Must Know, These Are Easy Tips for Motorcycle Braking System Maintenance So It Doesn't Get Damaged

 The braking system is an important component related to the speed of the vehicle, as is the case on a motorcycle. Therefore, the owner of the motorbike must pay attention to its condition so that it remains in prime condition.

"The brake function is of course very important in smoothing motorcycle riding activities. If the brake performance is disturbed, it can endanger the driving safety of motorcycle users," explained After Sales Manager of Main Dealer Yamaha PT Thamrin Brothers (South Sumatra & Bengkulu) in an official statement.

Must Know, These Are Easy Tips for Motorcycle Braking System Maintenance So It Doesn't Get Damaged

Now for maintenance of motorcycle braking, you don't need to make an effort to come to the workshop, it turns out that a series of motorcycle brakes can be inspected independently at home. However, it should be noted, if you require component replacement and do not have the expertise, it is better to use authorized dealers and mechanics.

This article will describe the sequence of maintenance and checking of the motorcycle disc braking system based on Muslian's explanation, in full as below,.

1. Periodic Brake Fluid Check and Replacement

Replacement of brake fluid, explained by Muslian, is generally done every 2 years or if it has reached a distance of 24 thousand km. Another indicator can be seen from the color of the brake fluid, if it has turned cloudy, don't compromise, immediately replace the brake fluid according to the manufacturer's standards.

"Regularly checking the brake pads or changing brake fluid is useful to maintain optimal disc brake performance," explained Muslian.

2. Caliper Component Cleaning

Motorcycle users should also pay attention to this, namely routinely cleaning the caliper components. Disc brakes are open so that when driving on the road, dust and dirt stick to the lining or piston.

"This condition affects the brake performance to be not optimal, therefore immediately do a cleaning on that part. Or if the brake handle feels heavy when pressed, you can check or replace the upper brake master seal," he said.

 3. Make sure the calipers are in good condition

According to Muslian, the effect that is quite felt when the calipers are problematic is the decrease in braking quality and the brake handle work becomes heavy or loose, this can lead to the risk of an accident.

"Make sure the calipers on your motorbike are in good condition, and do regular checks at the nearest authorized workshop," he explained.

4. Vehicle Chain Maintenance

In addition to caring for the brakes, we also provide tips on how to care for the vehicle chain.

The chain is an important component of a motorcycle. It plays a role in transmitting the power from the engine performance results to the rear wheels so that it is able to produce the required acceleration. Because it has an effect on performance, comfort and safety, it is necessary to carry out routine maintenance.

According to Rizky Reza Saputra, Sales Marketing for DID Indonesia under the NGK flag, there are several important things you need to know to take care of your favorite iron horse chain. According to him, this method is easy to do and can be done at home.

5. Clean the Chain

Sometimes this method is considered trivial. If mishandled, you can be sure the age of the chain will not last long. There are still many who clean the chain using soap, gasoline or even diesel. According to Rizky, this is a mistake that must be avoided. “Leave it like that because it can damage the seal on the chain. Simply clean the chain with water with a gentle brushing. After cleaning, proceed with using a chain cleaner and then spray chain lube," he explained.

 6. Treat regularly

Cleaning the chain should be done regularly, ie when usage has reached 500 kilometers and multiples thereof. This also applies to normal use when taking a normal road route. Meanwhile, if you go through a muddy road, after arriving at your destination, the chain should be cleaned immediately. This is necessary so that the chain does not wear out quickly considering that the chain contains important materials that can affect the performance of the motorcycle.

7. Check the condition of the chain and gear

Checking the condition of the chain is mandatory. One of them the users must always ensure the slack limit. For the free play distance of each motorbike, it is different but in general it is between 20-30 mm to 25-35 mm. It is recommended that the wheel chain check and adjustment be carried out periodically. If the slack exceeds the free play distance limit listed on the sticker, it is better to adjust the tightness or take it to the nearest authorized repair shop.

The worn chain can be seen from the sharp rear wheel gear. This sharp gear if left unchecked can erode the chain so that the chain wears out quickly and does not function normally.

8. wish to dry

To get optimal power, it is mandatory to provide lubricant. “This step is also still a lot wrong. Do not give the chain with used oil, grease (grease) because dust and gravel can stick. If that happens, it can erode the surface of the chain and the risk can be broken in the long term. So it's better to give a lubricant that is specifically for chains, namely chain lube, "explained Rizky.

Well, that's some ways to care for a motorcycle chain so that it lasts. Basically all objects and motor components have their own age and will certainly experience damage so replacement is needed. So it requires proper care.


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