United States Car Loan Debt Touches IDR 1.1 Trillion

 Shocking news came from the Adi Daya State, United States (US). The car loan loan debt from Uncle Sam's country reached Rp 1.1 trillion US dollars (Rp 14,571 trillion).

United States Car Loan Debt Touches IDR 1.1 Trillion

According to a report by a financial institution from the US auto market, Experience State, auto loans increased due to an increase in loans to prime buyers. Meanwhile, subprime or vehicle ownership credit packages continued to decline.

Automotive News, Monday (9/18/2018), reported that many Americans prefer to minimize monthly payments. Therefore, they choose to adopt longer term loans than necessary. Heading into the third quarter, the US new vehicle loan average was 68.8 months and the US used vehicle loan average increased one week from a year ago to 63.98 months.

This can be seen from the higher number of loans for new vehicles with maturities of between 85-96 months, while for used car buyers who choose loans with maturities of 73-84 months, around 17.7 percent.

As loan terms improved, average monthly payments continued to rise and hit a second-quarter high of $504 this year, $5 more than the previous year.

Car Loans Boost Consumer Loans in America

 The consumer loan rate in the United States crept up in July 2020, one of which was driven by car loans.

The Federal Reserve (The Fed) reported the size of loans in July reached 12.2 billion dollars, up 3.6 percent compared to June.

Car Loans Boost Consumer Loans in America

Earlier, in June, the lending rate also rose 3.3 percent, in contrast to sharp declines in March, April and May.

As quoted by from Bloomberg, Wednesday, September 9, 2020, loan growth in July came from an increase in car loans and student loans of 12.5 billion dollars.

Meanwhile, the category that includes credit cards fell 293 million dollars, down for the fifth straight month in America.

The improvement in consumer loans or car loans is in line with the recent increase in retail sales, especially the purchase of motor vehicles.

Despite the increase in auto loans, consumer sentiment in America remains weak.

The expiration of $600 in unemployment benefits is expected to impact spending and borrowing on American consumers in the coming months.

Consumer loans are a signal and illustrate the willingness of consumers to take on more debt for their expenses.

Consumer spending accounts for at least 70 percent of American economic activity.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also brought most businesses in America to a halt and caused millions of people to lose their jobs. Consumer spending fell 34.1 percent in the second quarter.

Meanwhile, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic caused American automotive sales to weaken to 13 million units, down 4 million units from last year's sales realization which touched 17 million units.

Regional Director of State Government Relations General Motors (GM) Brian O'Connell said his company had experienced poor conditions after closing factories at the start of the pandemic.

Until now, GM car sales slumped 20 percent. This was also accompanied by a reduction of 20,000 jobs.

Automotive Brands in the United States Offer Soft Credit Schemes Due to Covid-19

 The situation of countries in the world affected by Covid-19 has expanded to 183 countries, involving 1.275 million confirmed cases. Big countries such as the United States, Spain, Italy, Germany and France became the five countries with the largest cases as of April 6, 2020. Seeing the increasing spread of COVID-19 cases directly hit the automotive industry, especially in the production and sales sectors.

Automotive Brands in the United States Offer Soft Credit Schemes Due to Covid-19

Apart from that, several dealers from car brands have issued policies so that the automotive market does not stop with some gimmicks, such as a buy from home service, with a payment suspension of up to 90 days. The service is to accommodate those who stay at home, and implement social distancing. Manufacturers like General Motor offer zero percent interest plans for up to 84 months, with a deferral of payments of up to 120 days.

What if consumers want to buy a car? A TrueCar buying and selling website, offering the Buy from Home feature. TrueCar offers remote document processing, home delivery of the car, and verified sanitation services. BlackPals can access it via or via, offers are made starting from March 26, 2020, until BlackPals can check the offer themselves through the nearest dealer. 

Alfa Romeo, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, FIAT, Ford, GMC, Hyundai, Infitiny, Jeep, Kia, Lexus, Lincoln, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Ram, Toyota, and Volkswagen. Dealers with related brands have modified payment packages with 0% installments for 84 months and a suspension of up to 90 days. Unfortunately, this policy is more applied to the United States region which is leading the Covid-19 case with 337,638 positive cases.

Meanwhile, APM in Indonesia has not yet issued this policy. So far, it has only been limited to Home service, booking online, it has not had an impact on financing relief.

US Citizens Set Record Loans to Buy Cars

 Four-wheeled vehicles seem to have become a priority for people in the United States. CNN reports that in recent years, Uncle Sam's citizens have been recorded to carry out large transaction activities, both for cars and trucks.

However, they prefer to apply for a loan to have the vehicle of their dreams. A record was set with 107 million Americans in debt to buy a car, according to data released by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

US Citizens Set Record Loans to Buy Cars

With this number, if the percentage is 43 percent of the total adult population in the United States.

The loan is considered to have grown rapidly. In early 2012, only 80 million Americans had car loans. In fact, more Americans had home mortgages than car loans that year. But all that has changed.

In fact, currently the number of loans is more for cars than houses. Car sales continued to grow into 2016, although recently the buying frenzy has slowly come to an end. However, it helps manufacturers with their track record of vehicle sales.

The number of borrowers seems to be inversely proportional to their actual ability. It is estimated that only six million borrowers are able to pay off their vehicle loans in America. Of course, it is clearly dangerous to place them in the possession of a car or truck.

Beth Yeager has seen the downside of this auto loan boom. He helps run the Pathway of Hope program for the poor at the Salvation Army in Louisville, Kentucky.

According to him, many single mothers with children end up in the office in bondage. They can't pay off their car loans, but if they lose their car, they often can't work.

"This happens to poor people over and over again. Frustration is evident in his voice. He hates lots of cars with big banners that say things like 'Buy here. Pay here. Easy credit," Yeager told CNNMoney.

To him, a lot of people in America are low-income and don't understand and have never had credit. However, they were happy after being eligible for the car so they signed the paperwork. Though the interest rate is not yet known. Yeager routinely sees interest rates in excess of 20%.

"On someone's credit report, it impacts not only their ability to get another car, but also to get affordable housing," he said.

After the financial crisis, housing became hard to come by, but a loan to buy a car was easy. A "sub-prime" auto loan that is routinely extended to borrowers, without a good credit score. Low-grade lending jumped to pre-crisis levels in 2015 and 2016, according to Fed data.

"There's a human side to all these loans going bad," Yeager said.

She told me that a young mother of three children came to her for help earlier this year. Her youngest child was born with complications and required heart surgery. She lost her job while taking care of her child.

Yeager said the mother was faced with a decision whether to "continue to pay for the children's meals" or "pay for the car." The lady stopped paying for her car and it was repossessed.

Yeager tried everything, even Goodwill's "cars to work" program, but the black marks on his credit kept him from getting help. He walked to work for months before buying a "ugly" $1,000 car that broke down frequently. Yeager is still trying to figure out what else to do.

US Consumer Loans Boost Car Loans

 The consumer loan rate in the United States crept up in July 2020. This increase was driven by car loans. The Federal Reserve (The Fed) reported the size of loans in July reached US $ 12.2 billion, up 3.6 percent compared to June.

Earlier in June, lending rates also rose 3.3 percent, in contrast to sharp declines in March, April and May. As reported by Bloomberg, loan growth in July came from an increase in car loans and student loans of US$12.5 billion. Meanwhile, the category that includes credit cards fell $293 million, down for the fifth month in a row. The improvement in consumer loans is in line with the recent increase in retail sales, particularly the purchase of motor vehicles.

US Consumer Loans Boost Car Loans

However, consumer sentiment remains weak. The end of unemployment benefits of US $ 600 is predicted to affect US consumer spending and borrowing in the coming months.

Consumer loans are a signal and illustrate the willingness of consumers to take on more debt for their expenses. Consumer spending accounts for at least 70 percent of US economic activity.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also brought most businesses in the US to a halt and caused millions of people to lose their jobs. Consumer spending fell 34.1 percent in the second quarter.

Meanwhile, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic caused US automotive sales to weaken to 13 million units, down 4 million units from last year's sales realization which touched 17 million units.

  Regional Director of State Government Relations General Motors (GM) Brian O'Connell said his company had experienced poor conditions after closing factories at the start of the pandemic. Until now, GM sales slumped 20 percent. This was also accompanied by a reduction of 20,000 jobs.

Honda Releases Official Teaser All New CR-V Hybrid, Enters Indonesia?

 Honda has confirmed that it will soon launch the 6th generation CR-V in the near future. This Japanese car manufacturer has tried to tempt consumers by releasing a teaser image of the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) through Honda's official United States (US) Instagram account.

"Tough and ready for adventure. The All-New Honda CR-V 2023 features an advanced hybrid system for a versatile driving experience," wrote Honda AS in the caption column.

Honda Releases Official Teaser All New CR-V Hybrid, Enters Indonesia?

Visual images displayed, the latest generation of CR-V has a fresher and more elegant design. The shape of the front sector looks similar to the Honda HR-V and also the BR-V, but this car looks more luxurious.

