Bye-bye! Honda ADV 150 Injected Dead, ADV 160 Becomes a Substitute

 New Honda ADV 160 officially launched in Indonesia. This scooter replaces the ADV 150 which was automatically stopped production and discontinued sales.

For information, ADV 150 first launched globally in Indonesia in 2019 through the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS). This motorbike is claimed to be the first 150 cc scooter in the country that carries the adventure genre.

Bye-bye! Honda ADV 150 Injected Dead, ADV 160 Becomes a Substitute

With a unique design and character, the Honda ADV 150 has successfully captivated the hearts of Indonesian consumers. This motorbike was eventually also sold in several countries in Southeast Asia, until it penetrated the United States market.

Three years later after the launch, the ADV 150 was updated by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM). However, this motorbike no longer bears the ADV 150 name, but has been changed to New ADV 160 to match the engine cubication being carried.

Just like the fate of the PCX 150 and Vario 160 when the PCX 160 and Vario 160 were present, AHM also injected the ADV 150 to death.

"So far (so far ADV 150) is no longer in the (dealer) network. It's out of stock," said Marketing Director AHM, Thomas Wijaya to reporters in Cikarang, Bekasi, West Java, Friday (1/7/2022).

Thomas pun mendorong kepada para konsumen yang sekarang ini sedang proses inden ADV 150, agar langsung di-upgrade ke model terbaru New ADV 160 demi mendapatkan fitur-fitur yang lebih canggih, serta mesin yang tentu lebih powerful.

"Jadi kalau sudah ada konsumen yang menunggu inden ADV 150, maka bisa langsung mengalihkan unitnya atau kebutuhannya ke ADV 160, yang tentu performanya bisa lebih baik lagi, desainnya lebih professional, fitur-fiturnya lebih memuaskan," bilang Thomas.

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 Thomas also encourages consumers who are currently in the ADV 150 pivot process, to immediately upgrade to the latest model New ADV 160 in order to get more sophisticated features, as well as a more powerful engine.

"So if there are consumers who are waiting for the ADV 150 pivot, then they can immediately transfer their unit or needs to ADV 160, which of course can have better performance, more professional design, more satisfying features," said Thomas.


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