New MG HS Launches, Now with Semi Autonomous Features

 After repeatedly showing teasers and leaking new product plans. MG Motor Indonesia finally officially introduced the New MG HS, (25/1). This SUV is the first product to be introduced in 2023 and carries a variety of the latest technologies in its class.

"We are presenting an SUV that has a modern design and is superior in terms of safety as well as comfort in various situations. The New MG HS now brings various advantages through design, features and technology that suit the needs of the Indonesian people," said Zhang Weiwei, Vice Managing Director of MG Motor Indonesia. greeting.

New MG HS Launches, Now with Semi Autonomous Features

The New MG HS design still carries the 3rd Design Language MG. The digital flamming grille with alloy rims of the Tomahawk model is a concern. The front looks modern thanks to the shape of the tapered headlamp with LED projector technology. This LED technology is also present in turn signals and stop lamps. The sporty impression is visible through the double exhaust at the back.

It measures 4,574 mm in length, 1,876 mm in width and 1,664 mm in height with a wheelbase of 2,720 mm. There are four color options to choose from: metal ash gray, scarlet red, black night and artic white.

The interior hasn't changed much. MG HS uses a yacht blue color and soft touch materials in several places for a premium impression. In addition, there is a panoramic sunroof, a 12.3-inch digital meter cluster, and a 10.1-inch IPS touch screen head unit. Passengers can also feel the ambient light with a choice of 256 colors to choose from.

The MG HS update feels the most from the more advanced i-Smart technology. It is a telematics feature connected to a mobile phone. Through this feature, the owner can easily monitor the condition of the car, as well as activate in-vehicle features.

Some of the capabilities that can be done through the i-Smart feature include remote vehicle control, security alarm, remote vehicle diagnosis, geofence, MG touchpoint and travel plans. The Smart Command feature allows owners to make voice commands, smart calls, i-call to contact the MG call center, set points of interest and digital key technology to operate the vehicle.

Safety devices rely on the advanced ADAS system. This feature consists of a lane assist system, lane departure warning, lane departure prevention, and lane keep assist. There is still adaptive cruise control, traffic jam assist, forward collision warning, intelligent high beam control. In addition, features lane change assist, blind spot detection, rear cross traffic alert and door open warning. Other features include ABS, EBD and EBA braking as standard, there are electronic differential system features, a stability control system and a traction control system.


Its performance comes from a 1,490 cc turbo four-cylinder engine with a power production of 162 PS at 5,600 rpm and 250 Nm of torque at 1,700 - 4,400 rpm. Everything is channeled to the front wheels with a 7-speed sportronic twin clutch transmission.

The latest MG HS is offered in three variants namely Activate, Ignite and Magnify i-Smart as the top variant. Activate costs IDR 455.8 million, Ignite IDR 499.8 million and Magnify IDR 545.8 million. All are on the road status and can be ordered now.

Goodyear Releases Silent Tires for Premium Cars

 PT Goodyear Indonesia Tbk. released two new tires: Assurance ComfortTred and Assurance Maxguard SUV. It is claimed to be quiet, because it is supported by Advanced Noise Canceling (ANX) technology which minimizes the sound of tire friction. Both are available at dealers and tire shops with prices starting from IDR 1.1 million for the Assurance ComforTred and Assurance Maxguard SUV starting from IDR 1.5 million.

Goodyear Releases Silent Tires for Premium Cars

“Assurance ComfortTred is aimed at comfort-oriented premium vehicles, so we present ANX technology which reduces noise from tire noise. Meanwhile, Assurance Maxguard itself is intended for urban SUVs that have more mobility in the city. We see that consumers in the premium segment place greater importance on comfort than other matters," said Andreas Sendie, Area Sales Manager & Training Specialist at Goodyear Indonesia.

Assurance ComfortTred has 13 different sizes, from ring 16 to ring 19. Commonly found in full-size sedans. Meanwhile, the Assurance Maxguard SUV starts with ring 15 to ring 20 inches according to consumer needs. Apart from ANX, Assurance ComfortTred is also supported by several features such as Wet Roads & Control Safety, Stable Cornering Performance and Wet Control & safety.

The Assurance Maxguard SUV has ActiveGrip technology which improves the grip of the tires on the road surface and DuraGuard Technology using 2 layers of construction. In addition, the block design of the Maxguard SUV has also been made more inclined to reduce tire noise when on the road.

In addition, Goodyear Indonesia also provides a tire warranty for 12 months or reaches a mileage of 20,000 km after installation. Consumers who experience flat tires, tears, bumps and scratches from sharp objects can claim the warranty from Goodyear Indonesia dealers.

goodyear comfortred

On the same occasion, Goodyear Indonesia also invited the media crew to try first-hand the advantages of the Assurance ComfortTred and Assurance Maxguard SUVs at Pusdiklantas, BSD. There are six different vehicles consisting of a Hyundai SantaFe with Assurance Maxguard SUV tires size 235/60R18 and a Cherry Tiggo 7 with tire size 225/60R18. Meanwhile, Assurance ComfortTred is installed on the Toyota Camry and Camry Hybrid with size 215/55R17.

