Choice of Motor Make Touring, New Honda ADV 160 or CB150X?

 The Honda manufacturer has a motorcycle that can be relied on for touring, there is the New ADV 160 that just launched and the CB150X. The two have different characters. The ADV 160 is a scooter type and the CB150X is a sports bike that is designed for adventure needs. But each of them remains agile when taken far away. Which of the two is more fun to tour with.

Choice of Motor Make Touring, New Honda ADV 160 or CB150X?


From the spec sheet, the ADV 160 carries a 156.9cc engine (rounded up 160cc), 4 valves, liquid cooling, and already has eSP+ injection technology (enhanced Smart Power plus). The amount of power and torque produces a maximum power of up to 11.8 kW or 15.8 Hp at 8,500 rpm and a peak torque of 14.7 Nm at 6,500 rpm. Engine compression is at 12:1 with bore x stroke at 60 x 55.5 mm. The new engine concoction is claimed to be able to provide good acceleration.

While the CB150X power source of the 150cc DOHC 4-valve PGM-FI single-cylinder unit is liquid-cooled. Its equivalent is a 6-speed transmission. From there, 11.5 KW (15.6 Hp) of power can be distributed, which peaks at the level of 9,000 rpm. The torque is similar to its engine-sharing sibling, the CB150R at 13.8 Nm at 7,000rpm. Its performance excels at low to medium engine revs, so the ability to climb it is better, in accordance with the character of riders who like touring. 


Based on the results of internal tests with the WMTC-EURO 3 method, the fuel consumption of the ADV 160 shows a figure of 45 km / liter (ISS on feature), so it is able to cover a distance of up to 364 km in one full refueling. The fuel tank capacity of Honda's new adventure scooter is 12 liters.

His brother whose manual clutch was recorded at 38 km/liter. These results are obtained based on the results of the ECE R40 test. This result is also an internal test by AHM. The capacity of the tank is 12 liters.

The fuel consumption above will certainly be different when both are used daily later. The condition of the roads and the weight carried also make its fuel consumption different from the manufacturer's claims.


The New Honda ADV 160 gets improvements in terms of features to improve driving safety. It is now equipped with traction control or HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control) specifically for the highest variant. Furthermore, the application of adjustable windscreens to improve aerodynamics and maximize wind exposure. In addition to its function to withstand wind gusts from the front, this component also has a role in boosting appearance. Even the ADV 160 can be adjusted to two high positions. Without having to bother disassembling the tide.

The new meter panel looks like honda ADV350, charging me model USB Port type A, ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) for the highest variant, Full LED lighting (front, rear, turnkey), DRL, hazard lights, ESS (Emergency Stop Signal), handlebar handlebars, wavy disk, 30 liter trunk, Side Stand Switch, Keyless with security alarm.

To support long trips, the CB150X is equipped with a Tapered Handlebar. High Windscreen for comfort and protection from wind exposure while driving, Full Digital Panelmeter which displays vehicle information with a sportier and more modern appearance, LED Headlight, Inverted Front Suspension, Adventure Style Undercowl to provide protection for the engine while driving, and LED Taillight.


It's less afdal if the motorbike for touring doesn't talk about accommodation. In this case the new scooter Honda has a trunk of 30 liters. The helmet can definitely enter. Even some types of full face. From there, there is a leftover space that can store some important equipment for long trips, such as raincoats and other small objects. Then there is another drawer in the dashboard area. This part is quite deep, just right to store the device and can be closed, so it is aesthetically neater.

None of the luggage space on the CB150X. Don't expect to be able to keep a helmet, raincoat, or anything that can be left on the motorcycle. Again, they weren't made like accommodating scooters. But some aftermarket parts can treat, a kind of iron rack with a box or bag tied to the tank. 


Within the city, the footrest and weight of the vehicle become important elements. So is dexterity, whether maneuvering or when you have to make a U-turn. In total dimensions, the ADV 160 has a length of 1,950 mm, a width of 763 mm, and a height of 1,196 mm. Ground Clereance 165 mm and seating height 780 mm. While the CB150X (LxWxH) is 2,031 x 796 x 1,309 mm, with the lowest distance to the ground of 181 mm and a seat height of 817 mm. But about the weight, of course, the scooter is more compact, 133 kg. While the CB150X reaches 139 kg.

