Cool, Listen to Netizen's Imagination of the Honda ADV 160 Design

 The increase in engine capacity experienced by the Honda PCX and Honda Vario is also expected to be applied to the Honda ADV 150. Regarding this matter, there is no official information from the manufacturer, but creative netizens are trying to give an idea if the Honda ADV 160 really becomes a reality.

This illustration of the Honda ADV 160 design comes entirely from the imagination of Julak Sandie Design. Bloggers and designers who often present digital illustrations of new motorbikes or their modifications.

Cool, Listen to Netizen's Imagination of the Honda ADV 160 Design

The illustration is of the form of the Honda ADV 160 using the base of the Honda ADV 150 which is currently circulating in the market. Then the designer dressed it with details from the Honda ADV 350, as summarized from his blog, Friday (30/5/2022).

He explained that these changes can be found on the DRL, lamp covers, wings, and lower body. With that hope the overall appearance of the motor so it looks more manly.

Some components are described as still using the default Honda ADV 150. For example the legs, front fender, handlebars, middle deck, and seats. However, the changes again can be seen in the rear body and exhaust cover.

Prediction of Honda ADV 160 . Specifications

In the real world, rumors of the presence of this motorbike often become news material. This follows the steps of the manufacturer who has successfully presented the Honda PCX and Honda Vario with a 160 cc 4-valve engine. 

To note, previously the three models also carried the same 150 cc engine.

A Thai automotive portal, Greatbiker, even predicts that the latest Honda ADV with a bigger engine will be present in 2022 or 2023.

Speaking of specifications, the 160 cc engine currently attached to the Honda PCX and Honda Vario has a capacity of 156.9 cc, 4-valve, eSP+.

On the Honda Vario, the engine has a top power of 15.1 hp and a peak torque of 13.8 Nm. Meanwhile, the engine output on the Honda PCX is slightly larger, which is 15.7 hp and a maximum torque of 14.7 Nm.


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