AHM Sets a Target of 30 Thousand New Honda ADV160 Sales Units by the End of 2022

 PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) finally released the new Honda ADV160 some time ago. Its launch is also a global debut, which indicates that this adventurous scooter is an important product for Honda's business in Indonesia.

The revision brought by the Honda ADV160 deserves appreciation. Because now it gets a new engine with a larger capacity, adde8d features, to minor changes in the design sector. The Marketing Director of PT AHM, Thomas Wijaya, explained that with all the updates in the ADV160, his party targets sales of this motorbike to reach 30 thousand units by the end of 2022.

"In the second semester, we hope to reach 20 to 30 thousand for 6 months, for the new Honda ADV, yes," said Thomas in Cikarang, West Java, recently.

Furthermore, according to Thomas, the actual sales target of this adventurous scooter is at 60 thousand units per year. However, because the new version of ADV was released in semester 2 they only set half the target by the end of this year. Yes, it means that sales of the previous version of the ADV150 have reached 30 thousand when referring to the sales expectations of the latest ADV model.

The sales target figure of 60 thousand units was slightly corrected from the sales target when the Honda ADV was first released in Indonesia. At that time, Thomas had said that this scooter was targeted to sell 100 thousand units per year.

As for the sales contribution, the Honda ADV is said to have contributed 10 percent to Honda's motorcycle business in Indonesia. The backbone of AHM sales is still supported by entry-level automatic products such as the Honda Beat, Scoopy, and Vario series.

Regarding the opportunity to be exported to other countries, according to Thomas, until now they are still focusing on meeting the needs of the domestic market first. It is confirmed that the New Honda ADV160 can be ordered and the units will gradually be distributed to the entire Honda dealer network in Indonesia.

"We focus on Indonesian consumers. Moreover, if there were those who were waiting, we would definitely focus more on the Indonesian people. We will see the conditions (for exports)," he explained.

AHM confirmed that the problem of the semiconductor chip crisis affected the fulfillment of Honda motorcycles in Indonesia. Therefore, the decision to prioritize the needs of domestic consumers over exports to other countries is the right choice for the company.

The New Honda ADV is now equipped with a new 156.9 cc engine (rounded to 160 cc), 4-valve configuration, and eSP+ technology. The engine design is identical to that of the Honda PCX 160 which produces a maximum power of 11.8 kW or 15.8 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and peak torque at 14.7 nm at 6,500 rpm.

In addition to the engine, the ADV160 also gets a new front and rear side body, a higher windscreen, a USB Type A port, a 30 liter trunk (2 liters up), a new panel meter, and the addition of a traction control safety feature or HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control). . If you have a plan to ask for her hand, below is the latest price for the Honda ADV160.


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