After Forester Subaru Indonesia Makes Sure There Will Be More New Products in 2022, Could it be XV?

 Marking the revival of the Subaru car brand in Indonesia, PT Plaza Auto Mega or Plaza Subaru officially presents the Forester SUV. They also guarantee after sales service with a 3S dealer program (sales, service, and spare parts) in the Alam Sutera area, South Tangerang.

After Forester Subaru Indonesia Makes Sure There Will Be More New Products in 2022, Could it be XV?

For the domestic market, the first Subaru Forester product is presented in 2 different variants, namely the 2.0-i L and 2.0-i S EyeSight. Each is offered with a tag of Rp. 579.5 million and Rp. 659.5 million, which are already on the road (OTR) Jakarta.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Subaru Indonesia, Arie Christopher, said that this year there will still be surprises for new products for consumers. But unfortunately he was reluctant to specify what specific models will be launched.

"There will be several models. But if you look at the global Subaru website, there aren't many products. You already know which ones will enter Indonesia. So basically as long as the product is compatible with the market and regulations in Indonesia, we will definitely take it," he said. Arie, not too long ago.

To focus on selling Subaru products in Indonesia itself, he said that the SUV segment would be boosted by Subaru. However, the sedan model is also one of the agendas targeted by this new APM Subaru. "Indeed, we are interested in selling sedans, but our goal and priority is SUVs," he added.

Huge Potential Subaru XV

The faucet for information about new products is still closed tightly by Subaru Indonesia. But they try to play pretty by giving a kind of message that the Subaru XV will be one of the new product candidates for the domestic market. 

The code was displayed through a 1 minute 9 second teaser video on the official Subaru Indonesia YouTube channel. At the end of the Forester product introduction video there is a framing of a mysterious white car with some parts of the body still covered. Allegedly it is a crossover Subaru XV which is also known as the Subaru Crosstrek in some countries.

This can be seen from the XV's distinctive shape, similar to the Subaru Impreza hatchback with high ground clearance and body cladding like an SUV. The car is the second generation of the XV model line which was introduced at the 2017 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) auto show.

Citing the official Subaru America website, the Subaru XV or Crosstrek has also been equipped with the same Subaru Global Platform as the Forester in Indonesia. The use of this construction is claimed to be safer, more comfortable, and offers good rigidity.

Regarding the engine, behind the bonnet resides the 2.0-liter FB20 Boxer engine which is capable of producing maximum power of up to 152 horsepower and peak torque of 196 Nm. The output is mated to a Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) drive system with a CVT automatic transmission.

In the United States, the Subaru Crosstrek is sold starting from 23,145 USD or Rp. 338.8 million (exchange rate of 1 USD = Rp. 14,609.55 as of May 25, 2022), to the most expensive type of Crosstrek Sport which is sold at LEGO for 27,495 USD or Rp. 409 million.

This crossover is also available in a hybrid engine option which sells for 36,345 USD or the equivalent of IDR 530 million. It feels like we just have to wait a little longer for the official launch procession of this car. It is also important to note that prior to the Plaza Subaru flag, APM had previously traded the Subaru XV for consumers in Indonesia.


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