio said that YIMM Technical & Education Aji Handoko could be a signal for the recovery of semiconductor supply. Because the product was launched when the crisis problem began to be resolved even though it was not normal.

"There are several parts (using chips) in Yamaha Fazzio. Hopefully this product will be launched when the supply has recovered, hopefully these problems will not happen again," said Aji.

MINI Talks About Electrification and Semiconductor Scarcity

 Electric vehicles are the path chosen by Indonesia to achieve its emission reduction target. Various parties have supported the road chosen by the government, one of which is Mini Indonesia. The latest, Mini brought pure electric products in the Mini Electric some time ago.

Head of Mini Asia, Kidd Yam revealed, the presence of Mini Electric in Indonesia is one of Mini's preparations to welcome the era of electrification. Mini, which is under the BMW Group, has targeted to sell its entire product line with electric technology by 2030. Not to forget, all preparations for the electrification era have begun, including in Indonesia.

MINI Talks About Electrification and Semiconductor Scarcity

"Starting 2030 all Mini products will be fully electric, no conventional engines. We also do not glance at the hybrid. All readiness has been confirmed, and we will see what kind of response, and what is needed. We also learn what customers need and we will continue to improve it,” said Kidd when met on the sidelines of the Mini Electric launch some time ago.

Kidd added, for model shifts, consumers in the premium car segment seem to be quicker to adapt. This is because of the courage and desire of Mini consumers to experience and try new technologies.

“In addition, many consumers in the premium segment tend to think that electric vehicles can be an interesting option to try. Because on the other hand, electric vehicles have several advantages, such as being free of odd-even. Consumers in this segment also have more than one vehicle," said Kidd.

Jodie O'Tania, Director of Communications for the BMW Group also said that Mini is currently preparing for its electric charging infrastructure and sales network. Preparations for human resources were also made to welcome consumers who have electric vehicles.

Especially for the new Mini Electric model, Mini Indonesia also provides support for ease of ownership. One of them is by installing Wallbox Charging for every Mini Electric purchase.

"So the purchase of Mini Electric includes Wallbox Charging Mini and installation. Later we will survey first, whether the electrical power at home is appropriate. We will adjust to each customer. In addition, gradually, we will also cooperate with dealers and several places, such as shopping malls, to provide electricity charging stations," said Jodie.

Semiconductor Chip Crisis

Mini and BMW in Indonesia are also inseparable from global conditions, namely the scarcity of semiconductor chips. A number of vehicles offered by the BMW Group in Indonesia are reportedly affected by the scarcity of these chip components.

Jodie even revealed, due to this global problem, his party was forced to cut some of the features offered on the vehicle. Although it is not clear what features will be sacrificed. 

“So, there are features that have to be removed due to chip problems. But the feature is not essential, but like an additional feature," said Jodie.

The scarcity of these chips also has an impact on production and makes consumer waiting times lengthen. Reportedly, several models have completely build up (CBU) status, aka imports, the indent time becomes longer.

“Several models, especially the CBU, were affected and pivoted. For the Indonesian model (CKD) there are some but not significant. Some Mini models, the indent can be one year," said Jodie.

Mini Electric is offered in two variants, namely Mini Electric and Mini Electric Collection, which are available in limited quantities. Mini Indonesia offers Electric Collection at Rp.955 million and Mini Electric at Rp.945 million, all off the road. This price also includes Mini wallbox, cable for charging in public places, travel charger and installation fee

About the price of the battery and maintenance costs for the Ertiga Hybrid, this is what Suzuki says

 The All New Ertiga Hybrid is the latest Suzuki model offered in Indonesia. The update on the low multi-purpose vehicle product is quite interesting because it includes mild hybrid technology to help make fuel consumption more efficient.

Attention then focused on the two accompanying technologies. This latest Ertiga Hybrid relies on two main components, namely the integrated starter generator (ISG) and the battery. So what about the availability of spare parts for both, for example, there are consumers who have problems.

About the price of the battery and maintenance costs for the Ertiga Hybrid, this is what Suzuki says

This question was answered by Christiana Yuantie, Spareparts Dept. Head of PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS). Suzuki has guaranteed the availability of Ertiga Hybrid batteries and spare parts for better ownership comfort.

“This vehicle uses two types of batteries, acid and lithium. The price is Rp. 15 million for lithium and Rp. 3.6 million for acid," said Christina on the sidelines of the launch of the All New Ertiga Hybrid.

