It Turns Out That This Is The Reason You Should Change The Oil Regularly

 As one way to keep the vehicle primed is to carry out periodic maintenance while changing the engine oil. The reason is that the lubricant in the engine must be replaced periodically in order to optimize engine performance. In addition, also pay attention to the quality of the lubricant that will be used for our vehicles, because usually engine oils are equipped with a variety of siblings.

One of the most important are additives. Have the aim of improving the quality of base oil or providing new properties of lubricant products. Currently a number of engine lubricants have a variety of additives that function importantly to components in the combustion chamber of the vehicle. Well in addition to this, there are a number of other functions of the oil, which are the reasons for it should be periodically replaced. Here's the breakdown.

1. Lubricants

The main function of the oil is to provide lubrication to every component of the engine that requires it. The existence of this oil is in charge of preventing friction between parts such as pistons and cylinder walls. Imagine metal parts moving and rubbing against each other tightly. Without lubricant, damage will occur quickly. Even so, owners must be observant in choosing quality products with specifications according to vehicle needs.

2. Prevent gas leakage in the combustion chamber

In addition to lubrication, engine oil also functions to prevent gas leaks in the combustion chamber. Basically, oil has the ability to lubricate every component in the engine. For example, when lubricating between the cylinder wall and the piston, one of the tasks of engine oil here is to be a 'sealer' between the two so that there is no gas leakage in the upper and lower chambers of the piston.

3. Cooling the engine

Hot temperatures in the engine are common when the components in the engine are working. But with the engine oil there in charge of cooling, the engine temperature will still be ideal. However, do not expect this condition to be felt when you are late or even forget to make an oil change. For your information, in certain cases engine oil can also evaporate with use. So, it is quite possible that overheating occurs when you are negligent in this matter.

"Because of such a task, the engine oil has a service life or service life that ranges from 6 months or a few kilometers, whichever is achieved first. These recommendations are usually listed by vehicle manufacturers in the manual book," said Brahma Putra Mahayana, Technical Specialist of PT Pertamina Lubricants (PTPL).

4. Contaminant control

Although it is in charge of protecting, friction between engine components is actually unavoidable. But this engine oil functions to control contaminants, let's call them metals from friction between spare parts. The oil will later bring the debris or dirt to the filter.

5. Prevent rust

As is known, each component of the machine is made of metal material. Then it is very natural that rust will lurk. And, the presence of oil also aims to prevent rust from affecting those engine parts. But just like other points, consumers must pay close attention to the condition and volume of their vehicle engine oil.

Regardless of its function, consumers are required to read the user manual so as not to be mistaken when buying vehicle engine oil. In addition, make sure to also choose quality lubricants such as PT Pertamina Lubricants alert lubricant products.

"Pertamina's lubricant products are equipped with Nano Guard Technology formulations. It is the synthetic lubricant technology for the latest gasoline engines and carefully designed to meet the top performance requirements which has proven to be effective in protecting the engine and cleaning it thoroughly to the narrowest gap," said Brahma.


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