Several test points were made starting from acceleration to 80 km/h, environmental conditions and also braking testing or braking on wet and dry land. "We tested the Goodyear AMG SUV product on dry and wet asphalt with puddles. The advantage of the AMG SUV is excellent braking in all road conditions. This is made possible by 2-in-1 technology, with Grip Protection for shorter braking times and Impact Protection to withstand road impacts. This product is perfect for consumers who want to feel safe driving in any terrain and weather while having long-lasting tire reliability," concluded Andreas.

List of New Cars Ready to Roll Out Throughout 2023

 Before New Year's Eve. Several automotive manufacturers and APM have actually provided new product information. Most likely it will be released throughout 2023 and the number could increase. OTO Media noted a number of indications of the launch of a new vehicle. However, it is more focused on non-premium brands. Apart from the shocks of recession and global issues. The hope is that by being presented with various new models, it can further stimulate people's purchasing power.

List of New Cars Ready to Roll Out Throughout 2023

List of New Cars Ready to Roll Out Throughout 2023

All New Toyota Agya & Daihatsu Ayla

 Perodua Axia 2023

The new generations of Agya and Ayla are confirmed to launch in the first quarter of 2023. The manufacturers already have the TNGA chassis, engine technology, transmission, features and security systems. All of that is presented in the product line of Toyota and Daihatsu. Make sure the engine format changes. If in the existing model, use the 1.2 liter NR 4-cylinder inline, 16 valve, DOHC, Dual VVT-i. Meanwhile, the new model will use the Rocky or Raize engine.

To accompany the 1.0 liter engine. The new option for the WA-VE (Euro 4) 3 cylinder in-line, 12 valve DOHC with Dual VVT-i pacemaker is embedded in the Toyota Agya and Daihatsu Ayla 2023. The diameter of the piston is 73.5 mm x 94.1 mm. With a compression ratio of 12.8:1, this engine can produce a peak power of 88 PS at 6,000 and a maximum torque of 113 Nm at 4,500 rpm. The option for transmitting power to the front wheels uses a five-speed manual transmission. One more, use D-CVT, as a mainstay of the manufacturer's technology. If the Honda Brio only uses an ordinary CVT. 

All New Honda Civic Type R

 2023 Honda Civic Type R

In Japan, the new Civic Type R has launched. This year it's Indonesia's turn to get the prize. Dibesut car increasingly violent and shows a lot of improvement. All of that is still obtained from the old KC20C1 4-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo engine. Then power distribution is via a 6-speed manual transmission. The power surge is getting bigger. Power increases by 10 PS (10 hp) and an additional 20 Nm of torque. From the previous 320 PS (316 hp) & 400 Nm, it becomes 330 PS (326 hp) at 6,500 rpm and 420 Nm from 2,600-4,000 rpm.

Mitsubishi Xpander Hybrid

 Mitsubishi Xpander

Back to opening Mitsubishi Motors' 2020 fiscal financial report. In it, it is written that the company plans to introduce the Xpander Hybrid (HEV). The launch itself is scheduled for 2023. Not only for the Indonesian market, but also in the ASEAN region. Detailed information about the hybrid model has not been clearly disclosed. But MMKSI opened up a little about the news about the MPV.

"So, we want to ensure that consumers benefit from this hybrid. MMKSI studies well for this segment. Because we are still doing research or research in preparing the HEV strategy in Indonesia. We realize that electric vehicles are still new to the market in Indonesia. We want to ensure customers will get the full benefit of this type of vehicle," said Hikaru Mii, MMKSI Director of Product Strategy Division, some time ago.

All New Suzuki Grand Vitara

 Grand Vitara

Harold Donnel, Head of 4W Brand Dev. PT SIS & Marketing Research & IT Network explained. In planning the company's business steps for the next four years, it will focus on the SUV segment. They see that the trend or demand for this segment is still wide open. "A little clue that one of Suzuki's strategies in the Indonesian market is an SUV. So by 2025 we will release around seven new products with SUV nuances. Therefore, the S-Presso is the first step for the SUV segment that we will develop," he said some time ago to OTO Media Group.

There are two variants, but SIS seems more interested in selling the Smart Hybrid version. Because the technology is the same as the Ertiga mild hybrid. The embedded K15C engine is 1,462 cc, DOHC, four cylinder. Diameter times step 74 mm x 85 mm. Maximum torque is 136.8 Nm at 4,400 rpm. Peak power is achieved at 75.8 Kw or 103 PS at 6,000 rpm. The battery for the ISG drive is 12V- 6Ah (Li-ion). The distributor of kinetic energy uses a 6-speed transmission (AT). If you quote data from Maruti India, the fuel consumption of the Grand Vitara Smart Hybrid AT is claimed to be 19.38 km/liter. While the manual transmission is 20.58 km / liter

All New Isuzu mu-X 4x2

 Isuzu mu-X

The latest generation of Isuzu mu-X uses a ladder frame type chassis. Astra Isuzu has just released the 4x4 MT version to enter the fleet market. Meanwhile, the AT 4x2 variant as a passenger vehicle has not yet been sold. Possibly this year. The engine offered is the same, in the form of a 1.9 liter coded RZ4E-TC diesel engine plus turbo induction. The engine produces 150 PS of power at 3,600 rpm and a torque of 350 Nm, achieved from 1,800 rpm -2,600 rpm. Automatic transmission and ADAS options should have been available and brought here.