The headlamp design is a bit narrow when compared to the 5th generation. Even for the appearance of the grill which now carries a new design. However, from the image shown, there is no foglamp component.

Moving to the back, a significant difference is also present in the all new Honda CR-V. The vertical LED lights on the C-pillar are retained, but there is a new touch to the lamp design whose ends are again similar to the HR-V or BR-V.

The rear bumper is also preening which looks sweeter with the diffuser component. Overall the unique DNA of the CR-V is trying to be maintained, but a new touch on the car makes it look more attractive.

More Sophisticated Hybrid Engine?

Indeed, this is not a new technology from the Honda CR-V, previously in the 5th generation a hybrid system has also been implanted and sold in several countries including the US market. There, the CR-V Hybrid is currently crammed with a 2.0-liter hybrid i-MMD engine with a generator and electric motor.

Now, because the hybrid theme is quite highlighted in the all new CR-V teaser, it is very likely that there will be a more sophisticated technological update. However, until now Honda AS is still closing the information meeting regarding the specifications. 

Opportunity to Enter Indonesia

PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) as the APM for Honda cars in Indonesia has said that for now, a car with a hybrid system is the most suitable for consumers.

This was conveyed by PT HPM's Business Innovation and Marketing & Sales Director, Yusak Billy. According to him, hybrid cars are a bridge before actually entering the era of pure electric cars.

"We need bridging (bridges) to consumers so that they are not immediately surprised by the BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle). So for us, hybrids are the most suitable for current conditions in terms of price, infrastructure, and of course the regulations," said Billy, some time ago.

Subaru Indonesia Ready to Sell Electric Cars!

 The era of electrified vehicles is starting to have prestige in Indonesia, this is evidenced by the variety of electric cars that are peddled by various brand holder agents (APM). A series of legal umbrellas and regulations made by the government regarding electric cars are also effective in stimulating consumer interest.

However, not all manufacturers are immediately tempted to enter this segment. For example, PT Plaza Auto Mega (Plaza Subaru) confirmed that they are not currently interested in bringing in electrical products.

However, Subaru Indonesia's Chief Operating Officer (COO), Arie Christopher, explained that although in the near future his party does not want to sell electric cars, a series of plans to go into electrification have been prepared.

Subaru Indonesia Ready to Sell Electric Cars!

"Subaru Indonesia will definitely follow the trend, only if you want to sell hybrid and full-electric products, you must first prepare the infrastructure. And this preparation takes time," said Arie, recently.

Furthermore, he explained, Subaru Indonesia will only sell electric cars after the study process and infrastructure preparation are complete. Because this is related to consumer satisfaction and comfort.

"Right now I can't say anything, but what I can say is that there will be (selling electric cars) there. The point is we don't want to sell if the supporting infrastructure is not ready. We will make changes when it's ready, because the goal is for consumer satisfaction. We continue to analyze while preparing the infrastructure," he added.

Subaru Hybrid and Full Electric

Regarding electrification products, actually Subaru in the global market has a variety of hybrid cars and has just launched a pure electric car. In the hybrid segment, they have Crosstrek (XV), Forester, and Impreza. 

As for the BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) or pure electric model, this Japanese manufacturer has the Subaru Solterra, which is the twin brother of the Toyota bZ4X. Both are indeed products of collaboration after both using the same platform.

Having the appearance of a crossover SUV, Solterra is based on Toyota's e-TNGA platform or what Subaru calls the e-Subaru. Even for the same dimensions, it has a length of 4,690 mm, a width of 1,860 mm, and a height of 1,650 mm.

Subaru Solterra is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a power of 71.4 kWH which has different mileage. Where the front-wheel drive (FWD) version has a range of 567 kilometers while the 4-wheel drive (AWD) version has a range of 542 kilometers.

This car is powered by a synchronous AC motor which for the wheel drive version has a power of up to 201 hp. Meanwhile, the AWD drive option has a power of up to 214 hp.

There are several advanced features injected into this electric car, such as the X-Mode AWD control system to the Grip Control Function. Regarding the official price, in Japan Solterra is sold in 2 variants, namely the ET-SS for 5,940,000 Yen or equivalent to Rp. 681 million (FWD) and 6,380,000 yen or Rp. 732 million for the AWD option.

While the highest variant or ET-HS is priced at 6,820,000 Yen or IDR 782 million. This variant is only available for AWD drive only. The product is ready and available, we just have to wait for Plaza Subaru's readiness to enter the electification segment.

Mitsubishi Offers PHEV Technology for EV Smart Mobility Collaboration

 Five leading automotive brands in Indonesia are working together to popularize the use of electric vehicles in Indonesia. The five are Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, Isuzu and Fuso which collaborate on the "EV Smart Mobility-Joint Project" and take place on the island of Bali.

PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI) as the official distributor of Mitsubishi passenger and light commercial vehicles in Indonesia from Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) said this project also supports the Indonesian government in accelerating in reducing carbon emissions. In addition, it is also expected to expand the introduction and popularization of electric vehicles as one of the keys to future mobility. This event is also expected to support Indonesia's position as the host of the 2022 G20 which will be held on the Island of the Gods.

Mitsubishi Offers PHEV Technology for EV Smart Mobility Collaboration

Naoya Nakamura, President Director of PT MMKSI said that his party was very enthusiastic about participating in this collaborative project with other Japanese car brands and manufacturers. This electric vehicle will later support the tourism sector and program.

"Participation in this collaboration also marks a new achievement in Mitsubishi Motors' commitment to continuous support for the Indonesian government in accelerating the utilization and demonstration of the electric vehicle ecosystem in Indonesia and also on a wider scale globally," said Nakamura in his statement, Friday (27/5/2022). ).

These five automotive brands are developing ways to expand more vehicle choices for consumers. The use of electrification technology to reduce carbon emissions includes battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, hydrogen electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and internal combustion engines (ICE).

This multi-faceted approach is believed to help achieve vehicle emission reductions for use, renewable energy sources, readiness of charging infrastructure and economic needs. This “EV Smart Mobility” project collaboration is positioned as part of a total initiative to build a strong foundation in the era of electrification in Indonesia.

Mitsubishi PHEV

Mitsubishi itself offers plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) technology for the challenges that are present in the EV era. This model has the advantage in terms of mileage and charging infrastructure to meet even greater expectations. This can be realized by combining hybrid technology with a friendly EV.

The basic structure of the PHEV consists of an engine and a generator to produce power to extend the range of the EV. The high-capacity lithium-ion drive battery is located at the bottom of the vehicle.

PHEV products are mainly driven by two driving motors, front and rear which refers to the EV system and architecture. Hybrid technology is equipped with a plug for charging. In addition, the design applies a low center of gravity with superior front and rear weight distribution to ensure ample cabin and cargo space. 

Mitsubishi's PHEV technology also has a driving mode that can automatically switch between EV and hybrid modes. The vehicle's EV mode will run with the motor using the power in the battery without producing emissions.

The HEV model, in series hybrid mode, the vehicle uses the engine as a generator to run the motor with a combination of power from the battery. In parallel hybrid mode, high efficiency conventional engines are used at high speeds. Excess engine output will be channeled to generate power to charge the battery. The motor assists the engine during acceleration.

Mitsubishi's PHEV technology can also make this vehicle a power supply for outdoor travel and other emergency conditions. PHEV can use electrical power stored at home via vehicle to home (V2H).

In short, Mitsubishi's PHEV technology is a running storage battery. It not only provides solutions to environmental problems but also serves as part of the infrastructure supplying electricity even when the car is stationary.

Later, each brand will provide its superior electric vehicle, both passenger and commercial. Passenger vehicles will be placed within the Nusa Dua area and Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali. Meanwhile, commercial vehicles will support logistics and are further considered for collaborative activities with local businesses in Bali.

This collaboration between Japanese brands was also initiated at the request of President Joko Widodo during the visit of the Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, at the end of April. The hope is that Japanese brands can position Indonesia as a regional hub in achieving carbon neutral targets by maximizing various ways and approaches

In addition to the C-HR Hybrid, this is a list of Toyota Cars with Advanced TSS Safety Features!

 Integrated safety features are one of the newest offers for potential consumers in Indonesia. Some automotive brands emphasize driving safety to minimize the risk of accidents. Toyota is no exception.

Toyota presents the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) feature. This feature consists of several technologies, such as pre-collision system, dynamic radar cruise control, lane departure alert, automatic high beam, cross traffic alert, automatic high beam and blind spot monitor.

In addition to the C-HR Hybrid, this is a list of Toyota Cars with Advanced TSS Safety Features!

Most recently, Toyota pinned TSS on the C-HR Hybrid. This SUV is priced at IDR 582.7 million for the non-premium color variant and IDR 584.2 million for the premium color variant. C-HR adds to the list of Toyota models with this advanced feature in Indonesia. Let's discuss which models have got the advanced safety features of TSS.

Alphard and Vellfire

Toyota's premium MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) is the first model to get the TSS feature. Safety features include a pre-collision system, lane departure assist, adaptive cruise control, auto high beam, blind spot monitor and rear cross traffic alert. This feature is available in all Alphard and Vellfire variants.

