Kawasaki KLX230 Adds New Family, Prices Start at IDR 49.9 Million

 Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) completes the 2022 line-up by presenting three new products. Consists of the KLX230S, KLX230SM and KLX230SM SE. The three models are sold starting from Rp. 49.9 million to Rp. 56.7 million OTR DKI Jakarta.

According to Michael C. Tanadhi, Head of Sales & Promotion of KMI, his party was really waiting for this momentum to answer the needs of consumers in the country. "Kawasaki always tries to commit to developing new technology. With the presence of this new product, we are ready to provide pleasure and enjoyment for motorcycle users," he said at the 2022 Jakarta Fair, Thursday (9/6).

Kawasaki KLX230 Adds New Family, Prices Start at IDR 49.9 Million

The first new product from the KLX230 line up is the KLX230S, an improvement unit from the old model. He is now more aggressive. The most striking is seen in the use of headlights. Now it looks more 'snub' and flat. The lighting is now LED technology. Brighter and longer lasting. This latest model has a distinctive Low Down Seat appearance, or a seat that is designed lower than its predecessor.

For adventure enthusiasts, the KLX230S is believed by Kawasaki to be a tough trail bike for all terrains. With a 233 cc engine capacity, more stable power, rugged chassis and high-performance capability.

"KMI launched the KLX230S motorcycle with a low down seat display of 830 mm which is certainly its trademark now. We hope that trail bike lovers can enjoy this more capable appearance and specifications," added Michael C. Tanadhi.

The KLX230S's performance is no different from before. 233 cc capacity, single cylinder, SOHC, 2 valves, air cooled and already injected. He is capable of producing 18.7 hp at 7,600 rpm and a maximum torque of 19.8 Nm at 6,100 rpm.

Travel suspension front 220 mm and rear 223 mm, so it can hit bumpy roads. In addition, the ground clearance is also designed higher, with a distance of 210 mm from the ground. It aims to prevent the motor from colliding with rocks. This motorbike is priced at IDR 49.9 million OTR DKI Jakarta.

In addition to offering the KLX230S, it also presents the KLX230SE. Line up as the most complete variant because it has been equipped with various accessories supporting adventure. Such as hand guard, engine guard, frame guard, and gold upside down.

Then the second model presented by KMI is the KLX230SM. This unit further strengthens the name KLX. Designed for novice riders who like supermoto type motorcycles. This variant is also an alternative model that is lighter than the D-Tracker X.

Regarding the engine, it is still identical to the KLX230 series model. It's just that he has a difference in the sector of his legs. KLX230SM is equipped with an upside down suspension and a unitrak model at the rear. For the diameter of the front and rear wheels using a size of 17 inches. The motorcycle braking system has adopted a petal disc model at the front and rear.

Use 3 inch front and 3.5 inch rear rims. You could say the size is wider than the KLX type below. The suspension is also set to be asphalt-oriented so that it includes stiffer springs and less travel than the KLX230S long-travel suspension (front: 204mm and rear: 168mm). A stiffer setting offers greater calm (the front dives less than the KLX230S during braking). This motorbike is priced at IDR 54.9 million OTR DKI Jakarta.

The manufacturer also offers a special edition of the KLX230SM, namely the KLX230SM SE. All are still identical, the difference is only in the variety of accessories attached and the visual side. The most expensive variant uses gold rims and front suspension tubes. The price offered is IDR 56.7 million OTR DKI Jakarta.


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