3 Things That Should Be In The Latest Honda Genio

Honda Genio is one of the automatic products refreshed by PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) in early 2022. With a facelift status, the new Genio has received several changes, the most significant of which is the revision of the wheel size from 14 inches to 12 inches.

The wheels used are similar to those of the previous Honda Scoopy. Then with the application of the new wheel, the upper triangle component adjusts, followed by a change in the rear suspension which is now longer, using Scoopy's.

To display an element of novelty, the front body cover also has to be changed, which when viewed is now bigger. The last thing is to move the location of the power outlet which was previously under the trunk, now it is more practical because the charging dock is on the right deck.

With all these changes, AHM only has a price tag of the latest Genio starting at IDR 55 thousand for the CBS variant and IDR 185 thousand for the highest type, namely the CBS-ISS. As of May 2022, the entry-level scooter is sold at a price of Rp. 18,530 million and Rp. 19.125 million, respectively, OTR Jakarta.

Indeed, the changes given to Genio deserve appreciation, where usually AHM only refreshes with new color options when the product is not even 4 years old. Even so, there should be some changes that should be present in the latest Genio. We try to analyze according to trends and consumer needs in this cheap automatic segment.

1. Luggage should be able to accommodate a helmet

The first, the New Genio 2022 still uses the same luggage volume at 14 liters. Unfortunately, the space layout is not yet able to store helmets, even though its rival Yamaha Fazzio is able to accommodate the dealer's default helmet.

The luggage belonging to Honda Genio can only store luggage with small dimensions. For example gloves, jackets, or mineral bottles. Quite unfortunate.

2. It is more practical if the charging dock is a USB port type

As explained earlier, AHM has now changed the location of the charging dock to a more practical position on the right deck. It looks quite neat, where there is a closed console that can protect this feature from splashing water.

But unfortunately the manufacturer still uses the 12 volt power outlet type, in which Genio owners must use an additional adapter in order to take advantage of the device. It would be more practical if Genio applied a USB port type device dock like the Honda Scoopy or Honda PCX 160.

3. There is no information on fuel consumption and trip meters in the meter panel

The next feature that might be considered by AHM in the new generation of Genio is to apply information on fuel consumption and tripmeter.

Because the information listed on the Genio meter panel is very simple. It only contains speed information, fuel indicator, odometer, light indicator, check engine, turn signal, ECO riding, and Idling Stop System (ISS).

Now, if the information on fuel consumption to tripmeter can be present, we think the functionality of this scooter will be higher. However, the panel meter from Genio is fully digital, but its dimensions are quite small.

With all the features, the use of economical machines, to the accommodations owned by Genio, it seems quite natural that AHM is targeting novice consumers. Actually, it is not difficult for manufacturers to inject the features described above, we think AHM only adjusts to the target market so that the price tag is not set too high. But maybe with the addition of these features it can boost sales from Genio, which has lost its prestige to the Beat series or Scoopy. How do you agree?


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