Toyota Alphard

Regarding the engine, both are offered with a 2AR-FE 2,494 cc engine with 180 PS of power at 6,000 rpm and 234 Nm of torque at 4,100 rpm. The Alphard has a 3.5L engine variant, the 2GR-FKS with 300 PS of power at 6,200 rpm and 360 Nm of torque at 4,700 rpm. 

Toyota Voxy

second model, Voxy. The newly updated MPV gets TSS for added safety and comfort as a family car. TSS features consist of a pre-collision system, lane tracing assist, dynamic radar cruise control, blind spot monitor and automatic high beam.


Voxy uses a 1,986 cc M20A-FKS engine with a power production of 170 PS at 6,600 rpm and 202 Nm of torque at 4,900 rpm.

Toyota Avanza and Veloz

Still from the MPV type, the TSS feature is also embedded in their most popular products, namely Avanza and Veloz. This embedded update makes these two low MPV models more comfortable and secure. Embedded TSS features include lane departure warning and lane departure prevention, pedal misoperation control, front departure alert, pre-collision warning & pre-collision braking, rear crossing traffic alert and blind spot monitoring. The sophistication of this feature can be felt in the top variant of each model.

Toyota Avanza

In terms of performance, both Veloz and Avanza use a 1,495 cc 2NR-Ve engine with a power production of 106 PS at 6,000 rpm and 137 Nm of torque at 4,200 rpm.

Toyota Camry

From the sedan segment, the Toyota Camry is a model that gets a TSS touch. Its features consist of a pre-collision system, dynamic radar cruise control with curve speed reduction, lane departure alert with steering control and lane tracing assist, and automatic high beam. There is still a rear cross traffic alert and blind spot monitor that is present on the hybrid model.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

In terms of power, the Camry uses a 2,487 cc engine with a power production of 204 PS at 6,600 rpm and 243 Nm of torque at 4,000 to 5,000 rpm. The A25A-FXS hybrid engine offers 178 PSc of power at 5,700 rpm and an additional 20.6 pPS from the electric motor with 220 Nm of torque at 3,600 - 5,200 rpm.

Toyota Corolla Altis

Still from the Toyota sedan segment, the model that gets a TSS touch is the Corolla Altis. This TSS feature is complete in the hybrid variant which consists of a pre-collision system, dynamic radar cruise control, lane departure alert with steering control as well as lane tracing assist and automatic high beam. In addition there is a special rear cross traffic alert feature in the hybrid model and a blind spot monitor with an additional six sonar system in all variants.

Toyota Corolla Altis 2022

In terms of power, the Toyota Corolla Altis uses a 1,798 cc 2ZR-FXE hybrid engine with a maximum power of 98 ps at 5,200 rpm and 141 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Entering the SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) segment, the latest Land Cruiser is a model that gets the TSS feature in all its variants. This premium SUV is found to feature a pre-collision system, lane departure alert, rear camera detection, adaptive high beam system, and dynamic radar cruise control. There are additional blind spot monitors as well as the distinctive features of multi-terrain select and crawl control.

Land Cruiser GR Sport

In terms of power, the 3,346 cc F33A-FTV engine produces 305 PS of power at 4,000 rpm and 700 Nm of torque at 1,600-2,600 rpm.

Toyota Raize GR Sport

This is Toyota's newest compact SUV that comes with the TSS feature. This model features lane departure warning & lane departure prevention, pedal misoperation control, pre-collision warning & pre-collision braking, adaptive cruise control and front departure alert. Additionally, Toyota includes a rear cross traffic alert and a blind spot monitor.

Raize uses a 1KR-VET 998 cc turbo engine with 98 PS power at 6,000 rpm and 140 Nm of torque at 2,400 to 4,000 rpm.

Toyota Raize

From the list above, Toyota has embedded advanced TSS features on models with a price tag of under Rp. 300 million to premium models with prices in the billions of Rupiah. In addition to TSS, each model is also equipped with the T-Intouch feature, which is a telematics feature to connect the owner with his vehicle. Owners can find their vehicle with the find my car feature, stolen vehicle tracking, geofencing, to connect with emergency services if there is a problem on the road through these features.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Honda HR-V 1.5L SE

 Honda HR-V is sold in four variants, S, E, SE and RS. All are sold in CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) automatic transmissions. The price starts from IDR 362.9 million to IDR 513.9 million

The only RS variant with a turbo engine. This type is the most expensive and differs very far from the regular gasoline engine variant. Honda HR-V is the most expensive naturally aspirated petrol engine, Type SE. The Honda HR-V SE is sold for IDR 403.1 million or the difference is IDR 110 million more. That much difference is it worth it? Or maybe the SE variant is more than enough?

It must be admitted, the performance of the Honda HR-V RS turbo engine is far superior to other versions with non-turbo engines. However, even though using an engine without the help of turbo induction, the difference in the price of Rp. 100 million is clear and cannot be ignored. Moreover, the difference in features and completeness is not so far away.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Honda HR-V 1.5L SE

Incidentally, we had the opportunity to try both the Honda HR-V RS and Honda HR-V SE a while back. I took the Honda HR-V RS with a turbo engine to dance on the smooth asphalt track of the Mandalika circuit in Lombok on May 23, 2022. While I took the Honda HR-V SE with a gasoline engine with me around the island of Bali.

Driving experience trying both turned out to answer my question above. But in this article, I don't want to compare the Honda HR-V with a turbo engine with a non-turbo engine. But to look for the advantages and disadvantages of the Honda HR-V 1.5L SE CVT.

Advantages of Honda HR-V 1.5L SE

1. Performance

The Honda HR-V turbo engine successfully made me happy when taming the circuit that successfully held the 2022 MotoGP race. The performance of the 1.5 liter turbo engine that produces 177 PS with peak torque of 240 Nm far exceeds the performance of the Honda HR-V with the 1.8 liter engine from its first generation .

Indeed, when sitting in front of the wheel of the Honda HR-V 1.5L SE, you can really feel the difference. For comparison, the 1.5 liter naturally aspirated engine produces 121 PS of power with a peak torque of 145 Nm. The difference is pretty good isn't it? Of course the turbo engine produces far superior performance.

Honda HR-V SE

But when traveling around the island of Bali, never once did a Honda HR-V engine without a turbo disappoint me. Uphill roads in the Melasti Unggasan beach area can be conquered easily. Likewise when you want to maneuver on the Bali Mandara toll road. Remember, if you buy a Honda HR-V, you will use it on public roads, not on the race track or circuit. So, the performance provided by the Honda HR-V 1.5L SE is more than enough.

As an illustration, the performance of the Honda HR-V engine with a non-turbo engine is also quite good on paper when compared to its competitors. For example, the Hyundai Creta uses the same engine capacity of 1.5 liters. Its power is only 115 PS with peak torque of 145 Nm. In short, even among competitors, the Honda HR-V remains superior even though it is not the type of gasoline engine you choose.

In my opinion, more or less this performance is assisted by the latest EarthDream technology CVT (Continuous Variable Transmssion) transmission. The negative characteristics of a conventional CVT transmission usually make the engine forced to roar at high speed continuously when accelerating. The HR-V intelligent CVT transmission solves this problem by incorporating a torque converter function.

That's why, when you accelerate you will feel like you're driving a conventional automatic transmission car. Feels like there is a gear shift when the rpm needle has touched the red line. Moreover, there is a paddle shift that you can operate to seem to shift gears manually like a conventional automatic transmission car. This way, the driver does not have to worry about facing various driving situations or challenging steep roads.

One other interesting thing, Honda only embeds the 3-Mode Drive System only for the HR-V RS. That's why the driving mode switch is not available in this car. But actually, even if you don't use a special switch, you can still operate the three modes!

The eCON driving mode can be operated on the Honda HR-V 1.5L SE by pressing the button available on the center console. This mode provides moderate driving performance for optimal fuel efficiency.

If the Sport mode how to activate it? Easy, slide the shift lever to the 'S' position. Then the gas pedal response will feel more instant, just like you get when you activate the Sport driving mode on the Honda HR-V Turbo. Move the shift lever back to the 'D' position then you are driving in Normal mode.

2. Driving Comfort

The experience of driving a Honda HR-V with a turbo engine at the Mandalika circuit some time ago revealed a more sporty driving character than before. Well, the non-turbo variant turns out to use the same legs. The MacPherson Strut front suspension at the front and the H-Shape Torsion Beam at the rear are tuned identically.

That's why, at first I suspected that his sporty driving character gave an uncomfortable effect when used on public roads. But it turns out that the suspension slams tend to be comfortable. Although this car is fun to bend in corners, but the rebound of the suspension is good not to the point of causing back pain when running over an uneven road surface.

In addition, the Honda HR-V also has a very good level of NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness). Not only the cabin is tight, the vibration is minimal, but there are no strange sounds that can be heard when driving. More than that, the dimensions of length 4,330 mm, width 1,790 mm and height 1,590 mm provide a spacious cabin space for every cabin occupant.

