5-Door Suzuki Jimny Prototype Spy Shot Caught in Europe

The 5-door Suzuki Jimny is a reality. Long awaited, finally circulated the appearance of a prototype unit being tested. For those who want to have a Jimny with a more roomy cabin, they will be happier. The spy photos may indicate a slide is imminent. But which market came first is still a mystery?

Carscoops caught a 5-door Jimny while testing in Europe. Still tightly camouflaged, as if hiding an additional door behind. But the long wheelbase can't be disguised. Moreover, there is a 3-door model right next to it.

Even though it was covered by a disguise blanket, it didn't cover the original design. Only in the form of a sticker, so the design from the front to the stern is still clearly visible. Still identical to the 3-door Jimny, parts that don't really need to be changed first. Because it is still liked and gives off the iconic impression of the legendary petite offroader. The interior is also exposed. It's no different from the 3-door Jimny, but the monitor screen looks bigger.

April last year, leaked the specifications for the 5-door version. The details are quite clear especially the dimensions. Because that's the sector that most distinguishes the 3-door Jimny. Length increased by 300 mm to 3850 mm, as well as a stretched wheelbase of 300 mm to 2,550 mm. While other parts remain the same as the short version. It is 1,645 mm wide, 1,730 mm high and has a ground clearance of 210 mm. There are additional white and brown color options, although it is not yet known exactly what. This brings the total to 10 colors and there is the possibility of two-tone variations.

Cabins are believed to be more practical to transport more people. So it is suitable to be purchased by consumers who want to take a crowd on an adventure. Accommodation will not be as complicated as a 3-door Jimny with a narrow back seat. However, it is necessary to calculate the effect of adding wheelbase and dimensions. Generally will affect off-road capabilities.

New news comes from the kitchen runway sector. Especially for Europe, which is increasingly stringent in terms of exhaust emission regulations. To the extent that the 3-door Jimny has changed its status to a commercial car since 2021. For the sake of being able to be sold there. Well, there was news that the Jimny would later be powered by a hybrid engine. It makes sense, because Suzuki already has that. The possibility of applying mild-hybrid technology combined with the K15C DualJet engine. Fuel efficiency improves along with performance

It could be out in Europe first or even first in India. Because that's where the production center is located, apart from the Kosai factory in Japan. Prepared to fight local players in the Sub4m segment such as Kia Sonet, Hyundai Venue, and Maruti Vitara Brezza. But it is likely that it will only be realized in late 2022 or early 2023. If it is produced in India, it is also a market expectation that is difficult to meet the booming demand for the Jimny. Of course, there is hope that it can also be exported to the country. Fulfill the dream of a more logical price tag.


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