Wuling Alvez and Formo Max


The Wuling Formo Max engine uses a four-cylinder configuration and a 1.5 liter DOHC, I-VVT combustion chamber. The resultant maximum power is 99 PS at 5,800 rpm and a torque of 140 Nm in the range of 3,600 rpm to 4,400 rpm. Overall power is distributed to the rear wheels via a 5-speed manual transmission system. It will be a pickup with the smallest petrol engine offered by Wuling Indonesia. It is predicted that the completeness is similar to the Formo BV variant.

Well, the Wuling product that often tests its way here is Alvez, as Almaz's younger brother. There are three types of pacemaker options in China. First, using a 1.5 liter naturally aspirated engine. Then the 1.5 liter turbo engine (like Almaz's). Finally, the hybrid version is offered using a 2.0 liter NA plus an electric motor. Otherwise known as Asta Hybrid. All powertrains are produced by SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd. There is no further information yet, which variant will be sold in Indonesia.

What is clear is that Alvez's dimensions are fairly compact. It is 4,365 mm long, 1,750 mm wide, 1,640 mm high and has a wheelbase of 2,550 mm. The front of the vehicle uses a large grille. If you see, it's a bit like the Wuling Victory MPV. If observed in more detail, the vehicle uses a horizontal chrome decoration. On the other hand, the headlights are in the shape of a parallelogram, there is DRL plus fog lamps with LED technology.

Kia Niro & Sorento HEV

 KIA Sorento HEV

Niro EV has been introduced at GIIAS 2022. It was only sold this year for around IDR 800 million. It uses a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) electric motor on the front wheels. Its power reaches 200 PS and a maximum torque of 255 Nm with a battery capacity of 64.8 kWh.

The claim is that the Niro EV can cover a total distance of up to 463 kilometers using the WLTP method. Great, can power other electronic devices (V2L) of 3.6 kW. Some of the features installed include 8 point airbags, ADAS such as cruise control. Then there are lane following assists, lane keeping assists, blind spot collision avoidance assists, manual speed limit assists and forward collision avoidance assists.

Hybrid technology is also ready to be presented this year through the Sorento HEV. It uses the SmartStream G1.6 T-Gdi engine, an inline 4-cylinder CVVD with a capacity of 1.6 liters turbocharger. The pacemaker is capable of producing 179 PS of power and 264 Nm of torque. It has a parallel electric motor hybrid system as a driver with a power of 44 kW. The capacity of the lithium ion battery is 13 kWh. The combination of power reaches 230 PS and 350 Nm of torque, channeled to the front wheels via a 6-speed automatic transmission.



To fill the electric car market. DFSK immediately sells Mini EV cheaper than Wuling Air ev. The electric motor delivers a maximum power of 25 kW (34 Hp) and a peak torque of 100 Nm. In China, the model is available in two battery capacities: 9.18 kWh and 13.8 kWh. Mileage is offered 120 km or 180 km. Small and suitable for economical urban mobility. This Dongfeng car is 2,995 mm long, 1,495 mm wide, 1,640 high and has a wheelbase of 1,960 mm. It can accommodate four passengers with a 50:50 folding of the rear seats. Quite practical as a small vehicle. When you enter the cabin, the materials seem standard.


 Review MG4 EV

The electrification market potential in RI is getting bigger. This Chinese-British company is ready to bring the MG4 EV. The electric heart in the standard variant puts out 170 PS of power and 250 Nm of torque. Meanwhile, the Comfort and Luxury types generate 204 PS plus 250 Nm of torque. The MG4 EV, dubbed Global Pure Electric SuperPower Crossover and uses the latest battery technology, the Rubik's Cube. So that it is promised to achieve accelerated speeds of up to 100 km / h in an instant.

The cheapest unit (Standard type) uses a 51 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery with a range (WLTP) of 350 km. Furthermore, other variants have 64 kWh. Comfort range of 450 km and Luxury 435 km. This capability is still far behind compared to the Hyundai Ioniq 5.

The MG4 EV battery can be charged from 10 - 80 percent in just 35 minutes using a common rapid charger with a capacity of 150 kW.

Cherry Omoda 5

The new Art in Motion style philosophy provides a lot of accentuation to contemporary body lines. The audience can observe. Proverbs, big front grille without frame. The grille even integrates with the LED daytime running lights. The main light house is also quirky, adopting diode technology. The shape of the headlamp is a bit like a Hyundai SUV with a Matrix pattern.

Omoda 5's pacemaker is a 1.6-liter TGDI petrol (from the Tiggo 8 Pro engine family), producing 197 PS of power and 290 Nm of torque. Power is sent to the front wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The Plug in Hybrid and EV versions are said to be being developed by Chery to accommodate the world's electrification needs. This year it is promised to enter Indonesia, while the HEV version may follow.

More expensive than PCX 160, what are the advantages of the Honda ADV 160?

 New Honda ADV 160 officially launched in Indonesia. The large adventure-style scooter is equipped with several changes, including a bigger engine than before. President Director of Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Keiichi Yasuda said, the New Honda ADV 160 is the successor to the ADV 150 which was launched for the first time in 2019 and is a new choice in Indonesia.