3. Safety Features

Honda HR-V comes with an integrated safety feature, Honda Sensing. Starting from Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Low-Speed ​​Follow, Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS), Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS), Road Departure Mitigation System (RDM), Lead Car Departure Notification System (LCDN) to Auto High Beam .

Usually complete safety features are only available on the top or the most expensive variants. Amazingly, Honda provides Honda Sensing and all these features in all variants. Not only the SE variant, even the cheapest 1.5L S HR-V has all the safety features available in the RS variant.

In addition to all these features, standard safety features such as Hill Start Assist (HSA), Hill Decent Control (HDC), Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA), Emergency Stop Signal (ESS), Brake Override System (BOS), ABS brakes, EBD and BA , ISOFIX and Tether seats to Parking sensors are available on the SE variant. The difference from the RS variant, the SE type only has 4 airbags instead of 6 airbags. 

Disadvantages of Honda HR-V 1.5L SE

1. Panoramic Roof

It's no longer a secret that the latest Honda HR-V has a panoramic roof that is much larger than before. Yoshitomo Ihashi, Large Project Leader of the All-new Honda HR-V Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Automobile Operations, Monozukuri Center virtually to the media crew during the Honda HR-V Media Test Drive activity at the Mandalika Circuit (23/5) said "The reason is because we want to provide a different driving experience, namely with a larger panoramic roof. This unique roof allows the driver and front passenger to enjoy an even more pleasant view up."

Furthermore, he said if using the panoramic sunroof model as before, then there must be a frame and components of the sunroof opening and closing mechanism. So that the panoramic roof cannot possibly be sized like the current Honda HR-V.

The problem is not only that it cannot be opened, but that the cover or sun shade of the panoramic roof must be dismantled and assembled manually. Indeed, how to open or install it is quite easy, it's just not as easy as using an electric cover. For example, if you are driving alone and forget to close the panoramic roof when driving. If you want to close it you have to pull over first and put the cover on. Not to mention the cover must be stored in the trunk if you don't want to use the space. Different from the previous Honda HR-V electric panoramic sunroof. Even though it's smaller in size, if you want to open or close the sun shade, just press the button.

2. Multimedia System

The Honda HR-V RS and SE are equipped with an 8-inch capacitive touchscreen multimedia system with Weblink connectivity capabilities. You can operate several applications from smartphones on the multimedia system such as Google Maps using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. Adequate.

But if there are several competitors, it turns out that what Honda has provided is still inferior. For example, the Hyundai Creta, a mid SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) from South Korea, presents its customers with the Bluelink feature. The features belonging to the Hyundai Creta have SOS or Emergency Assistance services, Stolen Vehicle Notification, Stolen Vehicle Tracking to Stolen Vehicle immobilization, Remote Climate Control, Remote Door Lock/Unlock to Remote Horn & Light Control. All that is not available on the Honda HR-V.

So in conclusion, for daily use in urban areas, the Honda HR-V 1.5L SE is sufficient. The RS variant's turbo engine performance is tempting, but make sure you choose that type if you have extra money. Because in addition to making up for performance, the RS variant has a number of differentiators on the exterior that make it look more exclusive than other variants. But almost all of the features it has are also owned by the SE variant which costs more than Rp. 100 million cheaper. It's not wrong why this variant is the most ordered by Indonesian consumers

Rumors of Innova Hycross Appearing, Here's Toyota's Response

 Toyota is reportedly preparing the Innova with hybrid electrification. This news emerged from India, after the leak of a new patent with the Innova Hycross brand. How did PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) respond?

Rumors of Innova Hycross Appearing, Here's Toyota's Response

"I haven't seen the model yet, how can I comment on it," said Bob Azam, Director for Administration, Corporate & External Affairs, Technical Government Affairs PT TMMIN in Semarang, Central Java.

Quoted by rushlane, Wednesday (27/5/2022), the news of Innova Hycross emerged after registering a new trademark in India. It is suspected that this name will be used for the new generation of Innova which is planned to be launched in early 2023.

Several times the newest 7-seater MPV car was caught in a road test in India. From the circulating spy shots, the dimensions are still the same as the Innova Crysta sold in the country of Bollywood. 

Rushlane also mentioned that the Toyota Innova Hybrid 2023 will use bigger wheels and LED tail lights. The current Innova model borrows from the Fortuner and Hilux body-on-frame chassis, but the next generation Innova Hycross is said to be getting the TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform, like the hybrid cars already sold by Toyota.

Hybrid cars are one of Toyota's ways to combat emissions in Indonesia. This manufacturer has set up production facilities for hybrid cars. Bob explained that the Toyota factory in Karawang already has a special branch line or subline for hybrid cars. The changes are not many, it is still integrated with the mainline with products already sold in Indonesia.

"That's the concept, subline. So the mainline is still mixed with the conventional one, but there is a subline. The change (production line) is also not too significant," said Bob

Although it has been confirmed that it will produce hybrids in Indonesia. Bob has not specified the exact model of the vehicle that will be made at the Karawang factory. Currently, a number of Toyota models that have been stung by electrification in Indonesia are the Camry, Alphard, Camry, Corolla Altis, Corolla Cross, and Prius.

"Yes (hybrid production from existing models). It's just a matter of time." he added.

But some time ago, the Minister of Industry, Agus Gumiwang, mentioned that the first localized hybrid car was the Kijang Innova.

Tesla Choose Thailand for Investment in 2022, Indonesia When?

 Tesla Company (Thailand) Ltd., inaugurated their entry into the Thai automotive industry. This is indicated by the appearance of the name on the website of the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce Thailand today (25/5). The initial investment value is stated to be only 3 million Baht or around IDR 1.2 trillion.

Tesla Choose Thailand for Investment in 2022, Indonesia When?

Reported by The Thaiger, the main purpose of this investment is to sell electric cars or Electric Vehicles (EV) in the White Elephant Country market. Although it did not mention that it would build a battery factory or processing there, it did state that Tesla Company Ltd., would install and sell its energy distribution and storage systems as well. It looks like some things other than this car are charging device systems and not battery production.

The Energy Storage System used in Thailand, was actually promised to Indonesia some time ago. However, the plan was cancelled, and instead was carried out in Thailand first. Does Tesla prefer Thailand over Indonesia? It doesn't seem so. Moreover, the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, had asked for a cooperation commitment to Elon Musk, the Founder of Tesla, when he met last May 14.

"Following up to my order to talk to Elon about investment, about technology, about innovation, and now I'm here and meet directly with Elon to discuss future collaborations," the President said.

From the Setkab page, it is stated that Elon Musk still has an interest in collaborating with Indonesia. He looks very optimistic about Indonesia's future and has positive energy.

"I think Indonesia has great potential, and I think we through Tesla and Space X will try some collaborations with Indonesia. We will look closely at the forms of cooperation in many ways, because Indonesia has a lot of potential. Moreover, Indonesia has a large population and continues to grow. This is good because we need a lot of people in the future,” said Elon.

It could be that the Indonesian Government's agenda initiated by the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment (Menko Marves) Luhut Binsar Panjaitan is still in the process of being aligned. From a different source, it was stated that Luhut conveyed that the investment plan from Elon Musk's company would still require time and a process that is not short.

“Entering investment from a company is not as easy as snapping a finger, it takes a long process and time. Moreover, this is an investment with a jumbo value. So we have to be patient, so that later we can really bring great benefits to the community and the country as we all hope," said Coordinating Minister Luhut in an official statement, Monday (23/5).

For now, Tesla is already circulating in Indonesia through Prestige Motorcars. The general importer's move to sell electric cars has been done for a long time. However, Tesla's penetration and contribution to the electric vehicle industry are yet to be seen. It will be interesting to wait for the development of EV if Tesla penetrates into the country, because in 2021 the company initiated by Elon Musk has succeeded in placing the Model 3 as the best-selling electric car in the world with more than 500 thousand units of sales in a year.

Toyota Emphasizes the Importance of Triple Helix Collaboration in Facing the EV Era

 Toyota Indonesia in collaboration with Diponegoro University (Undip) Semarang held a national seminar with the theme "100 Years of Indonesia Automotive Industry, Realizing Indonesia Net-Zero Emission". This seminar was held in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Toyota Indonesia's existence until the next 50 years of contribution to the national automotive industry. This seminar activity is also part of the effort to support and realize the government's aspirations to achieve the future target of an Emission-Free Indonesia.

Toyota Emphasizes the Importance of Triple Helix Collaboration in Facing the EV Era

"Hopefully this national seminar activity can become a forum for comprehensive discussions that help and support Indonesia's acceleration in achieving the Net Zero Emission target. This can certainly be realized through joint synergy between educational institutions, the younger generation, and industry, especially the national automotive industry," said Warih Andang Tjahjono. , President Director of PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN).

The collaboration of three parties, namely the government, academia and industry, which Toyota calls the Triple Helix. These three are important elements to support the Indonesia Net Zero Emission target by 2060. Some of them are carried out through greener life activities and equitable national economic development.

For Indonesia who is aiming for a position as a global player, carbon neutrality will be the main driver of future change for the life sector. Indonesia's young generation will lead in this era.

