Honda ADV 160 Officially Launched with Prices Starting at IDR 39.25 Million, Here Are the Advantages

 PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) has finally officially launched a new variant of the Honda ADV, namely the Honda AVD 160, in the Bekasi area, Friday (1/7/2022).

 Indonesia is the first country to launch the latest generation of Honda ADV after previously selling other variant markets, namely the Honda X-ADV, Honda ADV 350 and Honda ADV 150. "We present the latest generation of ADV to meet consumer expectations for a fun and comfortable daily vehicle as well as a cruiser. .

We are launching this motorbike as a premium adventurous motorbike for urban communities," said Keiichi Yasuda, President Director of PT AHM. The new scooter itself is marketed in two types, ABS and CBS with a total of 6 color variants. The ABS type is marketed for Rp. 39.25 million ( On The Road Jakarta), available in three colors, namely Tough Matte Black, Tough Matte Red, and Tough Matte White. Another variant of the CBS type is marketed for Rp. 36,000,000 (On The Road Jakarta), gets three color choices, namely Dynamic Black , Dynamic Red, and Dynamic White.

When compared to the Honda ADV 150, the large scooter designed by PT AHM does have many changes.

Some of these changes, according to Keiichi Yasuda, are input from consumers so that the use of adventure motorbikes is more practical for daily needs and comfortable when traveling long distances. "We are aware that consumers' desire for motorbikes that bring joy and driving pleasure is increasing," he explained. Well, here are some changes that make the Honda ADV 160 even more tempting. Let's look at:

1. New Machine

Honda ADV 160 uses a new 160 cc ESP + four valve engine. The machine is claimed to provide a powerful sensation on the streets. This machine has actually been used in other models, namely the Honda PCX 160 and Honda Vario 160. 

The engine can hook more power than the Honda ADV 150. Now the power of the Honda ADV 160 reaches 11.8 kW at 8,500 rpm. Torque is also abundant up to 14.7 NM at around 6,500 rpm.

 2. Higher Windscreen

Honda ADV 160

The Honda ADV 160 now has a two step adjustabe windshield which makes aerodynamics even better. Windscreen which is commonly used on large motorcycles, the height can be adjusted by 75 mm in two height levels with easy operation.

3. Large Luggage

Honda ADV 160

Changes in the shape of the side body increase the volume of the trunk. This model has a storage space of 30 liters (up 2 liters) which can support the needs of users in storing goods.

4. Lower Seat

Honda ADV 160

The seat height is now 780 mm, or lower than before (reduced by 15 mm), combined with the ground clearance of the New Honda ADV160 which is quite high, which is 165 mm. This combination provides more comfort for the driver when exploring various road conditions.

5. Advanced Features

Honda ADV 160

On the security side, the New Honda ADV160 has been supported by a Honda Smart Key and an alarm system. For convenience, it has been equipped with a USB charger in the console box with a maximum power of 5V 2.1A, replacing the power charger on the old model.

6. Fuel efficiency

Based on the results of an internal test using the WMTC-EURO 3 method, fuel consumption or (BBM) shows the figure of 45 kilometers per liter (ISS feature on), so it can cover a distance of up to 364 km in one full refueling.


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