More expensive than PCX 160, what are the advantages of the Honda ADV 160?

"With improvements on various sides, the New Honda ADV 160 is increasingly presenting a different driving experience, whether used for exploring with joy or also for daily use," said Yasuda in Cikarang, West Java, Friday (1/7/2022).

So what are the comparisons between ADV 160 and PCX 160?

Design First, it's a matter of design, as you know, Honda kicked off the adventure scooter segment by launching the ADV 150 and then the ADV 160. This motorbike is the younger brother of the big X-ADV scooter. In terms of design, the ADV 160 is not much different from the ADV 150. However, there are visible improvements in the body lines, namely the front part of the body and the simpler side of the body.

The PCX 160 is more elegant because it is designed as a motorbike that carries comfort. The headlights are large with accents like eyebrows, and the rear body doesn't have too many curves.

The ADV 160 feature has several new features to make it more frightening. First, the wind screen has a higher size and consists of 2 levels of height that can be adjusted without the need to unscrew the bolts. Another update is a fully digital indicator panel with complete information including Smart Key indicator, HSTC Indicator, Oil Change Indicator, Battery Indicator, Idling Stop Indicator, Trip Meter, Fuel Consumption Indicator, RPM, Trip Duration, Digital Clock, and ABS Indicator.

More expensive than PCX 160, what are the advantages of the Honda ADV 160?

Larger luggage capacity which was 28 liters to 30 liters. Can be used to insert helmets and other items to support daily activities.

The Honda ADV 160 is even more sophisticated thanks to the HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control) feature. A feature that prevents skid tires but is only available on the ABS type. Just like the ADV 160, the Honda PCX 160 is also equipped with HSTC traction control. The panel meter is fully digital, and has a USB type power outlet. Striped front and rear tires, 14 inches front and 13 inches rear. The difference is that the ADV 160 already uses a tube-type rear suspension so that the suspension rebounds better and is more comfortable. This type of suspension was used in the ADV 150 and was the first in Honda's automatic lineup. Meanwhile, the PCX 160 still uses the regular model.


The new Honda ADV 160 is powered by a 160cc 4-valve eSP+ engine, liquid cooled, with a PGM-FI injection combustion system. which is basically the same as having the PCX 160. 

The new engine is able to support the user's driving style with greater power, reaching 11.8 kW at 8,500 rpm. Torque is abundant, up to 14.7 NM at 6,500 rpm.

Based on the results of internal tests with the WMTC-EURO 3 method, fuel consumption shows the figure of 45 km/liter (ISS feature on), so that it can travel up to 364 km in one full refueling.

On paper, the new generation of PCX carries a 160 cc SOHC 4 valve engine complete with eSP+ technology with 12:1 engine compression. The PCX 160 piston diameter is 60 mm with a stroke length of 55.5 mm. As a result, the power released by the PCX 160 is also greater, reaching 16.1 tk at 8,500 rpm and 15 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm.


The dimensions of the ADV 160 are 2,031 mm long, 796 mm wide and 1,309 mm high. The wheelbase is 1,315 mm, the lowest distance to the ground is 181 mm, the seat height is 817 mm, the empty weight is 139 kg, and the tank capacity is 12 liters. Meanwhile, the PCX 160 is slightly smaller, 1,936 long, 742 wide and 1,108 mm high.

The wheelbase is also slightly shorter, namely 1,313 mm and the lowest distance to the ground is only 135 mm. For postures that are not too tall the PCX 160 will be more comfortable because the view is lower than the ADV 160 which is 764 mm. The empty weight is 131 kg for the CBS type and 132 kg for the ABS type. But the tank capacity is only 8.1 liters.

Fight the specifications of the Honda ADV 160 vs Yamaha NMAX

 PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) officially released the Honda ADV 160 on July 1, 2022. The launch of this adventure-designed motorbike was carried out directly in the Cikarang area, West Java.

As a new motorbike, it is certain that the Honda ADV 160 has many new changes compared to the ADV 150. Regarding the full specifications and features of the ADV 160, which have actually been discussed in previous articles, this time it is time to compare the ADV 160 with one of its rivals, the Yamaha NMAX.

Fight the specifications of the Honda ADV 160 vs Yamaha NMAX

1. Comparison of designs

Yamaha NMAX
Yamaha NMAX

By design, you could say the two differ quite a lot. The Honda ADV 160 is designed as an adventure-style motorbike, which is made to devour various kinds of terrain. Hence, AHM pinned long legs on this motorbike. But don't worry, the ADV 160 has a seat height of 780 mm with a ground clearance of 165 mm.

Meanwhile, the Yamaha NMAX is a large scooter whose design is more sporty. With an aggressive design. As a sporty motorbike, the seat height of the Yamaha NMAX is of course much friendlier for petite riders, only 765 mm.

2. Comparison of features

Yamaha NMAX itself has fairly sophisticated features, starting from LED headlamps and stop lamps, dual channel ABS brakes, digital instrument panels, smart key systems, power outlets, TCS (Traction Control System), keyless and Y-Connect which can connect smartphones. with motorcycle.