Toyota believes that students as the younger generation can be prepared earlier in taking the initiation of the green movement. Therefore, higher education institutions play a strategic role in developing, reviewing, and preparing the younger generation as the next highly competitive human resource.

The presentation of the national seminar was opened by the Director of Climate Change Mitigation of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) RI, Emma Rachmawati, who explained the government's commitment to realizing the net zero emission target, including what strategies the Indonesian government has taken.

UNDIP presented the Head of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Prof. Dr. Ing. Wiwandari Hadayani ST, MT, MPS who gave a global perspective on net zero emissions, commitments, contributions and achievements of Indonesia and industry. Wiwandari also explained about the strategies of other countries that could be used as examples and applied to the country. The role of academics through research in supporting the strategy for implementing the emission-free target as well as the challenges in the future are also discussed.

Toyota's strategy in achieving emission reductions through multi pathways contributes to all parties in the fight against carbon emissions. Various electrification technologies that can be accessed by all parties can accelerate the development of an integrated electric vehicle ecosystem from upstream to downstream. This strategic step aims to make Indonesia a global player in electric vehicle manufacturers and play a role in the international market supply chain.

This national seminar activity is a part of the launch of the xEV Center which was held last week. The presence of the xEV Center is expected to realize a positive synergy between universities and the automotive industry sector. The strategic contribution of the younger generation as pioneers in learning activities and research on electrification technology, green energy and mobility in Indonesia is the first step in preparing the electrification ecosystem in Indonesia.

"We want to continue to contribute to the future of Indonesia's carbon neutrality by increasing the capability of national human resources which is in line with our philosophy of "Make People Before Make Products". students' abilities and knowledge in green technology so that they contribute to the electrification era industry," said Bob Azam, Corporate Affairs External Director of PT TMMIN

After Forester Subaru Indonesia Makes Sure There Will Be More New Products in 2022, Could it be XV?

 Marking the revival of the Subaru car brand in Indonesia, PT Plaza Auto Mega or Plaza Subaru officially presents the Forester SUV. They also guarantee after sales service with a 3S dealer program (sales, service, and spare parts) in the Alam Sutera area, South Tangerang.

After Forester Subaru Indonesia Makes Sure There Will Be More New Products in 2022, Could it be XV?

For the domestic market, the first Subaru Forester product is presented in 2 different variants, namely the 2.0-i L and 2.0-i S EyeSight. Each is offered with a tag of Rp. 579.5 million and Rp. 659.5 million, which are already on the road (OTR) Jakarta.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Subaru Indonesia, Arie Christopher, said that this year there will still be surprises for new products for consumers. But unfortunately he was reluctant to specify what specific models will be launched.

"There will be several models. But if you look at the global Subaru website, there aren't many products. You already know which ones will enter Indonesia. So basically as long as the product is compatible with the market and regulations in Indonesia, we will definitely take it," he said. Arie, not too long ago.

To focus on selling Subaru products in Indonesia itself, he said that the SUV segment would be boosted by Subaru. However, the sedan model is also one of the agendas targeted by this new APM Subaru. "Indeed, we are interested in selling sedans, but our goal and priority is SUVs," he added.

Huge Potential Subaru XV

The faucet for information about new products is still closed tightly by Subaru Indonesia. But they try to play pretty by giving a kind of message that the Subaru XV will be one of the new product candidates for the domestic market. 

The code was displayed through a 1 minute 9 second teaser video on the official Subaru Indonesia YouTube channel. At the end of the Forester product introduction video there is a framing of a mysterious white car with some parts of the body still covered. Allegedly it is a crossover Subaru XV which is also known as the Subaru Crosstrek in some countries.

This can be seen from the XV's distinctive shape, similar to the Subaru Impreza hatchback with high ground clearance and body cladding like an SUV. The car is the second generation of the XV model line which was introduced at the 2017 New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) auto show.

Citing the official Subaru America website, the Subaru XV or Crosstrek has also been equipped with the same Subaru Global Platform as the Forester in Indonesia. The use of this construction is claimed to be safer, more comfortable, and offers good rigidity.

Regarding the engine, behind the bonnet resides the 2.0-liter FB20 Boxer engine which is capable of producing maximum power of up to 152 horsepower and peak torque of 196 Nm. The output is mated to a Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive (AWD) drive system with a CVT automatic transmission.

In the United States, the Subaru Crosstrek is sold starting from 23,145 USD or Rp. 338.8 million (exchange rate of 1 USD = Rp. 14,609.55 as of May 25, 2022), to the most expensive type of Crosstrek Sport which is sold at LEGO for 27,495 USD or Rp. 409 million.

This crossover is also available in a hybrid engine option which sells for 36,345 USD or the equivalent of IDR 530 million. It feels like we just have to wait a little longer for the official launch procession of this car. It is also important to note that prior to the Plaza Subaru flag, APM had previously traded the Subaru XV for consumers in Indonesia.

Due to the conflict with Russia, the Finnish MotoGP was forced to be postponed until 2023

 The 12th MotoGP series in Finland this year had to be postponed until 2023. The problem was triggered by several things, ranging from the unfinished homologation of the circuit track to the heated geopolitical tensions between Finland and Russia.

Russia's tensions with Ukraine have indeed cut global supply chains because of a series of sanctions against Russia. Several countries have also taken policies, including Finland which is planning to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), this is something Russia is opposed to taking decisive steps to cut off gas supplies to Finland.

Due to the conflict with Russia, the Finnish MotoGP was forced to be postponed until 2023

With various considerations, the motorcycle racing regulatory body or FIM (Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme) decided to postpone the Finnish MotoGP race series this year.

"The homologation work on the KymiRing, together with the risks posed by the ongoing geopolitical situation in the region, sadly requires the cancellation of the Finnish Grand Prix in 2022," MotoGP wrote on its official website, Wednesday (25/5).

This year is actually a comeback moment for Finland to hold an elite MotoGP race again after a 40-year hiatus. The country last hosted MotoGP in 1984, but with Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Finland closing the train to St Petersburg, plans to join NATO are unlikely to materialize.

Therefore, all parties have agreed that the track debut should be postponed until 2023, when MotoGP hopes to return to Finland for the first time in 4 decades.

For information, the postponement of the Finnish GP series is the result of considerations from the FIM, IRTA and Dorna Sport. Therefore, in the absence of Finland from the MotoGP 2022 racing calendar, the race series will be 20 from the original 21 series.

As a result, after the German MotoGP series at the Assen Circuit on June 26, he will immediately go to the British GP at the Silverstone Circuit on July 10, 2022, replacing the KymiRing Circuit in Finland.

Finland also crossed out last year

Last year the Finnish race series was also removed from the MotoGP calendar list. The consideration at that time was because of the complexity of traveling to the country in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Well, even though he has canceled 2 MotoGP races, it doesn't reduce Finland's quota as the host until 2026. Hopefully, in the 2023 season, this country will be able to hold MotoGP again without any conflict, technical problems, and heated geopolitical tensions.

Increase HR, Hyundai Trains Local Suppliers

 PT Hyundai Motor Manufacturing (HMMI) views the important role of suppliers in terms of maintaining the quality of products made in Indonesia. The South Korean manufacturer held an R&D Level Up Training which was a continuation of the Indonesian Supplier R&D Improvement Program which had been held since 2021.

This program is part of Hyundai Motor's contribution to further improve the quality of human resources from local supplier partners who supply Hyundai vehicle components. After going through the basic training stages in 2021 which are part of the selection process, this year's advanced training program will involve more than 80 participants from 20 suppliers, this program will be held from May to December 2022 at Hyundai Motor's Mobility Innovation Center.

Increase HR, Hyundai Trains Local Suppliers

“Hyundai Motor has always been committed to growing with our local supplier partners, and at the same time, making a significant contribution to Indonesia to further strengthen its human resources. We are happy to see how the knowledge that we present meets the needs of our partners, especially in supporting joint efforts to build future mobility which has always been the focus of Hyundai," said Yoon Seok Choi, President Director of PT HMMI in his statement, Wednesday (25/5). /2022).

In the early stages of last year's program, participants had learned basic R&D knowledge to build their understanding of Hyundai vehicle manufacturing processes, manufacturing standards or requirements for local partners, and several other production sciences. The participants participated enthusiastically and gave positive results. The majority of participants made requests to gain more complete knowledge. Including workshops that show field practice. The local supplier knowledge score even increased significantly in this training, from 2.7 to 7.1 points.

“Indonesia is an extraordinary country that has the greatest assets to develop further, those assets are people who have the potential and intelligence to think. I witnessed this fact firsthand while leading this training session. We hope to see local suppliers participating in this program apply their new skills and knowledge, then take the quality of the products they make to a higher level," said Arief Tri Wahyudi, R&D Manager of Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Indonesia.

Hyundai Motor then continues this program through R&D Level Up Training where basic R&D knowledge from selected local suppliers will be retrained. In addition, suppliers are provided with advanced knowledge regarding GD&T (geometric dimension & tolerance). It is a system that helps engineers and manufacturers optimally control variations in the manufacturing process, as well as study the material testing process.

