The First Impression of the All New Honda BR-V S MT, the Cheapest Rare Variant

 The low SUV segment has recently been marked by the presence of the new Honda All New BR-V product. The updates embedded in this seven-passenger vehicle are comprehensive, from the exterior to the interior as well as features and technology.

Honda provides five variant options for potential customers of the latest BR-V. There are Prestige variants with Honda Sensing being the top variant, Prestige non Honda Sensing, E CVT, E MT and S MT.

So far, the discussion has always been about the top variant of the second generation BR-V. Naturally, because this variant is equipped with advanced features of Honda Sensing which is an advantage in its segment. So what about the lowest variant?

finally had the opportunity to meet the lowest variant of the All New BR-V S with manual transmission in the Bogor area some time ago. This variant, which is offered with a price tag of Rp. 281.1 million, is rarely seen. From Gaikindo's wholesale data, from January to April 2022, only 549 units of this lowest variant were produced. This number is far below the other variants, which average 1,000 units. The Honda Sensing Prestige and Prestige variants even reach 4,300 to 4,500 units. What is offered in this variant?

First, potential customers still get an exterior design that has now changed compared to the previous model. The appearance of an SUV with a slim design and produces a solid impression is still visible in this variant. It only looks simpler without certain knick-knacks, but in general the latest BR-V design is also here.

In terms of dimensions, this easiest BR-V variant still offers a length of 4,490 mm, an increase of 34 mm from the previous model, a width of 1,780 mm, an increase of 45 mm from the previous model and a height of 1,651 mm. The height of the lowest variant is 34 mm different from the top variant. Possibly due to the use of 16-inch rims with 215/60 R 16 tires. These rims also use a can model with a crossbar cover. In addition, the wheelbase remains 2,700 mm, up 38 mm from the previous generation. Changes to the latest model also offer ground clearance with a size of 220 mm.

The S MT model found uses a modern steel metallic color. Standard features are LED lighting and the presence of LED DRLs for a distinctive front silhouette. The fog lamp is absent in this variant, including the side skirts, but it still looks sporty. The back still has a new stop lamp design with LEDs. Honda does not provide a special emblem for the lower variant, so an external assessment must look at details such as the rims, fog lamps and body-colored door handles.

Entering the inside, potential consumers get the latest design from the latest generation BR-V dashboard and the dominance of dark colors. Although now present is simpler where hard plastic surfaces dominate.

Luckily, despite being the cheapest variant, the BR-V S MT still offers a head unit with a 7-inch touch screen size. This head unit is capable of connecting Android Auto and Apple Carplay smartphones. The AC settings section is also digital with burst mode buttons, max cool, blower settings and the lowest temperature is 18 degrees Celsius. At the bottom there is a power outlet for easy charging of devices during travel as well as a cup holder for carrying drinks. Moving down there is a manual transmission lever with instructions for a six-speed transmission and a conventional handbrake.



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