The Latest Chevrolet Trax Looks More Dashing and Modern

 The Latest Chevrolet Trax Looks More Dashing and Modern

Disappearing from the Indonesian market, the Chevrolet Trax does not mean it stops being offered. Most recently, Chevrolet showed a refresh of the Trax, which is slated to go on sale in the fall of next year.

This latest Trax is completely changed, both in terms of design and features. Chevrolet will offer the Trax in five variants namely LS, 1RS, LT, 2RS and Activ. Each offers a design and trim approach tailored to the needs of consumers. In addition, the latest Trax looks more modern and burly and equipped with a variety of new technologies.

The Latest Chevrolet Trax Looks More Dashing and Modern

Invisibly, the appearance is reminiscent of some modern SUV products that are already present. But this design with bold lines makes the Trax look more attractive. Especially with the Chevy bowtie design in the iconic center. This design is also slightly inspired by the design of his older brother, the Blazers. Chevrolet revealed that the latest Trax is made lower than the previous model. The shoulders look big to put forward the tough figure of a modern SUV.

Regarding the interior, trax comes with a more spacious cabin size. Chevrolet revealed the latest model is 12 percent more luggage space than the old one. This is because the wheel axis is longer with the dimensions of the vehicle body being longer and wider. The interior design of the latest Trax makes the cabin space also feel more spacious. The use of different interior material textures in each trim creates an airy cabin feel.

The plan is that the latest Trax will be equipped with Chevy Safety Assist, a kind of ADAS consisting of six safety and comfort features for the driver. There's an 8-inch and 11-inch informative head unit option, depending on the trim, which comes with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connection capabilities as standard.

Other standard features are the presence of LED headlights, a choice of 17-inch, 18-inch or 19-inch rims, disc braking on all four wheels and the Active Noise Cancellation feature for driving comfort. There is still a start stop button, automatic climate control, wireless phone charging, and cruise control that is adaptive at the highest trim.

In addition, there are still several features such as electric parking brakes, cupholders in various corners of the cabin, front seats with heating features also on the steering wheel and rearview mirrors. Remote start features, USB to second-row charging ports, electric seat settings and a sunroof are some additional features that make the driver comfortable.

The safety technology is quite complete. As mentioned, Chevy Safety Assist is the main star. Its features include automatic emergency braking, front pedestarian braking, lane keep assist with lane departure warning, forward collision aler, intellibeam Auto high beam control and following distance indicator. In some variants, there are additional adaptive cruise control, lane change alerts with side blind zone alerts, rear cross traffic alerts and rear park assist.

Chevrolet plans to give the Trax a 1.2L turbo engine in line three cylinders. The engine produces 137 hp and 219 Nm of torque and is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission. The use of turbo technology is considered in accordance with the needs of power and maneuvering in various urban conditions.

Chevrolet Trax is planned to be sold starting at 21,495 US dollars or around Rp. 330 million. Will it arrive in Indonesia? It seems that the strategy of selling SUVs has been abandoned by Chevrolet for the Southeast Asian market. In Thailand this brand offers more Double Cabin products and light trucks as one of the transportation for businesses. However, we just pray that the public and GM fans in Indonesia can have the opportunity to have this latest model. 



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