Closer to TVS XL 100

 PT TVS Company Indonesia officially launched a multifunctional motorcycle with quite an attractive visual. Named TVS XL 100 Heavy Duty i-Touchstart, the motorbike is sold at an affordable price of Rp. 13.900.000 for the black color option and Rp. 14.390,000 for the brown color option. The entire price is already OTR Jabodetabek status.

According to the tagline, "Heavy Duty", this motorbike is claimed to be able to accommodate the needs of its consumers. However, the main focus is to support business operations, but it is also interesting to hang out like young people.

Since its launch in March 2022, the TVS XL 100 Heavy Duty i-Touchstart has proven successful in making consumers curious through its design and features. Well in this article, we will dissect in full what advantages the automatic duck motorbike has. Check out the full details below, OK?


In terms of design, the TVS XL 100 has a dual function. The visuals are similar to the Honda CT125 which is like a classic dirt bike in the mid 90's.

To support the retro impression, the headlights use a round model with orange turn signal markers. While at the rear use a box-shaped stop lamp which is also sweetened with a matching turn signal at the front.

Despite having similarities with the Honda CT125, the TVS XL 100 has a unique frame design and is lower than most motorcycles. He uses a flat deck model that can be used to carry goods. The fuel tank is placed on the neck of the motorcycle frame.


In terms of dimensions, the TVS XL 100 has a total length of 1,834 mm, a width of 650 mm, and a height of 1,115 mm. As for the wheelbase playing at 1,228 mm, the lowest distance to the ground is 158 mm, and the empty weight of the motorbike is only 89 kilograms.

The body shape is more compact than the Honda CT125 which has a length of 1,960 mm, a width of 805 mm, and a height of 1,085 mm. Now with this tiny body shape, it feels like TVS XL 100 can be relied on for everyday commuting needs.

Design the legs

Regarding the set of legs, from the specification sheet, it uses a telescopic type front suspension where there is a kind of rubber on the shockbreaker rod. In addition to protecting it from debut, the rubber component has also succeeded in boosting the old-school appearance of this motorbike.

As for the shock absorbers behind the dual suspension model, unfortunately it has not been equipped with a suspension tenderness setting. As for the two wheels, use the spokes model, where the entire brake system still relies on the drum model.

The wheels used are 16 inches in size both at the front and rear. Even with the size profile that is packaged, both use a size of 2.50.

Machine Specification

Referring to technical data, TVS provides it with a 99.7 cc 1-cylinder injection engine with a maximum power of 4.3 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and a peak torque of 6.5 Nm at 3,500 rpm. That output is mated to a unique 1-speed or single-speed transmission.

Meanwhile, the TVS XL 100 is also called the first motorcycle that can be operated with only one gearshift, and can then be used as a motorcycle with an automatic transmission system.


The excellent feature offered by this motorbike is the i-Touchstart device to start the engine faster. Then there is also a USB-type device battery charging dock, and an engine cut-off switch like in a sport motorbike.

Another practical feature is that it allows the rear seats to be removed with a solid platform so that there is more floor or deck space. The rest is an additional device to maintain security, a crashbar has been added, then on the back, on the left side, there is a kind of chain cover for additional protection.

Unfortunately for the lighting system, it still uses ordinary halogen lamps, both at the front, rear, and turn signal lights. The panel meter is still analog type without any digital combination.


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