In addition to the Indonesian Supplier R&D Improvement Program, Hyundai also organizes regular Automobile Technology Training & Internship programs. This program opens up opportunities for vocational students in Bekasi to receive automotive technology training and provides an internship opportunity for six months.

Glancing at Astra Daihatsu Ayla as a Millennial Vehicle

 The low cost green car segment or commonly known as LCGC is one of the segments that offers a variety of models. Present in Indonesia as one of the models targeted by the first car owners, LCGC is also one of the choices for millennials in the country thanks to the offer of features, models and of course competitive prices.

One that plays here is Astra Daihatsu Ayla. This city car is one of the models that contributed to Daihatsu's top sales with a figure of 250 thousand units since its introduction in 2013. This achievement was strengthened by the results of retail sales in April 2022 as many as 6,891 units. This figure accounts for 11.1 percent of Daihatsu's total sales in April.

Glancing at Astra Daihatsu Ayla as a Millennial Vehicle

"Daihatsu always tries to provide the best products according to the needs of the Indonesian people, especially young people through Astra Daihatsu Ayla. Various contemporary features are embedded, we believe Ayla can be the choice of millennials in providing vehicles that are stylish, entertaining, and peace of mind," said Dendy Triyanto, Executive Coordinator Head of Product I Department PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) in his statement, Wednesday ( 25/5/2022).

The exterior design of Ayla has a sporty grille and bumper with dynamic alloy wheel rims. Coming with the slogan Sahabat Seru, Ayla's appearance is supported by the addition of new color variants namely Yellow Metallic and Glittering Silver Metallic which complements other colors such as Orange Metallic, red solid, dark gray metallic, icy white solid, and ultra black solid. Ayla offers dimensions of 3,640 mm in length, 1,600 mm in width and 1,520 mm in height with a wheelbase of 2,455 mm and a ground clearance of 180 mm.

Targeting millennials, Ayla comes with an interior display with a dominant black color and sporty patterned seats. Its features are no less, it comes with retractable mirrors that make it easier for the driver to adjust the mirrors when passing through narrow roads. There is back sonar with parking camera for easy reverse parking.

The modern side comes from digital air conditioning settings that make it easy to regulate the cabin temperature. The entertainment side features a 2-DIN touch screen that can play various file formats. There are shared compartments for storing items and cup holders scattered throughout the cabin.

The security features are quite complete. Daihatsu Ayla is equipped with standard braking features Anti-lock braking system (ABS) and Electronic brake-force distribution (EBD). In addition, there are dual SRS airbags for the driver and front passenger and the presence of an immobilizer for security.

Regarding the engine, Ayla offers two choices of power sources to choose from. There is a 1.0L 1KR-DE DOHC 998 cc engine with a maximum power of 65 ps at 6,000 rpm and 86 Nm of torque at 3,600 rpm. Another option is the 1.2L 3NR-VE DOHC Dual VVT-i 1,197 cc engine with a maximum power of 88 ps at 6,000 rpm and 108 Nm of torque at 4,200 rpm. Both models are offered with a choice of manual and AT transmission.

Ayla offers a total of 12 variants to choose from. The price tag starts from IDR 108 million to IDR 166 million

BMW Launches M 1000 RR 50 Years M Anniversary Edition

 BMW Motorrad launches M 1000 RR 50 Year M Anniversary Edition. This limited production unit is wrapped in a complete package. One of them offers the M Competition Package. To give a special impression, this superbike appears in Sao Paulo Yellow color and is affixed with the historic 50 Years BMW M emblem.

Shown in striking colours, this anniversary model fits the M philosophy. Coming with the racing spirit of nearly 100 years of motorcycle construction by BMW Motorrad and 50 years of BMW M vehicles. Therefore, the M 1000 RR 50 Years M comes with the M Package 50 Years optional.

BMW Launches M 1000 RR 50 Years M Anniversary Edition

Packages offered in this special edition include an M 50th Anniversary badge, M GPS lap time trigger software, rear seat cover and passenger kit, a lighter silver anodized aluminum swingarm and a maintenance-free DLC-coated M Endurance chain.

The optional package also includes aluminum and carbon parts which are given with the M logo. For M Billet the kit consists of billet aluminum engine guard, folding brake and clutch lever, adjustable M rider footrest, front brake lever guard. Medium Carbon M Package includes carbon front and rear fenders, top fairing side panels, left and right carbon tank covers, carbon chain guards and sprocket covers.

The base price for the M 1000 RR is $32,495 (Rp476 million). If you take the optional 50-year M package, there will be an additional cost of around $4,500 (Rp66 million). Or in total this special unit is sold for $36,995 (Rp542 million). For your information, the M 1000 RR that has been sold in Indonesia costs up to Rp. 1.6 billion off the road.

Specifications of M 1000 RR

Since it only includes an anniversary edition display, the specs are still the same as the regular version. The BMW M 1000 RR is equipped with a parallel four-cylinder engine with a capacity of 999 cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled with an enhanced fuel injection system. And combined with BMW ShiftCam technology.

Its configuration to vary the valve opening and closing times has been modified comprehensively towards a racing sport machine. Its power output reaches 212 hp at 14,500 rpm with a peak torque of 113 Nm at 11,000 rpm, plus a maximum speed of up to 15,100 rpm. It does 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 3.1 seconds and peaks at 190 mph (306 km/h). 

In addition, the manufacturer also added a winglet at the front which gives a racing accent. Mounted on each side of the fairing and designed to help keep the front of the bike low during acceleration. It also allows the driver to use the full throttle without having to worry about wheeling.

According to BMW, the installed winglets have been tested on the race track and in the wind tunnel. Made of carbon fiber, this component clearly produces qualified aerodynamics to obtain faster lap times.

Another secret of the M 1000 RR why it can go fast is because there is a reduction in weight. It weighs only 192 kg or 5 kg lighter than the S 1000 RR. The weight reduction is due to the 3.7 kg lighter exhaust system. Carbon 'M' rims which are also 1.7 kg lighter than the normal aluminum ones. Using a 17-inch racing ring model wrapped in 120/70 tires at the front and 200/55 rear.

For speed stoppers rely on Nissin products, but redeveloped by the M division to be able to provide maximum braking stability and control capabilities, on the road and on the race track. Front uses lighter radial calipers with thicker dual discs than the standard RR. In general, the disc clamp has a blue anodized coating combined with the M logo.

A range of driving modes are also provided, the same as the S 1000 RR. There is Rain, Road, Dynamic, Race. But there is an improvement for it, namely the Race Pro setting (Race Pro 1-3). It also gets the highest specification features from BMW, such as the latest generation Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), quickshifter down shift and DTC wheelie function with a 6-axle sensor box.

Existing wheelie controls can be carefully adjusted in 'Race Pro' mode. From there, there are also three additional brake settings. Interestingly, he was also given a launch for a perfect race start and a Pit-Lane-Limiter for precision speed on the pit track. And Hill Start Control Pro for easy start on mountain slopes.

As a complement, the information system on this motorbike is displayed through a 6.5-inch TFT screen. A more comprehensive data presentation can be displayed using an optional package that offers the use of an M GPS laptrigger and an M GPS data logger (Original BMW Motorrad Accessories) via the instrument cluster's OBD interface.

M . history

If you are not familiar with BMW's history, in 1972 BMW Motorsport GmbH was founded as BMW's official motorsport division. With the idea of bringing all of BMW's motorsport activities together under one roof and building high-performance racing vehicles, including motorcycle racing. The BMW 3.0 CSL (Coupe Sport Light Construction) debuted as BMW Motorsport GmbH's first race car in 1973

The BMW 3.0 CSL made its debut at the European Touring Car Championship in the 1973 season. At that time, BMW Motorsport's three-color scheme of blue, purple and red was used against a snow-white background which is still defining to this day. Then the updated version is Blue - Dark Blue - Red which determines the appearance of the BMW M logo and BMW M vehicles to date.

The legendary color scheme can also be found on the first BMW M vehicles developed for the road in the second half of the 1970s. That color also characterizes the upcoming racing vehicles and their motorsport success. For example, in 1978 the M1 super sports car and beyond, until the Formula 1 race car driven by Nelson Piquet won the Formula 1 World Championship in 1983. BMW also tasted off-road success in the 1980s at the Paris-Dakar rally.

Not only in the world of racing cars, BMW's incredible success and innovation also comes from motorsport. Even in the first decade of the company's history, BMW and motorsport were associated with such unforgettable names as Ernst Jakob Henne and Georg "Schorsch" Meier.

The legendary "Schorsch" Meier victory in his supercharged BMW in the 1939 Senior Tourist Cup on the Isle of Man is unforgettable. 75 years after “Schorsch” Meier's success in the Senior TT, Michael Dunlop is back to success in 2014 with the BMW S 1000 RR. And in the years that followed, RR left its mark on the Tourist Trophy with further victories. It is this historic racing heritage that BMW is celebrating with the 50 Years of the M Package M 1000 RR.

