This is the Danger of Filling the Wrong Type of Fuel! How to handle it?

 Refueling a vehicle can be a serious problem, especially if you refuel the wrong way. This condition often occurs in users who have just used a car with a different engine type such as gasoline or diesel. It can also happen when vehicle users do not pay close attention to the specifications of the vehicle they are using.

So what is the impact if you fill the wrong type of fuel in a certain engine? If the gasoline engine is filled with the type of fuel for a diesel engine, aka diesel, the engine will be difficult to start. This is because diesel requires high compression to trigger an explosion in the combustion chamber. The pressure of the gas pump is also lower than that of a diesel engine and the temperature of the spark plug that does not match the flash point of diesel is not enough to trigger an explosion.

This is the Danger of Filling the Wrong Type of Fuel! How to handle it?

The effect is that a gasoline engine that is exposed to diesel will be difficult to start. At first it might be possible, that's because there is still gasoline left in the fuel tank. When diesel starts to enter the engine, the engine flame will stagnate and feel a problem coming to the engine. In other cases, the machine immediately shuts down and cannot be restarted.

If the vehicle can still move, immediately pull over and turn off the engine. Do not force the vehicle to continue running because it can risk damaging engine components that die suddenly. The worst condition, the engine can break if driving at high speed.

How about a diesel engine filled with gasoline? Diesel engines require fuel that can burn itself because it relies on a high compression engine. Unlike the gasoline engine that requires spark plugs to burn it. As a result, diesel engines are difficult to start because of different fuel characteristics and engine requirements.

Do not force the wrong engine to use fuel. When forced, the diesel engine can indeed start because the engine compression and high temperature in the combustion chamber can burn gasoline. However, because the combustion cannot be adjusted according to the engine's needs, it loses power, knocks, and damages engine components.

In addition, diesel engines require fuel that functions as a lubricant for components such as the fuel pump. Gasoline that does not have a lubricating element can cause spare parts that require lubrication to be damaged when working in high temperatures and pressures.

How to Overcome Wrong Filling of Fuel

If you realize that you have filled the wrong gas, immediately move the car from the filling location by pushing it. Do not start the engine because it has a great risk of damage. Immediately call emergency services for assistance. For Toyota vehicles, contact the Emergency Road Assistance call center to send a tow or tow vehicle and then take it to the nearest Auto2000 repair shop.

If the engine is already running, immediately turn it off and pull over to a safe place. If you are already running, you will definitely feel the difference in engine performance from usual, especially if you have already filled in large quantities. The engine stutters, loses power and the engine temperature rises above the normal indicator.

Allowing the car to run at high speed will result in engine damage. Make sure the engine speed is as low as possible and find a safe location to stop and turn off the engine. If the vehicle has been handled by the workshop staff, it will certainly be immediately handled by draining the fuel tank or other repairs depending on the condition of the engine.


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