Suzuki itself is currently still bringing its newest product battery completely from abroad. The plan, Suzuki will localize the battery components so that the price can be reduced cheaper. Suzuki itself has claimed that the All New Ertiga Hybrid has a local content level of more than 80 percent.

"For now, we are in the process of producing domestically. The components supplied are also being worked out and efforts are made to be localized," said Donny Saputra, 4W Marketing Director of PT SIS at the same time.

Donny also explained that his party already has partners who intend to invest in the production of electric vehicle batteries in Indonesia. This investment is expected to be used to supply the main vehicle components. It is hoped that this production can be realized in 2024 or even sooner. Suzuki himself is still keeping his mouth shut about who will be his partner.

Interestingly, Suzuki has prepared steps to become the export base for the All New Ertiga Hybrid to several countries in the world. Donny explained that there will be 12 countries in various regions that are ready to receive products from the Suzuki factory in Cikarang.

"This year we will export to 12 countries in Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Pacific Islands and the Caribbean. We hope that this number will increase in line with the increasing demand,” said Donny.

So what about the maintenance of this latest Suzuki model? The All New Ertiga Hybrid is said to be an electrification product at an affordable price, of course it needs special attention to maintain this technology.

Joshi Prasetya, Strategic Planning Dept. Head of PT SIS on different occasions revealed that the maintenance of the All New Ertiga Hybrid remains the same as the conventional model. This is because the included technology does not jump too far compared to conventional models and can be understood and felt by consumers easily, including the matter of an affordable purchase price.

"We also include a warranty for the battery up to 5 years or 100,000 kilometers. So there are no additional costs, we also don't want to sell a product and then make the price higher or the maintenance costs big," said Joshi.

Joshi also explained about the battery, every periodic service there will be a separate check and become a parameter for the life cycle of battery components. If it is judged to have decreased and is affecting performance, or an error or abnormality is found, it is recommended to replace it because the hybrid function will be disrupted. However, consumers are expected not to worry, Suzuki with a guarantee of up to five years guarantees the availability of battery replacement.

The All New Ertiga Hybrid is actually not the first time using this technology. Several years ago, Suzuki also presented the Ertiga diesel hybrid which was later discontinued. Technologically, these two products are the same but the All New Ertiga Hybrid has a newer and more sophisticated generation.

The All New Ertiga Hybrid comes in two variants. The SS Hybrid AT variant is priced at IDR 292.3 million, the SS Hybrid MT at IDR 281.3 million. There is still a variant of the GX Hybrid AT which is priced at IDR 281.3 million and the GX Hybrid MT at a price of IDR 270.3 million. Suzuki still offers the non-hybrid Ertiga in the GL and GA variants. The GA MT variant as the cheapest comes with a price of IDR 225.1 million. The GL MT variant is priced at IDR 248.5 million and the GL AT at IDR 259.5 million.

Check out the advantages of the All New Yamaha Aerox 155 Connected Compared to Other Scooters

 The Yamaha Maxi family is a flagship product designed to meet the needs of its customers. One of them is the All New Yamaha Aerox 155. It has a sporty look and a powerful engine that makes it popular with consumers. It comes in three variants, Connected/ABS which is sold for Rp. 30.3 million and Connected is priced at Rp. 26.7 million. Another Connected/ABS World GP 60th Anniversary Livery version which is sold for IDR 30.8 million OTR DKI Jakarta. When compared to other scooters in its class, it has many advantages. Whatever, here's the full details.

Check out the advantages of the All New Yamaha Aerox 155 Connected Compared to Other Scooters

LED headlamp & stop lamp

The manufacturer provides all variants of the All New Aerox 155 with LED lighting technology. Pinned on the headlamp and stop lamp. The beam of this type of lamp is known to be brighter than ordinary halogen. In addition, it is claimed to be durable and more durable. The design of the headlight housing is dynamic, and is given a DRL (Daytime Running Light), showing a premium and sporty impression. Likewise in the tail, strengthening the character of race. 

Digital Instrument Panel

It is equipped with a full digital instrument panel with Multi Information Display (MID). The appearance is quite informative to make it easier for motorists to understand the condition of the motorbike. The screen has a blue background and is equipped with Y-Connect (Yamaha Motorcycle Connect) Apps, messages, email and phone indicators.

