How to Save Fuel when the Price Is Getting More Expensive

 The government eventually raised the price of subsidized fuel oil. The corrections are quite a lot. Pertalite which was previously IDR 7,650 per liter became IDR 10,000 per liter. For those of you who have high mobility using a car every day, of course, your monthly expenses will increase. Can't help but reapply the fuel saving method so as not to lose

Keep The Speed Steady

The first step is to drive as smoothly as possible. This becomes a challenge in itself, where you have to restrain your emotions and be disciplined. Stable acceleration and deceleration control can cut wasted or unnecessary energy. When it starts to move, there is no need to directly step on the pedal deeply. Slowly creating momentum is better than jumping straight. It could be that there is excess energy that should not need to be expended so that it sucks up more fuel.

For deceleration, optimize the driving distance with the vehicle in front. As much as possible, make more use of the engine break until it finally really needs a brake pedal footing to stop. Engine break itself can save fuel consumption, because the fuel supply to the engine room is immediately cut off when the moment occurs.

GearShift at The Right Turn

These tips apply to users of vehicles with manual transmission. Try to actively shift gears to keep engine revs low. However, that doesn't mean it's below the threshold because it can make the pacemaker's heart die. According to research, driving with high or medium engine revolutions will consume more fuel than when the rpm is low. That's why it is necessary to move gears earlier.

Don't Speed

The faster the car moves the greater the resistance or air resistance is obtained. According to a 2009 study, the increase in fuel consumption in passenger cars reached 14.9 percent when running above speeds of 100 to 120 kph. Meanwhile, large cars weighing more than 1.7 tons experienced a 27 percent increase at the same speed. So even if the freeway is in full swing, it may be possible to consider limiting the speed. While doing the previous two tricks.

Reduce Air Resistance

Continuing the previous point. Wind resistance also needs to be considered through the shape of the vehicle. The point is more to the installed accessories that increase wind resistance. For example, roof racks or roof boxes, or bicycle towing. Remove the device when not in use, so that the aerodynamics of the vehicle can return to optimal. The act of opening the window when driving at a high enough speed is also best avoided. The problem is that this interferes with the flow of air so that it restrains the vehicle from driving which then has an impact on increasing fuel consumption.


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