Road Test Peugeot 5008: Here's How To Wake A Sleeping "Lion"

 Peugeot 5008 is not new in Indonesia. This seven-passenger family car was first introduced in 2009, where we also had time to test it. At that time, the machine amazed us. The form and features are not very.

In other words, the 5008 at that time was in line with what one would expect from a European-born Peugeot. Practical seat arrangements, spacious cabin, full features to a comfortable ride and the shape is in accordance with the 'Prancing Lion' design theme at that time. This car was drawn by designer Gilles Vidal, who had just been appointed to be the main designer at Peugeot.

Road Test Peugeot 5008: Here's How To Wake A Sleeping "Lion"

What we can say about the first-generation 5008 is, like a gentleman who is ready to slap anyone who has the intention of getting in his way. This is made possible by the use of a THP 156 four-cylinder engine with a 1.5 liter turbo capacity which is responsive and enjoyable.

Astra Peugeot then presented the second generation around 2017. This time the shape was surprising because it was outside the standard family car design that is usually found in Indonesia. The lights no longer seemed to be pulled back, but depicted the hooves of a lion ready to claw. Again, everything was as expected.

Then came the facelift version. This surprised us. The design of his face is like a long jump. The frameless grille with DRLs dangling from the bonnet on the rim emphasizes its presence on the road. Even when silent, this car always attracts attention. Especially those who already feel cool riding the Toyota Fortuner and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

But is the new 5008 that cool? We must firmly say yes. Apart from (honestly) we are fans of anti-mainstream new cars, but this is indeed a car to be proud of, without having to try hard to look good. Of course there are minuses. But we are sure, you will be aware of the various advantages that exist.

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The engine inside the Peugeot 5008 Allure Plus muzzle is called the EP6FDT. As previously reviewed, this derived engine from the Prince Engine drive family is configured with a four-cylinder with TwinPower Turbocharger. Its peak power is 167 PS which appears at 6,000 rpm. The highest torque is obtained from 1,400 rpm at 240 Nm. The power is channeled through a 6-speed automatic transmission which can be controlled via paddle shift on the steering wheel. 

What does it mean? Pay attention to engine speed when torque peaks. 1,400 rpm is a very low rev. The gas is stepped on a little, the torque has exploded. The pull feels responsive, the car becomes agile. Even so, in Normal driving mode, the ECU will reduce the pounding that makes you feel nauseous.

This mode makes passengers feel comfortable and the driver hardly feels any aggressive gear shifts or engine revs. Peugeot 5008 also acts like a family car.

Switch to Sport mode. The ECU seemed to say "Whatever!" 5008 is like a sleeping lion being disturbed. Towing becomes more aggressive, and the steering wheel feels fuller. And the exhaust is more audible. Turbo works neatly without lag. In automatic mode, the shift feels accurate. The transmission's willingness to hold the gear makes the 5008's movement even more aggressive, especially when swerving in toll traffic density. Of course with attention to driving safety. His behavior in this mode reminds us of BMW products, minus the pops at the end of the exhaust.

Play gearshift with paddle shift, then adrenaline satisfaction can be achieved properly. Certainly not as big as the BMW M-Series or Mercedes-AMG. But for family men who still like the rush of adrenaline, this Sport Mode 5008 can accommodate.

In the end, the pleasure and driving comfort of the first generation 5008 is passed on to this generation. In fact, we dare say, everything is getting better without sacrificing anything for the sake of production efficiency and selling price.

Excessive? We don't think so. Peugeot has always been known for its capable products. Then what's the minus? Sometimes it feels a bit slow gearshift, especially when using the paddle shifter. Don't imagine being slow for 1-2 seconds. But sometimes it feels like there is a short pause. Second, the sound of the Continental tires being used. Maybe this is affected by the mileage of the test car which is already more than 19 thousand kilometers.

Overall, the Peugeot 5008 managed to make us satisfied. Just like the generation it replaces. What it feels like until now is still effective


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