Once a Mechanic, Take a Peek at 25 Rare Car Collections of the Late Queen Elizabeth II

 British Queen Elizabeth II breathed her last at the age of 96 at Balmoral Palace, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, on Friday (9/9). Behind her legendary leadership, it turns out that the Queen has a high hobby for car collections.

Citing Hotcars, Queen Elizabeth II is known to lead a strong and active life even at the age of 92. One of the things she really enjoyed was driving herself, though protocol stated that the queen should be escorted wherever she went.

His love of cars can be traced back to the time of World War II. She is a member of the Women's Auxiliary Service and doubles as a mechanic. In fact, he is said to be the only member of the work who understands how to change car tires.

Based on reports from various sources, it is believed that his car collection is worth more than 10 million pounds or around Rp. 172 billion. Below are 25 car collections of british Queen Elizabeth II's mending cars.

1. Edward VII Town Coach

This is the rarest vehicle still used by Queen Elizabeth II before her death. Named After Edward VVI the vehicle had undergone restoration in mid-1964.

This car is a historical witness of the British civilization from 1901 to 1910. Its presence played a major role in the modernization of the royal transport fleet.

2. Landrover Rover Hybrid Landaulet

This car was made by the manufacturer only 1 unit in the world and for Queen Elizabeth II alone. His public appearance was made in 2015 in an official event.

It is known that the manufacturer has already given birth to 4 special cars for the royal family since 1953. The Landaulet Hybrid model itself is designed to replace the previous outdated car.


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