What are the chances of the 2022 Honda ADV 160 appearing this year? Here's the Prediction

 The premium class automatic motorbike with a 150 cc engine is currently one of the most competitive segments. This is because this segment targets upper-middle class consumers who are more sensitive to technology and make motorcycles a part of their lifestyle.

What are the chances of the 2022 Honda ADV 160 appearing this year? Here's the Prediction

From the Honda manufacturer, they have three gacoans, some of which have received major updates. The first is of course the 2022 Honda PCX 160, which looks elegant by carrying out a total change from the frame, engine to design and technology.

The second is the 2022 Honda Vario 160 which was present in early February, with significant changes. Starting from the design, technology and features, the 160 cc eSP+ engine to the application of the new model frame with eSAF technology.

Only one that has not received a significant update, the motorbike is the 2022 Honda ADV 150. Yup, only this adventurous-style automatic motorbike has not yet been filled with a new pacemaker, even though the price is getting higher, approaching Rp 40 million!

From the official website of PT Astra Honda Motor, the current price tag for the Honda ADV 150 starts from Rp. 35.186 million (CBS) and Rp. 38.251 million (ABS) on the road in Jakarta. The price is even more expensive than the 2022 Honda CB150X or even the 2022 Honda CB150R Streetfire which ranges from IDR 29 million to 33 million.

This means that Honda must immediately release the 2022 Honda ADV 160 immediately because the price is the most expensive for the automatic size of the 150-160 cc engine. So what will appear this year?

Production Age Not Three Years

Usually the cycle of updating or facelift of a motorcycle product spans three years. The Honda ADV 150 itself will only be three years old in July, because this motorbike itself was released at the 2019 GIIAS title.

With the product being relatively young and having embedded a lot of technology, of course, Honda still wants this bike to survive first. Moreover, this motorbike is still fresh in several countries that get units from Indonesia. 

The design that is different from the matic classmate as well as the embedded technology and features still makes this one product have a class of its own. From the Japanese brand, only the Honda ADV 150 is an adventure-style automatic motorcycle model

But usually AHM also releases new color changes for models that are not yet going for a facelift, and this Honda ADV 150 is one of the products that has not yet received a color update. The last color update was carried out in September 2020.

Honda ADV 160 2022 Launching This Year?

Reflecting on the explanation above, it seems difficult that the Honda ADV 160 with an eSP+ engine will be coming soon. But we've rounded up a number of reasons that could have made its arrival faster.

The first is production efficiency, by relying on the only 150 cc ESP engine, of course it will be more efficient if all 150 cc products are replaced with the latest 160 cc eSP+ engine, right? This also only leaves the Honda ADV 150.

Second, this motor has many complaints that its performance is too smooth, although many are satisfied with its fuel efficiency. However, with a dashing appearance like an adventure motorbike, this performance is considered less kicking.

The engine specifications are exactly the same as the previous Honda Vario 150, 4-stroke, SOHC 2 valve liquid cooling and ESP technology. The size of the piston and the piston stroke are identical, namely 57.3 mm and 57.9 mm.

Although in fact, this engine on the Honda ADV 150 has been upgraded so that it has a larger output, with 14.5 PS of power at 8,500 rpm and 13.8 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm, it's still too big. Understandably, the weight of the Honda ADV 150 is 20 kg heavier than the Honda Vario 150!

Then what would it be like if this motorbike carried the same eSP + engine as the Honda PCX 160? Based on the specifications, the Honda PCX 160 engine is capable of producing power reaching 16 PS at 8,500 rpm and torque of 14.7 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

There is an increase of up to 1.5 PS and 0.9 Nm from the current 150 cc engine, of course it's pretty good and it will feel more responsive if it is paired with the Honda ADV 160. Not only that, fuel consumption is also still economical, it can still penetrate 45 km / liters!

And even though it uses a 160 cc ESP + engine, Honda will usually reset the ECM and CVT parts so that they can provide even better output. This means that there will be a possibility that the engine that is carried is stronger than that of the 2022 Honda PCX 160, even though the basis is the same.

Regarding the completeness of the motorbike, it seems that the Honda ADV 150 is currently the most in its class. For example, adjustable windshield, full LED lights, CBS and ABS brakes, full digital panel meter, power outlet, long travel suspension, Smart Key System, Side Stand Switch and disc brakes on both wheels.

We believe that in the future the latest model will also be embedded with HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control) technology. Then there is the possibility of applying the eSAF frame to pursue a lighter motor weight.

So if not in the near future, it seems Honda ADV 160 2022 is likely to be present at the end of the year. Let's wait together.


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