Ducati x Bulgari Produces Luxury Chronograph Watches, Only 1,000 units in the World

 Ducati and Bulgarian announce a new partnership. This collaboration between two iconic Italian brands shares a vision of innovation, design and a passion for fashion. The collaboration between the two gave birth to the Bulgari Aluminum Ducati Special Edition chronograph. An elegant sports watch produced in a limited edition.

The Bulgari Aluminum Ducati Special Edition changes the standard for luxury sports watches. To celebrate the partnership between the fashion and jewelry company and the legendary Italian motorcycle manufacturer, this timepiece is limited to only 1,000 units.

Ducati x Bulgari Produces Luxury Chronograph Watches, Only 1,000 units in the World

This watch represents excellence, performance and enthusiasm in one package. This chronograph features a stunning dial in Ducati red with three athletic subdials inspired by the Ducati lap counter graphic: black background, white index and red ball. The hour markers also refer to a design inspired by the racing world of Italian motorcycle manufacturers.

Andrea Ferraresi, Ducati Centro Stile Director said that the collaboration with Bulgari is based on many elements that the company has. “First and foremost the fact that it is another Italian brand whose design is more than a corporate asset. The lighting, obsessive attention to detail, use of fine materials and the creation of distinctive designs are instantly recognizable. These are the values that have inspired us in this project. Working on this project with Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani, Executive Director of Bulgari Product Creation, with whom I have known for 15 years, is a way to unite our passions: motorcycles and high-end watchmaking,” he said.

Meanwhile, Fabrizio Buonamassa Stigliani, Bulgari Product Creation Executive Director said he was very pleased to visit the Ducati factory in Borgo Panigale in Italy and exchange ideas with Andrea Ferraresi. There discuss the many similarities between motorcycles and watches, our shared passion for mechanical beauty and the Italian design approach.

“For this particular collaboration, the Bulgari Aluminum model became the natural choice due to its combination of materials, sporty character and iconic look. The red color and the easily recognizable font we used for the numbers on the dial are a nod to the charming world of Ducati motorcycles,” explains Fabrizio.

This watch is made of premium material. It has a 40mm diameter aluminum case with iconic bezels and a black rubber band. While the crown suppressor and chronograph are made of titanium. The watch is water resistant to 100 meters and tenth of a second precision is guaranteed by the BVL 130's automatic mechanical movement, which beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour.

To prove the originality of the limited edition part, the titanium back case is engraved with the Ducati brand and production number, which has an anti-wear DLC coating. The watch comes in an anodized aluminum case that is matched with rubber inside and a soft touch surface that bears the Ducati and Bulgari logos.

For Ducati, collaboration with another Italian brand like Bulgari is an opportunity to celebrate the excellence of Made in Italy. At the same time, it is an opportunity to offer a passionate Ducatisti experience and product beyond the world of motorcycles that enhances beauty, technology and passion.

To get this luxury watch, you can directly open the official website of Bulgari. The price listed there is €5,000.00 or around Rp. 77 million, including

Mitsubishi Sales in Indonesia Become Number One in the World

 A positive achievement was achieved by PT Mitsubishi Motors Krama Yudha Sales Indonesia (MMKSI) in a globally recognized sales record. In the 2021 fiscal year, from March 2021 to April 2022, MMKSI recorded sales of more than 114,265 units. This achievement contributed more than 12 percent to Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) sales globally and named MMKSI as the largest contributor to MMC retail sales globally.

Mitsubishi Sales in Indonesia Become Number One in the World

The results obtained by MMKSI increased by 60,186 units or by 111 percent when compared to sales in the previous fiscal year. Indonesia ranks as the distributor with the best retail sales performance, followed by the United States and Japan in the top three positions.

Naoya Nakamura, President Director of PT MMKSI, said that this positive achievement has triggered MMKSI's enthusiasm to continue to provide the best products and services to consumers in a sustainable manner. This includes the entire vehicle ownership process, which is in line with MMC's commitment to Indonesia as the most important and strategic country for MMC in the global market.

"We hope that Mitsubishi Motors' achievements can make a positive contribution to the automotive industry, economic growth and the interests of society at large," said Nakamura in a statement, Monday (23/5/2022).

Once again, Xpander's flagship products, including the Xpander Cross, dominate the sales composition of Mitsubishi Motors in Indonesia. This product contributes more than 49 percent. The next position is followed by L300 with an achievement of 24.4 percent. Next is the Pajero Sport model with a contribution of 17.4 percent. The Triton, Eclipse Cross and Outlander PHEV models account for about 9 percent.

April 2022 Achievements

MMKSI also recorded positive sales results in April 2022. The three-diamond brand managed to sell 10,003 units. This result makes Mitsubishi maintain its market share at 13.3 percent. 

Mitsubishi's total sales above consist of sales of passenger cars of 6,601 units. Commercial vehicles sold 3,402 units.

Regarding the most popular models, the New Xpander and New Xpander Cross dominate with a record sales of 4,218 units. This achievement contributed 42.2 percent to total sales in April 2022.

The second best-selling model is the Pajero Sport with a record 2,381 units. This achievement makes the popular SUV contribute 23.8 percent.

Next, the L300 model sold 2,028 units or contributed 20.3 percent. The Triton model recorded sales of 1,348 units or contributed 13.7 percent of total sales. This achievement is slightly similar to Mitsubishi's global sales record.

The Xpander and Xpander Cross models are able to maintain a market share in the small MPV segment of 27.1 percent. Pajero Sport maintains a market share of 50.3 percent in the medium segment of the 2,500 cc SUV with 4x4 and 4x2 drives. The L300 is also able to maintain its position in the 4x2 small pick up segment with a market share of 62.8 percent. Finally, Triton was able to secure the 4x4 pickup segment with a 45.3 percent market share.

In addition to introducing new products and several special variants, in the 2021 fiscal year, MMKSI initiated an increase in customer satisfaction through strengthening the consumer experience based on the addition of a variety of services. This includes interactive and digitized services that are increasingly accessible to consumers. The positive sales results were supported by the expansion of the dealer network to support unit sales, spare parts and after-sales services.

In March 2022, MMKSI presented the latest branding concept, "Life Adventure" which supports the adventures of many people's lives in Indonesia, to be part of an amazing and challenging journey together, and develop a more successful and proud life to strengthen the position and image of the Mitsubishi brand. Motors in the country.

When the BMW R NineT Is Turned Into an Airplane-Inspired Work of Art

 First released in 2014, the BMW R NineT is a standard retro motorcycle that's easy to customize. Because it adopts a boxer engine, separate wiring harness, detachable subframe chassis and light fixture that can be removed with just a few bolts. Due to its modular nature, hundreds of professional and amateur builders have made it very easy to customize the R9T.

Of the many custom R9T models in the world, one stands out the most. Namely art from Wayne Buys. This man from South Africa has arguably given a new perspective in the world of custom towards a 1.170cc boxer engine motorcycle.

custom BMW R NineT

Wayne Buys took his inspiration from the aerodynamic shape of the WW2 era fighter jet. The result of his work he dubbed 'Strom'. Almost all the components he made himself in his garage. His magic garage is called FabMan Creations and it's where he builds all the custom parts. Ranging from stainless steel exhaust systems, fenders, and custom aluminum motorcycle parts. He also offers repairs as well as welding.

The Storm project he worked on featured a series of aluminum bodywork. It is made by hand, using a homemade English wheel. Here he works in free form, without a single sketch, render, or template. His metal forming skills were self-taught.

The body kit made to cover the R9T is actually made of aluminum sheet. Even more impressive was Wayne shaping them by hammering each panel into a tree stump. Overall, he made the entire body panel for 8 months.

The constructions he makes are like pieces of a puzzle. The panels lock onto each other via tiny Allen head fasteners that look like rivets on a plane. Wayne's bodywork consists of a custom tail section, round tank cover, headlight cover, wheel and fender cover, swing arm cover and full-length cover. Aluminum panels are also visible on the sides of the tank to channel cool air to the cylinder head.

There are two small intakes on either side of the fully closed front fender directing air to the brakes. While the intake at the rear is equipped with a fan, helping to cool the repositioned oil cooler. There is another fan up front to cool the electronics, all of which are under the tank cover. And there's a mesh panel at the top to help the hot air escape.

The exhaust is very hidden. The header is hidden from view, exiting through three ports on either side of the belly. The vent box under the header helps stop hot air from gathering inside.

The same considerations go into the control area. Wayne made a pair of aluminum handlebars that clamp the fork, effectively acting as a clip-on. The turn signal is at the end of the handlebars, and the rearview mirror is only attached to the right of the handlebars. Wayne also built a custom reverse lever, as well as the internal throttle.

All cables run inside the handlebars, with the brake and clutch master cylinders tucked under the bodywork. At the top there is a dedicated dashboard built with the Acewell speedo, as well as a few push buttons to perform basic functions. Storm does not use the ignition but with the remote to turn it on.

The Storm was actually ordered by one of the customers who brought the BMW R nineT straight to his garage. Consumers want something that is inspired by aircraft and has a very aerodynamic design. And the result looks like it's just a button press to take off.