Meanwhile, the Honda ADV 160 has full LED lights with DRL, ABS brakes, keyless, USB charger, ESS (Emergency Stop Signal), ISS (Idling Stop System), and most recently HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control).

Fight the specifications of the Honda ADV 160 vs Yamaha NMAX

What is highlighted from the ADV 160 is the HSTC feature and its new and complete full digital instrument panel, with information on rpm, tachometer, trip duration, battery indicator, outside temperature indicator, average fuel consumption, instant fuel consumption, usage indicator. engine oil, hours, also Trip A and Trip B.

3. Comparison of engine performance

Moving on to performance matters, the Honda ADV 160 carries a 160 cc 4 valve ESP PGM-FI engine with liquid cooling. This machine is claimed to be able to spit out power up to 15.8 hp at 8,500 rpm, with torque reaching 14.7 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

The Yamaha NMAX uses a liquid-cooled 155 cc 1-cylinder 4-valve engine with Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) technology, which is capable of producing up to 15.1 hp of power at 8,000 rpm and 13.9 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm.

Finally, one of the determining factors is the price. Yamaha NMAX is currently being sold from IDR 31,115,000 to IDR 35,250,000. Meanwhile, the Honda ADV 160 is sold from IDR 36 million to IDR 39,250,000.

So what do you prefer, which one of these two motorbikes do you prefer?

Honda Scoopy vs Yamaha Fazzio, Which is the Most Efficient Gasoline

 Discussing the matter of consumption of fuel oil (BBM) is more efficient, it all depends on how to drive.

But what if the Honda Scoopy duels against the Yamaha Fazzio to determine who is more fuel efficient.

The latest Honda Scoopy is claimed to be more fuel efficient because it uses the new eSAF (enhanced Smart Architecture Frame) frame technology.

In addition, this 110cc engine is equipped with eSP (enhanced Smart Power) technology.

ESP technology is integrated with the ACG Starter to start the engine smoother and quieter.

Meanwhile, Yamaha Fazzio uses technology that is no less sophisticated, namely the Blue Core Hybrid.

Blue Core Hybrid technology makes this 125cc automatic motorbike more powerful, reliable and environmentally friendly.

Which of the two retro scooters is more fuel efficient?

Honda Scoopy when used daily activities, the average consumption of gasoline is 55.7 km / liter.

Test conditions also varied, with road contours filled with inclines and tandem.

Meanwhile, PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) claims that Scoopy's fuel consumption is 59 km/liter.

Moving on to Yamaha Fazzio, the engine doesn't immediately scream but rises slowly.

Then the speed increases in rhythm with the increase in engine speed.

The combination of an engine that doesn't 'scream' easily plus hybrid technology at low speed is effective in making the Fazzio economical on fuel consumption.

Used for daily use with various road conditions, the average consumption of gasoline can reach 51.6 km / liter!

These results are obtained in driving conditions, sometimes it gets stuck, sometimes it goes smoothly, sometimes it's slow, sometimes the pol gas gets stuck.

The method used is of course full to full which is done 3 times and taken on average, because on Fazzio's speedometer there is no info on fuel consumption.

Of course, if the driving method is calm and the road conditions are consistently smooth, it is possible to get a number that is more economical than that.

For the record, the above results were obtained by a rider with a posture of 173 cm, weighing 64 kg and an aggressive driving style.

Don't be confused, choose Honda Genio and Scoopy, these are the differences

 The new Honda Genio scooter has been officially launched. The design is modern with minimal body curves, similar to that offered by Scoopy. Genio's price tag is not as expensive as Scoopy. But there are differences in the provision of features and specifications that are carried. What are the differences between Genio and Scoopy?

There is a decent difference in terms of price. The price of Honda Genio is Rp. 17.2 million for the standard type of CBS (Combi Brake System) and added Rp. 500 thousand to get the ISS (Idling Stop System) feature. While the Scoopy price is Rp. 18.94 million, both stylish and sporty type. There is a difference of more than Rp. 1 million between Genio and Scoopy. Just peek at the specifications.

Mechanical heart, both are 110 cc, but have different cylinder construction. Genio is said to be carrying the latest generation of eSP engines, with 9.0 PS of power at 7,500 rpm and a peak torque of 9.3 Nm at 5,500 rpm. The Scoopy is slightly different, with 9.1 PS of power at 7,500 rpm and 9.4 Nm of torque at 6,000 rpm.

Genio and Scoopy sizes also have significant differences. Understandably, the Genio was built from a new type of chassis. The Genio has dimensions of 1,869 x 692 x 1,061 mm (LxWxH), a wheelbase of 1,256 mm and a ground clearance of 147 mm. Genio seat height 740 mm. While the Scoopy has dimensions of 1,847 x 686 x 1,061 mm, the distance between the axles is 1,257 mm, the ground clearance is 143 mm and the seat height is 744 mm.

Design aesthetics and appearance are also different, although there is a bit of a retro aspect with rounded accents in both. But if you pay attention, the Scoopy's body has fewer corners. As a result, Scoopy feels more retro feel. The use of lights, meter panels and round mirrors also reinforces the retro character of the Scoopy. Moreover, Scoopy is equipped with 12-inch rims with thick tires 100/90 d9 front and 110/90 rear tires. Genio uses 14-inch rims with 80/90 tires and 90/90 for the rear tires. The Genio rim design is also ordinary with black color.

