Get-together to your house with the Toyota Veloz Q CVT TSS

 The pandemic situation is not as bad as before. The government finally allowed people to go home for Eid and also set a joint leave. The momentum is immediately used by travelers who want to go home or just enjoy a vacation with their family.

Of the ten available cars, I got a share to test the All New Toyota Veloz Q CVT TSS (Toyota Safety Sense). Most of the other colleagues went home or out of town, but not with me. The driving experience I got was only limited to traveling around the Greater Jakarta area. Go with family by visiting relatives, several restaurants and shopping places.

Toyota Avanza Veloz

For 2 weeks, my family and I immediately fell in love with this highest variant of the All New Veloz. The comfort of a 7-seater MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) can be directly felt when entering the cabin. Veloz accommodation turned out to be spacious enough to bring 6 adults and 3 small children. Even when using the luggage area to carry Eid gifts for a large family, there is still plenty of room left for other items. Not to mention being served with lots of open storage space for small luggage and drink bottles.

Stylish Exterior

The exterior of the latest Toyota Veloz is indeed dominated by a more stylish appearance. The front display looks aggressive with the embedding of a headlamp that already carries the type of Light Emitting Diode (LED), along with turning signal lights and positioning lamps. It looks even cooler with the chrome bar that connects the left and right headlamps.

An elegant impression is also seen from the front which is attached with a black grille and airdam with dark accents. There looks a dynamic curve. The wind can also be channeled perfectly to maintain the engine temperature behind the engine hood. 

The rearview mirror is also sophisticated, already using Electric Retracable, complete with side turn signal. The electric setting makes it easier for the driver to adjust the position of the rearview mirror. Stylish impression is also quite dominant on the side view. Just look at Side Body Molding and Side Skirt Design.

The body looks fuller from every side, starting from the more prominent fenders and the thick black underbody, completing the Veloz stylish look. While the legs are equipped with two tone flower rims with a size of 17 inches.

The elegant impression radiates at the rear with the use of a stop lamp that extends and blends from left to right. Its LED technology also becomes its own identity when viewed at night. Now users don't have to worry about condensation on the rear glass anymore, because it is equipped with a rear windshield heating element (defogger). The reverse camera and two parking sensors also help users when they want to park backwards.

Luxury Interior

When you enter the interior, you are immediately greeted with a luxurious dashboard layout. Using three color combinations, namely black, beige, and silver ornaments. Not to mention that some of the panels on the front are already using soft touch material. It's on the front passenger dashboard, armrest to the steering wheel.

The premium and stylish design is reinforced with a leather-wrapped steering wheel and the settings are tilt and telescopic, so it's easy to adjust the driving position for comfort when traveling long distances. The steering wheel has several buttons that can be operated easily. You can set driving information on the Multi Information Display (MID), Toyota Safety Sense, audio, and bluetooth. There is also a button to set the Drive mode. There are several driving modes to choose from, normal, eco mode and power mode.

The cool thing is that there is thin ambient lighting or New Vibrant Illumination Light on the center console and the first row door trim, exuding an elegant and premium impression. It is clearly visible at night and creates a sense of calm and relaxation for front passengers during the trip. Children also feel happy when they see the dim blue light in some corners. Then there is Veloz embossed on the left side of the dashboard or in front of the front passenger seat. This is an identity that he is different from the Toyota Avanza.

Still on the center console, there is a head unit with a 9-inch screen landscape which is also more modern, namely the floating model. Has capabilities with various connectivity such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Operation is also quite easy, because it has adopted a touch screen. There, the driver can experience the sophisticated All Round View Camera. When parking in a narrow space is not difficult, because the driver can know the distance of objects in front, side to rear.

Underneath there is an auto climate control feature, which is effectively and intelligently able to keep the cabin temperature cool even though the weather is hot outside. The left knob is to operate the fan power, the right is to adjust the air conditioner temperature. But unfortunately there is no air conditioning setting for the feet of the driver and front passenger. Then behind the transmission is an Electric Parking Brake with Brakehold, replacing the conventional parking brake lever at the touch of a button.

