About the price of the battery and maintenance costs for the Ertiga Hybrid, this is what Suzuki says

 The All New Ertiga Hybrid is the latest Suzuki model offered in Indonesia. The update on the low multi-purpose vehicle product is quite interesting because it includes mild hybrid technology to help make fuel consumption more efficient.

Attention then focused on the two accompanying technologies. This latest Ertiga Hybrid relies on two main components, namely the integrated starter generator (ISG) and the battery. So what about the availability of spare parts for both, for example, there are consumers who have problems.

About the price of the battery and maintenance costs for the Ertiga Hybrid, this is what Suzuki says

This question was answered by Christiana Yuantie, Spareparts Dept. Head of PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS). Suzuki has guaranteed the availability of Ertiga Hybrid batteries and spare parts for better ownership comfort.

“This vehicle uses two types of batteries, acid and lithium. The price is Rp. 15 million for lithium and Rp. 3.6 million for acid," said Christina on the sidelines of the launch of the All New Ertiga Hybrid.

Suzuki itself is currently still bringing its newest product battery completely from abroad. The plan, Suzuki will localize the battery components so that the price can be reduced cheaper. Suzuki itself has claimed that the All New Ertiga Hybrid has a local content level of more than 80 percent.

"For now, we are in the process of producing domestically. The components supplied are also being worked out and efforts are made to be localized," said Donny Saputra, 4W Marketing Director of PT SIS at the same time.

Donny also explained that his party already has partners who intend to invest in the production of electric vehicle batteries in Indonesia. This investment is expected to be used to supply the main vehicle components. It is hoped that this production can be realized in 2024 or even sooner. Suzuki himself is still keeping his mouth shut about who will be his partner.

Interestingly, Suzuki has prepared steps to become the export base for the All New Ertiga Hybrid to several countries in the world. Donny explained that there will be 12 countries in various regions that are ready to receive products from the Suzuki factory in Cikarang.

"This year we will export to 12 countries in Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Pacific Islands and the Caribbean. We hope that this number will increase in line with the increasing demand,” said Donny.

So what about the maintenance of this latest Suzuki model? The All New Ertiga Hybrid is said to be an electrification product at an affordable price, of course it needs special attention to maintain this technology.

Joshi Prasetya, Strategic Planning Dept. Head of PT SIS on different occasions revealed that the maintenance of the All New Ertiga Hybrid remains the same as the conventional model. This is because the included technology does not jump too far compared to conventional models and can be understood and felt by consumers easily, including the matter of an affordable purchase price.

"We also include a warranty for the battery up to 5 years or 100,000 kilometers. So there are no additional costs, we also don't want to sell a product and then make the price higher or the maintenance costs big," said Joshi.

Joshi also explained about the battery, every periodic service there will be a separate check and become a parameter for the life cycle of battery components. If it is judged to have decreased and is affecting performance, or an error or abnormality is found, it is recommended to replace it because the hybrid function will be disrupted. However, consumers are expected not to worry, Suzuki with a guarantee of up to five years guarantees the availability of battery replacement.

The All New Ertiga Hybrid is actually not the first time using this technology. Several years ago, Suzuki also presented the Ertiga diesel hybrid which was later discontinued. Technologically, these two products are the same but the All New Ertiga Hybrid has a newer and more sophisticated generation.

The All New Ertiga Hybrid comes in two variants. The SS Hybrid AT variant is priced at IDR 292.3 million, the SS Hybrid MT at IDR 281.3 million. There is still a variant of the GX Hybrid AT which is priced at IDR 281.3 million and the GX Hybrid MT at a price of IDR 270.3 million. Suzuki still offers the non-hybrid Ertiga in the GL and GA variants. The GA MT variant as the cheapest comes with a price of IDR 225.1 million. The GL MT variant is priced at IDR 248.5 million and the GL AT at IDR 259.5 million.


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