Pay attention to these steps to install the roof box on the vehicle

 The ability to carry goods in a vehicle is greatly influenced by the design and capacity of the trunk. This is necessary when the car owner is traveling long distances that require a lot of luggage during the time of the trip.

One solution that is the choice of car owners is to install a roof box on the roof of the car. Although some time ago the presence of this roof box was questioned, but the roof box is one solution to increase storage space. Then how about tips on installing a roof box that is safe and comfortable for travel. Take note of the following:

Pay attention to these steps to install the roof box on the vehicle

First, make sure the car has roof rails. Roof box can not be placed on the roof of the car because it can damage and does not have a strong grip. For this reason, a roof rail is needed in the form of a longitudinal rail where you can install a roof rack as a place to put the roof box. Several Toyota products already have a roof rail as a default design that has received mature technical calculations so that roof rails and roof boxes can be installed easily and safely.

The second step is to install a roof rack as a roof box holder. Roof rack is a pedestal structure for the roff box stand. This roof rack can actually be placed with luggage but is not recommended because items can be released and can be dangerous during the trip. Choose a roof rack that is sturdy and has a strong stand and is easy to assemble and disassemble. This includes the ability to support the roof box above it and its size does not exceed the width of the car body because it looks aesthetically and safely.

The next step is to choose the size of the roof box that suits your needs. Its function as a place to store goods does not mean you have to always choose the largest size. Take into account the need with adequate capacity and the size is not too large because it will affect the aerodynamics and balance point of the car. Choose a roof box with quality materials but not too heavy to maintain the total weight of the car, especially if the car is full of passengers.

Learn how to install the roof box on the roof rack and the correct mechanism for locking the lid to keep it safe on the road. Learn also the position of placing it right on the roof of the car to maintain the balance of the vehicle and not cross the dimensions of the car to maintain safety and aesthetics. To be safe, choose a branded roof box that has a safety certificate and is sold by an authorized dealer.

The next step, calculate the maximum carrying capacity of the vehicle. This is to keep the car's performance optimal on the road. Roof racks and roof boxes must be categorized as carry-on baggage. Reduce the maximum carrying capacity with the weight of the roof rack and roof box to get a new maximum carrying capacity as a reference in carrying passengers and goods including goods that will be put in the roof box.

After bringing the roof box, pay attention to the driving style on the road. The existence of a roof box will change the aerodynamics and center of gravity and also increase the overall weight of the car. It is possible that the car will be heavier, unsteady and difficult to control due to changes in several aspects of the vehicle. Make adaptations when starting to walk, make sure to always drive smoothly and calmly and not aggressively. Pay attention to the longer braking distance and remember that on the roof there is an additional roof box that requires the driver to change driving style.

This concern includes the height of the vehicle. Measure the maximum height of the car after installing the roof box to safely pass through the portal at the automatic toll gate specifically for passenger cars. If it's too high, remember to choose the portalless payment line that truck and bus drivers are used to. Install a sticker as a reminder that you are using the roof box which is placed on the driver's side.

“The use of a roof box provides many advantages because it can be used as an additional place to put luggage. Even so, there are rules that must be understood by drivers so that they can benefit from the roof box and not violate traffic rules and cause harm due to accidents. Please consult with the Auto2000 service advisor to choose and install the right roof box and according to the needs of Toyota cars, "explained Nur Imansyah Tara, Aftersales Business Division Head Auto2000, in his statement.

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