In the sporty scooter segment, the Y-Connect feature is one of the advantages of the All New Aerox 155. The technology is able to connect the driver's smartphone with a motorcycle via Bluetooth. With this feature, riders can easily get information related to phone notifications and incoming messages on the motorcycle dashboard, fuel consumption information, information on the latest parking location, maintenance recommendations that show battery and oil conditions, malfunction notifications up to the Revs Dashboard.

In addition, the Y-Connect application also has an entertaining Rank feature for consumers to enjoy their driving activities. They can compete with other users of the Communication Control Unit / CCU system (Yamaha motorcycles with the Y-Connect feature) in terms of distance traveled and eco riding points.

While the equipment is the same. For indicator lights there are Coolant temperature warning light, Engine trouble warning light, VVA and High beam indicator light. While the most expensive version has an additional Smart Keys System, Stop & Start System, Anti-lock brake system (ABS) warning light. While the digital panel has a tachometer, speedometer, fuelmeter, odometer, tripmeter, V-Belt trip, clock, Average F-Eco, Instant F-Eco, Self-Diagnosis, and Battery Voltage.

Stop & Start System (SSS) and Smart Motor Generation (SMG)

This feature is made to save fuel. The system works, the machine turns off automatically when the position stops for more than three seconds. The engine starts again when the gas handle is turned. So the fuel is not wasted. To activate it, make sure the SSS button on the right of the handlebars is On.

With regard to fuel efficiency, SSS technology is in synergy with Smart Motor Generation (SMG), the engine sound becomes smoother the first time it is turned on. After the engine starts, the generator functions to charge the battery or battery.

Switch Control Handlebar

In its class, even in other scooters, no one has similar features. Function makes it easier for the driver to choose the display of information and settings on the speedometer. The adjustment lever is located on the left handle. Operated only with the left index finger.

Smart Key System & Answer Back System

Other scooters have indeed adopted this technology. Riders no longer need to use a conventional key to start the motor, but it is based on a remote (keyless). This is an innovation in terms of practicality. But the difference is that the All New Aerox 155 has a more modern knob shape. The presence of this technology can also minimize theft. It has embedded Immobilizer and Answer Back System features, which make it easier to find the position of the motorbike in the parking location. Just press the button on the remote earlier, then the motor will respond. This technology is only available in the highest variant.

Electric Power Socket

Already given Electric Power Socket. It is located in the front storage compartment, complete with a cover. It is safer when the driver charges the cellphone battery, and aesthetically it is neater. The charger port and cable are not included in the sales package.

Tandem seat

The seats are made with a dual contoured sporty design, making the rider more comfortable. The shape is more dynamic with white stitching motifs.

Baggage Area

Supported by a luggage capacity of up to 25 liters. Thanks to this wide storage space, a full face helmet can also be placed in it. As well as several other small-dimensional items that are needed by motorists.


Braking control on the front wheels is maximized with the Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). Makes driving safer and more comfortable. This feature is only available in the highest type.

Wide tubeless tires

For round leather, other scooters in its class are even the largest. Using wide-profile tubeless tires. Front uses 110/80-14, and rear 140/70-14. In addition to making it look dashing, it also provides a more stable and stable driving experience.

Twin Sub-tank Suspension

The All New Aerox 155 is again superior to other scooters. He already uses twin sub-tank suspension. The rear shock absorber is equipped with a small tube with gas in it. Serves to keep the oil pressure high and prevent the oil from turning into small bubbles. The goal is to make the motorcycle more stable and comfortable when driving. This device is only available for the most expensive variant.

Stand side switch

Stand Side Switch is intended to reduce the risk of drivers forgetting to raise the side standard. The motor engine can turn off automatically when the motor support is lowered. And it can't be turned on if it hasn't been raised.

Blue Core Technology and VVA (Variable Valve Actuation)

The most important advantage of the All New Aerox 155 is that it has carried Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) technology. Makes torque evenly at every engine speed. Moreover, it is supported by a 155 cc Blue Core engine, SOHC, liquid-cooled.

Talking about engine specifications, he is able to produce a maximum power of 15.1 hp at 8,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 13.9 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Making it have the best performance and Power to Weight Ratio (PWR) in its class.

