Note 5 Strict Kicks to Make Your Motorcycle Suspension Long Life

 Suspension or shockbreaker is one of the important components on a motorcycle. Its main function is to dampen or absorb various vibrations generated from the road surface. Of course this device is related to comfort while driving.

If the suspension is damaged there are several effects that will be felt by the driver. For example, the handling of the motor becomes uncomfortable, the acceleration is reduced, or the most fatal can endanger safety.

Note 5 Strict Kicks to Make Your Motorcycle Suspension Long Life

According to After Sales Manager Main Dealer Yamaha PT Thamrin Brothers (South Sumatra & Bengkulu), Muslian, generally motorcycle owners often ignore the condition of the suspension because it is considered a component that rarely breaks. Though the suspension must be carried out routine maintenance.

"The suspension has an important role so that the motorcycle does not receive too much load due to the shocks that occur," said Muslian in an official statement received by

Given the importance of the role of suspension on a motorcycle, Muslian tries to give some accurate tips about suspension maintenance so that these components are durable and can support your daily activities. Anything? Check it out below.

Keep Suspension Clean

According to him, the dirt stuck to the suspension work area, if not cleaned, will scratch the inner tube or suspension rod. This will cause the suspension to leak and reduce the quality of the suspension work. 

Muslian's advice is to wash the motorbike regularly and clean the suspension area thoroughly. If it rains, rinse or wash the motorbike with clean water, make sure the suspension area is also safe. The corrosion properties of rainwater can slowly damage the suspension.

Avoid the Broken Road

The second, according to him, avoid uneven or rocky roads can provide additional burden for the suspension. Too often pass the road like this has the opportunity to reduce the life of the suspension.

"So when forced to pass through an uneven road you have to drive with extra care and not speeding so that it can help ease the work of the suspension," he said.

He further explained, driving at high speed on rocky roads is very risky, it can cause the suspension to leak due to shock without pause.

Don't Carry a Heavy Load

Motorcycles have a maximum allowable load according to the owner's manual. If you are forced to carry an excessive load, then the performance of your motorbike will of course be significantly reduced.

One of the functions that are disrupted due to carrying too heavy a load is the suspension function. The suspension will work extra hard when the load carried exceeds the maximum capacity.

Haram to Use Accessories and Modify Suspension

If you want a long suspension life for your motorbike, according to Muslian, avoid installing accessories on the suspension or commonly referred to as earrings. Installation of accessories that actually makes the back of the bike look elevated.

"These earrings actually make the suspension can not work optimally. In fact, in some cases the addition of accessories and modifications to the suspension makes the suspension not work at all and even the suspension can be broken," he explained.

Change Suspension Oil Regularly

The last thing is to change the lubricant or oil in the motor suspension periodically. Muslian explained, front suspension oil changes are usually done every 15,000-20,000 kilometers or 1.5 to 2 years of motor use (whichever comes first).

However, if the load is always heavy or you have to travel on uneven roads too often, then change your suspension oil sooner than the manufacturer's specified period.


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