The new ADV 160, which is a scooter type, has a wide footrest. It can provide a sense of comfort and is easier to invite to wade through the dense and dynamic city paths. While the CB150X even though it has a sport model footrest, it is also relatively comfortable. Because the triangle of its ergonomics does not make the rider get tired quickly.

Next, the matter of sitting position. This depends on taste indeed. The scooter offers wide seat contours for the rider. This type of sport adventure has multi-tiered model seats. Make the driver made lower so that the back waist gets restraint. The design certainly gives the advantage of keeping the body's position firm. So it doesn't get sore quickly.


The New ADV 160 is embedded with ordinary telescopic suspension at the front and twin subtank rear suspension to provide optimal comfort and stability when cornering, bumpy and bumpy roads. Coupled with large semi-dual purpose tires 110/80 – 14 (front) and 130/70 – 13 (rear) it gives a dashing impression and looks different.

The CB150X has long legs. The basics can be said to be similar to the Honda CB150R or Honda CBR150R, where the front suspension is upside down from Showa and the rear is monoshock with unitrack. Although he has a similar appearance, he gets an upgrade. Still Showa SFF-BP (Separate Function Fork-Big Piston) but has a longer playing distance of 30 mm. The stroke is also 10 mm longer, the total is 130 mm. To compensate for the already long front suspension, the CB150X's monosok is also longer. Approximately 324 mm with a stroke of 60 mm.

While the wheels use IRC Road Winner tires intended for on-road lanes. The size of the front tires is 100/80 – 17 52P (Tubeless) and rear 130/70 – 17 62P (Tubeless).


The New Honda ADV 160 has a tough and sturdy urban explorer design. Although at first glance it is similar to the old model, it turns out that the face has changes. More precisely, the front body cover is slightly enlarged so that the fierce impression of this bike is stronger. Then in the left and right body wings also look different. If the previous model used a slightly fat design, precisely in the ADV160 it appears slimmer so that the visuals are simpler.

The rear side body is now similar to the Honda ADV 350 that has already launched in Thailand. This body revision also makes the appearance of the ADV160 look bigger. But at the stern, it still applies an LED lamp model with an X silhouette inside the lamp housing. To support the adventure display, he is equipped with a windscreen whose function is to dispel the wind optimally.

The sport adventure is designed with a burly design and a more prominent moge feel. The aura is similar to that of the CB500X moge. The fat part in front appears on the tank area with the shroud fused all the way to the muzzle. This part is also what makes it similar to the moge. This is one of the attractions of the CB150X.

It's not enough to make the front like the CB500X, the posture matter must also be adjusted. Made high with a longer front shock, longer travel. The type is exactly the same as that used by Streetfire, namely the Showa SFF-BP 37 mm upside-down. Don't forget the gold kelir must be made a marker.

The combination of the fat tank and the tall posture, makes the CB150X a little intimidating. Especially for riders whose height is under 170cm. Standing aside or looking closely, it's really like a moge!


Although the price is quite far apart, both of them are indeed designed for riders who want a scrap metal horse. When it comes to specification data, it is clear that the New ADV 160 is superior. But in terms of performance, of course, the CB150X is reliable because it adopts a manual clutch.

The Honda CB150X is intended for potential consumers who are looking for a long-distance old motorcycle. Without forgetting its ability to be used as an everyday vehicle and offers stuttering and steady performance when used for touring.

Both of them are quite capable of being brought touring, and they also have their own advantages. In terms of comfort, realistically certainly the Honda CB150X is very supportive. But when it comes to engine technology and its taste features the New ADV 160 is also reliable. Now it depends on your choice. You can adjust to the budget or want to be different on the road.

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  1. Good article, I’m trying to figure out what would be best for my friend. Seems like a hard choice! 150x is a little more expensive but taller and more reliable and nicer suspension for the Philippines. But adv is the engine and city comfort. He’d live in mountainous areas so maybe cb150x is the way to go as he’s also 180cm. I’ll keep reading into it though.