Motorcycle Maintenance and Checking Tips After Remote Use

 After the Eid holiday, motorbike users are required to carry out inspections, especially after being used out of town. After traveling long distances through various road conditions and long traffic jams, there is a possibility that the iron horse being ridden is no longer in prime condition. That is why, it is highly recommended for vehicle owners to check and maintain several components in order to optimize the motorcycle's performance again.

Motorcycle Maintenance and Checking Tips After Remote Use

“For those who use motorbikes during Eid holidays and travel quite a distance, it is necessary to check and maintain. Because the condition of the motorbike is excellent, it is one of the factors supporting safety and smooth driving," said Antonius Widiantoro, Manager of Public Relations, YRA & Community PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Mfg.

Here are tips for maintaining and checking motorbikes from Yamaha for vehicle owners after taking the Eid holiday trip.

Motorcycle Cleaning

The first step that needs to be done is to clean the vehicle. So that the dirt that sticks, such as dust, soil and also oil can be lost. If it is still attached, of course, it has the potential to hamper the performance of vehicle components or even make it damaged like rusting.

Check Engine & Transmission Oil

One of the important parts of a motorcycle that needs to be checked after traveling long distances is engine oil. Whether it's the volume, viscosity, or color of the oil itself. Engine oil that is still suitable for use usually has a thick and clear texture, and the volume does not decrease according to the standard. Ideally, oil changes are carried out every 3,000 kilometers or every 3 months.

As for how to check the quality of engine oil can be done manually. By utilizing the stick that is attached to the oil cap on the motorcycle engine, or if the rider uses a Yamaha motorcycle that is already equipped with connectivity features, it can be even more practical because the check can be done via the Y-Connect application. 

Meanwhile, for automatic type motorbikes, the driver must also do additional checks on the transmission oil and make sure there are no leaks in the rubber seals that reduce the volume. During normal and normal use, scooter owners are usually advised to change the transmission oil every 10,000 kilometers or every 10 months.

Check Battery / Battery

Another component that needs to be checked is the battery or battery, to ensure its condition is not weak or worn out so that the motorcycle's electrical function works properly, including the engine starter function to start the engine. Checking can be done in several ways, such as feeling the surface of the battery body and making sure it is not bulging which indicates that the condition of the battery has started to fail. Then also use a voltmeter to monitor the voltage of the motor battery which in normal conditions is in the range of 12.4 volts.

If you want to be more practical, checking the battery voltage can also be done by looking at the battery voltage indicator listed on the speedometer, or through the special Y-Connect application on Yamaha motorcycles that are equipped with connectivity features.

Check Air Filter

Air filter components are also considered necessary to be checked after long driving. The reason is, if the air filter is dirty and not cleaned immediately, then the motor will feel heavy and in more severe cases can make the engine stutter. This of course will also have an impact on fuel consumption which becomes inefficient.

How to check the air filter is quite easy, vehicle owners only need to open the air filter box with a screwdriver. Usually, air filter replacement is done every 15,000 kilometers or every 15 months.

Check Brake Pads

Eid holidays are synonymous with long trips accompanied by heavy traffic conditions or even traffic jams that tend to make brake performance more used. The impact is thinning of the front and rear brake pads. Indications of brake linings that are starting to wear out and need to be replaced are indicated by several things, such as a squeaking sound when braking, a deeper brake lever and a reduced volume of brake fluid.

Suspension Performance Check

After a long journey through various terrain conditions, including potholes, rocky and bumpy roads, it is very possible to make the suspension performance of the motorbike no longer optimal. Therefore, it is important to also check the condition of the suspension on the motorcycle. One way of checking that can be done is to press the suspension and see the reaction.

If the suspension quickly stretches to its original position and feels hard when the motorcycle passes through a pothole or bumpy road, it is likely that the volume of suspension oil in the tube has decreased due to a leak in the rubber seal. If this is the case, immediately take your motorcycle to the nearest authorized repair shop for further checking.

Check Tire Condition

Tires are also one of the important components that must be checked after traveling on Eid holidays. Considering its vital function in supporting the load of the motor and maintaining vehicle traction to the road surface, the round skin must also be checked.

Regarding tire wear, one way to check it can be by looking at the Trade Wheel Indicator (TWI) in the form of an arrow. If the surface of the tire has touched the arrow, it means that the tire rubber is thin and needs to be replaced. In addition, also pay attention to the wind pressure whether it is in accordance with the standards recommended by the manufacturer. So it is not too hard and deflated which of course affects the performance of the motor and comfort when driving.

Finally, when checking the tires, the rider can also monitor the condition of the engine fastening bolts and motorcycle legs to make sure everything is in tight condition. Because the vibrations that arise when driving long distances and passing through damaged roads can potentially make the bolts on the motorbike loose.

To maintain optimal motor performance, the rider is strongly advised to take the above maintenance steps. However, if it is difficult to do it yourself, motorbike users can immediately take their vehicle to the nearest authorized workshop. Especially for Yamaha consumers, they can take advantage of the My Yamaha Motor application to see the location of the nearest authorized workshop and make online booking services more practical and easier via smartphones.


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