That's a row of excellent features found on the All New Aerox 155 Connected. For the most expensive variant, there are two special color choices, namely Prestige Silver and Maxi Signature Black. Meanwhile, the lowest type is offered with 4 color options: Dark Gray Yellow, Matte Black Cyan, Red and Black

Tips for Caring for a Toyota Euro 4 Diesel Engine Car

 Since April 2022, Toyota has marketed all diesel-engined cars with Euro4 emission standards. The engine is equipped with a variable turbo, common-rail and intercooler which makes the car a lot of torque and most importantly is environmentally friendly. With a number of advanced features, users or vehicle owners must pay attention to how to care for the Toyota Euro4 diesel car engine.

“All new Toyota cars with diesel engines marketed by Auto2000 have met the Euro4 emission standards set by the government. However, in order to stay in prime condition, users must follow the recommendations of the vehicle manual and have regular periodic servicing at the Auto2000 workshop," said Nur Imansyah Tara, Aftersales Business Division Head of Auto2000.

Tips for Caring for a Toyota Euro 4 Diesel Engine Car

In detail Auto2000 provides tips about modern diesel engine maintenance as follows:

Use the Right Fuel

The first tip that must be carried out by vehicle owners is the use of appropriate fuel. Improper fuel will have a big negative impact on the vehicle. High sulfur content can disrupt the fuel distribution system, decrease engine performance, and reduce engine life. The cetane level must also match the needs of the engine in order to deliver the best power. Adjust the fuel used with the recommendations in the Toyota vehicle manual. 

Check Solar Filter

The diesel filter or diesel fuel filter is responsible for ensuring that dirt does not enter the injection system. Vehicle owners can find out the condition of a dirty filter through the instrument panel. If the instrument panel light is on, don't delay and replace it with a new diesel filter immediately.

Clean Air Filter

The job of the air filter is to filter the air that enters the combustion chamber. Clean air can make engine performance maintained and use fuel more efficiently. Therefore, you are asked to clean it regularly to anticipate the formation of scale on the components and reduce the risk of clogged dirt.

Pay attention to water sediments

The water sedimenter functions to catch the water content in the fuel line, so it doesn't flow into the engine so it doesn't interfere with engine performance and prevents the risk of rusting. Immediately drain the water sedimenter when the water sedimenter indicator light on the instrument panel lights up because the water is full.

Warm up the engine before running and wait a moment before turning it off

Before traveling, the driver is asked to warm up the engine for about one minute to ensure that the lubricant spreads to all engine components. Then before turning off, the car is also advised to stay on for one minute to cool the working engine components.

Change Engine Oil

Check the engine oil level via the dipstick to make sure it doesn't decrease. Change the diesel engine oil every 6 months, so that the oil condition is always maintained. Make sure to use TMO diesel engine oil to match the specifications of Toyota cars circulating in Indonesia.

Mitsubishi Registers Xpander Cross Facelift Patent Design

 The patent design at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights displays the Mitsubishi Xpander Cross with application number A00202104139. It is common for manufacturers before releasing a new product to register the design first. Just to refresh the memory. PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (PT MMKSI) released a new variant with a CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) transmission in November and announced prices in mid-December 2021.

Mitsubishi Registers Xpander Cross Facelift Patent Design

Usually a light refresh (facelift) of a car is carried out every two years. Maybe next year will be an important moment for this Japanese manufacturer to launch a new version of his low SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle). Let's take a closer look at the design of the Mitsubishi Xpander Cross.

When viewed from the patent drawings, the shape of the design looks familiar. Similar to the current regular Xpander body line. The shape of the grille looks more advanced, maybe it will be plated with black chromium. The top uses a horizontal bar. The bumper seems to blend with the front grille. The sculptural plot remains in the style of Mitsubishi's signature Dynamic Shield design. Then the Xpander Cross will have a new lamp housing like the letter T sleep. Manufacturers call them T-shaped headlights. So that the composition becomes more dense and sporty. Then the fog lamps are integrated with the front bumper protector.

When you look from the side, the waistline from the front door to the rear end remains the same. To emphasize the robustness of a typical SUV, Mitsubishi coated the body with over fenders and body molding. It could be that the dual tone rim pattern also changes, in order to hoist the appearance to make it more beautiful. The size is believed to remain the same, namely 17 inches.