Both Genio and Scoopy have LED headlights. Genio's panel meters are fully digital. But they are small in size. While Scoopy is bigger, with a combination of analog speedometer and digital MID. Oh yes, both of them also have an Eco indicator for fuel-efficient driving.

The Combi Brake System feature is standard on the Genio and Scoopy. Meanwhile, the ISS feature is only available on the most expensive Genio. On Scoopy, the ISS is a standard feature. Genio luggage is claimed to be relieved, with a capacity of 14 liters. But it turns out, still more relieved to have a Scoopy, 15.4 liters. Even so, Genio has a gas tank capacity of up to 4.2 liters. Scoopy only 4 liters.

The AHM manufacturer doesn't flaunt the Genio's exterior. Just pay attention to the storage drawer in front. Appear simple, prioritizing function. While on the Scoopy, the left front storage drawer is given a protective cover. Inside there is a plug for charging the smartphone. So it's safe when used. Genio also has a similar plug, but its position is in the trunk of the seat.

Scoopy's sophistication is of a higher level than Genio. Key features, for example. Genio uses a standard lock with a cover on the lock. Scoopy even has an alarm to prevent theft. The answer back system function is also available on the Scoopy key. Its function is to give an audible and flashing hazard turn signal when the button is pressed, making it easier to find a motorbike in a crowded parking lot.

In terms of features and appearance there is a significant difference. The Genio scooter is indeed cheaper, but the features are not as rich as the Scoopy. The appearance is also still more attractive Scoopy. Now, all you have to do is adjust it to your wishes and budget, a new design motorbike priced at IDR 17 million or a Scoopy with IDR 18 million which has a retro appearance with richer and more sophisticated features. Select which one?

Honda Activa 2023 Launches, Prices Start at IDR 13 Million

 Honda Activa 2023 officially launched in India (23/1/2023). Sold from Rp. 13 million, Honda's best-selling scooter in India now has many advanced features and is certainly more environmentally friendly.

"Activa has reinvigorated the scooter market and remains one of the best-selling two-wheelers in India. Today we launched the new OBD2 (On-board Diagnostics 2) compliant Activa with a number of segment first features that offer added value," said Managing Director Director, President & CEO, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India, Atsushi Ogata.

Honda Activa 2023
Honda Activa 2023

The Honda Activa 2023 has been equipped with a 110 cc eSP engine, which is capable of producing a maximum power of 5.77 kW at 8,000 rpm and a peak torque of 8.90 Nm at 5,500 rpm. For the fuel injection system, it uses PGM-Fi injection technology.

This scooter is also equipped with various modern features, such as the answer back system, combi-brake system, smart unlock, smart start, smart safe, and of course the ACG starter which makes the process of starting the engine smoother.

The 2023 Honda Activa will be available in three variants, standard, deluxe and smart. While there are 6 color choices, pearl siren blue new, decent blue metallic, rebel red metallic, black, pearl precious white & matte gray metallic axis.

Speaking of prices, the standard variant sells for Rs 74,536 (Rp. 13.6 million), the deluxe variant for Rs. 77,036 (Rp. 14.1 million), and the most expensive smart variant costs Rs. 80,537, equivalent to Rp. 14.7 million.

5 Automotive Business Ideas and Tips for Success

 Automotive is often used as a hobby by Adam's people. Therefore, business in the automotive sector can generate quite promising profits.

In addition, the number of users of automotive products is also increasing. This is in line with increasing public transactions for motorcycles and cars.

5 Automotive Business Ideas and Tips for Success
5 Automotive Business Ideas and Tips for Success

Automotive accessories are also in great demand, you know. So if carried out diligently, the automotive business can bring in a lot of money.

If you want to take advantage of this business opportunity, but are still new to it, let's find out about the automotive business in this article.

5 Automotive Business Ideas and Tips for Success

1. Buying and selling of vehicles

If you have an interest in the automotive sector, but are still confused about what business you want, you can try buying and selling vehicles.

For those of you who have large business capital, maybe you can sell the vehicle in new condition.

Meanwhile, if you only have minimal business capital, you can try buying and selling used vehicles.

Both of these ways of selling vehicles have sizable profit opportunities. As long as it's taken seriously.

In this case, you need to have good and persuasive communication skills. So, you can convince customers to buy vehicles in your shop. 

2. Accessories and Vehicle Modifications

Other business ideas in the automotive sector that you can try are selling accessories and providing vehicle modification services.

There are tons of additional accessories that can make the vehicle look even more attractive. Some accessories can also optimize vehicle functions.

Some of the accessories and modification services that are much sought after, namely fuel savers, dash cams, car organizers, and many more.

In this case, you need to have good product knowledge so you understand the use, method of installation, as well as maintenance of each vehicle accessory.

3. Workshop or Vehicle Maintenance

Another business in the automotive sector that you can try is a repair shop.

By opening a workshop, vehicle owners can better repair and maintain their cars or motorbikes.

Because, there are lots of vehicle maintenance processes that the owner cannot do alone.