Furthermore, there is a wireless charger on the center console. If there is no NFC on the smartphone, it's not a problem because there are many USB chargers available.

The left arm rest for the driver and front passenger is enough to make the trip relaxing. The material is soft and very useful. Inside there is space to store small objects and a power socket is provided.

Seat Comfort

The family is really spoiled by the All New Veloz. All that because the seat design uses premium quality. Use a combination of leather and fabric with a two-tone concept to support the luxurious aura in the cabin. He is able to support the body well, both when maneuvering fast and walking leisurely. This soft chair is loved by children.

All the seats are also designed according to the Indonesian body. The driver's seat can be adjusted by reclining as well as its height through the height adjuster feature. Although still a conventional lever, this is enough to help the driver get a relaxed position.

Leg and head room in the first row is really roomy. Likewise in the second row that can be shifted back and forth. Plus it already has a new blower design with a thinner look. The setting is in the form of a round knob whose position is placed slightly backwards. Even though it is similar to Calya's with a flat design, air conditioning can reach the passengers in the third row seats.

The center back can be folded to become a handrest. Unfortunately no cup holder is provided. But quite helpful when passengers want to relax. Speaking of features, passengers in the second row get two USB ports which are located in the middle

All passengers including the driver are also guaranteed safe and comfortable, because each seat is equipped with a headrest that can be adjusted high and low. Three-point seat belts and airbags are also available.

The issue of comfort continues with the presence of the long sofa mode. This feature allows all seats, both front and center, to lie down like a sofa. During use, we often lay down the second row of benches. So the two passengers in the back can stretch their legs without any obstacles. Unfortunately the setting to turn the seat into a sofa does require a little effort, because everything has to be done manually. Starting from removing the headrest to laying down the back of the chair.

Oh yes, because the second row seats can go back and forth, adult passengers can still sit in the back seat. However, it is more comfortable for children. That way, all passengers can enjoy the comfort of the All New Veloz.

Instrument Panel

One of the features of the All New Veloz is on the instrument panel. It is full digital measuring 7 inches and there are 4 display options. Everything plays with colors that are quite detailed and attractive. Various driving information is there and is easy for the driver to monitor.

There is a lot of information presented, there are outside temperatures, odometers, tripmeters, digital clocks, speedometers and even inclinometers and are also able to provide explanations about the Toyota Safety Sense features. Just press the button on the left and right of the steering wheel to see it

Entertainment System

In addition to the 9-inch screen that appears in the middle of the dashboard with a floating structure, there is also a rear seat entertainment (RSE) aka monitor that is attached to the ceiling. This is what children who sit in the back really like. They can watch their favorite videos while enjoying the trip. Unfortunately the operation can only be done from the front screen. Then to connect it can only be through a flash that has been filled with the previous video.

But keep in mind, when the monitor is opened the driver's view to the rear through the center mirror becomes blocked. You have to be extra careful when watching conditions from behind.

The resulting sound quality is quite adequate. There are six speakers (including two tweeters on the A-pillar). And to adjust the audio is also easier with the audio steering switch on the steering wheel.

Baggage Area

The advantages of the front wheel drive layout aka Front Wheel Drive (FWD) are immediately felt when discussing the trunk of this car. When all the seats are upright, the luggage capacity is still quite adequate. For your information, the trunk capacity of this car is 400 liters (all seats are used). So it's not a hassle when you have to bring all the family necessities.

Especially when the second and third row bench lay down. The volume of the trunk of this car feels very roomy. Because it is supported by a flat luggage floor, making it more flexible in entering all types of goods.

In addition to luggage, the All New Veloz highest variant has quite a lot of storage space and cup holders. Almost all doors are available, even up to the back seat. Enough to make it easier for passengers to put drinks or other small items.

Guaranteed Safety

Especially for the latest Veloz, the most expensive variant already uses disc brakes on all four wheels. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD) & Brake Assist (BA) also ensure that braking is safe under any conditions.

