7 Tips for Cleaning Cars to Avoid Viruses

 Even though we don't have a virus or clean, the name virus can come from anywhere. It can be from shoes or sandals worn when traveling, jackets, or so on.

Therefore, cleaning the vehicle has become a mandatory agenda for the owner before the virus sticks to the dashboard.

So that the results are optimally clean and make the car safer and more comfortable to use when traveling alone or with family, here are some vehicle cleaning tips that you can practice at home.

1. Start from the dashboard

The dashboard is one of the parts that is most often dusty due to the large number of items placed there. Call it tissue boxes, cellphones, to cigarette packs that may have been dusty before being inserted into the dashboard.

So that the dust does not build up, you should clean it using a duster or a slightly damp cloth. Avoid mixing water with alcohol because this can make dust stick to the dashboard.

2. Continue to the car carpet

Next is the car carpet, the part that is most often dirty from being trampled on. Since the carpet is made of rubber, cleaning it is much easier.

Simply remove the carpet from the car, then stand it vertically so that the dust does not stick. Can also use a vacuum cleaner or mix soap and water, so all the dust is removed perfectly.

3. Clean the car seats

Still in the interior of the car, next is cleaning the car seats. It's not like cleaning car carpets because the seats are easier to clean. Dust and dirt that sticks are also clearly visible.

Take a vacuum cleaner or rag that has been dipped in a special liquid. Remember, it's not a liquid that has alcohol in it, okay? Because alcohol is believed to damage the surface of your favorite car seat.

4. The part touched by the hand

In addition to the three points above, in fact there are still many parts in the car that often come into contact with hands. There is a car steering wheel, windshield, to the transmission lever. These parts must be cleaned to be free from viruses.

Best of all, you don't need a vacuum cleaner to clean it. Enough with a duster and duster, then the area that often comes into contact with the hands becomes cleaner. Viruses can stay away from the car.

5. Rearview mirror

If the interior of the car is in order, now proceed to the exterior. There is a rearview mirror which is often a place for dust and dirt to stick due to pollution scattered in the air.

Although it is often dusty, cleaning the rearview mirror is not a difficult and time-consuming job. Mix water and soap, then dip a washcloth and clean the rearview mirror thoroughly. Guaranteed viruses and bacteria that had been attached will be lifted.

6. Clean the legs of the car

One part that is often overlooked by vehicle owners, namely the legs of the car. Even though this part can be said to be the dirtiest because it is directly contaminated with dust and dirt.

Although basically can not spread the virus into the interior of the car itself, but it would be nice to be cleaned regularly. Thus, the performance of the vehicle is maintained properly.

7. Luggage

The last part that should not be forgotten is the trunk of the car. Where you often put heavy items when traveling long distances. This section cannot be said to be virus-free because the items included in it are not necessarily clean.

Therefore, clean the trunk regularly. Sweep the carpet, pick up the trash that is scattered in the trunk, and wipe it if needed


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