Honda Brio RS Urbanite Review, Factory Default Racer Modification Style

 PT Honda Prospect Motor (HPM) has just presented the latest Brio RS Urbanite, Wednesday (20/4/2022). In this update, the compact citycar gets a sportier makeover as an answer to the target market of young people who want a vehicle that looks different for their daily lives.

Honda revealed that the latest Brio RS Urbanite is the embodiment of the Small RS Concept that was shown at the 2018 IIMS exhibition. The car that was just a dream has now become a reality and can be owned by Brio RS consumers.

Honda Brio RS Urbanite Review, Factory Default Racer Modification Style

we got a chance to take a closer look at the changes to this new product. The appearance of the latest Brio RS Urbanite at first glance does become more sporty. Comes with a new color taffeta white duo tone white and a black roof, this sporty impression is even more thick with new black 15-inch wheels with 185/55 R15 tires, door handles and also black mirror housings. The front grille also, like other RS models, uses black coloring and the RS logo is added so that the sporty impression is indeed more pronounced. Not to forget, there is still a front under spoiler which is an interesting detail on the front of this latest Brio Urbanite.

Moving to the back, the main attention immediately looks at the spoiler or the large rear wing. The installation is placed on a high mounted stop lamp above the back door. The shape of the spoiler is quite sporty with sharp wing tips on the left and right

The installation of this spoiler does make the Brio RS Urbanite look different. If you compare it with the shape that is present in the Small RS Concept, Honda doesn't seem to make major changes. The only difference is the loss of the air grille ornaments on the side of the vehicle. On the positive side, now Brio RS Urbanite owners can get racer modifications directly from the manufacturer. An interesting offer for fans of modifications.

Honda Brio RS Urbanite Review, Factory Default Racer Modification Style

The back of the latest Brio RS Urbanite now also features an Urbanite emblem to distinguish it from other variants. In addition, a rear under spoiler with a diffuser plus a side under spoiler, which uses black, is also still given for a sporty impression that is getting thicker.

On paper, the new variant of the Brio RS does not change the dimensions. Honda offers the Brio RS Urbanite with a length of 3,815 mm, a width of 1,680 mm and a height of 1,485 mm and a wheelbase of 2,405 mm. In addition, several technologies are still embedded in this city car such as LED lighting for the headlamp, stop lamp and turn signal, as well as rearview mirrors with motor folding.

Entering the interior, there are no striking differences compared to the Urbanite model that was present in 2021. Orange accents are present on the dashboard, especially on the passenger side, as well as the AC grilles on the left, right and center. This orange touch is also present on the fabric seat stitching in the first and second rows as well as the meter cluster on the speed indicator.

Sitting in the first row of the Brio RS Urbanite there is no change in shape and feel compared to the previous model. The steering wheel is still comfortable to grip with the presence of an audio steering switch. Plastic material still dominates this dashboard area, but a modern touch can be felt from the digital AC instructions at the touch of a button. Plus the presence of a 6.2-inch head unit screen with the ability to play various music formats as well as a hands free telephone plus a tweeter speaker for a better entertainment experience. Convenience comes from the ability to tilt the steering wheel as well as the adjustable headrest.

Sitting in the second row, Brio RS Urbanite still provides flexibility for passengers with a height of 170 cm. The backrest angle is comfortable with the presence of a back pocket for storage, speakers in the second row, cup holders on the door and an adjustable headrest.

Regarding safety features, the latest Brio RS Urbanite features Dual Front i-SRS Airbags, G-CON + ACE frame structure, and ABS + EBD braking system, as well as alarm and immobilizer safety features. The performance side is still the same, namely the 4-cylinder 1.2L i-VTEC engine that produces 90 PS at 6,000 rpm and 110 Nm of torque at 4,800 rpm. In addition to manual transmission, Brio also gets a CVT transmission option with Earth Dream Technology.

The New Honda Brio RS Urbanite Edition is offered in two options, namely a manual transmission which is sold at a price of Rp. 225.9 million and a CVT transmission at a price of Rp. 235.9 million. Compared to the previous price, this new model is Rp 12 million more expensive for the manual transmission and Rp 5 million for the CVT transmission.

Brio was first present in 2012 and since then has managed to record sales of more than 435,000 units in Indonesia and become the model with the highest sales in 2020. Brio has local content as much as 90 percent and this model has been exported overseas as many as 21,000 units. Especially for the Urbanite model, since it was introduced last year, 1,537 units have been sold.


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