NMax Electric, Yamaha E01 will be rented out to Indonesian people

 Yamaha E01, the latest motorcycle from the manufacturer bearing a tuning fork similar to the NMax but powered by electricity, is said to be distributed to Indonesia. As previously known, at the Indonesian International Motor Show (IIMS) 2022, this motorbike has been displayed in public. Now, Yamaha Motor Corporation claims that Indonesia is one of the countries that will be the target of the E01 distribution.

NMax Electric, Yamaha E01 will be rented out to Indonesian people

For the initial phase, the Yamaha E01 will not be sold to the public, but will be loaned to individuals with a rental business scheme. This was chosen because the E01 is still in the process of concept testing, and has not yet entered the mass production line.

"To find the best technology based on the real needs of the community, we will start conducting a Proof of Concept (PoC) testing phase, namely by distributing motorbikes to learn more about the driving habits of six countries or regions with different uses in different climates." explained Yasushi Nomura, Innovation Group, Global Branding Section, Motorcycle Business Unit of Yamaha Motor Corporation in a product introduction session held online with media from around the world, today (21/4).

Yamaha E01

The countries targeted for PoC Yamaha E01 are Japan, Europe, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia and including Indonesia. It was stated that the main targets of PoC were private users, rental, B2B business units as well as goods delivery systems, and others. And the distribution method is rental.

In Nomura's presentation, it was explained that the E01 was indeed developed by adhering to several principles from Yamaha NMax. For example, from the proportions, the format of the medium scooter and even the wheelbase are made similar with the aim of providing a comfortable driving experience and in accordance with the technical needs of a large battery. The formula was applied through the Motoroid design, which is indeed the ultimate concept motorcycle from the electric vehicle segment.

Some of the specifications described are lithium ion batteries with a capacity of 4.9 kWh. This battery is a source of power for the synchronous motor unit with a power of 8.1 kW or 11 PS with a torque of 30.2 Nm. Torque of that size, can be obtained in a rotation of only 1,950 rpm. The distance that can be achieved is 130 km (European Class 1 WMTC te method). The highest speed that can be achieved by this motorbike is said to reach 100 km / h.

All these performance specifications are arranged in a body design with a wheelbase of 1,930 mm, which is considered equivalent to the NMax at the level of 1,935 mm. The seat height is also relatively the same, where NMax is 740 mm, E01 is 755 mm. In his presentation it was also mentioned that the proportion of riding position was made similar to that of NMax (attached image).

One thing to note, the Yamaha E01 uses an embedded (fix) battery method that cannot be removed easily (swapable). Principals argue this method allows them to embed larger batteries in the hope of longer mileage or usage. So, the only way to charge it is to connect the E01 to a charging power source.

"If it does enter the mass production phase, we will still use the fixed battery model. The problem we are currently facing is that these large batteries have to be secured under a lot of electronic equipment where there is a shortage in the market, and this is something we have to consider ," added Eiji Koyano, Group Manager of Innovation Group at Yamaha Motor Corporation.



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