Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid Smitten, Take a Peek at the Service Cost of the First Year of Use

 Yamaha Fazzio is still the only entry level automatic motorcycle equipped with a hybrid device in the Indonesian market. Although it is classified as a mild hybrid, the manufacturer claims that the injection of technology makes fuel consumption more economical and performance.

Well, before buying it, it would be better to know the service cost of this motorbike. The goal is of course to calculate how much the cost of ownership is, especially during periodic maintenance in an authorized workshop.

Explained by Technical Advisor of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM), Slamet Kasianom. Basically the Fazzio bears a resemblance to Yamaha's other 125 cc engined scooters, both in terms of the internal engine and the legs. So you could say the service cost is not much different.

It's the same with everything else (Yamaha 125 cc). Including the price of fast moving parts, it is similar to the Yamaha Freego," said Slamet, not long ago.

Slamet continued, after the unit covered a distance of 1, 000 km it was mandatory to perform service. Then the duration of the first, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and subsequent servicing uses a count distance of 3, 000 km or once every 3 months.

For your information, all service costs are borne by Yamaha Indonesia until the 4th service time or when it reaches a distance of 10 thousand km. In the first service the owner is not charged for service fees and engine oil changes, but in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th service services are covered only but for the replacement of parts or lubricants will be charged to the owner.

Then in the 2nd service you will spend money on the purchase of engine oil and CVT axle oil. The engine oil used is Yamalube Power Matic (0.8L) for IDR 47.5 thousand and axle oil (140 ML) for IDR 16 thousand.

During the 3rd service you need to spend only IDR 47.5 thousand to buy engine oil. There is no axle oil change and you can still get free service. After your Fazzio has covered 10 thousand kilometers or in the 4th service, the owner is advised to replace the engine lubricant and axle oil again. The total cost to be incurred is IDR 63.5 thousand.

Entering the 5th service or the odometer number already shows 13 thousand kilometers you will no longer get free service. Here will be charged the cost of servicing, changing the engine oil, air filter and rear brake pads. Then the money that must be spent is IDR 231.5 thousand. Especially for brake pads, it is situational depending on use, it may not be replaced or have been replaced since the 3rd service.

Total Cost of Yamaha Fazzio Service in Year One

After totaling, yamaha Fazzio service costs for 1 year of use reached Rp406 thousand. This price includes 4 engine oil changes, 2 axle oil changes, 1 brake lining change, 1 air filter change, and 1 time service fee.

Below are some fast moving component prices of the Yamaha Fazzio Hybrid. However, it should be noted that the included price tag has the status of Suggested Retail Price (HED), which means it could be different in each domicile or region.


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