Modification of Honda Civic Type R

 Present as a car that prioritizes performance, the Honda Civic Type R is an answer for Honda fans who are very enthusiastic about speed. The tenth generation Honda Civic with the birth code FK8R is the successor of the Honda line called the Type R which is destined to run fast from birth.

With a high-performance engine, the Honda Civic Type R is equipped with aerodynamic support attributes throughout its body. This has become a mandatory device embedded by Honda engineers to keep it stable and attached to the asphalt at high speeds.

Civic Type R Limited Edition

The wide body structure with sharp lines in the design makes the Honda Civic Type R have a very sporty appearance. Honda does clearly distinguish the design character between the more 'fierce' Civic Type R and the more 'polite and sweet' Civic Hatchback Turbo on which it is based.

The source of the Honda K Series runway is indeed well-known as the supplier of the most optimal power in the range of Honda's four-cylinder engines. The engine coded K20C1 Turbo under the hood of the Honda Civic Type R is paired with a 6-speed manual transmission with a tight ratio and Limited Slip Differential at the front wheels. This configuration produces 306 hp and 400 Nm of torque.

The official price of Rp 1.068 billion for a four-door hatchback is indeed considered very large. But this is the next generation of the legendary Honda Civic Type R, a hatchback that stays with four passengers but can be relied on for Track Day.

PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM), which officially sells the latest generation of the Honda Civic Type R, is quite busy with greater demand than its sales quota. Therefore, in the future, this Honda Civic Type R could be a collector's hunt for high-spec cars fans.

Although it comes packaged with a sporty display device and a high-performance engine, the Honda Civic Type R is not forbidden to modify. Various aspects of the default standard, its capabilities can still be improved.

But keep in mind, the modifications made should consider several aspects. Among other things, driving safety, driving comfort and most importantly aesthetics.

Modification activities should also be supported by the responsibility of the rider. Continue to obey the applicable driving rules and still respect other road users when driving.

Popular Modifications Honda Civic Type R

The Honda Civic Type R comes out of the factory with a line of performance support devices. However, some owners are still not satisfied with the specifications provided by the manufacturer. Therefore modification is the next step taken by the owner to get personalization.

In order to improve the standard performance, modifications in the engine sector are the most common things done. Several steps can be taken, starting from the easiest, namely remapping or reflashing the Engine Control Unit (ECU) to replacing aftermarket ECU devices that have more setting parameters.

In addition to the ECU, modifications in the engine sector usually extend to the combustion sector which is made more optimal. The trick is to increase the ignition and supply of clean air to the combustion chamber and improve the performance of the fuel distribution line.

Streamlining the flow of exhaust gases is also an important sector in terms of improving the performance of the Honda Civic Type R. Replacement of exhaust devices can be done completely or partially starting from the center pipe, resonator to the rear muffler. 

Modification of Honda Civic Type R

ECU Tuning

ECU reprogramming or Remapping or Reflashing is the easiest step in increasing engine performance. The parameter is to optimize combustion in every RPM range or engine speed including most commonly removing the speed limiter or speed limiter without dismantling the ECU hardware. This process costs around Rp. 6.5 million – Rp. 10 million for the EP Tune or Hondata Flash Pro application, including tuning on the dyno roller. A more serious version is the replacement of the standard ECU to a plug and play aftermarket ECU. The advantage of this aftermarket plug and play ECU is its ability to program more devices with a high degree of accuracy. For example, ignition timing, combustion, intake air flow in each RPM range as well as turbocharger blowing and engine cooling settings without changing engine wiring. The power output produced is much greater than simply changing the ECU chip. But don't be surprised, the costs also follow, around Rp. 125 million for the Motec M142 including installation and dyno tuning.

Ignition and Air Supply

Combustion in gasoline engines is very dependent on the amount of cold air that enters the combustion chamber and the amount of ignition during combustion. So replacing spark plugs with larger flames and a faster air supply system is the key to increased performance. Although the standard default for the Honda Civic Type R is a spark plug with the Laser Iridium type, in the aftermarket spark plug market with above-standard capabilities are also available with a price range of IDR 1.5 million for the HKS Super Fire alert. To increase the supply of clean air, replacement of Cold Air Intake (CAI) which includes air intake and open air filter to a larger intercooler is necessary. Replacement of the air intake and open air filter costs starting from Rp. 25 million for the Arma or HKS brand as well as replacing the intercooler made from billet alerts HKS or PRL ranging from Rp. 18 million – Rp. 23 million including pipes and installation.

Exhaust System

Exhaust gases from combustion in the engine as much as possible are blown out so that the engine can immediately reprocess combustion in the next step. Thus, replacing the exhaust system is necessary to speed up combustion. There are several brands on the market from locally made to well-known tuner manufactures. HKS, PRL, Remus to Spoon Sports have exhaust products that are intended for this Honda Civic FK8R. Replacement includes center pipe, resonator to rear muffer. This exhaust set can be redeemed starting from Rp. 20 million a set. HKS Legamax, PRL Exhaust & Remus Valvetronic

Accessories for Honda Civic Type R

Modifying the appearance is the easiest and cheaper thing to make over the Honda Civic Type R. The most instant is a change in appearance by replacing the rims with a massive choice of models on the market.

The standard 20-inch alloy wheels are already quite large. No need to replace it with a larger diameter, but you can replace it with another model that makes it look more 'fierce'. Some owners even downsize or replace the default rim with a smaller diameter, but wider for driving comfort and increasing control.
In addition to replacing rims, as an aesthetic complement, wheel nuts are usually replaced. In addition, aftermarket wheel nuts are lighter but have the same strength as standard wheel nuts. About the appearance, of course much different, especially if the wheel nut is a famous tuner alerts.

After finishing the affairs of the wheel rims and nuts, generally the suspension sector is the aspect affected by the modifications that have been made. Changes in this sector were made to support the aesthetic appearance by lowering the height of the Honda Civic Type R slightly, increasing its handling performance at high speeds and giving the wheels more traction on the asphalt.


Born with Japanese blood, the Japanese alert rims (wheels) are the most appropriate choice. Competition models with a 5x120 PCD wheel hub specification adapted for the Honda Civic Type R are widely available in the market. Interestingly, on average, manufacturers release circular rims slightly smaller than the standard rims for the Honda Civic Type R, namely ring 19 and ring 18, but wider with a safe offset in the fender space and lighter of course. If the Enkei RPF01 and Volk Rays TE37 are too market, then the next choice is the Volk Rays G025, Volk Rayz ZE40 or Volk Rays CE28. The price ranges from Rp. 45 million.

Civic Type R . Suspension

It is important for the Honda Civic Type R pembesut about precise control when maneuvering. Therefore, if the factory default suspension feels less qualified, many car owners replace it. The choice is a lowering kit or spring replacement alone, or complete with shock absorbers with height adjustment or coilover features. For lowering kits, replacements are generally carried out using Spoon Sports alerts with a price of around Rp. 10 million, while for coilover sets generally using Tein alerts with a price of Rp. 22 million.

Lug Nut

Although small, the replacement of the standard default wheel nuts is enough to improve the appearance of the legs. The wheel nuts which are usually applied in this competition car have a light weight but are strong enough to withstand the load of wheel rotation. One of the most famous is the production of Spoon Sports which is specifically designed for the needs of the Honda Civic Type R wheel hub. The price for a complete set for all four wheels is around Rp. 3.8 million.


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