Tips for Caring for a Toyota Euro 4 Diesel Engine Car

 Since April 2022, Toyota has marketed all diesel-engined cars with Euro4 emission standards. The engine is equipped with a variable turbo, common-rail and intercooler which makes the car a lot of torque and most importantly is environmentally friendly. With a number of advanced features, users or vehicle owners must pay attention to how to care for the Toyota Euro4 diesel car engine.

“All new Toyota cars with diesel engines marketed by Auto2000 have met the Euro4 emission standards set by the government. However, in order to stay in prime condition, users must follow the recommendations of the vehicle manual and have regular periodic servicing at the Auto2000 workshop," said Nur Imansyah Tara, Aftersales Business Division Head of Auto2000.

Tips for Caring for a Toyota Euro 4 Diesel Engine Car

In detail Auto2000 provides tips about modern diesel engine maintenance as follows:

Use the Right Fuel

The first tip that must be carried out by vehicle owners is the use of appropriate fuel. Improper fuel will have a big negative impact on the vehicle. High sulfur content can disrupt the fuel distribution system, decrease engine performance, and reduce engine life. The cetane level must also match the needs of the engine in order to deliver the best power. Adjust the fuel used with the recommendations in the Toyota vehicle manual. 

Check Solar Filter

The diesel filter or diesel fuel filter is responsible for ensuring that dirt does not enter the injection system. Vehicle owners can find out the condition of a dirty filter through the instrument panel. If the instrument panel light is on, don't delay and replace it with a new diesel filter immediately.

Clean Air Filter

The job of the air filter is to filter the air that enters the combustion chamber. Clean air can make engine performance maintained and use fuel more efficiently. Therefore, you are asked to clean it regularly to anticipate the formation of scale on the components and reduce the risk of clogged dirt.

Pay attention to water sediments

The water sedimenter functions to catch the water content in the fuel line, so it doesn't flow into the engine so it doesn't interfere with engine performance and prevents the risk of rusting. Immediately drain the water sedimenter when the water sedimenter indicator light on the instrument panel lights up because the water is full.

Warm up the engine before running and wait a moment before turning it off

Before traveling, the driver is asked to warm up the engine for about one minute to ensure that the lubricant spreads to all engine components. Then before turning off, the car is also advised to stay on for one minute to cool the working engine components.

Change Engine Oil

Check the engine oil level via the dipstick to make sure it doesn't decrease. Change the diesel engine oil every 6 months, so that the oil condition is always maintained. Make sure to use TMO diesel engine oil to match the specifications of Toyota cars circulating in Indonesia.


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