this is the difference between eSP and eSP +

 this is the difference between eSP and eSP +

Enhanced Smart Power (eSP) technology is available in all Honda scooters. Beat, who introduced it for the first time in 2013. The manufacturer claims, this technology is able to increase combustion efficiency and reduce wasted energy. So that the automatic motor becomes more fuel efficient, the engine is smoother and produces better power. While eSP + is now installed on the PCX160. Check out the difference.

this is the difference between eSP and eSP +

The following are the components contained in eSP technology:

This is the difference between eSP and eSP +

ACG Starter

Technology that serves to reduce friction so that the engine starts more smoothly without sound. It also supports the ISS (Idling Stop System) feature function.

Cylinder Offset

Serves to reduce friction between the piston and cylinder by resetting the position of the cylinder and crankshaft.

Roller Type Rocker Arm

Using shell type needle bearing as a shaft. So as to reduce friction and reduce the load on the valve spring.

pinny sleeve

Cylindrical wall spiked texture that keeps the perfect circle shape. Its function can reduce distortion and other friction losses.


Its function is to make better ignition and faster combustion.


Serves for an even distribution of fuel and makes combustion more complete.

Compared to the previous generation of eSP, eSP+ is able to make automatic motor work more perfect. Because there are changes in the internal components of the engine that are quite a lot.

There are two main objectives in the development of eSP+ technology. First, improve engine performance for the better and reduce friction or friction.

The eSP+ development on the PCX160 engine is huge. Changes that include the use of four valves (valve), high compression ratio, maximize the air passage to the combustion chamber. Then use a hydraulic tensioner, piston oil jet to a more rigid crankshaft. In the filter room there is also a rectifier or rectifier. The benefit is to direct the wind with more precision into the combustion chamber, while reducing air turbulence.

The eSP+ technology was first implemented on a PCX160 motorcycle which was later used by the Honda Vario 160. The positive impact of the application of eSP+ technology makes acceleration feel better than the previous generation. As well as the manufacturer claims, there are no symptoms of shaking in the early rounds. Even when climbing at a relatively low speed.

There are three more features that optimize Enhanced Smart Power. First, PGM-FI, which is a fuel supply system using a spray system. So that the use of gasoline is more efficient and environmentally friendly. Second, CBS braking. By pulling the left brake lever, the rear and front brakes can function simultaneously. Third, ISS. The system is designed to reduce emissions and fuel consumption at rest. The ISS immediately shuts down automatically and restarts the engine with just a slight twist of the gas lever.


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