Here's Why UD Trucks Quester Choose SCR Over EGR for Euro 5 Standard

 SCR, and EGR, are two types of technology used by modern trucks today to produce environmentally friendly emissions. As is known, as of April 2022, the government has set the Euro 4 emission standard. All diesel-engined vehicles including trucks must also fix their vehicles.

Here's Why UD Trucks Quester Choose SCR Over EGR for Euro 5 Standard

"EGR must use BBM with a maximum sulfur of 50 PPM, or the equivalent of Pertamina Dex. This will increase costs for companies using trucks in Indonesia. Unlike the ECR system, which can use biodiesel, B30 or subsidized diesel and still produce Euro 5 exhaust gas, That's the advantage of SCR," explained Astra UD Trucks Chief Executive, Winarto Martono when introducing the UD Trucks Quester Euro 5 technology in Jakarta.

So, what are SCR and EGR? Winarto explained, SCR is Selective Catalytic Reduction, which is an emission control system located outside the engine, precisely on the exhaust gas channel. The way it works is by utilizing a liquid urea spraying system (AdBlue) to reduce levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx). This system, paired with their commonrail engine which has been in use since 2015.

SCR AdBlue

Meanwhile, EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), is an emission control system that is carried out in the engine combustion process. This is what then makes the engine with the EGR system must use high quality diesel fuel such as Pertamina Dex which incidentally is more expensive than Biodiesel B30.

According to Winarto, the selection of SCR will make it easier for truck entrepreneurs to adapt because the components of engine parts are relatively the same as before. Not only that, the system is outside the engine's main combustion mechanism, making it insensitive to fuel quality. From there, the potential for economic benefits due to lower operating costs is possible.

Because it uses the SCR system earlier, there are a number of additional fluids (AdBlue) that need to be carried by the truck, in addition to fuel, to make it low emissions. The Quester Euro 5 truck has an AdBlue tank with a capacity of 50 liters. Together with their special sensor, pump, and injection systems, they are tasked with actively reducing emissions in the catalytic converter tube with SCR technology.

Quester Euro 4 Euro 5

This additional system, admitted by Astra UD Trucks, will not need special maintenance, because it has been designed in such a way to be able to work optimally. So, what if the driver is negligent or intentionally, neglects to fill out AdBlue. According to Astra UD Trucks, the truck can still run when the AdBlue tank is empty, but with automatically lowered performance. More details about the 'penalty' of this performance change will be presented in the next article.

"Currently, the latest Quester has passed emission testing from an independent testing institution and it is stated that the NOx value produced is below the Euro 5 threshold, so that Quester meets Euro 5 emission standards even though it uses biodiesel or B30 fuel or subsidized fuel. In addition, Quester Euro 5 The Type Test Certification (SUT) has been registered at the Ministry of Transportation, so the Euro 5 Quester Truck is ready to pave the road," concluded Winarto Martono.


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