Turning to the rear, the main attraction also comes from the taillight housing. Slightly different, using a curved letter L. Then the LED luminescence pattern was made even better. Then underneath, you'll find a pair of vertical reflectors on either side. Then the shape of the rear door is similar to the Mitsubishi Xpander facelift 2022. The location of the trapezoidal number plate and bumper also stands out.

There have been no leaks of the interior design. However, because it is only a refresher, the cabin arrangement is predicted not to differ much from the existing model in the country. Likewise with the use of machines.

The Xpander Cross is predicted to still use the MIVEC 1.5 liter four-cylinder DOHC heart. Pulse power up to 105 PS at 6,000 rpm. Then the engine provides a torsional moment as strong as 141 Nm, achieved at 4,000 rpm. The new CVT transmission is definitely maintained for a smoother and smoother power distribution. The 5-speed manual option is unforgettable. All distributed to the front wheels. Features that must be maintained are: ASC, ABS & EBD with BA, ESS, Hill Start Assist and Electric Parking Brake (EPB) with Brake Auto Hold. We'll see what happens next!

Kawasaki KLX230 Adds New Family, Prices Start at IDR 49.9 Million

 Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) completes the 2022 line-up by presenting three new products. Consists of the KLX230S, KLX230SM and KLX230SM SE. The three models are sold starting from Rp. 49.9 million to Rp. 56.7 million OTR DKI Jakarta.

According to Michael C. Tanadhi, Head of Sales & Promotion of KMI, his party was really waiting for this momentum to answer the needs of consumers in the country. "Kawasaki always tries to commit to developing new technology. With the presence of this new product, we are ready to provide pleasure and enjoyment for motorcycle users," he said at the 2022 Jakarta Fair, Thursday (9/6).

Kawasaki KLX230 Adds New Family, Prices Start at IDR 49.9 Million

The first new product from the KLX230 line up is the KLX230S, an improvement unit from the old model. He is now more aggressive. The most striking is seen in the use of headlights. Now it looks more 'snub' and flat. The lighting is now LED technology. Brighter and longer lasting. This latest model has a distinctive Low Down Seat appearance, or a seat that is designed lower than its predecessor.

For adventure enthusiasts, the KLX230S is believed by Kawasaki to be a tough trail bike for all terrains. With a 233 cc engine capacity, more stable power, rugged chassis and high-performance capability.

"KMI launched the KLX230S motorcycle with a low down seat display of 830 mm which is certainly its trademark now. We hope that trail bike lovers can enjoy this more capable appearance and specifications," added Michael C. Tanadhi.

The KLX230S's performance is no different from before. 233 cc capacity, single cylinder, SOHC, 2 valves, air cooled and already injected. He is capable of producing 18.7 hp at 7,600 rpm and a maximum torque of 19.8 Nm at 6,100 rpm.

Travel suspension front 220 mm and rear 223 mm, so it can hit bumpy roads. In addition, the ground clearance is also designed higher, with a distance of 210 mm from the ground. It aims to prevent the motor from colliding with rocks. This motorbike is priced at IDR 49.9 million OTR DKI Jakarta.

In addition to offering the KLX230S, it also presents the KLX230SE. Line up as the most complete variant because it has been equipped with various accessories supporting adventure. Such as hand guard, engine guard, frame guard, and gold upside down.

Then the second model presented by KMI is the KLX230SM. This unit further strengthens the name KLX. Designed for novice riders who like supermoto type motorcycles. This variant is also an alternative model that is lighter than the D-Tracker X.

Regarding the engine, it is still identical to the KLX230 series model. It's just that he has a difference in the sector of his legs. KLX230SM is equipped with an upside down suspension and a unitrak model at the rear. For the diameter of the front and rear wheels using a size of 17 inches. The motorcycle braking system has adopted a petal disc model at the front and rear.

Use 3 inch front and 3.5 inch rear rims. You could say the size is wider than the KLX type below. The suspension is also set to be asphalt-oriented so that it includes stiffer springs and less travel than the KLX230S long-travel suspension (front: 204mm and rear: 168mm). A stiffer setting offers greater calm (the front dives less than the KLX230S during braking). This motorbike is priced at IDR 54.9 million OTR DKI Jakarta.

The manufacturer also offers a special edition of the KLX230SM, namely the KLX230SM SE. All are still identical, the difference is only in the variety of accessories attached and the visual side. The most expensive variant uses gold rims and front suspension tubes. The price offered is IDR 56.7 million OTR DKI Jakarta.