BMW Motorrad Releases Teaser G 310 RR, Twin TVS Apache RR 310

 BMW Motorrad released a teaser ad about the latest entry-level sport bike. The new unit is the G 310 RR. This model is based on the same 313cc engine and platform as the G 310 R naked street fighter and G 310 GS. According to information circulating, it is ready to be launched on July 15, 2022. Although it is only in the introduction stage, the company's official website has already opened orders.

BMW Motorrad Releases Teaser G 310 RR, Twin TVS Apache RR 310

Looking back a little. BMW Motorrad has been in a partnership with TVS since 2015. In that year they gave birth to the G 310 R, followed by the BMW G 310 GS. The two new units are manufactured at TVS's factory in India. Then in early December 2017, the Indian manufacturing giant began designing its own product with an identical engine, the Apache RR310. The difference is that the model is a full fairing sport bike.

After five years of partnership, BMW seems to want an entry-level sportbike. Actually this is not really new news. The reason is that The Bavarian has displayed a carbon-wrapped concept motorbike that carries the name G 310 RR. It was shown at the BMW Motorrad Days event in Japan in 2018.

Back to the initial BMW teaser image. As expected, the overall silhouette of the German brand's full-faired sports bike is very similar to its Indian cousin. Although there are some subtle variations to distinguish the two models. The most striking is of course the BMW brand logo attached and the motorsport color "M" which is very similar to the 1000RR superbike

Although the figure in the picture is not complete, it can be seen that this sport motorbike has a sporty design. The pull of the body line from front to rear is still similar to the TVS sportbike. In another image shows a tricolor livery with red and blue colors on a white background typical of BMW. The side fairing features cool graphics with the word 'Race' written behind its name.

Another visual highlight that stands out is the split-style seats with a raised tail. The visor displayed on the Bavarian derivative sport bike is also slightly different from that seen on the Apache RR 310. It also appears that the small sportbike from BMW uses a mudguard or an additional fender at the rear. And the use of conventional front disc brakes, not the wavydisk type as seen in the Apache. Despite the design differences, the disc size may not change at 300mm at the front and 240mm at the rear.

While the black 5-spoke alloy wheels, racing-spec red trellis frame, and fat side exhaust tubes are still the same. But the shape of the taillights is slightly different from those offered in the Apache. Even so the fuel tank seen in the picture is identical. From another picture, it can be seen that BMW carries a digital instrument panel that is placed vertically. It's the same as the RR 310's, but the difference can be seen in the graphic display. On the other hand, the G 310 RR is available in another color, namely black with a matte finish.

Another notable highlight is the addition of a fully adjustable front USD (Up-Side-Down) suspension. The news circulating, the components use KYB alerts and are the same as those used on the Apache RR310. It has 15mm preload adjustment and 20 damping sets. The rear monoshock is also fully adjustable with 10 preload adjustment steps and 20 damping sets. Rigidity is adjustable, according to track requirements for an optimal racing experience.

The shock absorber option can certainly help the rider to tune the motorcycle in a more friendly way. Based on the riding style and terrain, the user can adjust the firmness and flexibility of the suspension system.

Although other details have not been disclosed by the manufacturer, the kitchen runway seems to still be based on existing products. That means it is powered by a 312cc, single-cylinder engine that is placed upside down and is liquid-cooled. The maximum power produced reaches 34 PS at 9,700 rpm and a peak torque of 27.3 Nm at 7,700 rpm. This peak performance is accessible with Sport and Track driving modes. In Urban and Rain mode, performance drops to 25.8 PS and 25 Nm. The engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox. The top speed that can be achieved is 160 km / h and can reach 0-100 km / h in 7.17 seconds


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