Is it true that the Honda ADV 160 will follow the Vario 160?

 The news that PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) will launch the Vario 160 on Wednesday (2/2/2022) tomorrow makes a scene in the automotive world in the country. Because the presence of this one scooter has been long awaited.

Honda ADV 160
Honda ADV 160

Many predict that AHM will completely overhaul the appearance and innards of the Honda Vario 160. Some say that the Vario 160 will be the toughest rival of the Yamaha Aerox 155 and therefore the design is made as sturdy as possible.

However, until the Vario 160 was officially launched, all were still in the status of predictions, aka uncertain, as uncertain as rumors that said the appearance of the Honda Vario 160 would be followed by the ADV 160.

1. Honda ADV 160 following Vario 160?

It is quite reasonable if someone says that the presence of the Honda Vario 160 will be followed by the Honda ADV 160. Because these two motorbikes use the same engine base, namely the PCX 160 engine.

Honda does have a tradition of using one engine for several of their products. And usually the highest variant will appear first. Like when they launched the PCX 150 which was then followed by the Honda Vario 150. Both of these motorbikes use the same engine. After that came the Honda ADV 150.

Currently, AHM has launched the PCX 160. So their next product is the Vario 160. After that, it's the turn of the Honda ADV 160. It's just that no one knows exactly when the ADV 160 will be launched.

2. Honda ADV 150 is still old

The Honda ADV 150 was officially launched in Indonesia in 2019. So he is still 3 years old, still corn. Because of that, don't expect this one motorbike to get the latest version with a 160 engine in the near future.

Because AHM will probably still focus on working on the Honda Vario 160 market, which will reportedly be launched on Wednesday (2/2/2022) tomorrow. So, Honda ADV lovers seem to still have to wait a little longer to get a 160 cc engine.

3. Another option for touring lovers

If you've been craving a touring motorbike but feel that the presence of the Honda ADV 160 is too long and the Honda ADV 150 is outdated (because it's still using an old engine), you can consider the Honda CB150X.

This bar motorbike was launched in November 2021 so it is still fresh. The design is very touring with tempting features, such as the upside down front suspension which will add to the comfort as well as the handsomeness of this bike.

Currently, the Honda CB150X is priced at Rp. 32.95 million on the road in Jakarta. So, while waiting for the ADV 160 to arrive, how about you try this one clutch motor first?



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