For example, change the oil, check the radiator, check the exhaust and tune up, and so on.

To be able to run this one business, you need to have automotive knowledge.

Also hire skilled workshop employees so that customers are satisfied with your service.

4. Vehicle Rentals

Motor vehicle or car rental is also included in one of the automotive business ideas that you can try.

Rental is a vehicle rental business. So, you must have several units of vehicles that can be borrowed by customers.

In this case, of course you need sufficient business capital. However, the car that is rented does not always have to be new, you know.

You can also buy a used car or motorcycle for rent.

The most important thing you need to pay attention to in the rental business is to ensure the condition of the vehicle before use.

That way, tenants can get security and comfort when renting your vehicle.

Do not let the condition of the vehicle that is not prime make tenants disappointed or even injured.

5. Vehicle Washing Services

The next business idea in the automotive sector that you can try is car wash services. Whether it's a motorized vehicle or a car.

There are many vehicle owners who prefer to clean their cars and motorcycles at a vehicle wash.

This is because vehicle washing services can truly guarantee the cleanliness of the owner's motorbike or car. So, more time-saving and very practical.

To be able to run this business, make sure you have a large washing area so that it can accommodate many vehicles at once.

Also try to have access to clean water and sufficient electricity. Don't forget to hire vehicle wash employees who are skilled in their fields.

Because, washing a vehicle also requires sufficient knowledge so as not to cause damage.

Also use a washing machine that is specifically made for vehicles, OK?

Tips for starting a car rental business with small capital

 The need for transportation, especially in Indonesia, is a staple for Indonesian people. This makes a business related to car rental or car travel services one of the business opportunities that will never die in Indonesia.

Starting from the need for recreation to business needs, the car is one of the vehicles most needed by Indonesians.

In addition, increasingly advanced technological developments generate new jobs, namely as a driver or online taxi driver.

Tips for starting a car rental business with small capital
car rental business

This is a new opportunity for car rental entrepreneurs. For those of you who just want to get into business, car rental seems to be an option to start a business.

Then, how to start? The following are tips for those of you who want to start a car rental business with small business capital.

Tips for starting a car rental business with small capital

Choose the Most Demanded Car for the Car Rental Business

Starting a business or car rental business means that you have to own the car that you are going to rent. Before buying a car, try to choose the type of car that is in great demand by customers in your area.

Usually car rental customers prefer MPV/minibus type cars that can carry many people and also have economical fuel.

The cars that are most in demand are usually like Avanza, Xenia, Innova, Gran Max, and so on.

This type of car is also very suitable for those of you who want to open a business or travel car business.

After choosing the car you want to buy, determine the car rental price based on the type of car and also your needs. 

Avoid Used Cars to Buy

Even though the price is much cheaper, avoid buying a used car to start a car rental business or a travel car business.

By choosing a new car, your business will become more value for customers and make customers safer and more comfortable.

Not only that, choosing a new car also reduces maintenance costs. Can you imagine, how much money do you have to spend to maintain a used car engine? Certainly more expensive than you buy a new car.

Buy a Car on Credit

If buying a new car is considered expensive and you don't have large enough capital, you can buy a car on credit.

For the installment fee, you can take a portion of the car rental income. That way, you won't be burdened with monthly installments.

However, if you have enough capital to buy a new car, there's nothing wrong with buying a car in cash.

Set Your Car Rental Business Regulations

Regulation in the car rental business is very important. risks arising from tenants often occur such as damage and also loss of cars. To avoid this, arrange rental regulations such as,

  • Implement a letter of agreement prior to leasing signed with a stamp duty;
  • Imposes detention of Identity Cards during the rental period;
  • Provide a form to the tenant containing the tenant's personal data information;
  • Attach a GPS tracking device to your car.

If your business has grown, you can also build rental application software to make it easier to carry out regulations for your car rental business.

Register the Car with the Insurance Company

Running any business, including car rental or leasing businesses, must have business risks, one of which is asset risk. The assets in the car rental business are your car as well as the driving force.

Insure your business assets in the event of a traffic accident, damage, loss and also risks that can disrupt the smooth running of your rental business.

If you have small capital, currently some insurers impose small premiums or a system of cooperation with business entities.

So you don't need to worry about large premiums for registering insurance on your car rental business assets

Set a Marketing Strategy to Develop a Car Rental Business

After you have invested your assets in a car, the next step is to set a marketing strategy for your rental business.

Business strategy can include who your rental targets are and also the people who will help your business (People), where you will rent (Place), the price you will give for each rental (Price), and also the promotion tools that will be used in your strategy.

This business strategy can also measure how effective your rental business is. Marketing strategies with small capital usually only use simple promotion tools, such as social media, blogs with free domains, and networking.

When your business starts to grow, you can expand your market coverage by working with other rental businesses or companies that need private transportation.

Currently you can also offer rentals to online taxi partners as a strategic step for your car rental business.

Manage Finances Well

The last thing you should pay attention to in starting a rental business is managing business finances well. Managing finances especially in your rental business is important.

You can control every transaction, including profit and loss so you can make decisions regarding future business strategies.

If you don't really understand how to manage finances well, you can hire a consultant or rely on financial regulatory applications or financial software to make managing your rental business finances easier.

