6 Tips To Keep Car Selling Prices High

 The desire to replace a private vehicle must be in everyone's mind. There are quite a variety of reasons, such as different levels of need, boredom, and improved economic conditions.

It's okay if you want to change the vehicle. But before looking at a new vehicle, make sure the old vehicle has been sold. Not bad for adding capital to buy a new vehicle, right?

Here are some tips to keep the selling price of the car high. You can immediately practice the following tips.

1. Maintain the condition of the car

The first tip that is absolute is to ensure that the condition of the car is well maintained. Not only the exterior of the car, but also the interior and spare parts. As is known, car spare parts greatly affect the performance of the car itself when taken for a drive.

Replace spare parts if needed. Make sure the spare parts installed are guaranteed authentic because this has quite an effect on the selling price of the car.

To prove that the car is well maintained, you can attach a receipt when doing service or repair.

2. Clean the car regularly

Who wants to buy a car that is dirty? Yes, but finding a buyer is quite difficult, especially if the selling price of the car is quite high. Everyone prefers a clean car, so it can be directly used for everyday driving.

The parts of the car that are prone to getting dirty are the dashboard and the floor. We recommend that you clean regularly using a fiber cloth or vacuum cleaner, so you can clean even the hard-to-reach areas. Avoid using alcohol when cleaning the car. Because, alcohol is believed to damage the contaminated part.

3. Take it to an official workshop

In fact, making sure the car is clean is not enough. You also need to make sure that all this time the repairs have been carried out at an official workshop, not in a place that resembles a workshop.

This is important, especially for insured cars. This is because repairs carried out at authorized workshops or partners are entitled to compensation costs. While the rest are not.

To find out about partner workshops inside and outside the city, you can re-open the policy booklet. Simply, you can directly ask the insurance agent or customer service, so it saves time and energy.

4. The age of the car is not too old

As is known, the car is one of the assets that experience depreciation from year to year. The older the car, the cheaper the selling price. This is because repairs made to keep the car's performance in prime condition will be carried out more often when they are old.

If the car has been used for more than 5 years, don't expect to be able to sell it at a high price. In this case, you can find out the market price of the car you want to sell so you don't seem overpriced.

It's different if the car is still 2-3 years old, then the selling price can be maintained. This does not mean that the selling price will be high. Still decreasing, but the decrease is not too significant so you don't lose too much when you sell it.

5. Avoid modification

Modified cars will certainly look cooler than the original. The addition of wings at the rear of the car, for example, makes the car look more classy and expensive. However, know that not everyone likes a modified car.

There is also an assumption that modifications are made to correct deficiencies or natural damage to the car. No wonder that some cars that have been modified tend to be cheaper than the price of a car without modification.

Reconsider if you want to modify a car, especially if there is a desire to sell it within the next 1-2 years. Don't let because you want to appear "cool for a moment", you will lose large amounts of money later on.

6. Reasonable mileage

In addition to age, in fact the distance traveled by the car also affects the selling price. Cars that have long mileage are usually priced less than those that have less mileage.

Even though the car has been used for more than 5 years, if the mileage is still small, then the car can be sold at a higher price. Assuming that the car is rarely used to travel, so the condition of the engine is much better maintained.

Next, make sure the car looks well-maintained from the outside so that the resale price remains high. If the car looks poorly maintained, the attractiveness of buyers will decrease, so there will be fewer offers.


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