Lawyers Step in to Protect Automotive Consumers

 Seeing the many cases involving consumers and automotive manufacturers, a number of young advocates have established the Indonesia Automotive Lawyers Association, or Lawotomotive.

The association was created because the Indonesian people still do not care about the importance of laws and regulations related to the automotive world.

Lawyers Step in to Protect Automotive Consumers

According to this association, automotive itself has many issues that can harm motor vehicle owners, such as regulations, emissions, taxes, vehicle features that are not in accordance with their functions, and many more.

Chairman of Lawotomotive, Towy Aryanosa said, this association is expected to be a pioneering advocate organization that is credible, reliable, and cares about the development of automotive law in Indonesia.

"We want to increase the competence and strategic role of advocates in resolving automotive issues from a legal point of view," he explained, in a virtual discussion, Friday (27/08/2021). He also wants the organization he leads to become a strategic partner of the government and stakeholders.

Lawotomotive will also be able to become a pioneer in an advocate organization that pays attention to issues in the automotive world, especially those involving the law and its implementing regulations.

In addition, he added, the presence of this association is expected to provide benefits for the automotive world, both from the industrial sector, the community and also the government, so that a healthy and friendly automotive climate can be realized.

As a first step in its performance, Lawotomotive held a talk show with the theme Peel off Completely About Consumer Protection in the Automotive World. In this virtual event, they presented David Tobing, a lawyer who was asked to be a consumer protection law figure.

As is known, David Tobing is a figure who defends car users who feel aggrieved by features and components that do not work as they function. If left unchecked, it will be fatal, harming the user.


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