One of the financial software that you can rely on is Journal. Journal is an online accounting software that can be your business financial solution.

By using the Journal, you only need to record all business transactions into the system, and the Journal will automatically provide accurate and real-time data regarding the financial condition of your business.

Journal as an android bookkeeping application also provides financial reports that you can access anytime and anywhere. This certainly makes it easier for you to manage your business. You can see more about the Journal notes application and other features here.

How to Start a Workshop Business

 Are you looking for how to run a workshop business? ⏩ Check out the following tips. ✅ Tips for starting a motorcycle and car repair shop.

The number of motorized vehicles is always increasing. This was driven by increased public purchasing power and the ease of applying for credit.

Motorized vehicles are not always able to function properly. Sometimes, the machine has a problem so it doesn't work properly.

How to Start a Workshop Business
How to Start a Workshop Business

Vehicle engines such as motorcycles and cars also require regular maintenance. Spare parts must be replaced within a certain time.

From some of the conditions above, some people use it to open a workshop.

On this occasion, we will explain how to start a motorcycle and car repair business from scratch to success.

How to Start a Motorcycle Repair Business

Motorcycles and cars have different characteristics. Let's start with how to start a motorcycle repair shop. 

1. Determine the location of the Motorcycle Workshop

Location is one of the most important things in starting any business. Moreover, a motorcycle repair shop is a physical business, not virtual.

It's best if you choose a strategic location and are in the center of the crowd. For example on the edge of the highway, in the city center, near the market, and others.

Try to make it easy for the general public to see your business. That way, your motorcycle repair shop will be easily recognized.

However, if you really have minimal capital, then you can turn the workshop business into a home business.

You can use the garage or land at home as a location for your workshop business

2. Determine Initial Capital

The initial capital in making a motorcycle repair shop includes costs for building a shop, operational costs, purchasing spare parts, and purchasing tools.

You can rent a place or build a workshop from scratch. The costs required depend on the size of the building you want.

Also calculate the capital required for monthly operational costs, purchase of workshop equipment and spare parts.

3. Specify Equipment and Operational Costs

Operational costs include several things such as employee salaries, electricity costs, and reserve funds. At the beginning of the business, finances were not stable.

To be safer, you should prepare operational funds for at least the first 3 months. This is in anticipation if the business is not stable at the start.

Also calculate in more detail the equipment needed. For example keys, screwdrivers, compressors, and so forth.

To provide financial management references, you can check tips on managing finances.

You can also use a financial recording application. That way you will be more practical in recording all your business expenses and income.

4. Looking for a mechanic who can be relied on

The mechanic is the prime mover in the motorcycle repair shop. Look for workers who have good skills.

You can make a selection before starting a workshop business. Perform several tests such as analysis of motor damage, repairs, oil changes, and parts replacement.

Expertise is not enough, look for a mechanic who is honest and also friendly. This will greatly affect your business.

5. Provide spare parts

The spare parts you buy should be the ones most needed by consumers. If during the opening, consumers need other parts, you can buy them right away.

Examples of some of the most sought-after spare parts include brake linings, spark plugs, engine chains, clutch linings, and others. Don't forget to provide lubricants from various brands.

6. Management and Services

A successful business begins with good management. For example regular employee payroll, bookkeeping, and also management of items that must be purchased.

You should also not forget one important thing, namely service. Always serve customers in a friendly manner. Also provide facilities such as television or free wifi so customers don't get bored while waiting.

7. Set the Promotion Strategy

Promotion is very important in starting a business. The goal is to introduce your motorcycle repair shop to the wider community.

Use the right promotion strategy, both offline and online. In offline promotions, you can use billboards or banners.

As for online promotion, you can create a business account on social media and advertise there.

If you want promotions to be more intense and precise, there's nothing wrong if you recruit people who are in charge of handling promotions and sales

Mullen acquired Bollinger shares worth IDR 2.2 trillion

 Mullen Automotive is reported to have acquired a majority of Bollinger Motors' shares of 60 percent for US$148.2 million 

(equivalent to Rp. 2.2 trillion) to revive the pending B1 and B2.

Reported by CarsCoops, on Thursday (8/9), Mullen CEO David Michery said that the move positions Bollinger to capture the electric sports utility and commercial vehicle market.

"This acquisition is one of the largest in the EV industry to date and provides Mullen with a unique opportunity to aggressively expand into the commercial EV space with high demand," said David Michery.

He also continued that combining Bollinger vehicles with the existing Class 1 and Class 2 EV cargo van programs provides the company with an opportunity to dominate the entire Class 1-6 light and medium commercial truck segment.

Additionally, Bollinger will be able to leverage Mullen's solid-state battery technology, making their current vehicles even more competitive once the technology is rolled out across Mullen and Bollinger's EV portfolio.

As Mullen explained, with the acquisition and injection of capital, the B1 and B2 programs will commence after the start of production for the Class 3-6 commercial truck program.

Bollinger Motors CEO Robert Bollinger stated, "Mullen shares a dream to build the very best EV cars and trucks. This partnership will bring us closer to realizing that vision, as it allows us to increase production on our end and take Mullen's EV program to more markets." fast," he said.