Understand the Condition of the Fuse So As Not to Cause Fire

 There are several factors that cause a car fire to occur. One of them is that the condition of the fuse that is not good until it melts can be one of the causes.

For this reason, it is very important to check the condition of the fuse before it breaks into a bigger problem. The Auto2000 team gave some tips to prevent vehicle fuses from melting along with the steps.

Poor Fuse Quality

Basically, the fuse is made of a specially designed metal plate with a flat shape and is cut off if passed by an electric current that exceeds its capacity. On the outside of the fuse, there is a plastic insulator of various colors as a protector as well as a marker of the size of the fuse. Meanwhile, the electrical components that are at work will produce heat and fuses of poor quality are generally problematic with the standard size of the metal plate of the electric circuit breaker. As a result, the insulator plastic is not able to retain heat so that the fuse melts.

Fuse Does Not Match Size

Often during emergencies and rushes or no backup, motorists replace the broken 5A fuse with a 10A fuse. In fact, the break of the fuse indicates a problem in the vehicle's electrical system. Plus, the higher the electric current, the higher the heat temperature generated. When the electric current passing through the fuse exceeds the provisions, the fuse does not break because it has been replaced larger. The increased temperature will make the fuse house melt and ignite a fire.

Load Increase

When modifying a vehicle, it is usually followed by the need for a new electric current or electrical modification. The problem is that the fuse lanes are not made separate and hitchhiked to the car's built-in fuse. When you want to increase the load on an electrical circuit, you should replace the cable with a fuse with a larger size and as needed.

Make sure the existing cable system is well made by professional technicians and uses quality materials so that it is not easy to trigger a short circuit. The overhaul of the car's electricity will be related to safety factors and the risk of warranty cannot be claimed if there is a problem.

Therefore, always make sure that additional accessories related to electricity are official accessories, one of which is Auto2000 and the installation can consult with the Auto2000 service advisor.

Installation Does Not Fit

The fuse mount design made in such a way is intended so that it can support the fuse firmly and safely. When carrying out the installation of the fuse independently on the holder or its terminals always make sure that it is absolutely precise and should not be loose. If the longar fuse is feared, it will cause an unstable electric current, giving rise to sparks that make the fuse hot, melt, and even burn.

When experiencing headlights that are often off-alive and smell sangit from the fuse terminal immediately visit the official workshop of one of the Auto2000. Don't delay replacing the melted fuse for too long and always make sure to also use the same size and original Toyota parts. Check the cable line on the melted fuse for possible problems such as a faulty cable connection.


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