This BMW R NineT-based “Storm” motorcycle from FabMan Creation retails for €25,000 EUR. Those interested in purchasing or ordering their own custom motorcycle can contact FabMan Creations via its website. (Bgx/Tom)

Toyota continues to prepare for the birth of the Innova Hybrid, HR is considered the most important thing

 After the Ministry of Industry first mentioned the plan for the birth of the Hybrid Innova product last year, Toyota continues to prepare for the presence of this new product. Based on the latest information, the Innova Hybrid will be ready to be present at the end of 2022.

"Hopefully we will keep planning. We will prepare the product at the end of the year so that it can be enjoyed by the people of Indonesia in the not too distant future,” said Indra Chandra, Project General Manager of Toyota Daihatsu Engineering & Manufacturing (TDEM) in a virtual seminar entitled 'University Research Activities as Part of Efforts in Developing the Vehicle Population. Electrification', last Friday (20/5/2022).

Toyota continues to prepare for the birth of the Innova Hybrid, HR is considered the most important thing

Although it does not mention the name of the product in question, this info clearly points to the latest Innova product. Actually echo the presence of Toyota's new hybrid product which was already present several years ago. The latest, in fact, a lot of leaked news about the shape and testing came from India, which was found to be conducting road tests. Then about the name, several sources revealed that the name Innova Hycross will be used for the newest electrification product.

Furthermore, Indra said that preparations for the presence of the electrification product were continuing. One of them is human resources (HR) who are ready to produce these modern vehicles as well as several completely different things related to the production of electric vehicles.

“Such as handling batteries that pay attention to shock, humidity and other factors. Unlike send machine (conventional). Machines are more durable. Not to mention factory handling. It is a process that must be prepared carefully,” said Indra.

“Besides, we have never before handled such high voltage in a vehicle. So far 12 volts. Suddenly told to work above 300 volts and above. At the beginning, everyone was afraid to see the orange cable,” said Indra.

This HR issue was also mentioned by Bob Azam, Corporate Affairs Director of PT Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN). According to him, National Human Resources consisting of academics, students, the younger generation, and all Indonesian people have a strategic role and become an important element in the era of electrification.

"Seminar activities and research development from various universities in Indonesia can be a medium for public advocacy to develop and improve the quality of human resources gradually so that they are ready to contribute to making Indonesia a global player towards a future of carbon neutrality," said Bob.

Toyota also gave three universities the opportunity to develop electric vehicles. Using Toyota Calya as its base, the three universities involved are the Ten November Institute of Technology (ITS), the University of Indonesia (UI) and the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).

In addition, Toyota also invited several other universities such as Gajah Mada University (UG), Udayana University (UNUD), and Sebelas Maret University (UNS) to present research results related to electric vehicles. Some of the discussions included the projection of the electric vehicle market in Indonesia, research on the development of the electrification ecosystem and the perceived challenges, BEV conversion activities with roadworthy capabilities, and the development of battery research to support the potential for domestic battery development.

Specifically, research on the potential for EV market development, based on the UI Institute for Economic and Community Research (LPEM FEB), revealed that of 1,000 respondents throughout Indonesia, most of them wish to own an electric car. It's just looking at the time, aka wait and see, developments in the next one to four years. The projection is that in 2035 there will be 1.3 million motorized vehicles with electrified BEV vehicles of around 6 percent, HEV 19 percent. However, with a note there is a massive incentive that must be given by the government.

According to Bob, research results from universities both on ecosystems, BEV conversion, and battery development can also be input or consideration for roadmaps in realizing the electrification era in the country. This includes Toyota's steps to show Innova EV research some time ago.

Regarding the selection of Calya to be converted into an electric car, Bob said this was a proposal from the university. One of them is because this car is close to the people and affordable.

“Is the Calya going to be an electric car? We (Toyota Indonesia) aspire that all of these models have electrification options, whether hybrid, EV, etc., all of which have electrification options. So consumers have a choice and we consider the availability of energy in Indonesia," said Bob.

Bob hopes that all Toyota consumers, from the lowest to the highest segments, will experience electrification of vehicles. This makes it not only the upper class people who get EV incentives who are able to buy electrified vehicles.

Toyota currently offers electrification features in hybrid form. There are four models offered, namely the New Camry Hybrid, New C-HR Hybrid, New Corolla Cross Hybrid and Corolla Altis Hybrid. The price tag starts from IDR 519 million to IDR 813 million.

Why is the New Honda HR-V No Longer Using an Electric Sunroof?

 Launched last March, the Honda HR-V came as a new person that was very different from before. Not only can it be seen from the design which is much more revolutionary, but also the features and turbo engine that are the mainstay.

It's not wrong if only two months have passed, the order has already exceeded 8,700 units. Even because of that, buyers have to queue for months to get the unit.

Why is the New Honda HR-V No Longer Using an Electric Sunroof?

Although welcomed positively, the Honda HR-V is not without its shortcomings. Most striking, the new panoramic roof which now uses a cover or sun shade that must be removed and installed manually. Even though the panoramic roof curtains can be operated electrically in the previous generation.

More than that, even now the Honda HR-V uses a fully fixed panoramic roof model. This means that the glass roof cannot be opened. While the previous generation has an electric sunroof that can be opened.

"The reason is because we want to provide a different driving experience, namely with a larger panoramic roof. This unique roof allows the driver and front passenger to enjoy an even more pleasant view up," said Yoshitomo Ihashi, Large Project Leader of All-new Honda. HR-V Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Automobile Operations, Monozukuri Center virtually to the media crew during the Media Test Drive of the Honda HR-V at the Mandalika Circuit (23/5).

Furthermore, he said if using the sunroof model as before, then there must be a frame and components of the sunroof opening and closing mechanism. So that the panoramic roof cannot possibly be sized like that of the latest Honda HR-V.

He gave a similar reason to answer questions about the sun shade which is also no longer electric. "If you use an electric model, you need space to place all the mechanical and electrical components," continued Yoshitomo Ihashi.

The Honda HRV Media Test Drive activity lasted for three days from May 23 to May 25, 2022. The first day we were invited to taste the asphalt of the MotoGP race track at the Mandalika circuit using a Honda HR-V RS turbo engine.

After that, we also had the opportunity to tour the island of Bali with the Honda HR-V SE with a 1.5 liter non-turbo engine the next day. Curious how the story goes? Wait for the review in the next article, okay!

Guide To Donating Your Car


Guide To Donating Your Car

You Don't Have to Write a Check to Help


The biggest winner in the car donation process is usually the donor and not the charity recipient. But if you take your time, ignore the quick and easy television appeals, and find a reputable, high-performing charity that will make the most of your donation, then you can maximize the amount that actually gets to charity and minimizes your risk of an IRS audit. 

  • Find a Charity that Directly Accepts Car Donations
    If at all possible, avoid the for-profit intermediary organizations that advertise so pervasively to handle your car donations. By finding a charity that handles the transaction themselves, you can ensure that 100% of the profits remain at the charity. It's possible that the charities you already support have a car-donation program that you don't know about. Check with them first. If not, do a little research, and find a high-performing charity that does the kind of work you like, in the region you wish to target, and does that work well.

  • Make Sure Your Intended Organization is a 501 (c) (3)
    While many organizations can claim non-profit status, donations to 501 (c) (4) organizations are generally not tax-deductible. These are political organizations with permission to lobby our government; like Disabled American Veterans or the National Rifle Association. Make sure your intended recipient has 501 (c) (3) public charity status.

  • Transfer the Car Correctly to the Charity
    Some charities will ask you to leave the assignment of ownership space on the charity donation papers blank, so they don't have to re-title the auto. If your charity asks this of you, find another charity. If you don't formally sign your car over to the designated nonprofit, you will be held responsible for any parking tickets that are subsequently incurred, or liable if it's used in a crime. Remember, the charity you give the car to will probably not use your car to deliver meals to the needy, but will simply sell it as quickly as possible. When someone buys it from them at auction and doesn't bother to register that car, it's still yours in the eyes of the law.

  • Use Fair Market Value (FMV) for the Car
    There are several exceptions which allow you to use the Kelley Blue Book or a NADA guide, but you must use the FMV, not simply the highest value listed for the year and make of your car. Use the FMV when:

  • instead of selling the vehicle, the charity keeps and uses it,

  • the charity makes improvements to the car before selling it,

  • your car is sold at a discounted price to a person with a low income,

  • or if the car is worth less than $500.

Otherwise, you can only deduct the amount that the charity sells the car for at auction as indicated on the written receipt the charity sends you.

  • Complete Your Paperwork
    Non-cash donations are the most common triggers of IRS audits, so it is important to keep thorough documentation of a car donation. Specifically, if your car is valued over $250, then you need to obtain and retain a written acknowledgment from the charity. Additionally, if your car is worth more than $500, you must complete section A of the IRS Form 8283 and attach it to your yearly taxes. Furthermore, if your car is worth over $5,000, then you must have an independent appraisal and fill out Section B of IRS Form 8283.

For more information, please see IRS Publication 4303, A Donor's Guide to Vehicle Donations.