There are 6 Airbags (driver/passenger/side/curtain) that keep the whole cabin safe when things go wrong. Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) also ensures the car will not oversteer or understeer when bulldozing corners. Hill Start Assist (HSA) also keeps the car from backing up on an incline. This HSA system also cooperates with Electric Parking Brake & Brake Hold. This brakehold is very helpful when in the middle of a traffic jam. The left foot can rest for a while without stepping on the brake pedal.

Because this is a type Q CVT with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS), it has been equipped with six excellent features. Includes a Pre Collision System (PCS) which is able to give a warning when it detects an object in front. And if we keep going fast, the car will automatically brake by itself. Excellent!

Lane Departure Assist (LDA), keeps the car from getting out of line. If out of lane is detected, the system gives a warning. And if the driver does not pay attention, the system will automatically return the car to the right lane. Here the steering wheel feels wobbly on its own and the driver should not be surprised. It does need a little adjustment.

Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) or a warning appears in the rearview mirror when a vehicle either on the left or right side is in the blind spot position. It's cool, like a European car.

Pedal Misoperation Control, is useful to prevent the driver from stepping on the gas pedal too deeply when he should have stepped on the brake pedal. This feature can minimize collisions with objects in front of the car. Safer!

Front Departure Alert, very useful when you stop waiting for a red light. This feature can alert the driver that the vehicle in front has started to run. So that we are not honked by the vehicle behind us.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert (RCTA) gives a warning if a vehicle suddenly comes from another direction behind when the car is going backwards. All existing features inform the driver via voice and description in the MID.

Another powerful feature that is very helpful is the All Round View Camera (360 Camera). The screen on the center console gives a clear picture of the situation around the car. Parking the vehicle at the mall or in the carport of a house that is relatively narrow is easier. Coupled with a sound alert when there is an object that is quite close. This technology is also activated immediately when the driver turns on the turn signal. But this only happens when the car is running slowly.

Qualified Performance

It carries a 1,500 cc 2NR-VE engine that produces 106 PS power and 14 kgm (137 Nm) of torque. The valve system uses Dual VVT-i technology to produce sufficient power for optimal fuel efficiency in various road conditions. This is also enhanced through the new CVT transmission. The power delivery features a new split gear, developed to provide a wider gear ratio.

The performance is quite capable when used in the city or outside the city. And according to the characteristics of the CVT transmission, acceleration is smoother and without any jolt of course. No less interesting than the impression of driving with this car is the cabin which is quite quiet.

Especially for the Veloz that I use, it already has three driving modes namely Normal, Power and Eco. All can be selected via the button at the bottom right of the steering wheel. By pressing the button the computer will adjust the engine output via ECU mapping according to the selected mode. In fact, not only mapping, this driving mode also intervenes in the AC to make it more optimal according to the selected mode.

When the new car is started and does not press the drive button then it is in normal mode. If you press it once, it goes straight to power mode and if it's longer, it switches to eco mode. All of them are indicated by a notification that appears on the digital MID screen.

When you need more power, you can use Power mode. Makes the engine throw power more responsively without the hassle of pressing the gas pedal too deep. I did this mode when I crossed the Bojong Koneng area, Bogor, where the path was a bit steep with a load of 6 adults and 3 small children. The lower lap feels more aggressive and the power boost is very pronounced.

I especially use Eco mode when exploring urban routes for better fuel efficiency. During the use of 2 weeks more use eco mode, so that it is fuel efficient. And as evidenced by the average record that touched the figure of 14.3 km / liter.


The ability of the shock absorber is able to support the vehicle perfectly when maneuvering. When crossing the bumpy road terrain is also beautiful. Suspension performance does not have a significant impact on the steering gear. This means that vehicle control remains stable.

With the new settings, the reaction from the suspension when crossing shocks is arguably quite dim and quiet. There are no symptoms of stuck when carrying a lot of cargo and can be said to be smooth when the weight is only 4 adults. The characteristics of the rear shock absorbers also tend to be soft according to the type of torsion beam. The result is more measurable vehicle control and of course comfortable. This of course cannot be separated from the participation of Toyota's research and development team to suit the needs of the Indonesian people. Cool!


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